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Simple, Stylish, Affordable Teenage Fashion

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Fashion trends keep changing every three to four month. What you wore a year back is passe already this year. We help you make the right choices by scouting for the best teenage fashion trends. We will keep updating this article regularly, so make sure to bookmark this page and check out the latest fashionable trends this season! 

If you are looking for teenage fashion tips, then check out the products we’ve covered below! Don’t miss the Billie Eilish Beanie!

Teenage Girls Fashion Trends | Fashion within a budget!

#1 Socks for Teenagers

Cute Ankle Socks

One of the best sock trends for this year is the simple patterned ankle socks that look cute and ae super comfortable as well. In this 5 pair set, you get various designs with distinct patterns to choose from. Show off those feet with these super stylish socks! 

Price -- $3 for 5 pairs

Ankle Socks with Animal Designs

Animal prints are super huge this season. You can pick among various styles such as cheetah prints, cat prints and more. These are super comfortable and look good with your sneakers. At this price, it’s literally a steal and you can easily buy 3 to 4 pairs without spending more than $8. 

Price -- $1.82 for 5 pairs

Lace Styled Ankle Socks -- New trend

Another sock trend this season is the lace style socks. These socks have a lace pattern that is similar to ones you might have seen on dresses. This has a very classic look that looks elegant, stylish and will make you feel like a woman! This is one of the top selling socks this season! Double you fashion quotient with these lace socks! 

Kawaii Women’s Sock

The Kawaii style has been a popular teenage fashion trend for quite some time now. These socks are super unique and they look absolutely cute. They have rich colours that stand out and a small caricature at the ankle that looks super adorable. If you are looking for fashionable socks this season, then look no further than this! 

Price -- $1.07

#2 Fashionable Shoes for Teenage Girls

Slip-on Designer Shoes

Want some casual shoes that looks cool and doesn’t cost a bomb? Check out these shoes from Instantarts. These are patterned slip-on shoes that are perfect for running errands or for going to class or school. They are super comfortable, they are unique and stylish and super affordable! These might not be the most fashionable shoes out there, but they are one of the most popular teenage trends shoes this season! 

Price -- $15

#3 Fashionable Glasses

A very important aspect of teenage fashion is glasses. It maybe sunglasses or just normal glasses. Here is a collection of  fashionable sunglasses this season. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses

The ‘80s trends are making a big comeback this year! The cat eye sunglasses was popular in the past and now it’s a major teen fashion trend! You get the cat eye sunglasses in various prints that includes leopard prints or classic silver or even rose gold! 

Price -- $2.67

Round Frame Sunglasses 

The classic fashion styles never go out of trend! If you don’t know what sunglasses to buy, then go for the classic round frame sunglasses. These look great, they suit any occasion and goes well with casual clothes, dresses and much more! 

Price -- $0.01

Vintage Transparent Glasses 

The vintage transparent glasses has become a rage this season! They are transparent, they are round framed and they look uber cool. This is another trend that was inspired by the ‘80s trend. If you are looking for fashionable sunglasses, then this should be your top pick 

Price -- $6.84

Reflective Sunglasses

I love reflective sunglasses. It gives the wearer a sense of privacy and nobody can see your eyes. These reflective sunglasses are one of the top fashion trends this year. 

Price -- $2.53

Women’s Summer Dresses

Looking for a stylish dress? That’s affordable and looks great! Then here is a classic summer dress pick that has been the talk of the town. One of the top fashion styles in 2020 is the boho style dress that is simple, quirky and pretty awesome. At $8 a piece, you can pick a handful! 

Price -- $7.03

#5 Pocket Yellow Summer Sleeveless Dress

This yellow summer dress is the fashion style of the season. It’s long, sleeveless, super comfortable and stylish. At $12, it’s an absolute steal! Prepare for the summer fashion with this beautiful dress! Even if you are looking to attend a teenage party, you can wear this dress! 

Price -- $12

Fashionable Caps for Teenagers

Glitter Ponytail Baseball Cap

There are baseball caps and there are baseball caps! The glitter ponytail baseball cap is a fashion statement by itself. At just $3 this cool hat ensures you get enough ventilation and at the same time you have a groove for your ponytail to poke out! 

Price -- $3.18

French Style Wool Cap

This is one of the classic styles that will make you look like a woman. This is a style that makes you look chic and classy. It’s a super fashion trend that you need to get on this year! 

price -- $3.54

The Classic Baseball Cap

If you don’t know what cap to wear and don’t want to think too much, then go for the classic baseball cap. This is a fashion trend that will never go out of style! 

Price -- $6.47

Billie Eilish Beanie 

The pop sensation Billie Eilish has become pretty huge in the past few years. She is known for her trademark beanie style. But this fashion isn’t expensive. It’s super cheap, it’s super stylish and will make you look uber cool! 

Price -- $2.08

#6 Cool Bags and Backpacks

Cute Designer Backpack

The age of the monotone bag is over. Backpacks these days come with various designs and styles that are much more expressive. This digital printed backpack is the style quotient of this season when it comes to bags. If you are looking for super fashionable bags, then you should pick this one! 

Price -- $35

The Fun Kik Store

Check out the Fun Kik store and explore their collection of awesome and stylish bags that are pretty fashionable and are super affordable. You wanted fashion on a budget. This is your place! 

Check out the store

Cute Watches for Women

A lot of teens don’t like to wear watches, but you can’t deny it, it’s a fashion statement. So if you are looking for watches that is more of an accessory, then check these watches out! 

Minimal Watches

If you are looking for a watch that is more of a style statement then check out this minimal watch. It comes in Black and White and Black and Grey. It’s super stylish, elegant and looks good with any type of clothing. 

Price -- $3.63

The Classic Rose Gold Watch

If you are looking for a watch that is much more classy and has a real look about it, then check out this $30 gold watch that oozes style, class and elegance. Will look great with formal clothes and casual styles too! 

Price -- $37.98

Stylish Phone Cases 

Soft Cover Case

The felt case protects your phone from any bumps and falls and looks beautiful on the outside. The solid colors stand out and make it look great! 

Price -- $0.01

Geometric Marble Phone Case

If you are looking for something more funky and stylish, you can check this awesome marble design phone case. It comes in various designs. It looks good, it protects your phone and it’s a great fashion statement! 

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