15 Best Cheapest Online Shopping sites in USA | (April 2020)

by Timothy Blue
The Cheapest Online Store in the USA

Store Name: Aliexpress

Store Description: Love good deals and great products? You get the best products on Aliexpress that includes clothing, electronics and much more!

Price range: $10 - $30

Online shopping is America’s favourite pastime and mine too. I actually sit with my girlfriend, open up a bottle of wine and go through stuff that we want like shoes, stuff for the house, clothes etc. But you might not be exploring the depth of online shopping if you don’t know all the sites! 

Today we cover, with inputs from my girlfriend, the Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in the USA.  If you’re wondering which site is good for what category of products, then I’ve got that covered as well. 

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in USA 

Shopping SitesProducts they sellWholesale / DropshippingShipping Options
AsosMens fashion, womens fashion, clothes, shoes, apparel etcYes for BothFree and Paid
American Eagle OutfittersAffordable clothing and Fashionable clothing optionsYes for BothFree and Paid
RuelalaBoutique clothing in a budgetYes for BothFree and Paid
LuluLemonYoga wear and AthleisureYes for BothFree and Paid
BoohooCheap online fashion especially for womenYes for BothFree and Paid
AthletaAthleisure clothingYes for BothFree and Paid
Tech BargainsDiscounted electronics websiteYes for BothFree and Paid
NeweggDiscounted electronicsYes for BothFree and Paid
MicrocenterBest deals on ElectronicsYes for BothFree and Paid
AmazonThe Everything StoreYes for BothFree and Paid
FrysGood deals on electronicsYes for Both Free and Paid
SlickdealsSuper huge discounts on tech products Yes for BothFree and Paid
AliexpressProbably the cheapest ecommerce site in the worldYes for BothFree and Paid
DhgateCheap ecommerce site with good replica productsYes for BothFree and Paid

Cheap Online Shopping Websites for Clothes


Asos is one of the biggest online fashion stores in the U.S. They have an exclusive collection for men’s fashion and women’s fashion. The best part about their collection is, every item on their store is handpicked and it’s super stylish. You can close your eyes and make a purchase and look super fashionable. They sell other brand’ items as well such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike etc. Students get 10% off every time they purchase.

Asos is not only popular in the U.S. but also all over the world. So if you are looking for alternate online fashion stores, then consider ASOS. 

They also deal with skincare products and products that caters to gifting specifically! 

American Eagle Outfitters 

American Eagle Outfitters is another awesome fashion portal that is popular in the U.S. They have the latest styles and they offer the biggest discounts during the holidays and festivals. They deal in a wide range of clothes such as tees, flannels, shirts, jackets, trousers, jeans and more. 


If you’ve always wanted boutique clothing but found them to be too expensive, then you have another option now, Ruelala. Ruelala is a boutique store that sells mens wear, womens wear, kids wear. They also have a good collection of branded clothes that you can get for super cheap. There are some brands that are available for as cheap as 70%. 

Now this is what is a good bargain and a great deal! 

Lulu Lemon

Lulu Lemon has taken the online world by storm. If you haven’t heard of Lulu Lemon, then they are one of the first companies to deal in Yoga clothing and Athleisure clothing that has become ever so popular. Granted, these clothes might not be the most cheapest, but you do have amazing Lulu Lemon alternatives on Aliexpress.

Check out the Lulu Lemon alternatives here. 


Bohoo is the chicest shopping website online. They deal with numerous products and have incredible collections. From dresses to jackets to jumpsuits to lingerie to winter wear. They got it all. Plus it’s super cheap to buy shoes from this site. They might not have a big mens collection, but it’s worth checking out! 


Athleta is one of the top fashion brands that are in the market right now. They make yoga clothes mixed with athleisure. They sell innerwear, outerwear, tops, bras, underwear and more. Their main USP is casual wear that could also double up as athletic and gym wear. They are super popular in the U.S. and are one of the biggest athleisure brands in the world. 

If you wanted a cheaper Athleisure brand, you can check out 

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Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in USA for Electronics

Tech Bargains

The name suggests what they specialize in. Techbargains is a gadget focused website that gives you the best deals on electronics and electronic gadgets. You get the best bargains on all electronic items such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones, power banks, bluetooth speakers and more. This is a website that digs out the best deals you can find online. 


When Newegg started they were very popular for their parts that people could buy to set up their computers. You could buy cheap motherboards, graphic cards etc. But now, Newegg has a superb collection of various electronic products and high-end tech gear. You can get quite a good rate for the products you purchase on Newegg. 


The Microcenter website is a geek paradise. You get the best deals on laptops, desktops, hard drives, processors, motherboards, monitors, computer cases, TV’s, wireless networking and more. 


Arguably the largest marketplace on Earth. Amazon prides itself in giving the cheapest of prices. They encourage their sellers to keep reducing their prices to be more competitive. You will get the best rates online on Amazon. Amazon is known for their collection of products that ranges from electronics to home decor and more. They sell everything under the sun. 


Frys is one of the best electronic and tech gadget stores in the U.S. They offer a wide range of electronics and electronic accessories. Some of their top selling products are CCTV cameras, watches, Bluetooth speakers, laptops and more. If you’ve ever wanted a good deal on tech gadgets in the U.S., then check out Frys. 


Slickdeals is another e-commerce site that offers deep discounts in the USA. They have a wide range of products. From robotic vacuum cleaners to even credit cards, you get them all. If you want discounts ranging from 50% to more, then slickdeals is the perfect site for you. 

Best Discount Online Shopping Sites

The Best Deal Sites in the USA 

There are a few sites which are dedicated to deals. This means that these sites have a tie up with the manufacturer and give you deep discounts on certain products. Deals sites are probably the best websites where you can get the best prices. Some of the top deal sites in the USA are Slickdeals, Frys, Boohoo, Newegg and more. 

Buying Cheap Clothes Online 

Whenever a customer of mine has a request on the best clothes to buy clothing online, I suggest them to buy from a cheap clothing website. Although the price is way less, the quality isn’t that bad. Most of the premium clothing brands have the same quality, but the price is marked up because of the brand value of the items.

Some of the best cheap clothing sites in the USA are Boohoo, Athleta, Ruelala, Aliexpress among others. 

I am a fashion wholesaler and I’m looking to buy products in Bulk. What is the best website for wholesale fashion? 

My recommendation would always be Aliexpress. You might question Aliexpress isn’t a U.S. based website. That may be true, but Aliexpress is not used by Chinese customers. Aliexpress is exclusively built for people from other countries. So if you want the cheapest fashion wholesaler in the US. I would say it’s Aliexpress.

So we covered the 15 cheapest online shopping sites in the USA. If you are looking for the best clothing sites in the USA or the best electronic sites in the USA that offer free shipping, check out the table. 

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