10 Popular Car Dashboard Accessories on AliExpress You Should Get

by Dwain

Whether you have a new car or an old one, the dashboard is a prime real estate for personalization and functionality. So, if you’re planning on sprucing up the interiors of your car, then there’s no place better than AliExpress for affordable car dashboard accessories.

From digital HUDs to phone mounts, gauges and even dashcams and diffusers, you can find them all on AliExpress. I’ve scoured AliExpress high and low to find these products and this list covers 10 of the most popular car dashboard accessories on AliExpress that you can buy right now.

Always remember to go through the product reviews before clicking on the purchase button.

Car Dashboard Accessories on AliExpressSpecification
AliExpress HD DashcamsCompact dashcams offering high-definition recording and loop recording feature.
Car Dashboard Pressure GaugesGauges for measuring tire pressure with LED displays and smart features like automatic shut-off.
Car Organizer Trays and HoldersOrganizers with compartments for storing essentials, featuring non-slip surfaces and wireless charging pads.
Cartoon Dashboard FigurinesFigurines featuring characters from popular cartoons and anime, with removable double-sided tape for easy installation.
Magnetic Dashboard Phone MountsVersatile mounts for holding smartphones securely on the dashboard, with suction cups and built-in Qi chargers.
Dashboard Charger Cable ManagersCable holders for organizing charging cables on the dashboard, made from flexible materials and sold in sets.
Solar Powered Car Aromatherapy Air DiffusersDiffusers emitting fragrances using solar power, with magnetic bodies and fragrance slices or sheets.
Dashboard HUDs for CarsHUDs providing real-time information projected onto the windshield, featuring GPS tracking and over-speeding alarms.
Universal Dashboard Phone StandsStands for holding smartphones securely on the dashboard, featuring adjustable spring clamps.
Anti-Slip Dashboard MatsMats with anti-slip bases for preventing small objects from sliding around on the dashboard.

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AliExpress HD Dashcams

Let’s talk about dashcams, the unsung heroes of the road! I’ve had my fair share of close calls and unexpected moments on the asphalt, and that’s why investing in a good dashcam became a no-brainer for me.

After diving into the dashcam market, I discovered a bunch of affordable gems that not only capture crisp footage but also offer some nifty features. One that stood out is the YELANGU FHD 1080p – it’s compact, records in high definition, and won’t break the bank.

AliExpress HD Dashcams

What I love most about dashcams is the peace of mind they provide. Whether it’s catching a breathtaking sunset during a road trip or having a record in case of an unexpected fender bender, these little gadgets are like silent road companions. Plus, the loop recording feature ensures you never miss a moment.

I’ve had friends swear by models with built-in GPS for tracking routes and speed, but my personal favorite is the Adas 1080p Suction Dashcam with its wide-angle lens – perfect for capturing the whole picture.

Best AliExpress HD Dashcams for Cars

The market is flooded with options, and I get it; it can be overwhelming. But trust me, once you find the right dashcam, it’s like having a loyal co-pilot always looking out for you.

Car Dashboard Pressure Gauges

I recently stumbled upon a treasure trove of these handy gadgets on AliExpress, and let me tell you, tire pressure gauges are a game-changer for any car owner.

aliexpress Car Dashboard Pressure Gauges

Now, the beauty of these tire pressure gauges is that they not only save you from those dreaded flat tires but also make sure your vehicle is running at its best. And guess what? AliExpress is like a gold mine for budget-friendly options that won’t make your wallet cry.

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One gem that caught my eye is the Deelife Solar TPMS – a compact wonder that doesn’t just measure pressure but also comes with a handy LED display for easy readings, even in the dark. Priced at under $50, it’s a steal considering the peace of mind it brings.

Car Dashboard Pressure Gauges aliexpress TPMS

Navigating through AliExpress’s sea of options might seem daunting, but trust me, it’s worth it. I found gauges with smart features like automatic shut-off, digital displays, and even Bluetooth connectivity for real-time monitoring on your phone.

My personal favorite is the Deelife Solar – a no-nonsense gauge that tells you what you need to know without any fuss. Accurate readings, durable build, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Car Organizer Trays and Holders

I also happened to come across a slew of these handy accessories that don’t just keep things tidy but also add a touch of convenience to your driving experience.

One standout gem is the Leather Car Air Vent Holder – a sleek organizer that fits seamlessly into your dashboard, perfect to store everything from your keys to loose change. Priced at under $5, it’s a steal for the peace of mind it brings to your daily commute.

best Car Organizer Trays and Holders on aliexpress

I found trays with smart features like non-slip surfaces, multiple compartments for different items, and even built-in wireless charging pads for your gadgets.

My personal favorite is the Interior Instrument Panel Storage Box Organiser for the dashboard – a no-nonsense tray that holds all the essentials without clutter.

best Car Organizer Trays and Holders on aliexpress

It’s like having a mini command center right at your fingertips and the best part is it has a phone holder so in case you don’t have a GPS then prop up your phone and turn it into your very own personal GPS.

Cartoon Dashboard Figurines

One of the first few things I came across while searching for dashboard accessories were these cool figurines and ornaments. Yeah, figurines and ornaments are quite popular and millions of car owners have something or the other installed in their cars. 

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

I found figurines based on various cartoon and anime characters on AliExpress for under $5 a pop and they’re truly remarkable to say the least.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

Some of my favorite dashboard figurines I found were Yoda, Deadpool, Spirited Away, Pokemon and the one I personally liked  was the couple with a balloon figurine that sits right on the edge of the dashboard.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

Many of these figurines and ornaments come with a removable double sided tape that lets you fix them firmly in place. These dashboard accessories are available in plenty of different styles, colors and even sizes, so feel free to choose the one you like best. 

Here are a couple of links to my personal favorites.

Magnetic Dashboard Phone Mounts 

The next popular accessory I found on AliExpress are magnetic phone mounts. These devices are quite versatile and I was able to use them anywhere in the car and not only on the dashboard. 

Most of them are flat mounts, but there are a couple of them that can be positioned in the upright position. This allowed me to use the magnetic mount as a holder and luckily the  one I chose had a built-in Qi charger, so it doubled up as a dashboard charger as well.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

These mounts are easily available at a low price of $2-$3 and are available in a variety of colors too. 

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Unlike the dashboard figurines that use only double sided tape to stick to the surface, the ones’ I came across had a suction cup as the base and this kept the mount firmly in place.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

While this accessory served its purpose for me, I did find that some of the low quality mounts tend to fall or slide across the dashboard while driving on rough or bumpy roads. 

Here are a couple of links to a few magnetic phone mounts I recommend buying.

Dashboard Charger Cable Managers

Now here is an accessory every car owner should have especially if they use their mobile phones for GPS or if there’s a HUD installed in the car. 

Dashboard charger cable managers are quite popular on AliExpress and this is because these tiny hook-like accessories help keep charging cables and other cables in check without them falling all over the place.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

I loved the concept and in fact have a couple of my own that I do use from time to time. They are like tiny clips that can be stuck anywhere on the dashboard and the cable is then run through the holder. 

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

These cable managers are really tiny and are made from PVC or other flexible materials. The one thing I really like about China made cable managers is that unlike buying from local stores, each order on AliExpress consists of a set of a minimum 5 cable holders for under $2.50 – $5.50 which is truly a steal deal in my opinion.

Here are a few recommendations of popular cable managers for your dashboard that I found on AliExpress.

Solar Powered Car Aromatherapy Air Diffusers

I spoke about car diffusers in an earlier article and while there are many different kinds of air diffusers available in the market, nothing is as versatile as a dashboard diffuser. 

Unlike most diffusers that rely on electricity or the air from your vents, these nifty devices can be positioned anywhere on your dashboard and run on solar power.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

The ones that I came across had magnetic bodies with a suction base allowing it to sit firmly on the dashboard without moving all over the place. 

It uses fragrance slices or sheets instead of oil and because they don’t run on electricity or depend on the air from vents, these diffusers keep the car’s interior smelling fresh at all times.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

One of the coolest things about these solar powered aromatherapy diffusers is that when they are placed in the sun, the top half rotates and gives off the fresh scent that’s not overpowering, but mild and fragrant. 

Though there are not many available in the market, here are some that I came across which are  worth the money.

Dashboard HUDs for Cars

Another dashboard accessory I’ve covered in the past are digital HUDs for cars. These gadgets are really some of the most popular car dashboard accessories in the market today and that’s because they cost a fraction of the price on Chinese marketplaces like AliExpress.

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I found some really interesting HUDs for under $50, but the one that really caught my eye was this digital see-through auto heads up display for under $35. 

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

All the HUDs available on AliExpress are budget friendly and I came across so many different kinds that it did get overwhelming at one point trying to choose one for my needs.

The ones that really caught my attention were the ones that provided a lot of information on the screen instead of the basic kind where only the speed and distance were shown. 


My personal favorite was the C500 HUD which I used to track key information such as my car’s water temp, RPM, voltage, distance, speed, and even fuel consumption. It even came with built-in GPS as well as alarms for over speeding and a built-in auto turn off function that kicked in hardly 20 seconds after the car was turned off.

If you want to pick up a good quality dashboard HUD for your car, check out these recommendations below.

Universal Dashboard Phone Stands

This has to be one of the most popular kinds of dashboard accessories out there because I’ve literally never sat in a car without one. 

Dashboard phone stands are quite similar to the magnetic phone mounts I mentioned earlier, but these are built with clamps that hold your phone in place on the dashboard.

From delivery reps to taxis, nearly every car has one and while they might seem pointless if you have a HUD or a GPS system, these devices actually help keep your phone positioned at eye level and can be used to hold the phone either in vertical or horizontal position.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

I have a couple of different phone stands that I use and all of them were bought off AliExpress. They don’t cost much and while there are some that can break easily, some like the Yoachey bracket car holder are made from durable PVC and silicone, and they come with an adjustable spring clamp, so it can be adjusted to any phone size.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

Dashboard phone stands are ideal for car owners with kids because they can sit back and watch movies or play songs allowing you to put all your focus on the road ahead.

For those looking to buy good dashboard phone stands, here are a couple I’d recommend buying.

Anti-Slip Dashboard Mats

Anti-slip dashboard mats are probably the cheapest accessory amongst all I came across. They are much like regular mats, but come with an anti-slip base that clings to the dashboard. 

I’ve added this product to this list mainly because they are quite popular and are suitable for pens, phones, keys and other small objects.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

There are many different styles of dashboard mats available and each mat costs no more than $1.50. In fact, when I picked up one from the CarCenter store on AliExpress, I ended up paying $0.01 for it and it definitely was the best decision I ever made.

Now all my miscellaneous gadgets and pocket change sit on my dashboard instead of my pockets and I can finally use my cup holder during my morning coffee run.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories

Since there’s a wide selection of dashboard mats available, here are a couple of links to some of the most reliable and cost effective dashboard mats I found on AlExpress.

Popular Car Dashboard Accessories on AliExpress FAQ’s

Is it safe to buy car dashboard accessories from AliExpress?

Yes, it’s entirely safe to buy dashboard accessories from AliExpress and China. This is because many of the dashboard accessories that are available are sourced from China and have not been made locally. 

Also, it’s important to check the seller you’re buying from because some can dupe you with flashy images and low prices, but the end product will be a waste of money and nothing like what’s advertised. 

So, when buying from AliExpress check buyer reviews as well as buyer images to see whether the seller is legit and delivers high quality accessories. This has really helped me save money rather than running back and forth with the seller to claim a refund

What dashboard accessories should I buy?

This depends on the buyer and what your personal preferences are. Though I’d recommend buying dashboard accessories that are not too flashy, which do not slide all over the place and don’t obstruct the view of the road. 

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