Best Things on Aliexpress this 2020

by Timothy Blue

Everywhere you go there are hundreds of shops, there are thousands of online stores. All of them selling different wares. You would think you have seen all types of products. But that is further from the truth. We’ve made a collection of unique Aliexpress products that you haven’t seen before. They are beautiful, useful and more!

Best Aliexpress Products 2020

Best Aliexpress Products 2019

#1 -- Solar Power Bank

Out and about under the sun and worried about losing power on your phone? Get this unique solar power bank that has a 30,000 mAh capacity. This power bank is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. It has LED light indicators that inform you about the charge left in the power bank and also doubles up like a torch.

The blue indicator is for normal charging and the green indicator shows when it’s charging through solar. It has dual LED outputs, effectively charging two devices at the same time.

solar power bank aliexpress

Best Price -- $10.79

#2 -- Bike Light LED

Many people have taken to riding bikes because it’s efficient, you get a good workout and in cities with too much traffic, it saves time and money. But there’s a big downside to bikes. They are very unsafe and especially at night, they can be pretty dangerous. If you don’t wear lit gear, it can be pretty hard to spot a bike from the back, especially in the dark.

This LED light is to keep users safe. It’s easy to install and has 5 lighting modes -- Weak light, strong light, flashing light and warning light.

This will keep you safe while riding in the dark!

aliexpress products to buy 2019

Best Price -- $4.20

#3 -- Ceramic Heater Stove

We’ve seen stoves and we’ve seen heaters and we’ve seen ceramic, the material. But have you seen all three of them put together? This unique ceramic heater stove is beautifully designed, is a flat plate and can be used to heat things.

The design is truly unique and looks super stylish. If you weren’t informed, then you wouldn’t know what it is.

It can be used to heat tea, coffee and other small items. It cannot be used to cook things, especially at 220W.

aliexpress best sellers

Price -- $33.72

#4 -- Portable Tiny Vacuum

Some among us are clean freaks. We like to keep things super clean and everywhere we go. But sometimes it’s hard to clean in some places. Like the couch or a car. If you expect cleanliness wherever you go, you need to buy the portable vacuum cleaner.

This is small and can be carried anywhere, placed in the car, inside your bag and so on. It has a 2000 mAh battery and a car can be cleaned up to 4 times on a single charge. It takes 1.5 hours to charge. Must buy for clean freaks!

portable vacuum cleaner aliexpress

Price -- $9.12

#5 -- Travel Cup

Paper cups aren’t fun to drink from. The portable cups you get from Starbucks can spill and spending money on coffee every day costs a bomb. This travel cup comes in various designs that are beautiful and stylish. It’s spill-proof, made of stainless steel, which means it’s break proof as well.

It can have a capacity of 300 ml, so if you’re pacing your drink, you can do that too!

aliexpress mugs

Price -- $7.19

#6 -- Slim USB Power Bank

You’ve seen power banks and there are Power Banks! This is the latter. This is one of the most stylish power banks we’ve seen. It’s made of aluminium and it has a reflective mirror finish. It has a 8000 mAh capacity, which is incredible for such a little device.

It’s as big as your iPhone and can be carried in your pocket or bag or literally in your hand. It has a LED power display which shows the amount of charge left in the power bank. For people who are looking for a quick charge, but don’t want to carry a very heavy power bank, here is your replacement!

aliexpress powerbank best things

Best Price -- $25.74

#7 -- Suction Power Brick

Most of you would have seen charging stations, where the phone is kept on a charging pad without the use of any wires. But have you seen a suction power brick? This is a one of a kind wireless charging device that is portable and sticks to your phone with the power of suction. This is a power back combined with a wireless charger, combined with suction technology to give you the ultimate charging technology.

best aliexpress

Price -- $44.64

#8 -- Portable Handheld

How many of you are tired of playing games on your phone? The old days of playing with a game console are long gone. But it isn’t done yet. With this mini handheld, you can experience the games of old times and be away from your phone. This is a perfect gift for kids to keep them away from smartphone devices.

cheap gadgets aliexpress

Best Price -- $56.99

#9 -- Glow in the dark leash for night time dog walks

People who have pets know that pets are like children. As most people go to work during the day’s, it only makes sense to take your dog out for a walk at night. But the night is dark and full of terrors. Maybe not the latter, but the night is dark. This glow in the dark leash gives illumination to your leash, intimating any traffic that there’s a dog and it’s owner out there. This is a simple device that performs a 2 in 1 function. Safety and function. Apart from that it has an app that gives you notifications about your walking, route distance and intimates you about calls received and so on.

pet products aliexpress

Best Price -- $15.15

#10 -- LED Combination Lock

This LED combination lock is something that is different. It’s not your everyday lock. This combination lock works with arrows and it much harder to break into compared to a normal numbered lock. The LED indicator in the centre gives you information on your locking capabilities. If you are looking for an indoor lock with a difference, then get the LED combination lock!

usb lock aliexpress best thing

Best Price -- $47.99

#11 -- Robot Bluetooth Speaker

There are so many Bluetooth speakers going around, nothing can excite you. They all come in different shapes and sizes and different colours. But all of them end up looking the same and that’s something not exciting for most users. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that looks fundamentally different, then you will love the Robot Bluetooth Speaker. It looks like a Robot and the mouth of the robot has a speaker.

bluetooth speaker aliexpress

Best Price -- $10.79

#12 -- Makeup Mirror Desk

This is a big treat for the ladies.  How many of you have wanted a makeup stand, but have not been able to get one because of all the set-up cost involved? Now you can get your very own portable makeup stand that has quite a few features.

The makeup mirror desk has a mirror that can be set at an angle of your choice. Surrounding the mirror is a LED light strip that lights up your face clearly when you are staring at the mirror, helping you apply the makeup properly

The base of the makeup desk has provision for keeping your makeup items and products. A must buy for a makeup lover!

makeup desk

Price -- $36.93

#13 -- Sensor Soap Dispenser

If you’re particularly lazy and find it tiring to do everyday tasks, then you will love this product! Tech has transcended borders and has affected many devices. Now it is in the soap dispenser as well. This sensor soap dispenser dispenses soap when you activate the sensor without having to press a button. Who said tech wasn’t useful?

soap dispenser aliexpress

Price -- $19.49

#14 -- Rubber Treat Ball

Another one for dog lovers. There are two things that dogs love, the first is, treats and the other is toys, This unique product is a mix of both! This chew toy doles out little bits of treats every time the dog chews on the toy. This is a fun way of feeding them while playing and will keep your dog engaged for hours on end.

pet toys aliexpress

Best Price -- $1.88

#15 --Finger Encrypted Flash drive

Flash drives are commonplace, but if you want to protect them, there’s nothing much can be done. What if you have sensitive information in your flash drive? Use this encrypted flash drive to make sure only you can access the information and nobody else can without your fingerprint!

Modern tech bough to you!

flash drive aliexpress

Price -- $30.37

#16 --Glow in the dark tape

Everybody has a bunch of tapes in the house for wrapping presents, sealing envelopes and more. This tape is pretty unique. It glows in the dark. Which means, at night, the tape glows. It might not seem like much of a product at first, but the use cases are varied. You can use them as a light source at night or mark edges of your furniture and other sharp objects. In case you are walking without the light on, this tape can be your marker.

aliexpress tape cheap

Best Price -- $1.17

#17 -- Boulder Pillows

We all love pillows. Pillows of various types and sizes. There’s nothing I would love to do, more than place myself on a bunch of pillows. Here is a unique set of products that can make your life super comfortable -- Boulder pillows! Get a bunch of boulder pillows and stack them in your favourite position. Make your living room or couch much more comfortable!

pillows aliexpress

Best Price -- $9.45

That is all folks. Hope you enjoy our curation this 2020.

FAQs on Buying Products on Aliexpress

Is it good to buy from Aliexpress?

Of course it is good. Reasons why people are complaining online about Aliexpress because they do not know how the process is when comes to buying products from Aliexpress. First you need to understand about shipping from Chinese sellers on Aliexpress. Worldwide shipment is not cheap! Best way to obtain products from Aliexpress is through DHL. We all know this is not cost efficient to ship a less than $10 product for a shipping fee of $30. So the next best alternative is ePACKET shipping. To US, it takes 2 weeks to 6 weeks It depends on the location. This form of shipment may gets expensive due to a lot of changes. Now why would people complain about loss of parcels. Cheaper items are usually send via China Post which can takes 4weeks -12 weeks. This is the cheapest option. So you need to be patientttttt to wait for the parcel to arrive. So to conclude it is definitely a YES to buy from Aliexpress, only if you are not in a hurry.

What is better than Aliexpress?

The next better alternative is DHGate. However kindly take note DHGate is a portal of mix B2B and B2C. So some of the items need to be purchased in bulk. DHGate often offers better shipment option. Take an example DHL. However you need to buy the products in larger quantity in order for the seller to ship this via DHL.

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