6 Best Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers & Wholesalers in China

by Tim Blue

There has been a buzz around Electric Motorcycles & Electric Bikes. Leading this excitement, we see a gush of China made electric motorcycles heading to every major motorcycle market on the globe including those on the western shores. No doubt there has been a parade run by the new age US based electric motorcycles like Harley Davidson LiveWire, Zero SR/F and Lightning Strike. Nevertheless, the global market for electric motorcycles is dominated by electric motorcycles imported from China.

The US based electric motorcycle manufacturers are focused on driving new technology and high end features into their high-power electric motorcycles. On the other hand, the electric motorcycle industry of China has resorted to a different approach of building motorcycles that consume lower power and are suited for urban-styled commuting. Ridiculously low price, top speeds, and the best user experience are some alluring features of most electric motorcycles from China that make them irresistible buys ably competing with products from other brands. 

Chinese electric motorcycle manufacturers are into an impressive game scoring high with their amazing innovations. Choosing the best company to buy motorcycles from is necessary to land on the best products. Here is a review of top electric motorcycle manufacturers & wholesalers in China to guide your buying decision. 

Chinese Electric Motorcyle Brands







Best Electric Motorcycle & Electric Bike Manufacturers & Wholesalers in China


Sunra commenced its manufacturing journey in 1999. Xinri Sunra was one of the leaders combining APPs with urban mobility and nurture the electric motorcycle technology. Sunra also rose to universal fame by supplying its electric mopeds to some of the global major events like the Beijing Olympics, the Xi’an World Park and the Shanghai World Expo. Xinri got listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017 and became the first electric motorcycle brand of China to get listed on A-share.   

Sunra cherishes a vast and deep R&D and manufacturing experience and its production competency is much ahead of its competitors in its homeland. With a more balanced line of offerings, Sunra’s electric motorcycles range over e-bikes for short-distance commuting, electric mopeds for travels and electric motorcycles that are focused on performance as well as power. 

Some of the certifications Sunra has got include China National Compulsory Product Certification, Measurement Management System Certificate, Quality Management System Certificate and Environmental Management System Certificate. Sunra Miku Super & Robo-S is certainly a fitting competitor to the leading electric motorcycle models in the world today. 


Evoke Electric Motorcycles (HK) Limited is a Beijing based electric motorcycle manufacturing company. One of the startups to focus on the electric motorcycles segment starting from 2018, Evoke is into redefining the motorcycle riding experience to suit the next generation. One of the game changers in the electric motorcycle arena, Evoke makes electric motorcycles that ensure more accessibility and easy riding. Evoke has invested in a robust electric drivetrain that can power the motorcycles for years promising an enjoyable riding. Evoke’s electric motorcycles rule out the need for a tedious maintenance and repeated refueling. On the whole, Evoke’s electric motorcycles open the doors to a simplified riding experience.

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Evoke’s unique capabilities in the powertrains segment help infuse the qualities like safety, faster charging and sustainability into its range of offerings. This fastest growing company sells its motorcycles in over 18 countries.


Since 1996, Zhejiang Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd has been one of the popular vehicle manufacturers in China. Luyuan is today a popular name in the global electric motorcycles arena. Notably, Luyuan was the first company in China to fulfill the new national standard for production in the country. The three main scenarios that Luyuan motorcycles address are student commuting, executive transits and family travels. Luyuan electric motorcycle models are characterized by stylistic designing, smaller sizes and an exclusive focus on comfort and saving.   

Luyuan is opening its 7th facility which will expand its capacity to more than 6 million pieces of e-vehicles. In 2000, Luyuan bagged the position among the 100 most valuable brands in China for the third year in line for being a trustworthy and authoritative brand name. This brand has more than 11,000 dealers in China and exports its electric motorcycles to over 70 countries. The various certifications secured by the company are ISO, CCC, CE, EEC and EN15194. Some of their popular electric motorcycle models trending now are S30, MNW8, MEC, MQQ3, MQN2 and MEA. 


NIU was established in 2014 and soon it became one of the pioneering lifestyle brands in China’s elite mobility domain to nurture, style, freedom and technology across its offerings. At present, NIU has been releasing a list of high performance electric motorcycles. The fourth generation NIU Energy lithium battery technology developed by the company has achieved a longer battery life combined with a longer range, lighter weight, added safety and a powerful output. In over 181 cities of China, NIU has over 1050 stores for its products. NIU exports its electric motorcycles and other offerings to over 38 countries of the world.

NIU’s two latest high powered electric motorcycle models The NIU RQi electric motorcycle and the NIU TQi three-wheeler covered scooter have triggered a new age of inexpensive electric motorcycles for the world. Both these models assure the speed and power highly expected in motorcycles for highway riding while consuming the least power known to be used up by any electric motorcycle today.   


With a strong base in the Jiangsu province of China, Yadea is among the Chinese leaders in the manufacturing of electric motorcycles. In 2016, the company was the first one of this industry to be listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. In 2018, Yadea’s total electric sales volume made up 11.7 of the global stats. Over the recent years, Yadea is focusing on expanding into overseas markets and delivering high-grade electric motorcycles. Including United States and Germany, Yadea is now exporting its vehicles to over 77 countries and regions. Being based in the Jiangsu Province places Yadea in a highly advantageous position as the region has the backing of a versatile experience in manufacturing electric motorcycles and a sound industrial base. Some of the outstanding characteristics of Yadea electric motorcycles are high power, assuring performance, and an exclusive focus on sporting style.

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Yadea is also a strong advocate of green energy technology and the brand has implemented the practices that have helped save fuel consumption by 9.07 million tons and reduced the carbon emissions by 31.6 million tons. Yadea is the second motorized two-wheeler manufacturer in the world following Honda and ahead of Hero with 98% of its sales in China though serving global markets. In the electric motorcycles segment, Yadea released its newest Guanneng 2.0 family of vehicles leveraging TTFAR8-level extended range system technology comprising of more than 50 e-scooter models.


LIMA Vehicle Group Co. Ltd., started manufacturing vehicles in 2003 and the company is one fo the largest professional makers of electric vehicles. With more than 4,000 employees and three factories located in Taizhou, Henan and Hebei, Lima produces its key parts in its own facilities. The company’s production capacity is over 5 million electric motorcycles per year. The company has 3C certification for all its electric motorcycles. Lima’s electric motorcycles are built with a focus on promoting the high-end sport electric motorcycle technology. Lima’s bestselling point is the excellent performance assured by its electric motorcycles.  

Lima has got EEC and COC certifications for its electric motorcycles and its latest offerings like M9-EEC, M6-EEC, ECO-ECC and Lighting EEC are fitted with the most advanced lithium battery version to promise high speed and longer range while the advanced technology of these vehicles consume lesser battery power. The top characteristics of Lima’s electric motorcycle models are easy to use and charge with a socket anywhere, reduced overheads, minimal maintenance, JPJ approval, legal OTR, and no noise.   

How to choose the right electric motorcycle manufacturer from China?

China is today one of the global niches for electric two-wheelers. Chinese companies manufacturing electric motorcycles have truly become prime players among the global leaders in terms of a huge volume export from the country to over 80 nations around the world. With no tailpipe emissions, electric motorcycles support low-cost mobility, noise-free rides and the lowest overall emissions into the environment. China has a long list of reputed electric motorcycle makers and here is a list of criteria you must apply to choose the best electric motorcycle manufacturer from China.

Cooperation and reliability

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You always need a cooperative team to deal with. Since you will have to address a lot of stuff connected to electric motorcycles like price, shipment details and other information you might need, it is good to go with a cooperative company. With the best source, you will have a sense of security that you are investing with the right people to source your motorcycles. The term reliability here refers to the reliability of products as well as the company. 


A good communication is the vital point that can ensure the perfect bond between the manufacturer and dealer. An honest manufacturer who known their responsibilities will have a clear communication that will be accountable too. Find out if the company has good customer care representatives to deal with. 

Customer support

A good electric motorcycles manufacturer will be bent upon providing the best customer support to attract as many dealers as possible. Providing the necessary information on their products, manufacturing process, machinery, and customization procedures adequately in a transparent way is essential to enable the dealers make the right decision about the products.

Quality and production capabilities

The manufacturer you choose must be known for their best quality products. When you wish to order for electric motorcycles in bulk, you must ensure that the company is capable of producing the volume in proportion to the market demand so that the stocks are not out.

After-sale support and warranty

The electric motorcycle manufacturer you choose must have enough outlets for product support after the sales. They should also be able to provide the guidance needed to help the dealers with the convenient addressing of the issues that crop up after sales. It is never good to do business with an electric motorcycle manufacturer who does not give warranty to their products. Unwarranted products will ruin your reputation as a dealer too.

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