Chinese Anti Fog Film & Rain Film for Cars

by Tim Blue

If you live in a city, you know that fog is pretty common during the colder months. And if you live in a humid climate, fog is basically inevitable. That’s why it’s important to have an anti-fog mirror film installed in your car. 

I had a tough time a few months ago where my car windows and mirrors would frequently get foggy because of the climate around. It was quite difficult driving around everyday as I had to stop every few miles to wipe down my windshield so I could see ahead.

That’s when I got fedup and decided to install anti-fog mirror film on my car windows and mirrors. Unfortunately, the anti-fog mirror film where I live is quite expensive and I thought why not buy one online instead.

To my amazement I came across hundreds of different Chinese anti-fog mirror films on AliExpress that were not only cheap and affordable, but based on previous buyers, they were quite effective at preventing foggy mirrors regardless of the weather conditions outside. 

So I decided to pick up a bunch of different products to see if they are good enough for my car. I tested over 50 different products and have rounded it up to the following 6 that are worth the money.

Let’s take a look at some brilliant Chinese anti-fog mirror film products you should get your hands on today.

Where to Buy Chinese Anti-Fog Mirror FilmStore Rating
Car Souls Store97.0% Satisfaction Rating
Tancredy Specialty Store94.2% Satisfaction Rating
Pick Me Car Accessories95.8% Satisfaction Rating
X Auto Store90.5% Satisfaction Rating
Shop4413114 Store95.6% Satisfaction Rating
Car Detailing Store89.1% Satisfaction Rating

How do Anti-Fog Mirror Films Work?

Anti-fog mirror film is a transparent and weather-resistant coating of super thin silicone or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that is applied to the surface of windows and windshields to reduce fogging. It works by reflecting sunlight back into the car, which then dissipates the moisture in the air. This prevents ice crystals from forming on your window or windshield, which would lead to foggy conditions.

Chinese Anti Fog Film & Rain Film for Cars

Chinese Anti-Fog Mirror Film on AliExpress

Anti-Fog Mirror Film Set of 4 – Car Souls Store

anti fog mirror film

I came across the seller – Car Souls Store on AliExpress and they had a ton of car accessories on sale. One item which caught my eye was the 4-piece anti-fog mirror film for roughly $3. Based on the reviews, previous customers were pretty satisfied with this product and it also happens to be one of the top selling anti-fog mirror films on AliExpress, so I decided to give it a try.

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I was shocked when I received the package in under a week and was quite happy with the packaging and overall buying experience. The film is made from PET which means that they can last for around a year and they come with a protective sticker later that I had to remove before applying them on my car windows.

anti fog films for side mirror from china

The films stayed in place and were quite effective at preventing the windows and mirrors from fogging up. Car Souls Store even has other sizing options available and they sell full length sheets of this protective film just in case you would like to coat all the mirrors and windows on your car.

HGKG Anti-Fog Coating Spray Level 5 20ml – Tancredy Specialty Store

anti fog coating spray from china

The Tancredy specialty store on AliExpress is another vendor that specializes in cheap Chinese car accessories. They have an overall satisfaction rating of 94.2% and have been serving clients around the world for over 6 years. They have one of the most effective anti-fog sprays on the market and you can get your hands on a 20ml bottle for around $4.65.

The spray bottle is quite tiny and I was able to use a single bottle to cover around 20 square meters on my car. It’s good, you don’t need much of it, and the spray lasts for up to a month which is way more than other regular anti-fog sprays.

does anti fog film work in cars?

The one thing I liked about the spray is that it can be applied to a variety of glass surfaces to prevent fogging such as your glasses, helmet visors and bathroom mirrors among others. Though the quantity is less, the level of effectiveness for a spray and pricing of each bottle make it a worthwhile investment.

2-Piece Chinese Anti-Fog Protective Film – Pick Me Car Accessories

Pick Me Car Accessories is a relatively new store on AliExpress that has managed to receive an impressive 95.8% satisfaction rating. They sell a variety of car accessories such as cleaning tools, tyre accessories, door handles, dashboard accessories and one of their most popular items just so happens to be this 2-piece anti-fog protective film. 

The film is available in 3 sizes depending what you need it for and you can buy a set of 2 for roughly $0.01 making it the most affordable product on the market.  Unlike the one we checked out earlier from car souls store, this protective film provides 3 layers of protection and is made from high quality PET.

chinese anti fog protective film

Each sheet was precision cut and the measurements line up with what’s advertised. The film is one of the thinnest I’ve tried till now and that’s a good thing because it blends in well with the glass surface and you will only be able to see the outline of the film when it rains or it’s cold outside.

X Autohaux 5-Pieces Waterproof Mirror Film – X Auto Store

If you want a complete kit that includes film for your rear view mirrors, driver’s door window and the front/back windshield for under $10 then you should consider visiting the X Auto Store on AliExpress. This seller is one of the newest sellers on the market with a satisfaction rating of 90.5% and they just might be my new go-to place for all my car needs.

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I picked up their 5-piece kit to see if they are effective and found that the films last for months if they are applied in the right way. Each kit consists of the protective film and a set of tools required to get the job done such as a spatula, microfiber cloth and a spray bottle. 

chinese anti fog film

They have different options to choose from such as a 2-piece film (multiple sizes), and a 4-piece film kit to prevent your windows from fogging up. One good thing is that X Auto provides deals on bulk purchases and on any order over 4 pairs you will receive an additional 3% discount on the overall price of the order excluding shipping and handling.

Generic Chinese Hydrophobic Protective Film 2-Pieces

hydrophobic anti fog films china

Now here is a decent anti-fog film that I chanced upon that’s cheap, effective and available in 4 sizing options. The seller – Shop4413114 has been around for 4 years and one of the reasons why I considered buying from them is because they provide free shipping on all orders.

Their 2-piece generic Chinese anti-fog film is made from PET and has a nano coating that helps prevent dust build-up, scratches and will prevent fog from building up on the glass when you’re driving in the rain or early in the morning when it’s cold outside. Each film has a lifespan of 12-14 months and can easily be removed at any point in time.

anti fog film from china

I figured that these would be similar to the other anti-fog films that I purchased, but boy was I wrong. The nano coating on this film is not present on the others and is what helps improve visibility regardless of the weather conditions outside. The film is completely transparent and the four sizes available in their store are a perfect fit for your side windows, rear view mirrors and windshield.

4-Pieces Anti-Fog Mirror Film for Cars – Car Detailing Store

anti fog car film from china

Another fantastic Chinese anti-fog film that I found is this one from the Car Detailing store on AliExpress. Priced at $5 and with a buyer satisfaction rating of 4.7, this product is a must buy even though the seller charges for shipping.

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Each kit includes a scraper and 4 waterproof anti-fog films that can easily be applied onto your car windows or mirrors. You get two 175*200mm/6.89*7.87″ and two 150*100mm/5.91*3.94″ pieces of film which is enough to provide you with clear, blur-free vision of the road ahead as well as anything on the sides of your car. 

Are anti fog films from china worth it?

The order I placed included all the key components to fix the film to the glass and the four pieces I received are currently placed on the driver and passenger side windows and the rear view mirrors. They are slightly thicker than the rest which is why I think some buyers might not be happy. But overall, they do a fantastic job of keeping the windows fog free and they are affordable, so it’s still a win in my book.

How to Apply Anti-Fog Mirror Film?

If you are looking to install an anti mist mirror film, here are some tips:

1. Clean the surface of the mirror or window where the film will be installed using a diluted solution of soap and water. Make sure any grease or other build-up is removed before proceeding to the application part of the process.

2. Spread a thin layer of anti fog mirror film over the window, making sure to cover all nooks and crannies. If you’ve bought the actual film then simply peel away the sticky side and affix it on the glass. Ensure to press down firmly so there’s no bubbles or air gaps in between the film and your glass.

3. Wipe the film with a damp cloth and leave it to dry. If you’ve used the spray then don’t wipe it down, let the film dry and you can drive around without worrying about your mirrors or windshield fogging up again.

How long does Anti-fog mirror spray last?

The best sprays I’ve tested last a maximum of 4-5 days from the date of application. The silicone anti-fog sheets on the other hand last much longer and can provide optimal protection for up to a year. 

Why does anti-fog spray fade soon?

When anti-fog spray solution comes in contact with water it tends to dissolve and disappear from the glass. It’s meant to be used on indoor items such as bathroom mirrors and windows, but can also be used on car windows with the only condition being that it has to be reapplied once a week to prevent your windows from fogging up. They are very effective, but don’t offer long lasting protection.

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