20 Best DHGate Replica Sneakers Sellers | Best DHgate Shoe Sellers 2023

by Tim Blue

We all love shoes, don’t we? But getting the best of the best can really dent your wallet, especially if you are a sneaker aficionado. Plus when you spend so much on shoes, you don’t feel like using them. This is why replica sneakers come into play. If you are unaware, a replica sneakers is one that looks exactly like the original but it comes at half or 1/3rd the cost. It’s not easy to find replica sneakers online as there are a lot of below par sellers, who sell anything under the sun under the tag of a replica. We find you the best DH Gate Replica sneakers sellers.

Reps Sneakers on Aliexpress – Still good!

Dhgate sneaker sellerRatings and ReviewsKnown For
Sup_Sneakers98.8% positive rating, 75,000+ transactions Yeezy, Air Jordan’s, Nike Replicas, Supreme
Sneaker Jersey Factory98% Positive rating, 71,000+ transactionsJordans, Nike’s, Chanel’s, Yeezy’s, Bape
SpaceJam Store97.8% positive rating, 4520+ TransactionsBalenciaga, Nike, Air Jordan, Yeezy’s
Men’s Designer Shoes97% positive rating, 16000+ TransactionsAir Jordan Replicas, Nike Replicas
Kamatiti 897.7% positive rating, 17,700+ TransactionsWomen’s sneakers
Shoe88897.4% positive rating, 4100+ TransactionsYeezy’s, Flyknit
Airsport66898.5% positive rating, 9,581+ TransactionsYeezy’s, Air Jordan’s
UltraBoost00897.1% positive rating, 2,180+ TransactionsRevenge Storm, Balenciaga Shoes
TBT Group [Top Rated]98.6% positive rating, 70,455+ Transactions Balenciaga, Yeezy’s, Men’s Shoes, Women’s Shoes
Sneakers Store [Top Rated]
98.7% positive rating, 34,000+ TransactionsBalenciaga, Nike’s, Yeezy’s
Winshoes97.1% positive rating, 23,655+ TransactionsAdidas, Nike, Women’s sneakers
Cheap Shoes96.8% positive rating, 13,400+ TransactionsAir Jordans, Gucci Aces
Designer Sneakers [Top Rated]98.9% positive rating, 26,332+ TransactionsBalenciaga, Jordan Off White, Yeezy
Nancy Miss100% positive rating, 1000+ TransactionsWomen’s sneakers
Men Trainers97.8% positive rating, 19,424+ TransactionsWomen’s replica sneakers, Large collection of replicas
Air Force 1 97.1% positive rating, 16,880+ TransactionsAir Force 1, Nike, Adidas
Brand Shoes98.1% positive rating, 11000+ transactionsGraffiti Shoes
350 V295.7% positive rating, 5900+ transactionsYeezy 750 Boost, Yeezy Net, Yeezy Light Brow
Turbe_Sports97.1% positive rating, 6700+ transactionsHighcut Nike replicas
Shoes_to_Shoes95.2% positive rating, 300+ transactionsAdidas NMD Pharell Williams replicas 

DH Gate Replica Sneaker and Shoe Sellers

Best Dhgate Replica Sneaker Sellers | $40 Yeezy shoes, Nike Shoes and More!

Does Dhgate Have Good Reps?

A few years back, I would have said that Aliexpress has better reps than Dhgate. Now I can say with confidence that Dhgate has much better reps. The variety of reps offered in Dhgate are unparalleled. There are a lot of options such as Yeezy reps, Air Jordans reps, Nike reps, Bape reps and more. And it’s not that hard to find them as well.

So what makes Dhgate’s reps good? Dhgate’s reps are openly sold on the platform, unlike Aliexpress. The competition is way high on DHgate amongst rep sellers. As they know it’s hot commodity, the rep sellers ensure a certain standard.

BUT, a lot of people fall for the review trap. There are two ways to make sure you aren’t being finessed with or conned.

In the image on the left, there are 1176 reviews & stars and it has 47 photo reviews and you can see the photos. On the right, there are 418 reviews and 201 photo reviews, but not even a single photo. If there’s no photo, then you won’t get the good stuff. Always look for the negative reviews. And ask the seller to send photos.

Sneaker Jersey Factory

The Sneaker Jersey Factory store is very popular among reddit threads for dhgate reps. They are popular because, they are one of the rare sneaker sellers who are amazing. They are very popular for their Bape replica shoes. These are super high quality. Here are some bape replicas from the Sneaker Jersey Factory from Dhgate.

These bape replicas have been worn and have been “broken in”. Amazing quality and finish.

Check out there store here

Men Designer Shoes

dhgate replica sneakers

The first store that sells amazing replica sneakers is the ‘Men Designer Shoes’ store. According to their bio, they specialize in sports running shoes, basketball shoes, soccer shoes and more. They deal with wholesale prices, so if you are buying in bulk, you will get a great deal.

Even if you don’t, you will get some amazing rates. One of their most popular items is the Yeezy’s from Kanye. The Kanye West Yeezy shoes sell for around $40, which is literally a fraction of the original Yeezy’s. They have a wide variety of basketball shoes too that are super stylish and look great. They have 8000+ happy customers and have a positive rating of 97.9% 

Click here to visit the store


dhgate replica sneakers sellers

The Kamatiti8 Store is a veteran in the business. They have been around since 2016 and have a positive rating of 97%. They have over 16,000+ happy customers which shows you their true caliber. In terms of the shoes they deal with, their top selling is the Converse look alike shoes.

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Their other top selling products are basketball shoes that look super slick and stylish. They also have some pretty amazing women’s shoes. Although this store’s collection is not wide, the products they have is of the highest quality and I suggest you check them out! 

Click here to visit the store

Nancy Miss 

best dhgate fake shoes seller

The Nancy Miss store has a 100% positive rating, which means all of their customers are happy with their purchases. Although the name suggests that the store is exclusive for women’s shoes, in reality Nancy Miss has some amazing men’s shoes as well.

They deal with sneakers, formal shoes, semi-formal shoes. They also sell women’s shoes. In terms of their replicas, they have some pretty exact Nike Basketball replicas which look super awesome. This is one of the best stores on DH Gate with great pricing that is at least $60 to $70 cheaper than the original. Highly recommended for replica shoe buyers. 

Click here to visit the store


best dhgate reps shoes reddit

The Truda1 store has been around 2016 and has a positive rating of 98.1% which is pretty awesome given how long they’ve been in business. This seller ships directly from the factory, which means the prices are factory outlet prices and there is no cost of the middleman.

They have some pretty amazing Basketball shoes and when it comes to men’s shoes, it’s pretty much all they got. They have some pretty good sneakers too. For the ladies they have some stilettos and other party shoes. Their sneakers comes in a variety of colours and material too. So if you are looking for suede sneakers, then hop on to the Truda1 store on Dhgate. 

Click here to visit the store


nike replicas dhgate

The Shoe888 store is a shoe buyer’s paradise. They have been serving customers since 2016 and have a positive rating of 97.8%. They also have 3000+ transactions, which is pretty impressive. In terms of their collection, they’ve got a good collection of casual shoes such as Nike replica and Adidas replicas.

They have amazing basketball shoes and deal with the Flyknit model too. If you are looking for Yeezy replicas, then this shop has got a decent collection. This is one of the best sellers on Dh gate for Nike replicas. So if you are looking for some cool Nike kicks, then Shoe888 should be your destination. 

Click here to visit the store

Sup Sneakers on Dhgate

sup sneakers dhgate yeezy seller

The Sup_sneakers store is one of those sellers open selling the branded replica sneakers of Yeezy shoes, Air Jordans, Nike’s and Supreme. Sup Sneakers are a Top brand and are extremely popular with over 75,000+ transactions in just over4 years.

They have a 98.8% positive feedback. They have close to around 100 replica shoes in their store. They are all top selling with very high ratings. One of the coolest aspects about this store is, they ship a yeezy bag, yeezy socks and a yeezy keychain when you buy the yeezy shoes. Sup Sneakers on Dhgate also deals with Louis Vuitton slides

Click here to visit the store

SpaceJam Store

adidas replicas shoes dhgate

The Spacejam store is has been a DHGate seller since 2016, but they’ve picked up pace only recently. This store has some amazing Adidas shoe replicas. If you can’t find them on the store, then all you have to do is to message the seller and ask them for a specific shoe model and they will be happy to send you the right link.

Apart from that, they sell Rihanna’s footwear line up as well. But mostly, this store deals with Adidas replicas. If you are looking for the best Adidas replicas in the market, then click on the link and visit the Spacejam store on DHgate.

Click here to visit the store 

Airsport 668

NMD shoes replica dhgate

Airsport668 needs no introduction. They are the premier Nike and Adidas replica seller on Dhgate. They have sold 7000+ products and have a positive rating of 99.1%. The products they deal with are basketball shoes, 350 V2 boosts, NMD shoes, Ultra boosts and soccer cleats.

They come in a variety of colours and have a pretty drop collection. If you ever want to spend hours and hours on an online store, it should be the Airsport668. Some of their best selling products are the Designer Concord shoes. The prices are wholesale rates and they will give you a good deal if you buy regularly from them or buy in bulk. 

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Click here to visit the store


designer shoe brands dhgate

Although this store sells bags, and other accessories, they do sell shoes as well. They sell sneakers, casual shoes and more. They have sold more than 11,000+ items and have an overall positive rating of 96.9%. They are known to be a good quality watch seller on Dhgate.

Click here to visit the store


dhgate replica sneaker vendor

The Ultraboost008 is one of my personal favourite replica shoe sellers on DHgate because of the way their store looks nice and neat and their designs are off the charts. Especially their designer canvas shoes are something truly out of this world. They are very tastefully done shoes and sandals.

Their best selling footwear is in fact an Adidas replica sandals which looks awesome. Their collection is wide and I’ve personally purchased from this seller and they are top notch. They have over 2000+ happy customers and a positive rating of 96%. 

Click here to visit the store

TBT Group

best dhgate replica sneakers

The TBT Group is like a shoe store you’ve never seen before. It is an exact replica of a real life shoe shop that has been replicated online. They have an amazing collection of shoes for men and women. 

Click here to visit the store


cheap replica shoes

This store also has a good collection of shoes, especially everyday casual shoes like designer canvas which sell like hot cakes. They have 97.7% positive rating and have sold over 12,800+ products. 

Click here to visit the store

Designer Shoes

replica sneakers

If you love colour on your shoes, then you will love Designer Shoes. This is one of the rare shoe sellers on DHgate that have an amazing collection of shoes that are of different colours.

If you look at their collection, you will see gradient finishes, full colour shoes, designer patterns and more. They have been around for 2 years, have a 97.2% positive rating and have over 3400+ happy customers. 

Click here to visit the store

Sneakers Store 

reps sneakers

Last, but certainly not the least is the best replica sneaker store on DHGate. This is your one stop shop for all your sneaker requirements. They have a 99.3% rating and have over 30,000+ happy customers. They have replicas for Nike, Adidas, Converse, New Balance and more. They are undoubtedly the best sneaker sellers. 

Click here to visit the store

Brand Shoes 

The Brand Shoes store is in their 3rd year running. They have a 98.6% positive feedback and 11,000+ transactions. So what are they known for?

  • They sell all types of shoes. Running shoes, Basketball shoes and more
  • Their most popular shoes are the graffiti, spiked shoes 
  • They also have casual sneakers that look like Adidas 

Click here to visit the store

350 V2

As the name suggests, you know what to expect. The Yeezy boosts are available here. It costs about $60 for a pair, which is super cheap compared to the original. There are more than 1000 unit sales in these, which is a good sign.

They have the replica of these shoes

  • Yeezy 750 Boost, Yeezy Net, Yeezy Light Brow
  • Balenciaga speed trainers, Triple S trainers, Race runners 


sean wotherspoon airmax 97 replica.jpg

The Turbe_Sports store has replica shoes for both men and women. They have over 6700+ transactions and a 97.1% positive feedback. 

  • They have Balenciaga replicas, Nike replicas  
  • They are popular for the Highcut Nike replicas

Check this out


The Shoes_to_Shoes store is  a fairly new store. Although they have 300+ transactions, they do have a decent rating of 95%. 

  • They are known for their Adidas NMD Pharell Williams replicas 
  • They are also known for Nike basketball sneakers 


LCC Store

The LCC Store is a pretty new addition to DHgate. They’ve been around for only a year. They are known for their Nike running shoe replicas. The price of the replica shoes range from $11 to $64. They have a 100% positive feedback and have sold more than 4000+ shoes which is pretty awesome for a new store!

Check it out on Dhgate

Best Shoes Store

If you’re looking for good quality Air Jordan and Yeezy replicas, this is the store for you. Best Shoes Store on DHGate has a wide range of Air Jordans series. 

Best Shoes Store is one of the top sellers on DHGate with 91.9% positive feedback. You can get a good quality Air Jordans replica for $40 – $50. The colors are pretty close to shown in the pictures and according to the reviews the quality is great!

The seller has completed 73,735 transactions successfully and has been selling on DHGate for the past 7 years! 

Check it out

DH Gate Replica Sneakers

There are a few things you might want to consider before purchasing replica shoes on DH Gate. 

  • There is no better place to buy replica shoes online than on DH Gate. You get it directly from the factory 
  • DHGate sellers also do wholesale and help with dropshipping 
  • If you want specific models of shoes, just text the supplier and find out more information
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Advantages and Disadvantages of buying replica sneakers from DHgate

There are loads of advantages and disadvantages to buying from DHgate, here are a few.

You have access to a wide variety of replica sneakers that can either be bought in bulk or at retail pricesShipping is not up to the mark and at times the packaging can get damaged
Replica sneakers sold on DHgate are generally made from high-quality materials and a majority of them are reliableThere’s no fixed ETA for seller responses and there can be a communication delay of sorts.
Products sold here are affordable and you can find plenty of discounts you can avail on your orders
Products are categorized accordingly and it’s easy to find any product simply by entering the right search terms
Some replica sneaker sellers provide sample products to check the authenticity and quality of the shoes before placing a final order.


How do I contact a replica sneaker seller on DHgate?

In order to reach out to any seller on DHgate, you must first create an account.Once you’re signed in simply proceed to the seller you’re planning on reaching out to and tap on the button “Ask Seller a Question”. This will direct you to a message box and you can go ahead and type out your query and send it across. You can then gauge how responsive the seller is based on the time they take to answer your query.

What keywords do I use to find the best DHgate replica sneaker sellers?

There are many keywords you can enter in the DHgate search bar to find replica sneaker sellers. Some that you can try are:

Adidas – Ultra boost shoes, superstar shoes, Adidas replica sneakers

Balenciaga – Arena shoes, Balen sneakers, Balenciaga sneaker copies

Nike – Just do it sneakers, Nike replicas

Puma – R698 sneakers, Fake puma shoes

Timberland – Timber shoes, Mountain sneakers

Vans – Canvas slip ons

What are the differences between original sneakers and replicas?

There are many differences you can spot between original sneakers and their replica counterparts sold on DHgate. Since it’s illegal to have exact copies of branded products, Chinese manufacturers tend to leave out a few minute details, thus making them legit copies. 

For example, most of the replica Nike sneakers sold on Dhgate will not have the tick or the Nike logo and replica Adidas sneakers might come with four lines instead of the three you would find on the original pair. 

Apart from these small changes to the design,  the quality of the material and the overall finish of the replica sneakers are great, so you’re basically getting a high quality copy of a branded shoe for cheap.

Who makes the best replica sneakers?

The best replica sneakers can be found on DHgate. There are a wide range of sellers who sell, Nike replicas, Adidas replicas, Air Jordan replicas, Yeezy replicas, Balenciaga replicas among others. They have the widest selection and the most affordable replicas online. 

Does DHGate sell fake shoes?

DHgate does sell fake shoes also known as replicas. They sell fake shoes of various brands such as Nike, Adidas, Balenciaga, Yeezy’s and more. 

What are the best replica shoe sites?

The best replica shoe sites are DHgate and Aliexpress. DHgate among these two is the best replica shoe site because of the money back guarantee and buyer protection features, cheap price and the quality. 

Aliexpress vs Dhgate Replica Sneakers Sellers

This has been a major discussion among people about reps on reddit. Aliexpress has gone after reps sellers and even blocking some of the keywords in the main searches. Whereas DHgate is a lot more open with its reps. This is why Dhgate is better than Aliexpress when it comes to sneaker reps online.

  • Aliexpress replicas aren’t as famous these days and are almost impossible to find. 
  • DHgate sneakers replicas are more famous these days and are being bought rapidly. 
  • DHgate has direct sellers and factories that make the price budgeted. 
  • Aliexpress includes a lot of middlemen and for the same reason the prices can be high. 
  • DH gate has dropshipping wherein the sellers accept the orders but don’t keep goods in stock as well as wholesale orders. 
  • Aliexpress has different platforms for this like Alibaba, and doesn’t support replicas. 
  • Both DHgate and Aliexpress have free shipping, 24/7 live support as well as buyer protection and refund.

Tips for Buying Replica Shoes on DHgate

  • Some replica sneakers photos are highly masked, edited or hidden deformities on DHgate, make sure to message the sellers and get the original image of the sneakers. The sellers most often than not aren’t able to put up the original image due to copyright issues. 
  • You can find sneaker pictures on the feedback/review section from other customers. These are the products that people receive after buying from DHgate so it’s trustworthy. 
  • Ask the seller for the entire package like box, bills, etc. if you want it as some sellers give it for free and some change a few bucks for the same. 
  • Look for discounts or coupons because most sellers do provide discounts on DHgate. Also, if you’re bulk buying, you can ask for a discount by directly contacting the seller. 
  • If you’re interested in particularly buying a specific product then you can ask the Dhgate seller if they can provide it to  you. 

Is dhgate good for replica sneakers?

Yes, DHgate is one of the best sneakers replica sites because of the quality of the replica sneakers as well as the reasonable price. The site also has money back guarantee and buyer’s protection. 

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Dhgate Reps

We all love shoes, don’t we? But getting the best of the best can really dent your wallet, especially if you are a sneaker aficionado. Plus when you spend so much on shoes, you don’t feel like using them. This is why replica sneakers come into play. If you are unaware, a replica sneakers is one that looks exactly like the original but it comes at half or 1/3rd the cost. It’s not easy to find replica sneakers online as there are a lot of below par sellers, who sell anything under the sun under the tag of a replica. We find you the best DH Gate Replica sneakers sellers.

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