Top China Wholesale Auto Parts Suppliers 2023 (US/UK/China)

by Tim Blue

Everybody knows the car dealerships make their money through services and car parts replacement than the sale of the car. This is why Auto Parts Distributors are in huge demand. Over the years, this demand has risen after the big automobile growth worldwide. The margins on wholesale auto parts are pretty big as people are willing to pay a premium for better car parts. 

We cover top wholesale auto parts suppliers and car parts suppliers from whom you can get the best car parts in wholesale. If you are looking for other wholesale distributors, then check out or other articles here.

We majorly cover Chinese Autoparts supplier in Wholesale in this article.

Chinese Wholesale Autoparts Distributors / Suppliers / Maufacturers

Auto Parts Wholesale WebsiteKnown for
Car Parts90 day return and replacement policy and low price. U.S. based Auto parts wholesaler
AlibabaExperienced suppliers and parts of all types and kinds
Buy Auto Parts3 to 4 year warranty on their auto parts
China BrandsDirect supplier and great support
Auto Parts Warehouse70% off on certain products
Keystone AutomotiveExport to over 70 countries with 185,000+ SKU’s
Parts MultiverseGood return policy and reasonable shipping charges
Factory Motor Parts CoOldest automobile parts supplier in the U.S. 

Wholesale Car Parts Online from China

#1 – Alibaba 

alibaba car parts supplier

One of the biggest auto parts suppliers in the world are in Alibaba. Alibaba is by far the biggest wholesale products website and you have the best auto parts suppliers there. There are Auto Parts suppliers with over 15 years of experience in the business. The sub categories in Albaba for Auto parts are as follows

  • Sheet metal fabrication 
  • Casting and moulds for auto parts
  • Auto brake pads
  • Clutch Master Cylinders
  • Hydraulic power steering pump
  • CNC machining parts 

And more.

Check out Alibaba

#2 – Car Parts 

car parts vendor china

Car Parts has been an Auto Parts Supplier since 1999 and have shipped over 10 million orders. They are a Car Parts supplier in the U.S. They have three warehouses in the U.S.

They have a very clear return and replacement policy, although all products don’t come under this. They have a 90 day return policy, which is more than what most wholesalers will give. 

They also have a low price policy, where they can get you the lowest possible price in the market if you can find a similar product for cheaper. 

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They sell all the auto parts that one would require such as bumpers, grilles, hoods, headlights, tail lights, turn signals and more. 

Check out Car parts

#3 – Buy Auto Parts

car parts vendor

Buy Auto Parts has been a wholesale auto parts dealer for more than 19 years. They deal with numerous car parts and car accessories. The best part about their products is the warranty they offer for each product. They have a 3 to 4 year warranty on each product they sell. This is unseen in most cases. 

They offer free shipping on all orders above $99. They have exemplary ratings and let you choose parts based on the make, model, year of manufacturer and so on. 

They deal with AC compressors, Fuel pump assembly, power steering gear box, drive shaft, shock absorber ignition coil and other car parts. 

If you are looking to buy auto parts online, then you can check out BAP. 

Check out Buy Auto Parts

#4 – China Brands

chinese auto parts manufacturer

Chinabrands is an up and coming supplier that deals with auto spare parts in wholesale. 

They are slightly different from other suppliers where in, they own the products that they ship out. This has huge benefits because there is no middle man and you will ultimately dealing with Chinabrands. The quality of the products will be much better because they are handpicked.

The support will also be great because you’ll be dealing directly with the site that has standards to maintain. Apart from China Brands’ own products, they also stock products of Auto parts brands such as AutoLover, Tirol and Zeepin. 

Check out China Brands

#5 – Auto Parts Warehouse

One of the top online auto parts distributors in the United States is Auto Parts Warehouse. They were founded in 1995 and have grown by leaps and bounds. They stock over 550,000 different parts and they have all those aspects that makes an auto parts supplier great. 

  • They offer 70% off on certain products
  • They have free shipping on orders above $50 
  • Their payment plans are flexible, which means you can negotiate with them and extend your credit period. 
  • They also have a warranty on their products that can be extended too. 
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Check out Auto Parts Warehouse

#6 – Keystone Automotive

auto car parts supplier

Keystone Automotive is one of the largest wholesale distributors of Auto Parts. If you were looking for wholesale auto parts online and you bumped into Keystone automotive, then you are in the right place. The company has 7 distribution centers that it owns and operates out of the United States.

They stock about 185,000+ SKU’s from over 80 suppliers. They export to over 70 different countries. 

Check out Keystone Automotive

#7 – Parts Multiverse

Parts Multiverse is a small scale auto parts dealer. They offer numerous car parts at wholesale prices. In terms of service offerings, they have Free Shipping in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Israel. Every other country has to pay a minimum fee of $5 for shipping. 

It takes from 1 to 2 weeks for the former to about 2 to 4 weeks for the latter countries. They have a 30 day return policy based on certain conditions. 

  • Bought the wrong part of the car
  • Changed your mind
  • Or the item is defective 

Check out Parts Multiverse

#8 – Factory Motor Parts Co 

chinese car parts supplier
All brands Factory Motor Parts Co works with

One of the oldest car parts distributors is Factory Motor Parts Co. They were founded in 1945 and have been around for decades. It’s a family owned business that primarily deals in the U.S. They deal with products of the best auto brands in the world. They are a reliable wholesale distributor of car parts in the United States. 

Check out Factory Motor parts Co

#9 – Parts Train

Parts Train is right up there as a trusty wholesale auto parts dealer. They’ve been around for quite a long time having been incepted in 1995. They have an amazing turnaround time for their parts and thats one of their highlights.

One another thing about Parts Train is their inventory. They have over 1 Million parts and suppliers relating to cars and auto parts. This means, even if you are looking for niche and rare car parts and auto parts, you’ll find it here.

They also have an interesting feature called the ‘Affordable Guarantee’. If you find an auto part that is cheaper on some other site or platform, they will match the price and sell it at you at the lowest price. This is a guarantee from their side!

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Check out Parts Train

#10 – RacersEQ

Racers EQ isn’t just for racers. They have a virutal warehouse tour on their site where you can see their warehouse without having to visit them. You can place your orders online and they have services which reduce shipping costs. They are a must check out car part supplier in the US.

Check out RacersEQ

So what are the best selling cart parts? 

This actually warrants a separate article. But based on the research I’ve done. The best selling auto parts for wholesale are 

  • Radiator
  • Shock Absorber
  • Brake Pad
  • Brake Disc 
  • Fuel Pump
  • Air Filter
  • Ignition Coil 

What do I need to know before choosing a wholesale auto part supplier? 

Auto parts might be a great business, but it’s also a very trust deficient business. People don’t easily trust auto parts sellers because they are wary of putting below par parts into their cars or automobiles. This is why choosing the right supplier is super paramount.

So how do you choose the right Auto parts supplier? Here are a few tips

a. Find the warranty information 

This is very telling and is often the biggest sign of whether the supplier is worth trusting or not. If a supplier provides generous warranty for the products. That is over a year, then they more than likely can be trusted. This means they think of their products as long term machines and will replace the products in case things go wrong. If there’s no warranty, then there’s a problem. 

b.Years of experience 

Only the most trusted sellers with the best products will survive over the years. Experience and time in business is one of the most important aspects to choosing a wholesale auto part supplier. 

c. Return and replacement policy 

What is their return and replacement policy? If you don’t like the product can you return it? If it’s not up to your standard, can you return it? Generally companies with poor return and replacement policies have poor services and products. You might need to be wary.

d. Clients they deal with

Check out their client base and ask them for reference contacts and speak to the clients if the supplier is legitimate or not. If they supplier does not give you any reference contacts, then there’s a problem!

e. Brands they sell 

Most suppliers sell the products of certain brands. But if they are too keen on selling products from only a certain brand then you need to be wary because they might be earning a higher commission from the manufacturer. So you can check the list of brands that the supplier deals with. 

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