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by Tim Blue
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Price range: $10 - $30

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  • Design
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Comfort

True gamers really care about their equipment. Their chairs, their keyboards and mice are the holy trinities of gaming. If you want to be a good gamer, then you need to have the best equipment. But more often than not, gamers don’t have the budget to spend on gaming peripherals such as keyboards, mice and desktops.

Me being an avid gamer decided to find the best budget gaming keyboards on Aliexpress. Here is the list!

Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard under $50

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards in 2019 : Under $50 and absolutely worth every penny

#1 – Me Too Mechanical Keyboard

One of the most popular keyboards on Aliexpress, the Me Too Mechanical Keyboard has over 8000+ orders and a rating of 4.9. In terms of popularity and price, this is one of the best gaming keyboards. Here are the salient features of the Me Too Keyboard.

Dust Proof Mechanical Switch

You can remove each of the buttons from the keyboard and fit it back. If you have used it for quite some time, dust is bound to get lodged on the insides of your keyboard. You can remove each of the keys manually and remove the dust, for a seamless gaming experience.

Ten Backlight Modes

The best aspect of a gaming keyboard is the backlight. The Me Too Mechanical has about ten backlight modes, including the blinking lights, which look incredibly cool. There are many backlight effects, such as wave and blinks and also one touch. One touch is basically, the button you touch, lights up. You can also adjust the speed of the backlights as well.

Different Modes for FPS

There are different keyboards mode that help you when you are playing first-person shooter mode.

cheap gaming keyboard and mouse

Best Price – $23.05

#2 – iMice Keyboard

The iMice is a budget gaming keyboard. Priced at only $12, this is a super steal. This looks like a mechanical keyboard but isn’t one.  It has a 104 key layout design.

The design is compact. If you want to put it in your backpack for any gaming sessions, the iMice can be easily stored and taken out and will not take too much space.

The arrangement of the keyboard layout is ergonomic. You thought only chairs are ergonomic? That’s not true. Even keyboards are ergonomic. This means the layout of the buttons, the spacing and everything is perfect. This ensures your fingers don’t hurt when you are using the keyboard.

The bottom of the keyboard has 3 holes, these are meant for any excess liquid in the keyboard to flow out and not destroy the keyboard itself. So what are these? When you are gaming, it’s highly likely that you will have some sort of drink next to your keyboard and sometimes spillages are impossible to prevent. With these waterproof holes, the liquid inside the keyboard, flow through the system without damaging any parts and comes from the bottom.

There are also flaps at the bottom of the keyboard that ensures you can use the keyboard at an angle of your choice that enables a perfect gaming experience.

The scroll lock button controls the backlit. It doesn’t have myriad backlit options, just on and off. The colours of the backlit are colourful and beautiful.

There are also multimedia buttons, 12 of them that can be accessed for quick shortcuts such as media, videos and more.

best gaming keyboard under 50

Best Price – $12.29

#3 – AJAZZ Keyboard

If you want a slightly more premium gaming keyboard, but without breaking the bank, then you can consider the AJAZZ. The AJAZZ AK33 is an incredible gaming keyboard with a lot of features that users will love.

First of all, it’s one of the best looking keyboards we’ve seen and for the price point, it’s the most feature-rich keyboard. Here are some of its salient features.

Coming to the design, it has a raised keyboard structure, which is ergonomically friendly. It has 82 keys and can be pressed up to 60 million times, which means it lasts an entire lifetime.

It uses an Aerospace, aluminium panel and the best part is, the keys will not rub out over time because they aren’t printed like other keyboards, they are part of the keycap. Therefore the top buttons of the keyboard remain unaffected.

It is designed specifically for gamers and some buttons are placed closer for faster access. This is a super sturdy product and isn’t made of cheap plastic. The insides are made of a aerospace aluminium material panel. The metal texture goes through various coating and laser engraving process that makes it shine.

Each key has its own separate installation which means it’s great for typing and you will hear the click sound for every type. So not only for gaming, this is great for doing school work.

Coming to the colours. It has the true RGB rendering of 1680 colours. There are about 12 backlight modes that don’t need a separate driver. These backlight modes can be customized based on your requirement.

As each key is separately installed, it enables easy use of multi-key work. Keyboards also have processors inside and normal keyboards have an 8-bit processor, the AJAZZ has a 32-bit processor that has no lag and is super real-time when you press the key, which is super important while gaming.

The USB – Cable has anti-oxidation properties and does not corrode and can be used for a long time.

best gaming keyboard under 100

Best Price – $27.97

#4 – REDTHUNDER Keyboard

The Red Thunder is one of the coolest looking keyboards out there. It has a few features that the other keyboards we’ve covered don’t have. This makes it super unique. So let’s review this gaming keyboard.

Coming to the design, this is a different sort of design that has some pretty cool features. First is the phone holder on the top of the keyboard. When you are gaming, you can get distracted for long hours and this phone holder ensures that your phone is in front of you and you don’t miss out on important calls or texts. This also ensures that your hands remain on the keyboard and you don’t have to move your hands away.

There is another important ergonomic design for the Red Thunder keyboard and that is the hand rest. Most gamers use the WASD keys for gaming and movement and when your hand is at an angle for a long period of hours, your wrist starts to hurt.

This wrist placer ensures that your wrists are ably supported, thus avoiding any pain in the future after gaming.

It has a IPX2 rating, this means you can pour any liquid on your keyboard and it will remain intact. But make sure to empty your keyboard as fast as possible.

The back of the keyboard has some interesting features. First of all, there is a non-slip sticker that ensures your keyboard remains in place during an intense gaming session. Underneath the wrist holder is the vent for the water to flow out in case you’ve spilt something on your keyboard, which ensures the liquid is getting removed from the keyboard even when you are gaming.

gaming keyboard aliexpress

Best Price – $28.99


The One Hand Keyboard. I’m sure you haven’t seen much of this. For true blue gamers, they like their independence. So when you play first-person shooter games like PUBG or Counter Strike on the computer, then there are two things you will be using. Your WASD keys on your keyboard and the mouse for shooting.

Keeping this in mind, ALLOYSEED has come up with an innovative keyboard that has only a few number keys along with the WASD keys.

This keyboard is the size of your palm and is built only for gaming. This is a top quality product. The ergonomics of the product is also awesome, with a palm support and wrist support extension.

It has 35+ keys and has the rainbow backlit. It’s easy to turn on and off. If you are playing PUBG on the phone, then this keyboard will come in handy. You can connect your keyboard and mouse to the USB connector that is connected to your phone and play PUBG with a proper setup without having to use your fingers.

Just because it has lesser keys doesn’t mean it has lesser features. It has functions for muting, pausing, increase/decrease, volume, music player and backlight switch control.

This is super portable and can be carried in the smallest of smallest bags.

gaming keyboard cheap

Best Price – $12.55


If you want your keyboard to stand out and look premium and luxurious, then you need to get your hands on the next keyboard. This has big text and golden backlit, making it one of the most beautiful gaming keyboards out there.

If you are tired of the traditional RGB Rainbow colours, consider this golden backlit keyboard. Here are a few of its features

  • Metal Panel
  • Multimedia button
  • Cool light
  • Suspension cap
  • Sexy design
gaming keyboard backlit

Best Price – $17.60


If you love Alienware, you will love our next product. It’s one of the cheapest keyboards we have reviewed today. It’s characterized by a lightning design that is spread out across the keyboard and gives out a stunning look when the backlit is turned on,

The colours come in Red, Blue and Pink.

It’s waterproof and has an ergonomic design.

best budget gaming keyboard

Best Price – $7.99

Safe to buy Gaming Keyboards on Aliexpress?

Safe or not, this is a question in the past. There is buyer protection with disputes managed by Aliexpress itself. I am pretty sure if you do not get hold of the parcel, it is due to logistic issue and not fault of Aliexpress seller or Aliexpress itself.

Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards on Aliexpress

#1 — Motospeed Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

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#2 — Springtech Mechanical Keyboard

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What is a good price for a gaming keyboard?

It really depends on the level you are at. If you are an amateur and don’t game professionally, then you can get gaming keyboards for as cheap as $30. But if you play a bit more professionally, then you can go for something more expensive which is in the $100 range or more. The differences between an expensive gaming keyboard and a budget gaming keyboard is the comfort while use, ease of pressing the buttons, distance between the keys and so on.

What keyboards are the best for gaming?

Gaming keyboards are built for gaming. They are different from normal keyboards and here are the salient features of a gaming keyboard. Here goes.

  • A good gaming keyboard has a nice and easy touch. It can’t be tight which is used generally in typing keyboards.
  • Some gaming keyboards have programmable keys. This means you can modify a key to use it in a way you want it.
  • Gaming keyboards have varied backlit keys for various purposes which can be modified too.
  • Gaming keyboard are ergonomically more comfortable than normal keys.

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