26 Best Women Clothing Vendors on Aliexpress | Trusted Aliexpress Clothing Stores Reviewed and Rated

by Tim Blue

Store Name: Simplee

Store Description: Simplee is one of the best stores on Aliexpress for women's fashion. They have casual clothes as well as dresses for events. All this at a budget!

Price range: $10 - $50

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Everybody knows that Aliexpress is THE place for the best clothing for women. But it can be hard to find that ONE good vendor who knows your style and delivers the goods at a great price. 

Today we cover the best women clothing vendors on Aliexpress. I’ve spent days looking through these listings and have picked out the top women clothing sellers on Aliexpress. 

BrandKnown ForLink
SimpleeWomen’s Everyday Casual ClothesLink
SheinLargest Womens Fashion Seller on AliexpressLink
MishowWomens Sweaters and DressesLink
EverprettyWomens Dresses for All EventsLink
Sexy Goddess Runway Fashion for WomenLink
Sisjuly Official StoreSummer Dresses for WomenLink
Shemujersky Official StoreBudget Fashion and Cheap Tops for WomenLink
VIANOSIScarves and Hats for WomenLink
Bella Philosophy Winter JacketsLink
ToyouthTeenage Girls FashionLink
Miegofce Womens coatsLink
ColrovieSexy clothes including lingerie and innersLink
WixraSweaters, tees and pantsLink
Two Twin StyleEclectic FashionLink
TrendyOLCheap clothing on AliexpressLink
July’s SongSexy Pajama SetLink
EAMPostmodern FashionLink
Fine TooLingerie on AliexpressLink
SweetownLatest fashion, Hot Trends, Instagram FashionLink
OcstradeBeautiful dresses for all occassionsLink
Chic EverRampwalk fashionLink
Semir FashionEveryday clothes Link
Sheshow FlavourElegant dressesLink
LishyiGym wear on Aliexpress, Athleisure Link

So strap in and check out these great sellers who will give you a bang for the buck and also make you look fab! SO if you are wondering where to buy the best cheap clothing online then read further! 

Best Women’s Clothing Brands on Aliexpress


womens fashion aliexpress

Simplee is one of the largest stores on Aliexpress. They’ve been around for 5 years and have one of the best fashion collections online. They have a positive rating of 97.8% and have over 2.5 Million followers

So what are they known for? 

This cheap fashion store on Aliexpress has some super casual, everyday clothing like shirts, tees, dresses and tops. If you are looking to rebuild your wardrobe with the latest trends, then this is the perfect store. 

From $13 dresses to $9 tops, you have it all in this store. This review isn’t justified, you need to check it out yourself. 

Check out Fashion Accessories like Zara Accessories starting at $1.50

Zale Women Clothes

zale women's clothes

The Zale Women’s Clothes store has the distinction of becoming a Top Brand within a year of its launch. They have 14,000+ followers. The best way to describe this store is ‘Everyday Casual’. They’ve got some super affordable and super cheap clothing items.

From jackets to dresses to tops and tees, they’ve got everything. The best selling items are the waist coast, shirts and tops. Their pricing is super cheap. Cheaper than any store that you will encounter offline or online. This is why they’ve been added to our list.


womens clothing vendors aliexpress

Shein is by far the most popular fashion seller on Aliexpress. They have over 2Million followers and have a positive rating of 97.8%. They’ve been a clothing vendor on Aliexpress for over 5 years. 

So what are they known for? 

Shein is your generic fashion store where you can get everything under the sun. From blouses to coats to jumpsuits to sweatshirts to sleepwear to skirts and more! 

They update their new arrivals every single week! Check out the store below. 


The Mishow Apparel Store has gained prominence over the past year and has become the fashion destination for many buyers. They are a top brand with a 99% rating and over 83,000+ followers. 

This store has a good collection of Autumn and Winter clothing. They deal with sweaters and dresses. This is not the kind of store that has some crazy colourful designs. But here you will find the more demure type of clothing with a lot of beige designs. 

Their coats are also especially pretty great! 

Ever Pretty Official Store 

The Ever Pretty store on Aliexpress is probably the best categorized store on the platform. They are a top brand and they have have been a top seller on Aliexpress for over 10 years. They have 97.8% positive feedback and over 800,000+ followers.

In this store you can find the following categories : Evening dresses, prom dresses, plus size dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses and sequin dresses.

If you are looking for dresses for an event, this is the perfect to get your dress! 


aliexpress women's clothing

The Anjamanor Store is everything a girl needs. Firstly they offer big discounts on big purchases, so make sure to take advantage of that. They are known for their sets, tops, coats, swim wear, dresses, body suits, bottoms and more.

They are super stylish and very affordable clothing. The style can be described as a bit out there and latest street fashion. If you like the Kim Kardashian style of dressing, then you’ll love this store

Sexy Goddess Store

cheap womens clothing aliexpress

Who doesn’t want to be a sexy goddess? Over a short span of one year, the Sexy Goddess Store has become one of the best sellers on Aliexpress for women’s fashion.

They are a top brand with 95.9% positive rating and over 4000+ followers. 

In this store you can find some of the most eclectic fashion that you can see in fashion shows across the world. You can find the most fashionable women’s clothing on offer at this store.

They have dresses, gowns, short skirts, designer clothes among others. This store’s designs are so unique that you won’t find these type of clothes even in shops like Forever 21, H&M and more. 

Sisjuly Official Store

best aliexpress clothing sellers

The Sisjuly store is one of the underrated clothing sellers on Aliexpress. They do have a big following of 400,000+ people, but they don’t have a top rating yet. 

They offer discounts on bundle deals and they are plenty of choices to choose from. Some of Sisjuly’s offerings are winter jackets, summer dresses and more.

If you are looking for summer dresses on Aliexpress then this is the store to visit. 

Shemujersky Official Store

cute fashion on aliexpress

Another veteran clothing brand on Aliexpress is the Shemujersky store. This store has a 97.2% positive feedback and has over 11,000 followers. 

This store has some of the best tops on Aliexpress. You can find super amazing tops for as cheap as $10. If you are looking for fashion on a budget, this is a good store to hunt for deals! 

This store keeps updating their offerings ever so often, so make sure to visit their store frequently to check out the latest fashion trends on Aliexpress. 


The Vianosi Store is a store that has some unique clothing options. They sell scarves and hats! If you’ve ever wondered, how stylish can scarves get? Then the answer can be found here! 

They sell scarves of all types and hats of all types! Perfect place to accessorize! 

Bella Philosophy

The interestingly named Bella Philosophy can be called a high fashion store at a low budget.The styles and designs here are the latest. They look super good and super stylish. This store has had a decent run  having been a seller on Aliexpress for over five year. They are a Top Brand and have a 95.7% positive rating.

They also have 280,000+ followers.

This store has the best winter jackets for women on Aliexpress. You get woolen jackets, fur jackets and more. 


Toyouth is the best Teenage Fashion Seller on Aliexpress. If you are looking for the best clothing style for teenagers, then this is the store you need to check out. The Toyou store has a whopping 99.1% positive rating! They have 500,000 followers and have been selling on Aliexpress for over 5 years now. 

The styles you can find in this store are tees, harem pants, casual pants, hoodies, tops and more. If you don’t know the latest styles and aren’t sure what to wear, just visit this store and choose any piece of clothing and you’ll be good to go! 


If you are a big jacket fan, then the biggest jacket seller on Aliexpress is Miegofce. They have an incredible 99.4% rating and over 750,000 followers. They are a top brand and have been around for 4 years. 

This store has the best jackets on Aliexpress and although the store page is in Russian, the product pages get translated into Enlgish and other languages. 

Don’t miss this one! 


The Colrovie Store is one of those classic stores. If you are looking for something sexy to wear irrespective of the kind of dress, you get it all. Lingerie to body suits to tees to dresses. You get all the stylish clothes for women! 

They are a top brand with a 97.3% rating and over 1.2million followers. 


The Wixra store is a top brand with a 97.5% rating. They have 25,000 followers. The Wixra Store has a few unique collections that they do really well.

Their sweater tees are one of the best and their skirts and pants. Their style is understated and classic. You won’t see anything too jazzy in this store. You will see plain pastel colours that are super classic! 


The Two Twin Style has some of the craziest fashion that I’ve seen in an online store. This is a fashion style that isn’t for everybody. They sell puffy tops, jackets, sweaters, dresses and more. 

They are one of the most popular clothing stores on Aliexpress. They are a top brand with a 96.9% and over 500,000 followers. 


TrendyOL is like your neighbourhood shop that sells super cheap clothing that suits your style. The styles are modern and with a touch of “cool” in them. If you are looking to buy clothes for everyday wear, then you can check out TrendyOL.

They are a Top Brand with over 183,000+ followers and a 97.1% positive feedback. You can find high waisted pants for as cheap as $9 and super trendy mint sweaters for as cheap as $15. 

Stylish, elegant and cheap clothing that you can get in a few days. 

JULY’s Song

The July’s Song store is super unique because they sell one piece of clothing that nobody else sells. It’s the “Sexy Pajama Set”. This is sure to intrigue the women out there, especially for those who are looking for quality lingerie on Aliexpress.

July’s Song is a top brand for clothing for women on Aliexpress with a rating of 95.7%. They also have 15,000+ followers. 


The EAM store on Aliexpress is a postmodernist fashion store online. In this store you will see some of the most modern styles of clothing and fashion that is out there. From shirt-dresses to long sleeve t-shirt dresses to sweater coats and more. 

The EAM store has been around for more than 5 years and have 235,000+ followers. They are a top brand with a 98.1% rating. 


The Finetoo store is a dedicated Lingerie store for all types of innerwear. They are one of the top bra sellers on Aliexpress. They sell shapers, bralettes, wireless bras and more.

They have super stylish bras and a good collection of lingerie. 

They’ve been around for a year and have a 97.4% rating and 56,600+ followers.


The clothing on Sweetown is fast fashion mixed with hot trends. If you want to dress like Instagram celebrities, then Sweetown is the place to shop. 

sweetown aliexpress vendor

They have look books that help you pick out the right clothing for you! 


The first thing to know about Ocstrade is the discounts you get when buying in bulk. So if you are looking to buy multiple clothing, then consider Ocstrade for their discounts.

Octrade has some of the most interesting dresses for women. They are super stylish, sexy and elegant at the same time, if that’s possible,

If it’s dresses, it’s ocstrade! 

Chic Ever

Chic Ever’s fashion sense can be termed eclectic. They have fashion that is not to everybody’s taste and it looks like it’s come out of a fashion show. 

With puffy tops to ultra long pants to long shirts. The fashion is out there! If you experiment with fashion, then check out Chic Ever! 

Semir Fashion

cheap womens clothes aliexpress

One of my personal favourite stores is Semir. It’s everyday clothing that is super fashionable. It’s cheap, it’s slightly unique and a perfect store to shop from!

Sheshow Flavour

The Sheshow Flavour store is an underrated women’s clothing store on Aliexpress because they’ve been around for 4 years, but there’s still not a lot of coverage about them. They have become a Top Brand and now are seeing some popularity.

womens dresses aliexpress

The Sheshow store has some of the most beautiful fashion. From dresses to professional wear. This store screams elegance! Must visit for women! 

Laishyi Gym Fashion Store

The Laishyyi Gym Fashion Store focuses on only one thing, gym clothing for women. If you are looking for gym wear for women on Aliexpress, then very likely you’ll be brought to this store. They have leggings, tights, sports bras, athleisure, gym sets, jackets and anything that you can wear for a workout or yoga. It’s a dedicated store and they let you customize the logos as well. So looking to get custom gym wear for your lady friends? This is the store to visit!

They have a 97.7% positive feedback and 12,800+ followers!

Best Aliexpress Clothing Vendors

This is the best lift of women’s clothing brands on Aliexpress. Make sure to check the size guide before you make a purchase. Here are some more tips on finding the right sellers on Aliexpress for clothes.

How to Find Clothes on Aliexpress

Firstly you need to know, on Aliexpress there are a few brands that specialize in dresses, wedding dresses and even Jackets. The Vianosi Store on Aliexpress sells ONLY jackets.

To find the right kind clothes on Aliexpress. Make sure to enter the product you are searching for and filter by “Orders” for the best selling. Like in the image below.

You can filter based on the colour of the dress and the size and the type of Brand as well.

Are Aliexpress clothes good quality?

Aliexpress clothes are really good quality as these suppliers manufacture clothes for the big brands like Zara, H&M and more. Aliexpress is known for their clothes and has one of the best clothes from China. 

Are the clothes on AliExpress real?

Clothes on Aliexpress are indeed real. They are smaller Chinese brands that sell awesome clothing and are popular worldwide for their cheap pricing and fashionable look. 

Where is H&M on AliExpress?

Officially H&M does not sell on Aliexpress, as they sell only on their websites, app and select stores online. Aliexpress is not a select partner of H&M. But you can find similar sellers who sell H&M like products.

Where is Zara clothes on AliExpress?

Zara doesn’t officially sell on Aliexpress. But there are Zara like clothing available on Aliexpress. All you need to do is search for Z brand fashion on Aliexpress and filter through the clothing options.

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