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by Tim Blue

Store Name: SMGSLIB Baby Store

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Price range: $10 - $30

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In the next 8 years, the baby care category will jump from $73 Billion a year to $109 Billion a year. If you have wondered why the number of shops catering to moms and babies have increased in and around you, this is the reason. It’s the perfect time to cash in. 

I’ve researched and gone through the top wholesale baby clothes suppliers. But why baby clothes distributors? 

The number one product for babies that have repeat purchases is clothing. Babies grow out of their clothes super quick and parents will keep replacing them. You’ll have repeat business for years! 

Top Wholesale Baby Clothes Suppliers in China 2020

I’ve gone through a list of bulk childrens clothing suppliers and found out these top suppliers from China, India, USA, UK and other countries. 

In the table below, you will find the main sites where you can find the wholesale baby clothes. In the next table, I’ve listed down the individual suppliers who deal with baby clothes in bulk. 

Sites that sell baby clothes wholesaleCountry of Origin
India MartIndia
Kiddies World WholesaleUK
Wholesale Children ClothingUSA
Little Adam & EveUSA
Angel WholesaleUK
Dollar DaysUSA
Kellis GiftsUSA

#1 Wholesale Baby Clothes Supplier in China – Aliexpress

You can never have a list without Aliexpress on it. This site has some of the biggest wholesale suppliers. If you are looking for the best suppliers who deal in baby clothes, then you are in the right place. Here are the best wholesale baby clothes distributors on Aliexpress. 

Supplier NameLink
SMGSLIB Baby StoreClick here
Kavkas Baby Clothing StoreClick here
Mother Nest Baby StoreClick here
Dave Bella StoreClick here
Aile Rabbit StoreClick here
Lollipop EGOClick here

#2 Best Baby Clothes Distributor in China –  Dhgate 

Dhgate is an up and coming online website that deals with wholesale products. The best part about Dhgate is, you can see all the bulk rates listed on the product page itself. Here are the best Dhgate baby clothes suppliers 

Wi Monsoon Flagship StoreClick here
Alex ZengClick here
TiangeltgClick here
DTsunnyClick here

#3 Wholesale Childrens Clothes in India –  India Mart

Indiamart is the Alibaba of China. They are the largest platform with the most number of suppliers listed. You can find local suppliers and manufacturers who deal in baby clothing. As there is no other wholesale site in India, this is the best bet to find the right supplier. You can also search on Justdial, which is the local directory in India. 

#4 Wholesale Baby Clothes Online – Kiskissing 

Kiskissing is a site dedicated to children and baby clothing. Here you’ll find clothes for toddlers as well as kids of all ages. In terms of a collection, they have the widest range and you’ll be able to find tees, shorts, onesies, jackets, shoes, shorts for kids and babies. 

They have super stylish clothing for babies and kids. So if you are looking to shop for fashionable baby clothes, then Kiskissing should be your first choice. 

#5 Wholesale Kids Clothes – Kiddies World Wholesale 

A kids clothing wholesaler from the U.K. – Kiddies World Wholesale have an amazing collection of clothes for babies, boys and girls. You can find anything from baby accessories to school wear. Apart from clothing, they also have toys and gifts. If you are looking for a dedicated website for kids clothing, then this is the best in the U.K. 

#6 Wholesale Baby Clothes in Bulk – Wholesale Children’s Clothing 

Another top wholesaler is Wholesale’s Children Clothing. This is a site that not only deals with children’s and baby clothing, but also adults. This site specializes in casual clothing, as well as premium baby clothing. 

#7 Wholesale Baby Clothes Supplier in USA – Little Adam and Eve 

One of the cutest baby clothing you can find online is Little Adam and Eve. This company is based out of the U.S. and they make some of the best baby clothes. Their collections include outfits, sets, swaddles and more. Each piece of clothing is designed by an internal team and looks really good. They do have a wholesale option and if you are looking to buy clothes from a supplier based out of the U.S., then Little Adam and Eve should be your number one pick. 

#8 Wholesale Baby Clothes Supplier in UK – Angel Wholesale 

Angel is a UK based wholesaler that sells everything under the sun when it comes to baby clothes. They’ve been around for 12+ years and their clothing categories is pretty wide. They do clothing based on cartoon and popular characters. They sell clothing that is embroidered. They also sell toys and crafts. 

#9 Wholesale baby clothes that are Made in USA – Dollar Days 

Dollar Days is a wholesale distributor that deals in a variety of products. They are a U.S. based wholesaler. They have a specific section for toddlers and babies. If you find Little Adam and Eve, expensive, then you can visit this site. 

#10 Wholesale Infant Clothing – China Brands 

China Brands is another wholesaler based out of China that compete with the likes of Aliexpress and DHgate. They have a dedicated section for baby clothes. They are primarily wholesalers and the rates you get is one of the most competitive. 

#11 Wholesale Baby Clothes Distributor in USA – Kellis Gifts 

Kelli’s is a wholesale gift shop supplier that also deals with baby clothes. You might wonder, how can a gift shop stock good quality baby clothing? You need to see for yourself. They have an amazing collection of baby clothing sets, onesies and more. The pricing is also pretty reasonable. They deal in high quality clothing that is soft on the baby’ skin. 

What is the best wholesale website for baby clothing products? 

Dhgate in China and Little Adam & Eve in USA are good for baby wholesale clothing.

What is the right fabric for baby clothes ?

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right baby clothes is the material. The design might be great, it might have great prints and so on, but if the material is not good, then there’s a problem. 

Before you make a large purchase, keep in mind to buy a test sample from the manufacturer and then test that material on an actual baby. The best materials for baby clothing are polyester and cotton. They are the most non-reactive material elements out there. 

Check with your supplier on the material used to manufacture and ensure you test the clothing on a baby and check for rashes, scratches or other marks before you place your order. 

What is the right sizing for baby clothes?

There is no standard size for infant clothing. This can be a cause for worry because if you get a size that is too big for the country you are hoping to sell in, then there will be a problem. Clothing on a child should be a perfect fit. This is important for the parent to hold the baby properly. Check the length and width of the baby clothing and get a sample size before making a purchase. 

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