Where to BUY iPhone Clones? (Update : July 2020 – Latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12)

by Tim Blue
goophone iphone clone

Store Name: ibaby888

Store Description: The best iPhone Clone store online is the one from Dhgate. They have the latest iPhone clone models!

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This 2020, The iPhone 11 clone, iPhone XS clone and iPhone XR clones have been upgraded in recent years. If you bought an iPhone clone last year, then you will definitely find the latest iPhone replicas to be highly technical with major features that is unseen in the past.

If there is one aspect where they lack, then it’s only in terms of the cameras. These latest iPhone clones have been able to replicate all the aspects of a brand new iPhone that includes the touch sensors, the gestures and all other small features.

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You can check out the list of features of the replica that are same as the original in the table below.


There’s so many of your friends, people on Ebay, Craigslist, whatever. They’re trying to sell you a phone. Chances are, you want a phone. But what you don’t know is the real phones from the fake phones

Update – July 2020 – The latest iPhone SE 2020 isn’t available in the market yet. We’ve been going through our sources to find the best SE 2020 clone seller. We will keep you posted.

Update – The iPhone 12 Clone is released! Review coming soon!

iPhone CloneWhere to buy?
iPhone 12 CloneCheck it out on DHgate
iPhone SE CloneUnreleased
iPhone 11 Pro Max CloneCheck it out on DHgate
iPhone 11 CloneCheck it out on DHgate
iPhone 11 Pro CloneCheck it out on DHgate
iPhone XR CloneNo Good link available
iPhone X CloneDiscontinued
iPhone XS Max Clone Check it out on Dhgate

Review of iPhone 11 Clone

iphone clone 11
iphone 11 supercopy

Link 1 iPhone 11 Pro Max Clone

Link 2 iPhone 11 Clone

Goophone has released the new iPhone 11 Clone and the resemblance is uncanny. It’s an exact replica with the same dimensions and the three camera setup and more. From a visual appeal, this is a twin of the iPhone! You also get the iPhone Pro clone that was released a bit later, but this iPhone Pro copy is pretty amazing.

I’ve been around these phones for quite a long time, but it’s hard for me to tell the difference from a visual standpoint. 

The software has been massively upgraded over the past few years for the iPhone Clone. In the past many features such as 3D touch did not work. But the new iPhone 11 Clone has all these features and more. Here is a list of features that works and doesn’t work on the iPhone 11 Clone. 

FeaturesDoes it work?
Back touchYes
Control Center with 3D TouchYes, but not in all cases
Volume RockerYes
Live WallpapersNo
Emergency SOSNo
Face IDYes, 2020 Update
Gesture ControlNo
Spotlight SearchYes
Tap to wakeYes (Double Touch)
iPhone 11 Case – Does it fitYes
Three CamerasYes, Only one lens works

Review of iPhone 11 Pro Clone

One of the most popular clones of this season is the iPhone 11 Pro Clone. The Goophone, iPhone 11 Pro Clone is the best iPhone clone in the market. Although the cameras are not a triple camera, it has the exact same design and the exact software.

iphone 11 pro clone

Link 1

Review of iPhone 11 Max Pro Clone

The iPhone 11 Pro Max Clone is very sought after because of its size. Here are the features of the fake iPhone 11 Pro Max. Here are the features and specifications.

  • 6.5 -inch IPS capacitive screen with multi-touch
  • It runs on the Android OS but with the iPhone interface
  • It has 1GB of RAM with 4GB / 8GB / 16GB of storage. The information in the box will show 512GB or other higher capacities
  • Dual nano-sim support
  • It has only two cameras. One in the front and one in the back. Although there are provisions for 2 more cameras in the back, they are placeholders. The primary camera is a 8MP shooter. The front camera is a 5MP shooter.
  • It has a 3500 mAh battery
  • The available colours are Space Grey, Gold, Midnight Green and Silver.
  • It’s available in numerous languages.

Review of iPhone XR Clone

Obviously, the iPhone XR came out not too long ago, and that of course means, there’s clones. There’s people that are trying to make a fake phone, try to pass it off.

And that’s why we’re here to find out, between both of these iPhone XR clones, which one’s fake, and how bad is it.

The best way to get is through DHgate, where basically, all the clones, all the fake phones, that’s where you can find a lot of them.

Goophone, like slime, XR. And boom. So when you see some of these listings, some of them have minimum pieces, or like order quantities.

So, the box from the fake iPhone XR looks obviously real. You can tell when you stack the boxes up side-by-side. A real iPhone XR box, is slightly larger.

Obviously, you have the most sketchy, USB brick. Ooh, these actually look legit. Over the years, the lightning ear pods, have always been not so pleasing.

We do notice a trend with these fake phones. Once you go ahead and turn it on once, or charge it up once, doesn’t typically like to charge after.

The iPhone XR does not have a variable zoom. That’s why it only has one camera. I gotta try out this front facing camera

Because you when you look at both these devices, you can definitely tell, there are some typos. So, on the fake phone, here. If you look just a little close, you’ll see it says Apple ID, iCloud.

Jumping into Face ID on a normal phone, you’ll have to do your passcode, and then once you’re in there, it shouldn’t say any symbol in the middle. Don’t really know what that’s about. But I’m gonna hit add a face.

This is what the screen says on a fake phone. It should have little notches around the outside, and really outer edges. So, lemme see how accurate this one is. So you just hold it up to your face, and it just loaded all the way up to 100%. So this what real Face ID will look like. You’ll see these notches. So now that Face ID is set-up on the fake phone, and the real phone.

So, finally, we’re gonna listen to a song on Spotify and YouTube, and where it kinda got weird is, on the App Store. So, it’s not like your traditional App Store, that’s one thing you should definitely look for. Just hop right on in. If that’s the one thing you can check out, and you only have 10 seconds before that guy’s gotta head outta Starbucks. – Gotta blast! – Look for the App Store. Because what you see here, is not like the regular App Store, where you have Apps, Categories, everything just looks kinda normal

You’re gonna get a higher quality video. And it is kinda hard to tell which is the real phone, and which is the fake phone. Because both of these devices have LCDs, instead of OLEDs.

iPhone XR clone for sale

Well if you are still keen in getting these fake iPhone XR, hit on the links below. Next up we shall do review of iPhone Xs clone.

Link 1(Discontinued temporarily)

fake iphone xr

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dhgate coupons 2019

Review of iPhone Xs Clone

iPhone Xs was launched in September 2019. The same thing for these guys are that they just made it a little bit bigger so you guys can appreciate but it looks a very good quality. Here you can see the Apple logo on the side it just says here iPhone on the top the Apple logo and on the side the Apple logo. Looks complete legit.

It’s pretty cool when you take it out of the box. Its like unboxing the real iPhone Xs. You may want to be mindful that it is good to go to know this thing is a native Android phone and not a native iOS phone so it has iOS room on top of Android so if you mess around. Your fake iPhone Xs may turn into a really slow and buggy normal smart phone.

Well, we cant compare apple with apple. These fake iPhone Xs don’t have good processors and good specs these are basic specs that you get for a hundred bucks. The phone is quite laggy we can even see that here from the animation is either that the phone is laggy or maybe it has a very heavy skin of iOS 12 and that is causing it for it to become a little bit laggy.

The good part about this clone is that the display looks pretty cool and this has a resolution of 720p. We do fancy that quality of the display damn it looks so real for this to be the first replica or prototype whatever you guys decide to call it.I gotta say it is quite impressive

Next up is about Siri. Siri is most likely going to be the Chinese version of it so we’re really not going to be able to understand it you got storage and iCloud usage so for iCloud it says 5 gigabytes as you guys can see and for the internal available we got 251 again this is all fake.

iphone xs fake

iPhone XS and XS max for sale

The iPhone replica is available clicking on the links below. Pretty cool gadget for now… Good to get this phone as an alternative to the expensive iPhone XS.

fake iphone xs 2019

Link 1 – iPhone XS Max Clone

Phones that look like iPhones but Cheaper

Recently we have found a replica OEM brand similar to iPhones on Aliexpress. If you are not interested in buying clones, but want to check out phones that look similar to iPhones, we’ve compiled a simple list here. Please bear in mind that these phones don’t look the exact same, but have similar look and feel.

udimigi iphone clone


Umidigi is a store that makes phones that look exactly like the iPhones.


Phones that look like iPhone 11 

The UMIDIGI A3s is an Android phone that looks similar to the iPhone 11. This is not a clone and it’s a look alike.

iphone 11 lookalike

Check it out here

Phones that look like iPhone 11 Pro

The phone that has a close resemblance to the iPhone 11 Pro is the Vernee M7. It’s a $90 Android phone that has similar looks to the iPhone 11 Pro.

iphone 11 pro lookalike

Check it out here

Phones that look like iPhone 11 Pro Max 

iphone 11 pro max lookalike

Check it out here

Buying Fake iPhones

Well, that is all folks. Hope you can get a model to start playing with it. If you are afraid of custom check, we advise you to go via fast shipping like DHL and Fedex shipment. The sellers will know what to do.

Buying Used/Refurbished Original iPhones

If you do not trust the quality of the fake iphones above. Not to worry. I am sure your budget allows you to purchase a refurbished set from a reputable seller on Aliexpress. Free shipping worldwide!

iphones aliexpress seller

Check the store HERE.

iPhone Clones – What you need to know 

A lot of people have misconceptions about iPhone clones and I want to bust a few myths about iPhone Clones and if you are looking to buy an iPhone XR knockoff or an iPhone XS Max knock off, this bit of information will help you take an informed decision.

What are the basic specs of an iPhone Clone? 

iPhone Clone’s Operating System

All of the iPhone Clones are built on top of Android with an iOS theme on top. The phone’s interface looks exactly like an iPhone’s because they are built to mimic every single function. So whatever you see on an iPhone will be available on an iPhone clone. 

Android is a very stable operating system and because it’s open source, iPhone clone makers can use it to build phones of any type. 

iPhone clones do not have iOS in them. 

The Build of an iPhone Clone 

This is where the iPhone clones truly win. When I first picked up an iPhone clone, I was stunned to say the least. These are incredibly similar to the original. The colour, the form factor and everything else is the exact same. Some manufacturers do not put the actual image of their clone phone in product pages because of copyright issues. But rest assured, these are exact replicas with marginal differences that you won’t be able to pick up. 

An iPhone Clone also comes with an Apple logo at the back. So if you are keen on wanting an exact replica, then the clone should be your choice. 

Are these phones rugged and strong? 

In a nutshell, yes. They might not be as strong as the original iPhone because the clone makers choose materials that fit within their budgets. You can pick up an iPhone clone for about $150 to $200 while an original costs about $1000+. Obviously there will be a few differences in terms of quality. 

Is an iPhone 11 Clone Durable?

Android devices early on had very poor durability. I’d purchased an LG phone about 10 years back and that phone’s software gave me a lot of problems early on. Nowadays, Android manufacturers have stepped up their game and these phones last quite a long time. You can easily use an iPhone clone like you would with any other phone. These would last for 3 to 4 years before you have to change them. 

How do you update an iPhone Clone?

iPhone clones are updated like a normal Android phone. The software updates are automatically pushed like an Android device would. 

Camera Quality 

The camera quality does take a hit. If you are looking for an iPhone clone with the exact camera of an original iPhone then you are treading the wrong path. The camera of an iPhone Clone is sub par compared to the original. They are nowhere close. If you are looking for a great camera, then I suggest you skip the iPhone Clone 


Although the interface is the exact same. There are minor differences that I will mention below. 

Is iPhone clone worth buying?

It depends on what you are in the market for. If you are looking for an exact iPhone replica with the branding and the functions of an iPhone and don’t want to spend a bomb, then it’s worth it. Why? These iPhone clones like the ones mentioned above are exact replicas and they perform in the exact same way.

So in terms of functions you will get a full working phone that looks exactly like an iPhone. The cameras will not give you the same quality pictures, but they are still great. This is by no means a knock-off that will stop working in a few days. These clone iPhones are fully functioning high quality phones. 

How can you tell a fake iPhone?

It’s hard to tell a fake iPhone from a real one because the manufacturers these days are getting really good at mimicking even the smallest of aspects. If you want to find out if your iPhone is fake then follow these steps. 
– Go to Settings
– General 
– Click on About
– Come down and check the Serial Number
If the number you entered is invalid, then its probably a fake iPhone. 

 What is the difference between clone iPhone and original iPhone?

There are quite a few differences. To put it succinctly, the  quality of an original iPhone is better than a clone iPhone. Think of it as the same phone with the original iPhone having better specifications, better quality, better hardware, better cameras.

Does this mean an iPhone clone doesn’t work? No. An iPhone clone will work similar to your mid-range Android phone.

Is it safe to buy iPhone from China?

Buying an Apple iPhone from China is foolhardy because iPhone’s are more expensive in China. If you are looking for a clone iPhone, then it’s suggested to get from China. 

Want to get your hands on the most original Airpod 2 Clone?

  • W1 Pop-up chip
  • 5 hour battery life
  • Works with iOS and Android devices
  • Bianural Sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Mic for hands free talking
  • Super-bass sound

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