TOP 11 Nike Replica and Copy Shoes Sellers Online (April 2020 – New Shoes Added)

by Timothy Blue
What are the best Nike copy shoes online?

Store Name: Sneaker Park

Store Description: Probable one of the most popular replica sneaker sellers online. You get all brands of sneaker replicas at a fraction of the cost! Check out the table at the end of the article that provides the links to Nike shoe models.

Price range: $20 - $70

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Shipping
  • Buyers' reviews


Whether they are copy shoes or authentic ones I will leave it to you to decide. Below are some of the TOP NIKE sellers on Aliexpress you should not miss. We are happy to showcase their products. These are trusted sellers we have purchsed from.

If you are looking the Top rated Nike replica store, then look no further than Kickz on Fire store. Some of the Best Nike Replica Sneakers come from Aliexpress and you get replicas of top versions such as Nike Airmax Replica, Nike Flyknit Replica, Nike Air Jordan Replica.

We also cover

– Nike sneakers replica
– Nike skateboarding shoes replica
– Nike basketball shoes replica

All the sellers we’ve covered are highly rated!


Who doesn’t love Nike’s?

Arguably the greatest sporting goods brand in the world. Nike’s shoes have been worn by iconic sports people like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer. The who’s who of the sport have worn the best Nike kicks. But more often than not, these shoes are expensive. Super expensive. So if you are a person like me, you are hunting for bargains and this is why I made this post about Nike sellers on Aliexpress. I am not very sure if they are fake but I did not bother much. In fact at times, quality of the Nike copy shoes may be even better than the originals!

You are guaranteed to save over $30+ per shoe with our recommendations. If you are looking for specific replicas, check them out here.

Cheap Nike Shoes Online

These are the top rated stores on Aliexpress that have the best copy of Nike shoes.

Sneaker ParkLink
Ultra Boosts -- TOP RATEDLink
Sneakers SellersLink
Boost 700Link
Cheap Running ShoesLink
Basketball ShoesLink
Top Sport StoreLink
Joney Green FootwearLink
Best Sports StoreLink
Hot Sports StoreLink
Free Shipping StoreLink
Sports 101 StoreLink
Global Sports StoreLink
Reteene FootwearLink
Oulan Footwear StoreLink
Alina Wong StoreLink

Trusted Nike Shoes Vendors on Aliexpress

Nike Replica Shoes | Get the best Nike Replicas Online starting at $40

#1 -- Top Sport Store

The Normal Sport Store is one of the biggest Aliexpress sellers of Nike Replicas. They have about 6000+ followers. They have 600+ shoes in their store and offer competitive rates. Their top selling Nike Shoes are

  • Nike Air Max 270
  • Nike Air vapor Max Flyknit Breathable
  • Nike Airforce
  • Nike Airmax 90
  • Nike Air Max 270 Women’s Breathable
  • Nike Air Max 97

They are a top brand and have a ranking of 91.6%

cheap nike shoes online

One of the best sellers on this store is the Nike Air Max 90 Ultra. It comes in numerous colours such as White, Red and Black. Here is a side by side of the actual show from our review and the product photo

Click Here to Visit the Store

#2 -- Joney Green Footwear Store

The uber popular Redsport Store is a top brand with a 94% rating and over a whopping 37,355 followers! They sell all types of Nike’s such as Air Max, Air Zoom, Air Jordan and Air Force 1.

Some of their top selling products are the

  • Nike Air Vapor Max Moc 2 Originals
  • Nike Air Vapor Max 2.0
  • Nike Air Max 90
nike replicas

One of the best selling shoes on this store is the Nike Air Max Plus TN.

Click HERE to Visit the Store

#3 -- Best Sports Store

The Kickz Store is another brand that is a top brand that is rated 91%. They sell a wide range of Nike’s that include Nike Air Max, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Vapor Max, Nike Air Force, Nike Air Zoom, Nike Huarache.

They have the best rates in the market for the Nike Air Force 1 and the Nike Air Max 270.

nike products cheapest online

One of the best selling products on this store is the Nike Air Jordan Hiking Bag

Click HERE to Visit the Store

#4 -- Hot Sports Store

The Wiwi Sport Store has been one of the most prolific Nike shoe sellers on Aliexpress. They sell more than 1000+ pieces for each of their products, this shows they are legitimate. They also have a rating of 94%

They are a good $10 cheaper than a lot of the other stores. Here are their top sellers

  • Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0
  • Nike Air Max 90 Essential
  • Nike Air Max 270
nike copy shoes

One of the best selling products in this store is the Nike Air Max 90.

Click HERE to visit the Store

#5 -- Free Shipping Store

The Kicks on Fire Store is pretty new compared to the other layers, but they pack a punch when it comes to delivering the goods. Their top selling products are the Air Max, Air Force and Vapor Max.

Their best selling products are

  • Nike Official Air Max Sean Witherspoon
  • Nike Original Air Force
  • Nike Air Vapor Mar
best nike copy sneakers

One of the best selling products on this store is the Nike Air Max 720.

Click HERE to visit the Store

#6 -- Sports 101

The Hongsport Store is a midrange store with a 92.7% rating and over 3000 followers. Their top selling products are

  • Original Nike Air Vapor Max Fkyknit
  • Nike Air vapor Max Flyknit 2
  • Nike Air vapor Max Rainbow Cushion
best nike sellers aliexpress

One of the best selling items in this store is the Nike Air Max Running Shoes.

Click HERE to visit the Store

#7 -- Global Sports Store

The Stadium Goods Store is also a new age Nike shoe seller. Has a rating of 93.7% and the lowest price for a shoe is $62.

Their best selling shoes are

  • Nike Wotherspoon
  • Nike Air Vapor Max Moc Original

They are also popular for their Nike basketball shoes that are on a 50% off discount!

air jordan copy shoes

Click HERE to visit the Store

#8 -- Reetene Footwear

The ABC Good Sport Store is a top brand with a rating of 91.6%. They have one of the cheapest rates in all of Aliexpress, with the Air Max 270 costing just $81.

Their other top selling shoes are

  • Nike Air Max 90
  • Nike Air Max 90 Breathable Red
best nike seller

One of the best selling items in this store is the Nike Air Max 270

Click HERE to visit the Store

#9 -- Oulan Footwear Store

The Stillsport Store has been in action for more than a year now. They have the whole gamut of shoes such as Running, Skateboarding and Basketball shoes.

They have a rating of 93.2% and have really competitive prices. Their best selling products are

  • Nike Air Max 270
  • Nike Air Max 90 Ultra
  • Nike Air Max 270 Women’s
  • Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit 2.0
nike replicas 2019

One of the best selling items in this store is the Nike Airforce 1

Click HERE to visit the Store

#10 -- Sneaker Park

The UP Sport Store is a top seller and sell the Nike Air Max ultra for a price of just $70.08. They have some of the best rates for certain Nike shoes priced at just $70 for most shoes. Even the Nike Airforce costs $90 which costs over $100 in many other stores.

The UP Sport Store has a rating of 90.2% and their best sellers are

  • Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0
  • Nike Air Max Essential
  • Nike Air Max 90 Women’s
  • Nike Air Max 90 Essential Mesh, Breathable
air max nike copy

One of the best selling items in this store is the Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit 2.0

Click HERE to visit the Store

#11 -- Alina Wong Store

The Alina Wong Store is not your typical Nike store. This is a generic shoe manufacturer with no brand. They are rated very highly at 98.2% and have been around for 2+ years. If you want shoes that look stylish and are super duper cheap, then the Alina wong store can help you.

Shoes start at $8. They have all types of shoes. In terms of design and style, the Alina Wong store is one of the best fake Nike stores online. Ff you are looking for designer shoes that look different from Nikes, this shop has it all!

nike sneakers trendy

Click HERE to visit the Store

Replica Nikes

Nike Air Max CopyLink
Nike Air Max 90 ReplicaLink
Nike Airforce 1 Highcut ReplicaLink
Nike Airmax 270 ReplicaLink
Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit 2 replicaLink
Nike Air Max 720 replicaLink
Nike Air Jordan 11 replicaLink
Nike Airforce 1 replicaLink

FAQs on Buying Nike Copy Shoes

Do the shoes come with free shipping?

Yes most sellers offer free shipping. But be warned, they might take longer to come

What are the most popular Nikes?

Currently the most popular Nike’s are
Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Force
Nike Air Max 90
Nike Air Vapor Max 2.0
Nike Air Max 720

What is the best selling Nike shoes of all time?

There is no exact number unless Nike publishes it, but based on popular demand, it was the Nike Air Jordan’s

What are the different types of Nike shoes?

Nike makes running shoes, basketball shoes, skateboarding shoes, casual sport shoes.

Which Nike shoes are the most comfortable?

If you want pure and true comfort, then Nike running shoes are the best. The soles protect your heel from impact and eventually, pain.

What is the best website for fake shoes?

Fake is mimicking the logo. Replica is a better term. There are numerous sites for replica shoes. But most importantly Dhgate and Aliexpress have a good collection.

What are replica sneakers?

Replica sneakers are imitation sneakers. The manufacturers don’t necessarily want to pass off their shoes as original Nike’s. That is why, they don’t add the logo in some cases or they modify it a bit. Replica sneakers are legal and are not illegal. Fake sneakers are illegal as they circumvent the copyright of the brand.

Where to buy fake nikes?

There are numerous sites that will advertise fake nikes, but you are probably looking for copy of Nike shoes that look the same and also feel the same. The best Nike fakes can be found on Aliexpress. Although you type “Nike Aliexpress” on the search bar, it’s hard to find good quality fakes as they are hidden somewhere deep and it takes a lot of digging to find the right ones. So my suggestion would be to stick to the sellers mentioned above that have the best fake nikes online. 

Replica China Shoes -- Are they any good?

If you are considering buying from China or a platform like Aliexpress for your replica shoe needs, then there are a few things you need to consider. 

The seller you are dealing with must be reputed. So if they are on Aliexpress, they should be a Top Brand or should have considerable history such as orders. They should have a good positive rating. When you consider all these factors and get a good seller, you can easily get high quality replica shoes such as Nikes at a very low price. 

How are Nike Aliexpress sellers able to price their shoes for so cheap? The truth of the matter is, brands like Nike and Adidas sell their shoes at a premium so that they become an aspirational product for their customer base. The cost of making these shoes will be a fraction of the actual cost. 

This is how fake nike sellers are able to sell it for so cheap!

Buying Nike Shoes Cheap Online -- Where can I buy them? 

What are the best replica shoe websites? 

There are a lot of options online when it comes to Nike knockoffs. But the truth of the matter is, most of the replica shoe websites that sell online, sell their own goods, there are no third parties involved. This means you deal directly with the website in case of returns, replacements, queries and other things and there is possibility of fraud or below par products. 

My preferred website for replica shoes is Aliexpress and DHgate. 

The sites manage the sellers and resolve any disputes you might have. Because the competition is much higher on these platforms, you get quality replica shoes at a very good cost. 

So the best website for fake shoes? My answer would be Aliexpress and Dhgate, by a mile! 

How to Spot Fake Nike Shoes 

So you are a Nike shoe aficionado and you don’t want Nike clone shoes or Chinese Nike’s. So how do you spot fake Nikes?


First things first. You can tell if it’s fake or not by the price. Nike is the Apple of the shoe world. They don’t make cheap shoes. They make premium shoes that are aspirational and you need to pay quite a bit for them. 

The Logo and Name 

A lot of marketplaces have become a lot stricter now. So the Nike shoe replica manufacturers don’t add the logo or don’t add the name or other intellectual properties and trademarks. So if it’s missing, it’s a fake Nike. 

Not from an Authentic Retailer 

There are a few authentic sellers and official retailers of Nike products. Some of the popular U.S Retailers who sell Nike shoes are DSW, Finish Line, Nordstorm and Zappos. 

Check the serial Number on the Box 

Each and every Nike shoe that is manufactured has a dedicated serial number. There is a batch number and a shoe number, you can authenticate this on the Nike website and check if it’s for real. This is the best way to check the authenticity of your Nike shoes. 

The Tongue of the Shoe 

The tongue of the shoe for most Nike shoes has the logo and the name of the product. This detail is too much to add for some fake nike manufacturers and they skip this. This is an obvious tell-tale sign that the Nike shoes are fake. 

Where are Nike shoes manufactured? Are Nike shoes made in Vietnam, fake? 

Nike shoes are manufactured in a host of countries. Mostly Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Philippines among others. Nike shoes manufactured in these countries are legitimate. 

Are Nike Shoes on Aliexpress legitimate? 

So you are looking for cheap sneakers online and then you come across Aliexpress and you see that it’s kind of reasonable and you encounter some shoes that are drastically discounted. Aliexpress is a mixed bag when it comes to duplicate Nike Shoes. There are original Nike shoes on Aliexpress and there are duplicate Nike shoes as well. It depends on the price. B

Are Fake sneakers from China worth it? 

If you love kicks and don’t have the budget for it, then it makes sense to buy Nike clone shoes from China or other brands as well. These shoes are of good quality and will last you quite a bit and you can build your sneaker collection without breaking your bank. 

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