Best Wholesale Kids and Baby Clothes Sellers in China | 2023 Update

by Tim Blue

The wholesale baby and kids clothes market is a multi billion dollar business with very high margins because parents don’t mind spending on children. Also, from the age group of 0 to 10 years, parents will have to buy a lot of clothing and toys for kids.

This makes it a perfect market to get into as the frequency of purchase is high and the margin is high. If you are struggling to find the right baby clothes supplier for wholesale, then you are in the right place. Here’s a simple guide with the best wholesale kids clothes sellers in China

Best Wholesale Kids and Baby Clothes Sellers in China

Wholesale Kids SuppliersCountryKnown For
China BrandsChinaNo minimum orders
Made in ChinaChina21 years on presence
AlibabaChinaLargest supplier in the market
Kids Dream WholesaleUSAShipment reaches in a week.
KisKissingUSAKids clothes and accessories
The Hairbow CompanyUSAShipments reach in 3 – 5 business days
LA ShowRoomUSAKids clothes along with adults
Kids WholesaleUK35 years of wholesale supplying of baby and kids clothes
Wholesale DealsUKAll types of kids clothing
Trade Kids WearUK2 Business days for processing
Kids Wholesale ClothingUK1 – 2 business days for processing
India MartIndia20 years of experience
Shop4ShopsIndiaAll types of kids clothing
The Kiddie CompanyAfrica23 years of experience
The Hooligan CompanyAfrica$400 Minimum order quantity

Buying Kids Clothing in Wholesale – A Sourcing Expert’s Recommendation

China makes some amazing Baby clothes. There’s no doubt about it. It’s the land where Shein is from and they know fashion very well that includes kids fashion. Based on what I’ve seen, if you are looking to get samples, you need to convince the Alibaba suppliers that you are serious. Otherwise they will send you the samples at retail price.

Another thing to consider is the material of the clothing that you are sourcing. Cotton is quite popular in China for baby clothes and that’s the best type of material is for cotton. I would suggest only cotton material clothing from China as others might become a problem in terms of breathability, skin reactions etc. Especially in bulk, returning becomes a problem.

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For every piece of clothing, make sure to get a sample. One advantage that Alibaba has is the Trade Assurance. If you are not happy with the goods, you can return it and get a refund.

Although we cover the individual stores that are good for wholesale. The best wholesale websites for baby clothes are listed below.


Alibaba has been the go to site for wholesale suppliers and they are the most popular wholesale website from China. They have some of the best buyer protection policies across all wholesale websites. Their baby clothes category is one of the best selling and is a perfect place to find baby clothes wholesale suppliers.


Aliexpress although is a direct to consumer brand, there are suppliers who do wholesale. What makes Aliexpress different is, you can find out the best selling clothing items for kids by looking at the order count. So you’ll know the best selling items and also the top sellers.

China Brands

China brands is the other platform that is really big and have been around for more than 11 years. They do drop shipping and have no minimum order quantity. The site also offers many different services to help buyers find the right baby clothing and kids clothing suppliers.

Below are some of the best wholesale baby clothing suppliers

#1    Bear Leader Store

Bear Leader official store

It has become necessary that you buy trendy clothes for your kids also because there is a wide range of options available in the market. If you aren’t able to select the best store to buy kids clothes, then you can get fantastic clothes at Bear Leader store. You can get clothes for girls and boys with different styles.

Whether you want to get frock, skirts lower or t-shirts for your kids, you can get all types of clothes at reasonable prices.

Check the STORE out.

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#2    Orange Mum Store

children wear seller china
aliexpress children clothing

Whoever is interested in buying stylish frocks for their baby girls can decide to select this store at Aliexpress. You are definitely going to get the best quality of clothes at this store. There are different styles of frocks which come with comfortable fabric on this store.

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review of baby clothes seller aliexpress

The customers have given positive reviews of this store because the frocks are available with cute designs.

Check the STORE here.

#3    Mar & Cindy Store

baby clothes seller china

This store has got options for a variety of t-shirts, suits, sweatshirts, shirts, and dresses for babies. You can also get offers and discounts on the clothes by getting coupons. There are different sizes for the babies clothing, and you can get the appropriate size for your baby from this store.

baby accessories

What we like about this store is it supplies a variety of products. Not just clothing, but babies things that you MUST BUY. You can buy cute accessories from this baby clothing store too.

Check the STORE here.

#4    Beloved Angel Children’s Clothing Store

Are you looking forward to buying baby boy suits? If yes, then you can get attractive and colorful options on this store. You can make your girl look like a princess by buying astonishing dresses for her. All sizes for kids are available on this store, and you are definitely going to like the designs available on this store for the kids.

best children clothes supplier china

Here you can get a wide range of dresses at reasonable prices. The clothes available in this store are loved by the customers, and you will also love every piece of dress.

Check the STORE here.

#5   Ya Xuan Children Clothing

best children clothing vendor on aliexpress

It is necessary that you buy comfortable clothes for your kids who also look trendy and stylish. These days, kids love attractive attires, and you can also make your babies look more adorable by buying clothes from Vivian children clothing store.

best children clothing style

The customers who have bought clothes from this store have loved the variety of clothes available here.  You can get the awesome quality of clothes from this store at the best discounts and offers.

Check the STORE out.

#6   Davebella Official Store

best fashion for kids

Same as you find difficulty in choosing adult clothes, you will also get confused while buying clothes for your kids. At least, you don’t have to pay much attention to the fabric while buying your clothes but for kids, you need to get the clothes which are comfortable first and then you can check the styles.

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best aliexpress stylish children wear

On the store, you can get the awesome dresses for your kids at reasonable prices and with full comfort fabric. You kids are going to love the trendy looks of these dresses available on this store.

Check the STORE out.

#7 Mizi Terjojo Store

Whether you are looking for winter wears your girl or boy, you can find the best options on this clothing website. You are never going to regret the decision of buying clothes from this clothing store because here you can get the awesome quality of clothes with remarkable discounts and offers.

best children clothing fashion

Make sure that you decide to get the clothes of the right size for your kids so that they can be comfortable in the clothes they will wear.

review of aliexpress children clothing store

The customer reviews for this store are always positive because the clothes available at this store are fresh arrivals with latest trends.

Check the STORE here.

#8    Hihi Baby Store

Every mother wants to make her child look beautiful, and if you also want the same, then you can decide to buy attractive clothes for your baby boys and girls from this store. This store is connected with Aliexpress from a long time and has got positive customer reviews. You can get the best quality of clothes with nice fabric at the best discounts and offers.

pretty kids dress

Here you can buy the best quality of clothes at reasonable prices. Whether you want to buy frocks or t-shirt, you can get all kinds of clothes for your kids. You won’t get disappointed fatter getting clothes from this store.

Check the STORE here.

chinese children clothing seller

Are you looking for party gowns and frocks for your baby girl? If yes, then you can decide to buy these at Kiddiezoom store on Aliexpress. You can huge discounts on these clothes, and there is no chance that you will disappoint with these clothes.

pretty baby clothes review

Your girl is going to love the dress selected by you and customers have also given positive reviews to these dresses. 99% of good feedback stores for this young store. You can place the order for best color of dress for your baby doll.

Check the STORE here.

#10    Anniey Baby Store

pretty children clothing affordable

If you want to buy party wear clothes for your girl, then you can choose this clothing store at Aliexpress because you can get a wide range of options on this store at reasonable prices.

amazing children clothing at cheap prices

The colorful frocks of girls are available with high-quality fabric which is comfortable to wear. Your princess will get a royal look after wearing these dresses. The customers of this store approve the authentic quality of these dresses.  

Check the STORE here.

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