Aliexpress Power Strips with USB Review in 2022

by Tim Blue

There are a few things at home that I definitely need a lot of and one of those things is Power Strip. 

There have been a few occasions where I’ve had guests over and there wasn’t a power source nearby and they had to awkwardly stand near the power source trying to charge their devices. 

But what’s better is Power strips with USB ports

If you are looking for the Best Power Strips with USB, here are the top few from Amazon and Aliexpress.

If you aren’t sure about the differences between a power strip and a surge protector, you can check out our guide below. 

Best Power Strip with USB Ports

Best Power Strips U.S. 

Types of Power Strips with USBBrand and Price Number of USB Ports
Best Power Strip with USB on Amazon APC Surge Protector – $56
Best Budget Power Strip with USBOne Beat Power Strip – $13.993
Power Strip with Most USB Plugs Bestek Power Strip – $29.99 4
Best Travel Power Strip with USBAnker Power Cube – $15.323
Power Strip with USB with longest cord lengthBestek Power Strip – $29.99 4
Best Powerstrip with widely spaced outletsTrond Power Strip – $22.993
Powerstrip with USB with most OutletsBelkin Power Strip – $26.592

Best Power Strips in the EU

Types of Power Strips with USBBrand and Price Number of USB Ports
Best Budget Power Strip in the EURuyun Power Strip – $6.934
Best Smart Wifi Powerstrip Zeoota – $19.994
Best Surge Protector Power StripMelery – $26.874
Best Branded Power StripXiaomi – $9.993

Tripp Lite 6 Surge Protector

Main outlets: 6 | USB Outlets : 2 | Power rating: 2100 | Cord length: 6 Feet | indicator light: Yes | For Location : U.S.

Tripp Lite 6 is built to be attached to a table. It comes with two adjustable clamps that can placed on a table and clamped to the side. This is perfect to save up space and not let the surge protector lay on the floor.

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It’s pretty neat when placed on a table. With 2 USB ports, you can charge your USB based devices along with 6 other devices simultaneously.

Has a Lifetime-warranty and a $40,000 insurance, in case the device does not work as advertised.

Check it out on Amazon

APC Surge Protector 

Main outlets: 11 | USB Outlets : 2 | Power rating: 2880 joules | Cord length: 6 feet | indicator light: Yes | For Location : U.S.

powerstrips with USB - APC surge protector on Amazon

The APC Surge protector is one of the most popular power strips with USB on Amazon. This unit has about 11 outlets and 2 USB outlets. Although that is a generous amount of main outlets, the number of USB outlets is a tad less. 

The APC surge protector also comes with a $250,000 worth gadget guarantee. Which means if any of your devices get burnt because the APC surge protector didn’t do its job, then you are eligible for compensation. 

It has a 6 feet cord length, which is pretty long. This is one of the reliable power outlets, out there. 

APC power surge protector

One Beat Power Strip 

Main outlets: 2 | USB Outlets : 3 | Cord length: 5 feet | indicator light: Yes | 

best power strip with USB

The One Beat Power Strip is your portable power strip. This is ideally meant only for one person and generally during travels as it has only two main outlets and 3 USB outlets.

It’s perfect for charging a laptop, a phone and some other devices. It’s not perfect for the house because of its limited outlet options. 

The cord length is about 5 feet and it comes with a braided cord which is strong and sturdy and also protects against pets! 

portable power strip on amazon

Bestek Power Strip 

Main outlets: 8 | USB Outlets : 4 | Power rating: 600 joules | Cord length: 12 feet | Protected indicator light: Yes | 

powerstrip with long extension cord

On the table given above, The Bestek Power Strip is the best in two categories – Most USB Plugs and Longest Cord length. 

This tells you that this is a powerhouse of a power strip. It’s perfect for charging multiple devices simultaneously.

There are two widely spaced outlets for those weird charging plugs that come with certain devices. 

It also has the highest number of USB ports with around 4 available and 8 main outlets. 

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powerstrip with 10 outlets

Anker Power Strip Cube 

Main outlets: 3 | USB Outlets : 3 | Cord length: 5 feet | Protected indicator light: Yes | 

anker power strip cube - portable power strip

The Anker Power Strip Cube is one of the unique power strips because of it’s cube-like design. This means it can be carried around easily and it’s pretty compact for travelling. 

The power cube can also be attached to the wall or underneath the table with the adhesive tape. 

It comes with 3 main outlets and 3 USB outlets. The 3 Main outlets come spaced out naturally because of the design which is pretty awesome! 

One downside is that it doesn’t come with a flat plug. 

power strip for travel with USB

Trond Power Strip with Widely Spaced Outlets

Main outlets: 5 | USB Outlets : 3 | Cord length: 4.5 feet |  indicator light: Yes | 

power strip with widely spaced outlets

The Trond Power Strip is designed in a way to address the most common problems with plugs and that is spacing. All the 5 main outlets are spaced out from each other.

Even the USB ports are spaced out from the main outlets. This makes it slightly big, but it’s worth it, if you have a range of plugs with differing sizes. 

It has provisions to let nails in, which means it can be mounted on the wall. It has a flat plug design which is welcomed by most people. 

power strip with usb and widely spaced outlets

Belkin Power Strip 

Main outlets: 12 | USB Outlets : 2 | Power rating: 3,996 joules | Cord length: 6 feet | indicator light: Yes | 

belkin power strip with 12 outlets

The Belkin Power Strip has 12 main outlets with flat plug design. It has a decent cord length at about 6 feet. This is perfect for home use as it can charge multiple devices at the same time. 

This is a power strip with one of the highest main outlet options, so you can’t do better than this. Although it does have two USB ports, it’s a tad less for some folk. 

Also it acts as a surge protector and comes with a $250,000 equipment warranty. The major downside is the amp for the USB ports. So if you charge two devices simultaneously with the USB port, you get 1 AMP for each device. 

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belking power strip with USB

Ruyun Power Strip 

Main outlets: 2 | USB Outlets : 4 | Surge Protection : Yes, USB Ports | Cord length: 4.9 feet | Protected indicator light: Yes | 

best budget power strip with USB

The Ruyun Power Strip is one of the cheapest power strips in the market costing only $6. It has four USB ports, two main outlets and a cable length of 5 feet. 

Zeoota Power Strip with Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home

Main AC plugs : 3 | USB Outlets : 4 | Surge Protection : Yes | Cord length: 6 feet | Protected indicator light: Yes | 

smart wifi power strip with USB

The Zeeota Power strip firstly has voice activated control which lets you turn on and turn off the device with your voice.

There is an app access option that lets you control your power strip remotely. 

It has 4USB outlets and 3 Main AC plugs. It also has surge protection. For the price, it’s one of the best outlets out there! 

power strip with USB and voice control

Melery Power Strip

Main outlets: 4 | USB Outlets : 4 | Surge Protection : Yes | Cord length: 12 feet | indicator light: Yes | 

power strip with USB on aliexpress

The Melery Power Strip is another Wifi controlled smart power strip. It can be controlled through voice activation using Alexa and Google Home or through an app or directly!

You can schedule it to turn on and off depending on your requirements. 

It has the surge protection feature which is necessary in areas where electricity isn’t consistent. 

It does not work with appliances which require more than 2400W.

power strip Aliexpress

Xiaomi Power Strip

Main outlets: 3 | USB Outlets : 3 | Surge Protection : No  | indicator light: Yes | 

xiaomi power strip

The Xiaomi Powerstrip is a cheap branded power strip that is affordable and works with all plug types. You can buy the US, EU, Australia, UK Plugs.

It has 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports. 

Xiaomi power strip Aliexpress

Power Strips vs Surge Protectors – Is there a difference? 

There is a difference between Power Strips and surge protectors and that is, Surge Protectors are enabled with that tiny feature that cuts all power to the devices if there is a sudden surge in the power grid. 

This ensures that your devices that you are powering don’t get burn out because of excessive power. 

What is the best surge protector with USB ports?

The best surge protector with USB ports is the APC Surge Protector Power Strip. It comes with 11 outlets and 2 USB ports. It has 2880 joules of surge protection. It also comes with a $250,000 connected equipment warranty. 

What is the best power strip to buy?

The best power strip to purchase should be one with a surge protector feature and also has USB ports, a long cord with multiple outlets with flat plugs. 

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