13 Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell 2021

by Timothy Blue

Online selling or buying online for resell are some of the most profitable lines of business that have truly emerged to the forefront in the past few years. This mode of business is also the main source of income for many people. You, too, can profit by getting into this business and by setting up your own store – whether online or offline. One of the major platforms that let you get into this business with minimal risks involved is Alibaba. 

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is a giant when it comes to being an online marketplace that brings together the sellers and the buyers. It is a platform where you can get products in bulk directly from the manufacturers, without having to pay any extra commission to the middlemen. Since you will be purchasing directly from the manufacturers, the cost is pretty low, giving you a higher profit margin for when you resell the products.

Alibaba is a great platform to begin your reselling business. The quality of the products is well-checked and so, is pretty good. You can order your products and then resell them without worrying about any huge investment or quality. 

However, choosing from the vast range of products on Alibaba can be a daunting task, especially if you are a newbie in the business of buying and reselling from Alibaba. This is why I have brought this guide to help you find the best things to buy on Alibaba for reselling.

Things to consider when choosing products to buy and resell

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing products on Alibaba for the purpose of reselling. Here are what you need to keep in mind:

  • Does the product you are looking to purchase have a demand in the market?
  • Are you getting it for an inexpensive price?
  • Are you going to earn a good profit margin?

When you think about these three things, you can make a wise choice. While points 2 and 3 are inconclusive and change over time, it is mainly the first point that you need to consider. 

You could run a Google search to see whether the product/s you have chosen have a huge market base. Never only buy products that you love. This is not how the market works. There is a chance that you love something but it has no demand in the market. Getting that product is only going to cost you without bringing in any profit. 

So the trick is to have a clear idea about what will work and what won’t. Do thorough market research to see if your product will work or not. 

You must also see the price you are paying to acquire the product. You need to keep in mind the profit margin that you will get. However, this does not mean that a low-profit margin is bad, especially if there is a huge demand for the product in the market. Also, when you buy from the same supplier every time, he gives you a good discount that can help increase your profit margin. 

So, with all these points in mind, you can start buying from Alibaba to resell. 

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Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Reselling

#1 – Reusable and Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes

The world is moving towards an environment-conservation mode. This is something that all of us must take note of and consider when making our buying choices. To keep up with this movement, take an initiative by buying these reusable and biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes from Alibaba. These brushes are an excellent choice, and considering the fact that everybody has started thinking about the environment, these are going to be a huge hit.

This is an excellent option that you can go for. These multi-colored toothbrushes look so cute, everybody will be asking for them.

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

Here is yet another simple and minimalistic looking toothbrush that you can consider getting from Alibaba to resell.

Check it out here

#2 – Layered Necklaces

The layered necklaces are one of the hottest trends today. These are available at quite a low cost on Alibaba. These layered necklaces attract a large crowd and so, you are surely going to make these an instant hit among the customers. There are also so many designs available that are sure to win everybody’s hearts.

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

This is a beautiful four-layered necklace that portrays minimalism. However, it looks so gorgeous, women will be swooning over it. 

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

This is another gold-plated set that looks excellent. It is a four-layered necklace that is quite popular amongst women. 

Everybody loves jewellery, and people of counterculture prefer to opt for inexpensive pieces which carry meaning and association to the world of free-spiritedness. Symbolic articles of jewellery such as this one was usually sold in street-markets, but nowadays, there’s more available online than offline. That said, selling handmade jewellery at a markup of up to 50% (lesser for resellers) of the making cost, is commonplace. 

Handmade pendants with inexpensive materials

These pendants can be accessorised along with a chain or a bracelet or earring hooks, and sold individually (as pairs, in case of earrings) and as combos if each were to have differently coloured stones/beads. 

Check it out here

#3 – Fashionable iPhone Case

Fancy and fashionable iPhone cases, according to my research, are one of the best choices you can make. Alibaba has a huge variety of unique and beautiful iPhone cases that are sure to become an instant hit amongst the masses. The kind of cases you get here are truly the best. Buying and reselling these can up your game and make you an instant star. 

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

This is quite a popular case that is available in a range of colors. It has been made to replicate a handbag. The case is made of excellent material and is surely going to keep the phone safe. It also comes with a handle, just like an actual handbag. The handle in the case can be used to hold the phone comfortably. 

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

Here is yet another popular iPhone case that is truly unique. How? It comes with the lens protector to keep the camera lens safe. You simply slide the protector over the lens. The printed designs and the variety available also makes it extremely popular.

Check it out here

#4 – Fake Eyelashes

Women across the planet are all game for luscious fake lashes that enhance the beauty of the eyes and make the eyes look gorgeous. For many women, fake lashes are a huge part of their makeup routine. The fake lashes on Alibaba look very natural and are one of the best-sellers on the platform. You can get these fake lashes from the platform for reselling purposes and I am sure, it is definitely going to become a best-seller when you sell it too. 

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

This is a beautiful pair that comes packaged in a gorgeous box. This is going to be loved by all the ladies so much. The lashes add a good amount of volume and length to the lashes, while also making them look natural.

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

Here is yet another one that you can buy to resell. This is a voluminous pair of fake lashes that are going to be an instant hit amongst your female customers. 

Check it out here

#5 – Nail Gel

Nails are an important part of a woman’s beauty. Women take special care to keep the nails well-groomed and looking gorgeous. While nail salons are there to take care of the nails and to help them look fabulous, it is not always an option for many women. But there is another way to help achieve that. Nail Gels are one of the most-demanded products by women all across the globe. These nail gels are available in a wide range of colors, fitting every woman’s needs. These are going to be quite on demand as women are always going to want to enhance the beauty of their nails. 

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

These nail gel paints are an amazing option for reselling purposes. These can be used to create all kinds of nail arts and to make the nails look fabulous. You can definitely add this item to enjoy excellent profits.

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

Here is yet another kind of gel polish that you can consider. These are beautiful and look stunning. I am sure these will have a huge demand when you sell them.

Check it out here

#6 – Lip Pencil

Lip pencils are yet another product that you can consider buying from Alibaba to resell. These wonder products are always in high demand as they help enhance a woman’s beauty. The lip pencils are easy to work around with and also help fix up the look easily and quickly. Also, the sheer variety of shades available makes it an extremely popular choice. Women can choose the color of their choice and comfort.

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

You must definitely get this variety of lip pencils. The best thing about these are that they can be customized with your logo. You can make these pencils your own by adding your brand name and logo. Trust me, it will become an instant hit amongst women. It also has a very minimal and simplistic touch, however, there is quite a good variety of shades. 

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

Here is yet another variant that you can go for. It has a huge choice of super-pigmented lip shades that are sure to become a popular choice amongst women.

#7 – Nail Stickers

We women love being fashionable and magical all the time, and in helping us achieve that, our nails play a huge role. Pruned and well-groomed nails enhance our personality and gives us a whole new level of confidence. However, it is not always possible or feasible for us to visit a professional nail salon to get manicures. So, what to do during such times? Well, I always resort to the handy-dandy nail stickers that instantly revive the nails and add a glamorous touch to the nails. The nail stickers are super-affordable and come in such a huge variety. These are also always high in demand in the market.

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

This is quite a popular pack of nail art stickers that add an abstract and beautiful touch to the nails. If you are looking for an awesome nail art sticker pack to resell, this is definitely the one that you must go for. 

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

Here is yet another pack that you get for the festive cheer. This is the perfect Christmas nail sticker pack that will bring a lot of joy and cheer. This pack is surely going to be a best-seller when you resell it. 

You can get it here.

#8 – AirPod Case

AirPods and wireless earphones are highly popular these days because of their portability and ease. Thanks to the demand for the wireless ear-pods, there is also a huge demand for their cases. You can get the AirPod cases on Alibaba for quite cheap. 

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

This is a beautiful AirPod case that also comes with an iPhone cover. This is a great deal that is surely going to become highly popular amongst the masses. 

Best Things To Buy On Alibaba For Resell

This is yet another beautiful floral AirPod case that looks so chic and elegant. This is also going to make it to the best-sellers list when you decide to sell it. 

Check it out here

#9 – Succulent Planters 

Minimalistic décor has been gaining increasing attention in recent years, be it at home or at the workplace. Planters, with their convenient size and designs which go with any theme or setting, are enjoying a good deal of demand in the market. From goodies for corporate employees to return-presents for guests at a wedding, planters are also bought in bulk for the purpose of gifting. The end-customer could place it on their desk, or prop it up on a shelf, or hang it on their balconies. Now the real advantage with selling planters is that it can be used to keep artificial, as well as live succulents, or also repurposed as stationery holders. 

Planters are available in different styles and materials

For those of you who have time on their hands or are gardening enthusiasts, value-addition could get you great profits here. Sourcing live succulents separately, you could plant them on these planters before selling it as a whole set at online or offline retail stores. Planters are made from ceramic, terracotta, metal, wood and plastic, and you would have to do research on the intended purposes of these planters before deciding which material to go for. You can take a look at one of the many available planters.

Check it out here

#10 – Crochet Stuffed Toys

Alibaba has many types of toys available, but with consumers being concerned about the materials used to manufacture their children’s toys, it makes sense to opt for handmade ones, using natural materials. This crochet stuffed toy is made from 100% cotton and is customizable to the buyer’s choice for designs and colours. 

Crocheting is done using Yarn, which is made from 100% cotton in most cases

Similar products could also be explored, as the demand would sway towards trending designs based on cartoons or any such media. Resale of trending designs would be fairly simpler to take up. Crocheting is a handicraft, and it cannot be done using machinery, so you would not need to mention the word handmade if you have ‘crochet’ in the title!

Check it out here

#11 – Fun Socks

The challenge with reselling apparel is that you cannot know for sure the quantities you should stock for each article. This does not apply to socks which are available in a universal size, and thus can be sold on their design and comfort, without consumers paying heed to the fit.  Made popular by the brand Happy Socks, it is now preferred by consumers that their socks contain cute or lively designs – ranging from quotes to cartoon characters to food items.

Socks with printed patterns

On Alibaba, sellers offer socks off their design catalogues, as well as give you the option to share your own designs to be printed on your order. Again, research would be required to determine which target audience you want to cater to.

Check it out here

#12 – Bio-Degradable Food Boxes

Large restaurant chains and prominent brands have already begun shifting their focus to reduction of non-biodegradable packing materials, and smaller players are following suit. Bio-degradable food boxes will only see an upward demand curve, as consumers are now sensitive to the importance of eco-friendly products. Food boxes such can be used by restaurants and individual consumers alike, as the masses are leaning increasingly towards food delivery apps.

Biodegradable boxes used for food delivery

Buying in large quantities, you have the option of either selling directly to business consumers, or you could break bulk and sell to individual consumers in packs of 6 or 12. This would be a big advantage as you can choose from a plethora of consumers, and sell in B2B as well as B2C channels. 

Buying in large quantities, you have the option of either selling directly to business consumers, or you could break bulk and sell to individual consumers in packs of 6 or 12. This would be a big advantage as you can choose from a plethora of consumers, and sell in B2B as well as B2C channels. 

Check it out here

Women Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top

This cold shoulder top is awesome to wear for girls and would be perfect for reselling as it has been trending recently. This full sleeve top is extremely stylish with shoulder cutouts. It has a hooded collar and is made with soft polyester and spandex material. 

It can be worn in multiple ways and is also winkle free and shrink free. The elasticity of this long sleeve cold shoulder top provides a comfort and relaxed look. It can be sported anywhere and looks great on any type of body. 

There are multiple sizes for this top. Definitely, this will be one of the most sold products for women. 

Mermaid Makeup Brush Set

This set of mermaid makeup brush sets is super pretty as the tail of the brush is in mermaid design. The brushes have soft bristles and help in easy application of makeup. This brush set has brushes for all things makeup from concealer to lip lining, blush application and a lot more.

The wooden handle makes the application and holding the brushes a piece of cake. I bought 100 sets of these brushes a while ago and everything got sold out within the first 20 days. The customer feedback was also great as they said it’s useful as well as a fancy product to have. 

iPhone Screen Protector

This is another thing to buy from Alibaba and probably is an essential for all the iphone users as it protects the screen from breakage, scratches and marks. It’s essentially a tempered glass that will keep away from damage as well as oil, dust and fingerprints.

This screen protector is one of the most important things to buy on Alibaba and resell online because it’s very much in demand. This guard will keep your phone shining and will not let your main screen break easily. 

How to find the best products on Alibaba to resell online?

Here are some tips on buying the best products in Alibaba to resell online:

  • Products that solve a need: Choose products that solve a particular need during that time frame. You need to use current experiences with the products and see if the problem is being solved or not. If the products are problem solving, they get sold out easily. 
  • Related to hobbies or interests: If you get products that fulfill their interests or passions, people will definitely come to buy those products. Look for what your target customers want to buy and get products accordingly. 
  • Choose what you like: Go with your heart when buying products. You don;t necessarily go to what other people like. Sometimes customers love to see new products and buy them. If you have a “selling” product in your mind, don’t hesitate. 
  • Use your professional experience: If you’ve been in a particular industry and know what works the best for people, go ahead and buy those products. Capitalise your professional experience, do a quick competitor’s analysis and go for the products. 
  • Capitalise the trend: If you find trendy products in the market that will be bought in the current time frame then you can definitely aim to buy those products. Jumping into a new trend market will put you ahead of your competitors for sale. 
  • Read reviews and feedback on existing products: Reading previous reviews will give you an insight on how the products are and how well they perform in the market. It’ll also give you an idea if the customers are liking the products or not. 
  • Search for products related to top rated products: Similar product items have a great chance to get sold out. Check out the “bought together” feature of Alibaba to find out the related products on Alibaba.
  • Test run products before launching: Test your products and find out if they really work before your launch to find out which products are profitable. Sometimes products might appear great but don’t perform great  when dropped in the market. 
  • Take inspiration from online e-com sites: Check out e-commerce sites to find out what’s trending. This will help you find out the hot products of the market. You can do this research in Alibaba itself. 

What are the best things to sell from Alibaba?

A: There are a few ways you could go about for choosing items on Alibaba to resell on any e-commerce site. If you are planning to sell in fixed markets/marketplaces, you could determine the best-selling products in said market(s), where you will also get an idea of the sale prices, and finally proceed to source them at a cheaper rate. Alternatively, you can do extensive research on which products are currently in demand, and if they will continue to have demand in upcoming months. This would be a 360° approach, whereby you will have to follow the online markets and product trends closely. Before making your first purchase, you can request sellers to send you samples, which they will provide at a slightly costlier rate than the bulk prices. 

Is it legal to resell products from Alibaba?

B: Yes, it is legal to resell products sourced on Alibaba. However, before doing so, you must ensure that you are not violating any intellectual property rights. For instance, auto parts manufacturers may sell their registered brands on Alibaba, but will not allow reselling of the same without authorization. While sourcing products, take extra caution to select products which do not have a registered brand or products for which you will be able to obtain brand authorization easily.

How do you make money reselling on Alibaba?

A: Regardless of whether you source a product from Alibaba or other vendors, you will have to list your product at a marked-up price on the site (or any marketplace) in order to gain profits. Be sure to provide accurate and detailed product descriptions, and the right info regarding variants/sizes of your products. If you are selling B2C, ensure that you upload appealing photos of the product and perhaps offer combos. In case of B2B, you can provide samples to potential buyers, to build credibility. 

Is it legal to buy from Alibaba and sell on Amazon?

A: Yes, it is legal to buy from Alibaba and sell on Amazon. But keep in mind that any brand which is unregistered, would be listed as a Generic Listing on Amazon, thereby allowing other sellers to be able to map your listing and sell their own products, under the same listing i.e., it would be displayed that the product is sold by multiple sellers. Putting this question to rest is Alibaba’s “Reseller Tools” which lets you export products sourced on Alibaba to eBay or Amazon as listings, using tailored templates provided by the reseller. 

Become a smart seller with Alibaba!

With all these tips and choices mentioned in this guide, I am sure you will soon be climbing the ladder of success. Get these best things from Alibaba to resell and watch your profits reach the sky.

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Best Alibaba Products to Resell

However, choosing from the vast range of products on Alibaba can be a daunting task, especially if you are a newbie in the business of buying and reselling from Alibaba. This is why I have brought this guide to help you find the best things to buy on Alibaba for reselling.

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