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  • DHgate

Everybody thinks Aliexpress or Dhgate is the only wholesale websites from China. But there are many more Chinese wholesale websites that most of you have not heard of.

Considering I’ve been in China for over 4 years now and in the e-commerce capital of the world, Shenzhen, I have an inside knowledge of the China wholesale market. I cover the top Chinese wholesale websites. Here they are 

China is the world’s largest manufacturer of goods. Apart from electronics, they export many more products such as clothes, bags and more.

Chinese manufacturers are one of the most efficient and give super cost efficient goods in large quantities. They are also super flexible, which means you can get things customised and you will be able to get products your specifications without a major increase in the cost. 

The top Chinese wholesale websites are Alibaba, DHgate, China Brands, Aliexpress, Shein and DX to name a few.

Best Wholesale Website in China

Chinese Wholesale WebsiteKnown For
AliexpressMost popular Chinese wholesale website selling all products
DhgateSecond most popular site selling all products
SheinBest Chinese fashion wholesaler
Light in the BoxAll Product
ZafulClothing wholesalers China
TB DressFashion Wholesale
DXElectronics and Gadgets Wholesale
TomTopAll products
GearbestElectronics Wholesale
AlibabaBiggest Chinese Wholesaler
YaakuFashion Retail
China BrandsHand Picked Products for Wholesale
Made in ChinaIndustrial products wholesale
ECVVEnd to end solution

Best Chinese Wholesale Websites

#1 Alibaba 

alibaba wholesale china

Alibaba is the first Jack Ma creation. It was built to connect Chinese suppliers to foreign buyers. This is one of the largest wholesale websites in the world and is still one of the best. Their supplier ratings is unmatched and you will find only the best of the best on Alibaba. You can filter out the suppliers based on the time they have been around on the platform.

Popular categories on Alibaba

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Apparel
  • Vehicles and Accessories
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Machinery
  • Home & Garden
  • Beauty & Personal Care
Alibaba FeaturesInformation
Minimum Order Quantities5 units to 1000 units (Depends on the supplier)
Payment MethodsVISA, Bank Transfer, Wester Union, L/C, Moneygram, Mastercard
Sample OrdersYes (Some sellers)
ShippingSea and Air
Buyer ProtectionYes, Alibaba Trade Assurance

#2 Aliexpress

Aliexpress wholesale china

The biggest of them all, Aliexpress many people think is only a B2C platform where end users purchase one or two items of their choice. But Aliexpress is a Chinese platform that caters specifically to the International market. The Chinese people themselves don’t buy from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress has a lot of brands that are famous in China and worldwide as well.

This means Aliexpress is also a great platform to look out for wholesalers. You will either find direct manufacturers or middle men who represent the manufacturers themselves.

So what’s the best way to get in touch with the wholesalers? It’s simple, just contact them through their page and get their contact information and start talking to them through Wechat, which is China’s largest chat platform. 

Most of the Aliexpress representatives do speak in English as they know Aliexpress is an international platform. 

Aliexpress also comes with some sort of product validation because you can see the seller’s reviews, ratings and other details before you proceed! 

Popular categories on Alibaba

  • Women’s clothing
  • Men’s clothing
  • Phones & Accessories
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Home, Garden & Appliance
  • Bags & Shoes
Aliexpress FeaturesInformation
Minimum Order Quantitites1
Payment MethodsDebit Card, Credit Card, Paypal, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Webmoney
Sample OrdersYes (Some sellers)
ShippingExpress, Epacket (For single units), China Post, EMS
Buyer ProtectionYes, 30 day money back guarantee

#3 Dhgate 

dhgate china wholesale

Dhgate is probably the second biggest Chinese wholesale website after Aliexpress. They were established in 2004 and have carved a name for themselves. They don’t have the size and scale of Aliexpress, but they do have some unique products that they are known for.

If you are wondering Dhgate is same as Aliexpress and you get the same stuff, then you are wrong. Dhgate has an amazing collection of replica products such as replica shoes, replica bags and other replica items. They also have a unique collection of products you don’t see on Aliexpress. 

Dhgate might not be big on electronics, but some sellers offer deep discounts on Electronics on Dhgate. 

DHgate FeaturesInformation
Minimum Order quantities$50 or units (Depends on the seller)
Payment MethodsCredit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Western Union
SamplesDepends on the seller
ShippingEpacket, China Post, DHL, Fedex
Buyer ProtectionYes, DHgate Buyer Protection

#4 Shein 

shein china wholesale fashion

If you’ve probably bought from Shein in your country, then you’ve purchased from one of the largest fashion wholesalers in China. Shein is the best destination for fashion. If you want to set-up a fashion boutique quickly and you have no idea about fashion, then Shein is the best place. This is a marketplace that self curates and have their own team of designers who pick out the best designs of the season. 

You needn’t worry about the selection available because this fashion wholesale website caters to an international audience! 

The only thing with Shein is, they are also an individual seller and a wholesaler, so if you tell your customers that you get your products from Shein, they might start buying directly. 

#5 Light in the Box

light in the box china wholesale

The interestingly named Light in the Box is a generic wholesaler who is not as popular as Aliexpress and the others, but still have a good user base and most importantly have some amazing products that are ready for wholesale! 

They have all categories including fashion, electronics, home decor, car accessories and more. Light in the box is one of the only smaller wholesalers to have multiple categories. 

#6 Banggood

banggod wholesale china

Banggood is one of the fastest growing e-commerce wholesale websites online. They have carved a name for themselves and although they started with electronics, they have expanded to other products. The advantage of working with new wholesale websites such as Banggood is that the suppliers are probably willing to give you deeper discounts to build their reputation on the platform. 

#7 Zaful 

Zaful is a super popular fashion store that is mostly discussed on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. This is a platform that is very popular with influencers who keep pushing the fashion products on Zaful. Zaful is a great platform to buy fashion wholesale especially for women because these clothes do really well on social media. Zaful has recently opened up a mens fashion line too! 

Does Zaful do wholesale?

Zaful does wholesale shipments. The minimum order quantity is 50 items and to start your wholesale order, you need to mail [email protected]

#8 TB Dress

tbdress china wholesale

TB Dress is your one-stop shop for all your fashion needs. This is a fashion wholesaler with clothes for women, men and of all sizes. They even sell clothes of plus sizes! They have the latest fashion trends and clothes from the latest season. So if you are looking for some solid fashion wholesalers, then look no further than TB Dress. 

#9 DX 

dx china wholesale

If you’re a gadget geek, you’ve probably heard of DX. DX is big on electronics and gadgets and you will find a wide range of brands and products that include smaller brands and smaller products that you haven’t seen before. 

DX is not restricted only to electronics, but they have newer categories such as fashion. They do wholesale orders as well as dropshipping too. 

#10 Tom Top

tomtop wholesale china

Tom Top is an interesting wholesaler based out of China. They deal with a lot of categories and are known for their home decor products and makeup and beauty products. They offer very steep discounts for people who are looking to buy in wholesale. They also help with dropshipping all over the world! 

#11 Gearbest 

gearbest china wholesale website

After Alixpress and Dhgate, Gearbest is probably the third most popular Chinese website for wholesale products. Gearbest specializes in electronics and have the most up-scale electronics products such as Drones, Action cameras and more. They don’t only deal with electronics, but other product categories too! 

#12 Yaaku 

yaaku wholesale fashion china

Yaaku is another fashion wholesaler from China. They deal with numerous products and a wide price range. They deal with clothing that is cheap and affordable. If you’re specifically looking for fashion wholesale and want to shop through a wide range, this is your store!

#13 China Brands

china brands wholesale supplier

China Brands is another popular wholesaler that deals with a variety of goods. They have a team of professionals who check the quality of every product listed in the marketplace. They also have a team that helps you choose the top selling products to sell. 

#14 Made in China 

made in china wholesale website

Made in China is a different type of wholesaler that deals with heavy business to business products. Some of the top categories are wholesale of industrial equipment, electronics wholesale, auto parts wholesale, manufacturing parts wholesale, lighting wholesale and more. 

#15 ECVV

ecvv wholesale china

ECVV is a different sort of wholesale Chinese website that deals with end to end purchasing service on behalf of their clients. There is a quality assurance and a warranty for purchasers. ECVV helps buyers pick out products from very reputed suppliers. If you want complete trust and safety, then ECVV is an amazing wholesaler website. 

Best Website to Buy from China

Is there a best? The answer is no. There are too many options to choose from and different sites have different strengths. Look at the table above to find out which wholesale website is good for which category of products! 

What is the best website to buy wholesale from China?

The best website to buy wholesale from China would be Alibaba. It has the most number of suppliers and it’s the most popular wholesale B2B company in the world. They have a trusted list of suppliers and export the most goods from China every year.

How do I order from China wholesale?

Ordering from China wholesale requires creating an account on a portal like Alibaba, finding a few trusted suppliers, contacting them and placing sample orders to test out the products.

How can I order directly from China?

One can order directly from China using portals like Aliexpress for single order quantities and Alibaba for bulk orders.

How to Find a Wholesale Supplier – A Simple Checklist 

  1. Check the supplier rating. Is it good or bad? 
  2. Find out the number of transactions they have served. In some websites it’s the number of orders they have delivered
  3. Take a look at the number of years they’ve been around. This is a good sign of a prolific supplier 
  4. Check out their response rate. Some websites share this information. 
  5. Message them and ask them questions regarding their products, pricing etc 
  6. Ask the supplier what their best selling products are, they will most likely tell you 

How to Find The Wholesale Price – Things to Look Out For 

Finding the wholesale price is pretty easy, most websites have this information on the website and they also mention the number of quantities you need to purchase for what price. If this information isn’t readily available, then you can always message the supplier and find out the wholesale price, it’s as simple as that! 

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