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by Tim Blue
DHGate Bag Sellers

Store Name: Hangbag Store

Store Description: If you are looking for that one stop shop for all your bag needs and replica bags and more. Then check this store out!

Price range: $10 - $30

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The Top Replica Bag Sellers this 2020 can be found in Dhgate. We worked hands on with Dhgate to find out the best replica sellers with the best products and best brand clones. We’ve curated a list of replica bags who sell

– Gucci Replica Bags
– Prada Replica Bags
– Louis Vuitton Replica Bags
– Chanel Replica Bags
– Hermes Replica Bags
– Kate Spade Replica Bags
– Coach Replica Bags
– Michael Replica Bags
– Yves Saint Laurent Replica Bags
– Christian Dior Replica Bags
– Givenchy Replica Bags
– Burberry Replica Bags
– Marc Jacobs Replica Bags
– Dolce & Gabba Replica Bags
– Christian Loboutin Replica Bags
– Jimmy Choo Replica Bags

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Looking for replicas of top brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and others? You are in the right place. Luxury bags from big brands are ridiculously expensive and in most of the cases, they are priced high only for their brand name and not necessarily the quality. So why pay $2000 for a bag, when you can get it for $100 or lesser? Most of these replicas, look the same, feel the same and have a similar craftsmanship.

How can I tell? 

I’ve seen numerous factories and they all have a similar process. So let’s get into the best Dhgate replica bags sellers. These are top notch quality replica bags from China so to speak. Verified by us as well as tonnes of product reviews on DHGate.

Review of the Best Designer Replica Bags Online from China

Wd2011 Link
Mk Store666 Link
Maizhong Link
Xiyuanxiang Link
Designer Luxury BagsLink
Designer BagsLink

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Best Handbag Sellers on DHgate

DHgate Bags SellersKnown For 
Mango 89711 All replica bag brands. They will add the logo of your choice to the bag you buy. 
Dicky0570 Designer women’s wallets, designer replica bags
Juan 551best replica backpacks, satchels, replicas
Luxury Handbags Louis Vuitton Replicas, Gucci Replicas, Yves Saint Laurent Replicas
Jesse 321 Coco Chanel Replica Bags
Luxury_handbags_shoebest replica handbags

High Quality Designer Replica Handbags China

DHgate China is know for its replicas that includes shoes, watches and bags. In this list below we cover bags.

#1 – Handbagstore888

bags dhgate seller

The Handbag Store is the first in our list of DHgate replica bags sellers. They set up ship in 2017 and have sold over 15,000 units of product. They have a 98.5% positive rating. This store is chock-full of product replicas. If you are looking for a Michael Kors replica handbag, or Gucci replica handbag, you’ll find it here. They sell wallets and backpacks as well. Their hottest selling products is their leather wallets or also known as the clutch. Comprising their top selling is also the long handbag. Overall, this is a good store with an amazing collection, be sure to check it out. 

Click here to visit the store

#2 – Wlp123457

china designer bags

WLP123457 is a seller from Shanghai that exclusively deals with replica bags. He has a collection of wallets, bags, backpacks, messenger bags and more. They have a positive rating of 96.5%. Their collection comprises of PU leather products, flannel designer handbags, velvet finish handbags and more. Their top selling product is a Louis Vuitton replica that is quite popular. They also have some stylish backpacks and wallets that are super smart and stylish. When it comes to pricing, they are super reasonably priced and you won’t get such a bang for your back in any online store or even your local retail shop. 

Click here to visit the store

#3 – Wd2011

bag seller dhgate

The Wd2011 is a top seller and has been around since 2011. They have 97.4% positive rating and have more than 10,000+ happy customers. They have a good collection of bags that includes luggage, wallets, backpacks and more. One of their best selling products is the transparent mesh with chain sling bag. For people who care about their style quotient and want to buy hip accessories, this is the store to visit. Their bags are super affordable and even the women’s leather wallets are priced very reasonably. This is the kind of store, where you pick up 2 or 3 bags because of its price and quality and design. 

Click here to visit the store

#4 – Mk Store666

fake bags dhgate

The MKstore 666 is one of the most popular bag sellers on Dhgate. The MKstore666 deals with the most replica bag brands on the platform. They have replicas for Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel and numerous other brands. They sell fashion bags, cosmetic bags, wallets, outdoor bags, briefcases and more. They have a collection of 800+ products in total. Their top selling product is a Gucci replica handbag that is super popular and has a 4.5 rating. The store has a 97% rating and has been around for more than 4 years. If you are looking for replica handbags online, this store should be one of the sites you visit. 

Click here to visit the store

#5 – Goodsell888

replica bags dhgate

The Goodsell888 store has a small collection of bags, but it’s a good collection. They have 97.6% positive rating and have over 3,000+ happy customers. Their best products are their backpacks which look amazingly beautiful and neat. Apart from the backpacks, they have purses for women and leather handbags. Their top selling product is woman tote bag with an incredible design in the center. The Goodsell888 store is great specifically for backpacks, so if you are looking for the best backpacks, this is the store you should visit. They also have some stunning leather designs that looks pretty unique in their store. 

Click here to visit the store

#6 – YoyoshoppingPlaza

designer bags dhgate

The Yoyoshopping Plaza is what you call a shopper’s paradise. They have a positive rating of 95.5% and have completed over 5,000+ transactions. They have been around for more than 3 years on DHgate. The first thing you notice when you visit the store is the Louis Vuitton replica bags. But apart from that they have a collection of 400+ bags. They deal with handbags, wallets, luggage and even shoes. Some of their best selling products is the designer wallet. In terms of variety, not a lot of the other stores can beat Yoyoshoppingplaza. So if you are looking for different coloured bags and leather products, then this is the store to visit. 

Click here to visit the store

#7 – Mk6821

top dhgate handbags

Most of the other stores we’ve covered, sell leather bags that are replicas of your top brands. The Mk6821 store is a bag buyer’s dream come true and the sheer variety will blow you away. They have backpacks, rugged mountain backpacks, shoulder bags, tote bags, casual cotton bags, cosmetic bags, travel bags, purses, wallets, handbags, sling bags and more. Their top selling product is a Louis Vuitton bag replica. So what about the pricing? It’s a tad higher compared to other stores, but still 1/3rd the cost of the originals. It’s good quality and at a great price. 

Click here to visit the store

#8 –Mkshop5555

fancy designer bags

With a rating of 93.2%, this new age store has a good collection of products. They deal with a wide variety of products such as leather handbags, designer summer bags, one shoulder messenger bag, sling bags, wallets and more. They have some pretty amazing backpacks for women which look cute and are super sturdy. Their pricing is super reasonable and affordable. They make PU leather bags which are pretty awesome. Overall, this is a good store to buy some good replica bags. 

Click here to visit the store

#9 – Mcm1688

bag replica chinese

The Mcm1688 store has some pretty amazing clutches. They don’t have a massive collection like other stores, but they do have a good collection of women’s wallets. They have a very good rating of 98% and have 2700+ happy customers. Their best selling items is the petite designer handbag that is super stylish and looks great and is strong as well. The seller has not listed all their products and if you want to see more of their collection, you can message them and ask them for more product photos. 

Click here to visit the store

#10 – Maizhong

bags dhgate

The Maizhong store is the one you’ve been waiting for. They have more than 1000+ products in their portfolio and they deal with backpacks, fashion bags, luggage, designer bag, mens bags and briefcases, wallets and more. They have good replicas of Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Prada, Gucci and other top brands. They have 8000+ happy customers and also have a positive rating of 96.9%. Some of their best selling products is the designer handbag that are replicas of the big brands. In terms of variety, the Maizhon store has a great collection and probably unparalleled. 

Click here to visit the store

#11 – Xiyuanxiang

top dhgate sellers for bags

The Xiyuanxiang store also has a very good collection of bags and totes, backpacks and more. From a pure design perspective, this store has some of the most fashionable items. From their clutches to their backpacks, the designs of bags in this store are immaculate. Their best selling product is the black handbag for women. With a rating of 97.1%, they are one of the best new stores for replica bags in Dhgate. Visit the store today for the best rates on bags. 

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#12 – HEC_Fashion

designer replicas bags

The HEC store is a popular DHgate seller that deals in bags of all types. In their collection, they have wallets, shoulder bags, tote bags, fashion handbags, backpacks, clutches, evening bags and more. They have 100+ designs and also stock amazing replicas of top brands in the world. 

Click here to visit the store

#13 – Dicky0750

There’s a new handbag store on DHgate that is gaining quite a following that’s Dicky0750. In a short span of time, they have a portfolio of clutches, women’s backpacks, wallets and handbags. They also have good replicas of Louis Vuitton!

Click here to visit the store

#14 — Designer Luxury Bags

The Designer Luxury Bags store has a set of amazing handbags, wallets, clutches and more. Apart from having replicas, they do have some unique and eclectic designs. But they are most popular for their shoulder bags!

designer luxury bag dhgate

Click here to visit the store

#15 — Designer Bags

The designer bags store on Dhgate is pretty new, but they do have a good collection of products. Especially their Tote handbag collection is super popular!

tote hangbags dhgate

Click here to visit the store

Buying Designer Bag Replicas on DHgate

If you are looking for best replica bags on Dhgate, then look no further than the list above. These are the best Dhgate bag sellers with the best ratings.

How legit is Dhgate?

Dhgate is super legit. They have been around for more than 10 years and are the second biggest competitor in the ecommerce market after Aliexpress. They have a return policy that is foolproof and their sellers are verified. The reviews on the website are legitimate too and verified. Dhgate is super legit!

What’s the best replica website?

Dhgate is known for their replicas. Be it, replica bags, replica shoes, replica sneakers or more. You might find other sites selling a few pieces of replica. But if you want variety, quality, style and a great price, Dhgate should be your destination.

What is the best website to buy designer replicas?

When you mean designer replicas, you probably might mean bags. Dhgate has some of the best designer bags replica in the house. You will find replicas of top brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs

Is it illegal to buy fake designer bags?

It’s illegal to buy fake bags, but not illegal to buy replicas. What is the difference? In a lot of cases, when a manufacturer replicates a bag including the logo, then its a fake. But if they copy the style of the bag that looks exactly the same as Gucci or any other brand, then its a replica.

Where can I buy authentic designer bags online?

If you are looking for authentic bags that look stylish, then check out Aliexpress or Dhgate. They have the best collection of designer bags.

Does DHGate have good replica bags?

DHgate has some of the best replicas online. If you are looking for high quality replica bags from China then Dhgate is the perfect choice. Why? 

DHgate has a great collection of designer bag replicas because a lot of the manufacturers who produce louis vuitton bags, gucci bags and other branded bags are available in the marketplace. 

As Dhgate does not clamp down on replicas as much as Aliexpress, DHgate has a better collection of replicas. 

Where do I find designer replicas bags on DHGate?

You can find many sellers who sell designer replicas on Dhgate. Look out for sellers with a high rating, a high transaction count and have two or three products with good sales. This gives you an idea of the good sellers from the fly by night sellers who are trying to make a quick buck. 

Alway access the recommended seller list for finding replica bags. 

What’s the best replica bag website?

DHgate wins hands down. They have the best replica sellers and they not only have one or two sellers, but tens and hundreds of sellers who deal with a variety of products like Louis Vuitton Replica and other replica handbags. 

DHgate also should be chosen among other replica websites because they have a return and refund policy and the platform can always interfere if there is a dispute with the seller. 

Are cheap louis vuitton bags from China worth it?

They are worth it in the sense that they look cheap and are easily affordable. The replicas look the exact same with no differences and they are a legitimate bag which will stand the test of time. To answer it simply, yes they are worth it. 

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