10 Best Cheap Apple Watch Alternatives 2020 (September 2020 – New Products Updated)

by Tim Blue
Best Apple Watch Replicas
apple lookalike cheap watch

Store Name: Shaolin Store

Store Description: One of the best Apple Watch copies can be found at this store!

Price range: $30 - $80

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Apple Watch Replicas - Out Research Process

We have curated some of the best Apple Watch alternatives in 2020. Apple Watch Replicas comes in all price ranges. Today we cover a price range of $20 to $70.

In terms of features, the Apple Watch Clones in the higher price ranges are more closer to the original than the cheaper ones. The Apple Watch Replicas that are great have the following features

– Heart rate sensor
– Activity Tracker
– Receive Notifications such as Whatsapp, Facebook and SMS
– Receive calls – Ignore calls and pick-up calls
– Remotely take photographs from your phone
– Find your phone
– Works with iOS and Android devices

Our top pick is the Shaolin Smartwatch Apple Replica


Health is a concern for all of us. Apple watch is known for its unique abilities to monitor health needs. But the watch, like any other Apple product does come at an exorbitant price. The cost of the watch makes it quite inaccessible for many of us, who might have a genuine need to monitor health through heart rate and other components.

Buying a replica or as some call it a fake Apple watch, you can get all the functions available to you at a much affordable price. Here are the best Apple Watch knockoffs or if you are looking for Apple Watch alternatives for Android and Apple Watch alternative for iPhone, we got you covered!

Best Apple Watch Alternatives 2020

Top Cheap Apple Watch Alternatives 2020

Here is a list of Apple watch lookalikes to consider.

Apple Watch AlternativeKnown For Price and Availability
Fitbit IonicBest sports tracking feature, Alexa voice control$198 on Amazon
Lets FitExact lookalike of Apple Watch and budget price$38 on Amazon
Amatage SmartwatchCheapest Apple Watch Alternative on Amazon$38 on Amazon
Fitbit Versa LiteAffordable price, cheapest premium branded alternative$99 on Amazon
ShaolinApple Watch Series 4 lookalike $64 on Aliexpress
IWO 12Apple Watch Series 6 Replica $19 on Aliexpress
Cobra IWO8Affordable Price, Exact Lookalike, Cheapest on Aliexpress$18 on Aliexpress
Kiwitime IWO 12Apple Watch 5 alternative, different screen size options$64 on Aliexpress
VerifyTek Q9Waterproof, Blood Pressure trackers$20 on Aliexpress
Colmi S9Solid body, Mid-range alternative$32 on Aliexpress
Xiaomi Bip SSuper waterproof, Popular Brand$74 on Aliexpress
Amazfit Stratos 3Round Dial, Waterproof, 14 day battery life$219 on Aliexpress
Amazfit GTS Latest Amazfit, Affordable Price, 14 day battery life$129 on Aliexpress
Amazfit GTR 24 day battery life, 12-sport modes$125 on Amazon
Cobrafly P8Cheapest and Best Apple Watch AlternativeOUR PICK$18 on Aliexpress
Amazfit Bip Lite45 day battery life, mid-range affordable Apple Watch Alternative$47 on Aliexpress

Apple Watch Alternatives on Amazon 

If you are looking for Apple watch alternatives on Amazon, then you can check out these amazing Amazon stores!

Fitbit Versa 2 

fitbit versa 2 amazon

Why is the Fitbit Versa 2, a good alternative to the Apple Watch? 

The Fitbit Versa is a solid Apple Watch alternative, it’s a bit pricey and not super cheap compared to the other options here. But here are it’s features. 

  • It’s fitness tracking and sleep tracking is unparalleled
  • It has the Amazon Alexa integration that can be used to set timers, set alarms and perform other functions, all with voice
  • The activity tracking has specific functionality unavailable in other smartwatch options because of Fitbit’s fitness focus
  • All app notifications directly on the phone 
  • A week of battery life, which is pretty decent for a smartwatch of this size

Click here to check it out on Amazon -> Link to Fitbit Ionic

Check out the Fitbit Store on Amazon

Lets Fit 

cheap smartwatch on Amazon

If you are looking for a super cheap Apple watch alternative on Amazon, then Let’s Fit is a good option. 

  • This smartwatch has a 1.3-inch touch screen with IP68 rating, which means it’s perfect for swimming
  • Can monitor activity and health
  • Music can be controlled through the smartwatch directly
  • Receive call and other notifications directly on the smartwatch 
  • Works seamlessly with iOS and Android 

Check out the product on Amazon

letsfit watch store

Check out the Lets Fit store on Amazon

Umidigi Smartwatch

umidigi uwatch

The Smartwatch 5 has an uncanny resemblance to the Apple Watch. The similar straps and display design making it a cheaper and viable alternative.

  • 1.3-inch LCD display 
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Good battery life with it’180 mAh battery – 25 day standby
  • Works with all Android & iOS devices
  • Health tracker, fitness tracker is available
  • Call and other app notifications 
  • One of the cheapest Apple watch alternatives

Check it out on Amazon

Fitbit Versa Lite 

fitbit versa lite amazon

If you find the Fitbit Versa to be expensive, then you can look into the Fitibit Versa Lite. Here are it’s features.

  • Has 15 plus fitness tracking options and it can be used in a swimming pool
  • Strong and tough display with Corning Glass 3 enabled
  • Has a 24/7 heart rate tracker which is perfect for older adults to monitor their heart on a regular basis 

Click here to check it out on Amazon

Apple Watch Alternatives for Android

1. Shaolin Bluetooth Smart Watch

A great looking watch, almost looks like the original Apple watch. Similar to Series 4. The battery lasts very long, almost about a day. Pairing it with the iPhone is quite easy.

best apple watch series 4 replica

You get the usual notifications for Facebook, Instagram and others delivered just as expected. It is available in two colors. The band is comfortable and does not at all feel abrasive to the skin. Though it does not have GPS or is water proof, it has functions like heart rate tracker, sleep tracker and passometer.

Price: $54

Check it out on Amazon

apple watch alternatives

Comes in 6 different colors to choose from. A great watch given all the functions it can perform and available at a much affordable price.

Click HERE to Purchase

Check it out on Amazon

2. IWO 12 SmartWatch – Apple Watch 6 Replica

What a great looking watch. The appearance of this watch caught attention. Great finishing and smooth functioning. 1:1 as the Apple Watch Series 5, it brings to you notification reminder for Message, Weather ,Facebook Twitter ,QQ. It also supports IOS 8 version. This is an upgraded version of the IWO 8.

  • 1.54 inch and 1.40inch screen size options (40mm and 44mm)
  • Memory is 256MB + 64MB
  • Battery capacity – 380 mAh
  • Wireless charger compatibles – Yes
  • Supports 15+ languages

Price: $21.39

It has and Android 4.4 version and iOS 8 and above. It has the pedometer, anti-lost alert, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder ,remote camera. It is stylish and charges faster. The battery also functions for moderate duration. It can function with or without a SIM. It is also voice interactive.

You can choose from the different design straps as above. All this for a very minimal price.

Click HERE to Purchase

3. Cobra IWO 8

This is an unbelievably affordable smart watch. It has functions such as passometer, world clock, sleep Tracker among others. A twist of the knob can help change the interface. It comes in stylish looking tempered glass. It is rust resistant and quite durable. It has the power of absorption charging.

Price: $15

It also supports multimedia networking. The voice interaction optins are very entertaining and also useful at the same time.

Click HERE to Purchase

4. KIWITIME Bluetooth Smart Watch IWO 8 (Alternative to above)

Not an original Apple watch but perfoms very similar functions. Very much affordable. Looks great and the temeper finishing makes it look extremely sophisticated. Has all the Apple watch functions of push notifications, monitors various health aspects. Can control camera and music player.

apple watch fake series 4

Price: $72.88

Other common functions included are MP3 Function, MP3 Ring, Recording Function, Alarm Clock, Calculator, World clock. Exactly 1:1 similar to Apple Watch Series 4. Check out this link if #1 and #2 do not work. They are similar products but different strap designs.

Click HERE to Purchase

5. Cobrafly P8 – Best Selling Cheap Apple Watch Alternative in 2020

The Cobrafly P8 has been a revelation of sorts and is the best selling Apple Watch lookalike on Aliexpress. It’s priced super cheap and packs all the features that you would expect in a solid smartwatch.

cobrafly p8 aliexpress
  • Packs a 1.4-inch touch screen
  • Custom dials and over 190 dial options
  • 170 mAh battery with four to seven working days
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Call reminders, notification reminders
  • Supports iOS 9.0 and above and Android 5.1 and above

Check it out on Aliexpress – $18

6. VeryFitek Sport Smart Wrist Watch

A very popular watch among people who have been experimenting and now recommending this fake Apple watch. It offers similar functions as any Apple watch and comes for an unbelievable cheaper price. Pairing it with your iPhone is no isuue at all.

apple lookalike cheap watch

Price: $20.90

Great Bluetooth connectivity. Some of the functions that it can perform are Pedometer, Sedentary remind, Sleep monitoring, Remote photos, Music playing, Alarm clock, Two-way anti lost remind, alarm clock, voice recorder. This is arguable the best fake Apple watch.

Click HERE to Purchase

7. Colmi Waterproof Smart Watch

cheap apple watch alternatives

Price: $28.28

Perhaps it is one of the cheapest yet best option available in the market. It comes in different color choices as well. It is compatible with your android device. The battery would typically last for a day. It has functions such as sleep monitor, passometer, sedentary reminder along with other functions like alarm clock, world timer to name a few.

Click HERE to Purchase

Best Apple Watch Alternatives for iPhone

8. Amazfit Bip S 2020

xiaomi amafit bip

The BIP S smart watch is one of the hottest Chinese smartwatch in 2020. It is compatible with both android and ios devices. In fact it offers best compatibility with most phones. It has an activity tracker that can perform functions such as Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind.

best xiaomi smartwatch 2019

Price: $71.99

Other functions for this device include Image viewer, Sound recorder (need put and SD card ), Remote capture, Alarm clock, Calendar, Camera (0.3M),Two way Anti-lost.it synchs well with all your needs of Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and other application through push messages. The touchscreen is very responsive.

The Amazfit Bip S is English Global version and support Spanish, Russia and Chinese.

Click HERE to Purchase

9. Huami Amazfit Stratos 3 Smartwatch

amazfit stratos 3

A very stylish looking smart watch that comes at an affordable price. It is compatible with ios and android. One of the best smartwatch to go for this 2020.

Price: $159.99

It offers health monitor system such as Pedometer (steps, distance, calories), sleep monitoring, sedentary remind. Other functions that it can perform are Image viewer, Sound recorder (need put and SD card ), Remote capture, Alarm clock, Calendar, Calculator, Camera (0.3M), Two way Anti-lost. The strap is durable but only downside is that if required the strap can not be changed easily. The watch has a cool display to it and a great feel on wearing.

Supports English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Click HERE to Purchase

10. Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

amazfit GTS

Price : $139

  • 341 PPI AMOLED display with editable widgets
  • 14 day battery life
  • Water resistant and 12 Sports Modes
  • Beautiful and customisable watch faces

Click here to check out the product

Check it out on Amazon here (Similar version, the GTR)

Is it worth buying Apple Watch Clones?

Now that you have a list of watches to check out, don’t put off getting yourself a smart watch. Give your health the priority it deserves and these choices doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. These watches may not be exactly Apple watches but for people who are beginning to explore the world of smart watches, it is a good place to start at. Given the affordability quotient and the functionality, each of these watches will leave a lasting impression on you. They are great buys for anyone who want Apple watch functions for a cheaper and reasonable price. The Aliexpress Apple Watch collection is pretty good and you might want to check them out!

FAQs on Buying Apple Watch Replicas

What is the best Apple watch Lookalike?

There are many contenders for an Apple Watch look alike. Here are the best

  • IWO 12
  • Cobra IWO 8
  • Colmi
  • VerifyTek
  • Amazfit Bip S

Will any smartwatch work with iPhone?

The answer is yes. Smartwatches are Bluetooth enabled and if you have the corresponding app on iOS, then you can use the smartwatch. A lot of people do use the Samsung Gear watches, Huawei Watches and Fossil SmartWatches with the iPhone

What smartwatch works best with iPhone?

The obvious answer is the Apple Watch 5. The latest Apple Watch is the best in its category and if you are looking for the ultimate smartwatch that works with the iPhone, then look no further than the Apple Watch.

If you don’t want to break your bank for an Apple Watch, then are other options such as

Amazfit Stratos Pace 2
Skagen Falster 2
Tag Heuer Connected Modular
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
Shaolin Watch 5 Replica
Colmi Waterproof Smartwatch

Which smartwatch is the best?

There are numerous smartwatches in the market and choosing the right one depends on what you are looking for, the budget you have, the features you want and the design you want too.

If you are looking for the best smartwatch and price isn’t a concern, then the Apple Watch 5 is great.

Is it legal to buy Apple Watch Copies?

Apple Watch Copies also known as an Apple watch replica is not illegal. These watches have the exact function and style of an Apple Watch without the branding and logo of an Apple Watch.

These are not fake and are completely legal to buy. An Apple Watch Copy such as the Shaolin Smartwatch have the same functionalities, interface, hardware style as an Apple Watch. But the logo is different and hence it’s completely safe and legal to buy it. 

What are the best iWatch Alternative?

An iWatch is the same as an Apple Watch and there is no difference. If you are looking for iWatch Clones, then look no further than the list suggested above.

There are numerous knock off Apple watches in the market and it might be tough to choose one. The best way to pick the one you want depends on your budget and the features you want!

Is it safe to buy a China Smartwatch?

A lot of people are of the opinion that Chinese products are inferior and are not as good as products from other countries. This can’t be further from the truth.

Most of the products that you use are manufactured in China. From original Apple Watch 5 to an Apple Watch copy, it’s all manufactured in China.  It’s absolutely safe to buy a smartwatch from China. 

What smartwatch is comparable to Apple Watch?

  • The Fitbit Versa 2 is similar to the Apple Watch in terms of design, fitness tracking features
  • The Smartwatch 5 is comparable to the Apple Watch in terms of design and style at a much lower price
  • The Amazfit GTS in terms of overall features and at a much lower price
  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active being the closest competitor in terms of features, ecosystem and more

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