Wholesale Designer Sandals from China | Who and where to source from?

by Tim Blue

When you are planning to expand your retail shoe business, wholesale designer sandals from China are your best bet. They ensure better quality at cheaper rates compared to other sellers. Read more below for a detailed guide.

Numerous wholesale retailers sell designer sandals in China. But choosing a credible website is a laborious task. Read further to know the best practices to land on the best selection of sandals from China.

 According to Statista, more than 80% of the global footwear is shipped from Asia. China prides itself as a leading exporter of wholesale products worldwide. Women constitute a considerable part of the consumers of footwear market owing to the raised standards and financial independence.

Why import wholesale designer sandals from China?

According to a GlobeNewswire.Inc report, the footwear and apparel industry has seen substantial changes, and more than 25% of the customers prefer durable and high-quality footwear irrespective of the cost. But there is still a bulk of the populace who rely on cheaper investment. 

According to grandviewresearch.com, the global designer footwear market was USD 31 billion in 2019 and is expected to rise robustly with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 5.6% between 2020 and 2027.

Hence, in 2020, the wholesale business soared to more than USD 45,000 billion. But what makes China the leading exporter of sandals in the world? The secret to this enormous success is the presence of sophisticated infrastructure and large manufacturing units in China.

Statista reports show that in 2019, more than half of global footwear production came from China. Be it leather sandals, flip flops, loafers, crocs, slides, or Gucci loafers- China has explored all sandal types and is adept at producing customized and designer sandals at a reasonable price.

In addition to that, Chinese wholesale websites provide speed shipping, quick turnaround time, and excellent customer service. 

3 best online marketplaces for purchasing wholesale designer sandals from China

There are various online marketplaces for importing wholesale designer sandals in China. Many are reputed to offer customized and trending sandals to attract millennials. Here are three top handpicked online websites that qualify as the leading wholesalers in China.

1. Aliexpress Wholesale Sandal Sellers

The top of the list is Aliexpress, a subsidiary of Alibaba, one of the leading e-commerce industries in the world. It is headquartered in Hangzhou in China and is a well-known hub for manufacturing top-class designer sandals at a lower price. 

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Kiteler Store

Wedge Store

Misuee Store

What are the various offerings of AliExpress?

  • Wide range of products at a lower price

If you perceive that the designer sandals from Aliexpress charge more price, you are wrong. There is an infinite collection of a variety of designer sandals under the sandals section.

There are more than 5000 products, and as opposed to the hype, it is cheaper than expected. It has a tiered-pricing model implying, as you increase the quantity of the product, the price per piece decreases.

  • Return option within two months from delivery

If the sandals do not match your expectations, and you are unsatisfied with them, you can return them within two months from delivery of the sandals if the product is in the original condition. It gives you additional time to examine the material and quality.

  • Refund and on-time delivery policy 

If you wish to cancel and return the order, you can return the product within 15 days with no questions asked. AliExpress is best known for its on-time delivery and quick refund policy.

  • Diverse payment options 

AliExpress supports various payment options like Paypal, credit card, wire transfer, cash, and web money, among others. 

2. DHGate Wholesale Sandal Sellers




DHGate is the go-to site when you have many customization requests and rare products unavailable in Aliexpress. Although Aliexpress is the leading wholesaler website, DHGate has built its reputation because of the customer-friendly third-party sellers and lower prices.

DHGate has the following pros as compared to AliExpress-

  • More discounted rates than AliExpress

DHGate has a wide variety of designer sandals with more than 1000 items. But a low-key advantage over AliExpress is the cheaper price tags. It is comparatively lower in price.

  • Free shipping by some third-party sellers

Some third-party vendors offer free shipping if you meet the MOQ on DHGate. 

  • Escrow model of payment

It is safe to buy designer sandals from DHGate since your payment will not be released unless you confirm the delivery of the sandals. There are various payment options such as e-wallets, debit cards, Apple-pay, and direct bank transfer options.

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3. Alibaba Wholesale Sandal Sellers

Alibaba has been a trusted wholesale industry for designer sandals for two decades. Based in Beijing, Alibaba is based out of Beijing and is the leading global e-commerce platform comprising average to high priced designer sandals.

The designer sandals from Alibaba –

  • Have a proven record of high quality.
  • Have trusted third-party sellers.
  • Legitimate payment and refund options.

Factors to keep in mind before importing designer sandals in bulk from China

When you buy cheap, there is a common misconception that the quality of the product is sidelined. The same is applicable for designer sandals. When you import large quantities of sandals from Chinese online websites, there is a fair chance of encountering deceptive and fraudulent wholesalers. To overcome this, here are a few aspects to check while importing designer sandals from Chinese wholesale websites –

1. Cross-check the product specifications

The significant factors that influence the longevity of the designer sandals are the lining material, upper material( like leather, rubber, suede), sole thickness, antislip, and the overall quality. 

Hence, ensure you keep track of these detailed specifications before ordering bulk designer sandals.

2. Check import regulations and the tax duty on the products.

Some countries have strict regulations for importing goods in bulk from overseas. Hence a prior understanding of your country’s import regulations. While importing designer sandals, you must pay taxes and duties. So have a decent knowledge of your country’s tax system.

3. Ask for the Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ)

Every wholesale marketing website for designer sandals in China has a minimum order requirement on the minimum pairs they ship in bulk. MOQ per model ranges between 1000-2000 pairs, and MOQ per size varies between 400-500 pairs of sandals. 

So, enquire on the MOQ of the wholesaler you want to do business with and check if it matches your budget. 

4. Ask for a sample before ordering in bulk

A retailer generally imports designer sandals from a wholesale market to save money on a bulkier order. Hence if the quality of the material or any other specifications are amiss, it is a significant loss for the customer. 

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Therefore, you must order samples before making a larger order.

The footwear market is constantly evolving with the growing affinity of GenZ towards durable and affordable sandals. Hundreds of online websites sell designer sandals at a wholesale price.

However, China ranks No.1 in importing wholesale designer sandals because of less-pricey items with a 100% assured product. Several authentic online marketers sell wholesale designer sandals in China, but you must thoroughly check the specifications and terms and conditions before ordering on a large scale.

AliExpress and DHGate are the most trusted online websites for wholesale designer sandals with a transparent and less-tedious process. Your retail sandals business can garner substantial profit when you order from Chinese wholesale sellers owing to the brand credibility and smooth payment process.

FAQs regarding Wholesale designer sandals from China

1. Is it profitable to buy designer sandals from Chinese wholesale online websites?

Yes, it is cheaper to buy from Chinese wholesale websites when you order large quantities of designer sandals.

2. Which is the credible website for wholesale import of designer sandals from China?

AliExpress and DHGate are the popular online websites for wholesale designer sandals from China. Both have a varied collection of designer sandals, but DHGate is slightly cheaper comparatively.

3. What is the difference between wholesale and dropship of designer sandals from China?

The wholesale industry is an outlet for ordering a bulk quantity of sandals at a lower price. It requires you to store the product and sell it directly to the consumer. 

On the other hand, drop shipping designer sandals is a process in which you take the order from the consumer and charge the fees. A third-party seller directly sends the order to the consumer eliminating the investment in inventory storage and packaging of the designer sandals.

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites

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