Dhgate Coupons 2022 [Store/Product Coupons List]

by Tim Blue

Are you looking for the best DHgate coupons and codes for 2022? We have compiled some of the top offers available on the site to help you get more and pay less. 

From stores to products and even DHgate website coupons that include free shipping, we got you covered. 

Check out the current DHgate coupons and deals here including a robust guide on how you can find your own coupons on the site as well as how to redeem your DHgate coupons on your next purchase.

DHgate Coupons 2022

Here I’m going to list out the best coupons and deals available on DHgate and they will be segregated based on product category, seller and website coupons. 

So, scroll through, pick what you like and complete your checkout with the coupon to avail discounts on products and shipping charges, all with a single click.

Let’s Begin!

Best Dhgate Clothing Coupons

$6 Off Summer T-shirt Men (Orders over $70+)Condal01 StoreFMBCMCUHCX
$5 Off Men’s Clothing Short sleeve Tees (Orders over $50+)Chinan Kaiqinyang StoreTO06Y0YO5Y
$22 Off Homme Designer Hooded Sweatshirts (Orders over $299+)Just4urwear StoreOTUKYDFWDARFWO73LEJ0
$5 Off Mens Cool Rips Stretch Designer Jeans (Orders over $100+)Vogue Cloth StoreLWVVU9SOG1
$18 Off Women Casual Dresses (Orders over $360+)Sepal01 Store1DHEXZDBLQ
$2 Off Business Polo T-Shirts (Orders over $30+)Monclair Jacket StoreXASYRFDXUN
$3 Off 2022 Men’s Designer Shorts (Orders over $89+)Designer Cloth StoreJEAF1BKD9937G6ACQW5Q
$55 Off Designer Replica Vest Jacket (Orders over $1,100+)Monclair Jacket StoreNDPVGRR2LMLDZNYJXAE4
$8 Off Men’s Casual Straight Jeans (Orders over $120+)Just4urwear StoreQ4A7YH5MTO2OTLAPPAXW
$8 Off Unisex Designer Solid Sweatshirts (Orders over $100+)Blueberry12IEZVOG2ZJD
$5 Off Casual 2-Piece Tracksuits for Men (Orders over $100+)Sepal01 StoreT4IMEY2ESZ
$8 Off Unisex Designer Sweatpants (Orders over $80+)Chinan Kaiqinyang StoreHJKF8ARPI6
$101 Off Men’s Parkas (Orders over $1000+)PeanutoilKV85QGT3QTOXDXDX9W30
$24 Off Designer Tracksuits for Men (Orders over $299+)ClothingforchooseZWY0LTFQA4TZXDYKLTC9
$2 Off Unisex Printed Windbreakers (Orders over $31+)Cinda02N01LQHBMLTK84XWBZXBH
$8 Off Casual Bodycon Outfits for Women (Orders over $120+)CovdeRUBS2HNJTVE5V5XTSHGK

Best Dhgate Shoes / Sneakers Coupons

$50 Off Retro Sneakers and Shoes (Orders $500+)NY Store StoreKKSVVNDETCQG9QD1VMRN
$2 Off High Quality SB Running Shoes (Orders over $30+) Shoes_kd1233 storeLQRFAXEZFT
$6 Off 2022 designer casual shoes (Orders over $70+)Airretrooshoes storeE6WEA93AP1VF5EE2WFEJ
$25 Off Men & Women casual shoes (Orders over $250)Intersport storeDOFSBLJ77P
$2 Off Mens 1 high OG basketball shoes (Orders over $60)Retro Shoes storeS1MIJGHTA9V0RVZUKP4V
$50 Off University Blue Jumpmans 1 (Orders over $500+)Professional Shoe StoreL3UJ8LEROE
$3 Off BW Mens Running shoes (Orders over $100+)Discount Brand shoesZEB178U7ZTTP3HSKIPYY
$8 Off Red Thunder 4S Jordans Sneakers (Orders over $70+)Airretrooshoes storeE6WEA93AP1VF5EE2WFEJ
$18 Off Top Quality B23 Casual Sneakers (Orders over $360+)Professional Shoe StoreFVN9VTSWIW
$30 Off Branded Women’s Luxury High Heels (Orders over $300+)Discount Brand shoes81B2FDBU2QRCAZAUMB4R
$2 Off  Basketball Sneakers for Men and Women (Orders over $40+)Intersport store2IRW2XTVPQRPJNHJ9PIN
$5 Off 2022 Designer Slides (Orders over $120+)Retro Shoes StoreGMRINAB9ML0BDJAYEX8O 
$25 Off Jumpman 1 Basketball Shoes (Orders over $500+)TopSportMarketJ6BLZC0WT7XGHAN883PR
$18 Off Slides for Men and Women (Orders over $360+)OgmineJKZYYEFOHT

Best DHgate Handbag Coupons

$20 Off Designer Handbag 2 Set Purse for Women (Orders over $499+)Designer Bags StoreN520PIQ4EY8ROINCP7XT
$5 Off Designer Leather Handbag (Orders over $100+)Lixiaojuan2016 StoreNV9HX2H2L3KUXGFDFM3S
$5 Off Luxury Tote Leather Bag (Orders over 100+)FashionBags Store89CU10EROYKH
$18 Off Branded Designer Leather Clutches (Orders over $360+)HandbagstoreCR5CMWPDWL
$4 Off Canvas/Leather Bi-fold Wallet (Orders over $89+)Brandbags1990 StoreE0MFFBDSPUZZHUMI2KU9
$2 Off Luxury PU Long Wallet for Women (Orders over $50+)Designer Bags StoreTFQDBI4V1UMA9U5KFMNB
$40 Off Women’s Handbags(Orders over $1,200+)Mango89711WOXWLGHTXHN4VLTX92VW
$2 Off Designer Leather Backpacks (Orders over $50+)HuangbagUXGZPCSANFPWMUOF0FSM
$4 Off Designer Replica Purse (Orders over $110+)HualonglinX8QRT0OVV0DFYHZMPDGI
$3 Off  3A+ Luxury Women’s Crossbody Purses (Orders over $100+)Handbagstore5NKQ6FW8GG9NYB4SHYHR

Best DHgate Watches Coupons

$25 Off Designer Automatic 41mm Watches (Orders over $380+)Mens Watches1 StoreGWA0FMAAZVQ57QEN0BBG
$5 Off Men’s Luxury Watches (Orders over $100+)U1 Dropshipping StoreNPPSFCSQXZ
$18 Off Automatic Mechanical ST9 Wrist Watch (Orders over $380+)Jason007 StoreZCJZLEBWN9
$2 Off Replica Designer Watches (Orders over $30+)Imjli StoreAHTP7JH8KF
$3 Off Luxury Automatic Watches for Men (Orders over $60+)China Luxury WatchDXPG4MTMSH

Best DHgate Fashion Accessories Coupons

$25 Off Personalized Alloy Car Keychain (Orders over $250+)More Designer StoreI8ZUKNIFF9
$6 Off Casquette Visor Top Cap (Orders over $70+)Kaleen StoreRPTDZCJ7XB
$3 Off Luxury Designer Belt Set (Orders over $60+)Lhx518 Store2IPI2IKLGF
$5 Off Women’s Designer Hair Band (Orders over $100+)Kaleen Store3X1VIXMYEK
$10 Off Designer Cufflinks (Orders over $500+)USdream StoreHQ5LWYEDJ2CHVAYRQOSR
$3 Off Pilot Sunglasses with Box (Orders over $65+)Jenlsky Store30X8MHGPLQ3XYBIUEU3Q
$5 Off Hair Accessories and Scarves (Orders over $50+)More Designer StoreJ6RYZ0LGSZ

Best DHgate Electronics Coupons

$10 Off Bluetooth TS Earbuds (Orders over $360+)Season TechG0L8TX2VBDQOT0CGBRET
$6 Off USB Charging Cables for Android and iOS Devices (Orders over $100+)Skylet7OIWNHE7AWHKK2AXG5KM
$5 Off TWS Earphones (Orders over $310+)LadysexyDPYRSPC4UEHICLTFMWWW
$2 Off Air Mouse and other Computer Peripherals (Orders over $51+)Season TechI7IXHXOO0IHR6DNAJOZ5
$3 Off Headphones and Accessories (Orders over $40+)MPowOfficial storeGKHPSH7X3KIPGSFIX0Z1
$2 Off Drones and Personal Care Devices (Orders over $120+)Xiaomi YoupinQQV9G8LSTVEWPCD91CQK
$2 Off TV Accessories and TV Boxes (Orders over $30+)Arthur032OAA1DQJ015
$2 Off Bluetooth Headphones (Orders over $100+)LadysexyRM4S3V17KANACBNX8ZSI
$12 Off Wireless Chargers (Order over $500+)GoodchoiseYW3MBHEWQUBOUST6VBH8

Best DHgate Jewelry Coupons

$4 Off Silver Plated Jewelry (Orders over 99+)Beijia2013LHPGHHSF8BN7BOTKSBQH
$5 Off Rings and Bracelets (Orders over $100+)PlanbXZCO5Q2XDY
$2 Off Jewelry Accessories (Orders over $29+)LZ SilverLBDK3NZXPWR74SD1DX1I
$8 Off (Orders over $80+)CDjewelryR6JGHR71C4
$14 Off Designer Necklaces (Orders over $300+)CCJewelry Shop4AKQ8HD9IAZLEY0KPOW9

DHgate New Buyer Deals


  • Only buyers who have registered with DHgate and haven’t made the first order can get the New Buyer Coupon Pack.
  • Coupons in this pack can be used with seller coupons.
  • Only one coupon from this pack can be used per order
  • The number is limited, first come, first served
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$2 Off on orders over $3+DHcoupon – Site wideLimited Quantity Available
$13 Off on orders over $200+DHcoupon – Site wideLimited Quantity Available
$2 Off on orders over $31+Peanutoil – First Order OnlyJSEYQMNXNMIPVFMWYAF8
$2 Off on orders over $31+Cinda02 – First In-App Order OnlyGBMLJA9T0VMED8GLGZUY
$2 Off on orders over $31+Clothingforchoose – First Order OnlyQLPIZUVLZKRHXYHJLFUU
$2 Off on orders over $12+Beijia2013 – First Order OnlyVPOXMA9E6ASGUVWDKBHO

DHgate Top Store Coupons

Shoes, Sandals, Designer Shoes, Accessories)
(Custom Jeyseys, Basketball Jersey, Baseball Jerseys)
(Hoodies, Jackets, T-shirts, Dresses, Shirts)
Cinda02 Store
(Fashion wear, Womens Clothes, Mens Clothes, Swmwear)
Soccer Jersey Store
(League Jerseys, Football Jerseys)
$5 OFF $100+I97SRJNA82
Retro Shoes Store
(Sneakers, Designer Shoes, Yeezys, Jordans)
(Designer Handbags, Wallets, Purses. Backpacks)
Season Tech Store
(TWS Earbuds, Mobile Phone Accessories, Bluetooth Devices, Smartphone Tools)
$2 OFF $51+ (Selected Items)I7IXHXOO0IHR6DNAJOZ5
$10 OFF $360+ (Selected Items)G0L8TX2VBDQOT0CGBRET
(Appliances, LED Strips, Smart Home Devices, Earphones, Security Equipment)
$100 OFF $2,500+GGG5EJH0OSZVCU62JZF6

How to Redeem DHgate Coupons

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Redeeming a coupon on DHgate is a rather straightforward process and you don’t have to do much except follow these instructions.

  • Start by logging into your DHgate account
  • Proceed to add a product of your choice into your cart
  • Head to your shopping cart and select the product
  • Tap on Get a Coupon that’s located right above the product
  • Choose the coupon from the list to add it to your collection
  • Review your billing/shipping address and then proceed to complete the transaction
  • Here you will find a dropdown just beneath the overall price of your order
  • Tap on it and select the coupon you had selected earlier to avail Store discounts offered by the seller

If you have received an actual coupon code then the process is quite similar to the one laid out above. 

  • Follow steps 1-3 from the instructions above
  • Once the product has been selected within your cart, proceed to review your address and billing information
  • When you move onto the next page you are presented with the total value of your order including the shipping charges. Click on Use Promo Code and enter the DHgate coupon code you have
  • When you click on Apply Code, the cost of your order will drop by whatever the value of the code is. The code will only work if you have met all the pre-set criteria for that code such as order value
  • Proceed to complete the purchase at the discounted rate

How can I get DHgate coupons?

There are three different ways you can obtain DHgate coupons. 

  • You can get DHcoupons sent via email. This is sent to users who have created a DHgate account.
  • The next method is by visiting the Get Coupon section on the checkout page and choosing the best deal from the list of available seller coupons.
  • You can also get DHgate coupons by bookmarking and following this article for a frequent supply of updated coupons

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