11 Top Wholesale Baby Clothes Suppliers in China | Start your baby clothes business today!

by Tim Blue

In the next 8 years, the baby care category will jump from $73 Billion a year to $109 Billion a year. If you have wondered why the number of shops catering to moms and babies have increased in and around you, this is the reason. It’s the perfect time to cash in. 

I’ve researched and gone through the top wholesale baby clothes suppliers. But why baby clothes distributors? 

The number one product for babies that have repeat purchases is clothing. Babies grow out of their clothes super quick and parents will keep replacing them. You’ll have repeat business for years! 

Best Baby Clothes Supplier on Aliexpress & Dhgate

Supplier NameLink
SMGSLIB Baby StoreClick here
Kavkas Baby Clothing StoreClick here
Mother Nest Baby StoreClick here
Dave Bella StoreClick here
Aile Rabbit StoreClick here
Lollipop EGOClick here
KekoukeleBaby booties, wholesale rompers, onesies, t-shirts
DP02Wholesale baby clothes, rompers, dresses, tunics, accessories
GreatamyChildren dresses, shoes, shirts, toys, accessories, wholesale children sets outfits
HltradingWholesale baby clothes, childrens socks, maternity wear, bedding, toys
Wholesale Children's Vendors

Wholesale Baby Clothes in China with Free Shipping

I’ve gone through a list of bulk childrens clothing suppliers and found out these top suppliers from China, India, USA, UK and other countries. 

In the table below, you will find the main sites where you can find the wholesale baby clothes. In the next table, I’ve listed down the individual suppliers who deal with baby clothes in bulk. 

#1 Wholesale Baby Clothes Supplier in China – Aliexpress

You can never have a list without Aliexpress on it. This site has some of the biggest wholesale suppliers. If you are looking for the best suppliers who deal in baby clothes, then you are in the right place. Here are the best wholesale baby clothes distributors on Aliexpress. 

If you are in the market for wholesale baby clothes, then you should probably check out Aliexpress. Aliexpress offers customers the chance to make money by buying things in bulk and selling them for a profit. They offer a wide range of products for sale and have a no questions asked return policy. This makes it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. 

You will find many kinds of baby clothes on this website, from newborn to toddlers. These clothes are very inexpensive, but of decent quality. Most of them are also made from 100% cotton and are very soft. You will find that the clothes come in a wide range of styles, including plain and patterned ones, all within your budget and there are hundreds of sellers out there to buy from, so make sure you choose the best one from the lot.


  • Millions of products available
  • International shipping, sometimes free
  • Loads of wholesale options to choose from
  • Ideal place to buy in bulk at cheap

#2 Best Baby Clothes Distributor in China –  Dhgate 

Dhgate is an up and coming online website that deals with wholesale products. The best part about Dhgate is, you can see all the bulk rates listed on the product page itself. Here are the best Dhgate baby clothes suppliers 

I’m a big fan of buying clothes from DHgate and here’s why. Yes, you can find cheaper clothes on sites like Ebay or Amazon but if you want clothes that are made for the modern age and are quality products, you’re going to have to pay more money for them. Plus, if you go onto DHgate, you can choose if you want to buy from Chinese factories, wholesalers, or even dropship companies and this gives you options to work with that you won’t find anywhere else.

DHgate has a range of baby clothes for newborns and older babies and they stock a variety of baby products, such as clothes, baby accessories, sleepwear, diapers, and so on. They even provide nursing bras and underwear for breastfeeding mothers all at discounted prices.


  • Lots of baby clothes suppliers offer free shipping
  • The prices are cheap if you buy it in bulk
  • You can reach out to individual sellers and deal off DHgate’s website
  • Site is secure and they offer multiple payment options

#3 Wholesale Childrens Clothes in India –  India Mart

Indiamart is the Alibaba of China. They are the largest platform with the most number of suppliers listed. You can find local suppliers and manufacturers who deal in baby clothing. As there is no other wholesale site in India, this is the best bet to find the right supplier. You can also search on Justdial, which is the local directory in India. 

IndiaMart is a great resource for anyone who is looking to buy wholesale clothing. But before you do so, you should get familiar with the company’s policies and you should look at the seller’s ratings to find out how many orders they’ve completed. Since it’s the only wholesale platform for nearly everything, it’s easy to find the products you’re looking for on this website. 

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Though this business is situated in India, IndiaMart ships worldwide and thanks to their robust customer support team, you can reach out to them regarding any query you may have and expect a response in not more than 24 hours. With India Mart, if you buy at the right time of the year, you can find some really good deals and save a lot of money.


  • Wholesale prices
  • Largest repository in India
  • Global shipping possible
  • Quick support

#4 Wholesale Baby Clothes Online – Kiskissing 

Kiskissing is a site dedicated to children and baby clothing. Here you’ll find clothes for toddlers as well as kids of all ages. In terms of a collection, they have the widest range and you’ll be able to find tees, shorts, onesies, jackets, shoes, shorts for kids and babies. 

Kiskissing is a good place to buy wholesale baby clothes for cheap. They have a range of options that are always changing and they offer selections for every season, age group  and even have some fancy looking baby clothes on sale.

From baby kimonos to dresses, they’ve got them all. Kiskissing even has baby girl suits that your toddler will look adorable in as well as baby boy short sets. With the best quality baby clothes, you will always be satisfied sourcing wholesale from here.

They have super stylish clothing for babies and kids. So if you are looking to shop for fashionable baby clothes, then Kiskissing should be your first choice. 


  • Drop shipping available
  • Good quality products
  • Cheap and affordable prices
  • Loads of discounts on the site
  • Frequent sales

#5 Wholesale Kids Clothes – Kiddies World Wholesale 

A kids clothing wholesaler from the U.K. – Kiddies World Wholesale have an amazing collection of clothes for babies, boys and girls. You can find anything from baby accessories to school wear. Apart from clothing, they also have toys and gifts. If you are looking for a dedicated website for kids clothing, then this is the best in the U.K. 

Here’s a wholesale baby clothes supplier based out of the UK that has one of the best collections of baby clothes to choose from. They cater to toddlers and babies and you can find anything from baby accessories to shirts, shoes, socks, pants and more.

While this website is not as cheap as AliExpress or DHgate, it’s certainly one of the best places to shop from as the team behind the desk is rather friendly, knowledgeable and are willing to help. The site has been running for sometime now and if you’re searching for a dedicated website for baby clothes in the UK then Kiddies World is your best bet. 


  • Is a direct wholesaler
  • Store is ideal for all kinds of children clothes and accessories in bulk
  • Different brands are available
  • International shipping is possible

#6 Wholesale Baby Clothes in Bulk – Wholesale Children’s Clothing 

Another top wholesaler is Wholesale’s Children Clothing. This is a site that not only deals with children’s and baby clothing, but also adults. This site specializes in casual clothing, as well as premium baby clothing. 

Wholesale Children’s Clothing is an American based website that is run by the PKW group. This site provides apparel and accessories for young children and babies for cheap. All thor items are listed at wholesale prices and you can find some of the most trendy and popular clothing designs listed here that can be bought in bulk.

All orders are shipped out from their warehouse in L.A and in order to view their prices or to start buying, you will have to sign up and become a member with them. Apart from the high quality wholesale baby clothes that are available, the site also offers wholesale prices on retail products, basically anything you purchase on the site is subjected to a reduced pricing making them all the more affordable.


  • Licensed products
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Serves all age groups
  • Cheap and affordable for wholesale buyers

#7 Wholesale Baby Clothes Supplier in USA – Little Adam and Eve 

One of the cutest baby clothing you can find online is Little Adam and Eve. This company is based out of the U.S. and they make some of the best baby clothes. Their collections include outfits, sets, swaddles and more. Each piece of clothing is designed by an internal team and looks really good. They do have a wholesale option and if you are looking to buy clothes from a supplier based out of the U.S., then Little Adam and Eve should be your number one pick. 

Here’s another US based wholesale baby clothes supplier that you can buy from if you’re looking to save some money on bulk orders. They list some of the best quality baby clothes that are both fashionable and comfortable to wear. You can find a wide range of baby apparel and accessories on this site and they have over 400,000 loyal customers from over 50 countries so you can expect a good amount of variety in their selection. 

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You can find clothes for newborns, infants, toddlers and lots more here, but the one thing that stands out about this one is that it  hosts regular sales on their products and their current sale is on Swaddles where you can get each set for as low as $10. The only drawback is that they ship via USPS, so you’re bound to pay a small premium on shipping bulk items.


  • They let you buy clothes at retail and wholesale prices
  • Loads of baby clothes options to choose from
  • Uber fast delivery through USPS
  • Direct supply to your store

#8 Wholesale Baby Clothes Supplier in UK – Angel Wholesale 

Angel is a UK based wholesaler that sells everything under the sun when it comes to baby clothes. They’ve been around for 12+ years and their clothing categories is pretty wide. They do clothing based on cartoon and popular characters. They sell clothing that is embroidered. They also sell toys and crafts. 

Angel Wholesale is a UK based website that specializes in wholesale baby clothes. The company sources their clothing from the finest designers, and that’s one of the main reasons why we’re proud to have them as a part of this list. It also means that you don’t have to spend a ton of time looking for the right wholesale clothing supplier, simply login to their site and choose from over 1000+ products for newborn babies and toddlers. 

They are a reliable source that provides high-quality products and has a friendly customer service team that will have you coming back for more. Also, if you do purchase baby clothes from Angel Wholesale, you’re entitled to receive free delivery on orders over £80 within the UK and there’s no minimum order count, so you can either decide to buy products in retail at the MSRP or in bulk with a discount.


  • Products are available in packs
  • Shipping is every weekend
  • Company offers cancellations and refunds on faulty orders
  • Cheap and affordable pricing

#9 Wholesale baby clothes that are Made in USA – Dollar Days 

Dollar Days is a wholesale distributor that deals in a variety of products. They are a U.S. based wholesaler. They have a specific section for toddlers and babies. If you find Little Adam and Eve, expensive, then you can visit this site. 

For wholesale baby clothes in the US, consider checking out Dollar Days. The company has been around for 20 years, and it is a trusted supplier in America. Here you will be able to find clothes such as shorts, school uniforms, t-shirts, flip flops, underwear and more for toddlers and the best part is that all their products are sold in lots or pallets, so you will receive high quality bulk items at a fraction of the retail price.

Not only do they have clothes and accessories listed on their website, Dollar Days even has baby toys, wipes, diapers, cleaning supplies, onesies and even potty trainers that you can buy in bulk. All goods are shipped directly from their warehouse in the States and have been made from high quality materials, so you know that you’re getting the best.


  • Members receive custom offers
  • Wholesale prices in the US
  • Wide range of products to choose from

#10 Wholesale Infant Clothing – China Brands 

China Brands is another wholesaler based out of China that compete with the likes of Aliexpress and DHgate. They have a dedicated section for baby clothes. They are primarily wholesalers and the rates you get is one of the most competitive. 

China Brands is another online store that deals in China made wholesale goods. The website acts as a repository for sellers and you can either contact them directly via the website or proceed to the sellers site to complete a purchase. China Brands has a dedicated section that deals only with baby clothes and accessories. 

Here you can find a wide range of wholesale baby clothes along with a list of the top rated sellers and suppliers to buy from. While all this is good, China Brands does have one issue and that’s to do with shipping. Since most of the shipping methods offered are not the ones used in the US, there are chances you can experience delays or missing shipments when ordering from the wrong supplier on their site.


  • Low cost and cheap products
  • Offers higher discounts if you’re a VIP member
  • International shipping is possible
  • Frequent sales with high discounts

#11 Wholesale Baby Clothes Distributor in USA – Kellis Gifts 

Kelli’s is a wholesale gift shop supplier that also deals with baby clothes. You might wonder, how can a gift shop stock good quality baby clothing? You need to see for yourself. They have an amazing collection of baby clothing sets, onesies and more. The pricing is also pretty reasonable. They deal in high quality clothing that is soft on the baby’ skin. 

Kellis Gifts is a reliable supplier when it comes to buying wholesale baby clothes. They have a large collection of baby clothes including all the popular brands and different styles of baby clothes are available for purchase. 

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Here you can find a wide range of onesies, clothing sets for babies, tunics, tops and even swaddling cloth, all at reasonable prices. If you’re looking to buy high quality baby clothes in bulk then check out Kellis Gifts today and you won’t regret it.


  • Reasonably priced baby clothes
  • High quality products
  • Reliable wholesale baby clothes supplier
  • All styles of clothing options are available

What is the best wholesale website for baby clothing products? 

Dhgate in China and Little Adam & Eve in USA are good for baby wholesale clothing.

Is it safe to buy baby clothes in bulk?

Yes it is safe to buy baby clothes in bulk, however, you will have to check the quality of the clothes before you make any large purchases. Contact the seller, check the buyer reviews section and even look into the type of material used to make the clothes as substandard clothes can give children skin rashes and allergies which will drastically affect your business.

Is it a good idea to buy baby clothes to resell?

Yes, if you choose the right supplier, such as one of the above, then you will definitely be able to get high quality baby clothes at wholesale prices. These clothes can then be sold at a higher rate directly from your store and you can pocket the profits. Some sellers even offer drop shipping as well, so you can take advantage of that and  have the products directly shipped to the customer and save on the shipping fees.

What baby products sell the most?

Based on our findings, the most commonly sold baby clothes and products are wholesale baby onesies, baby tunics, wholesale baby diapers and even baby dresses in bulk. You can make a sweet profit from these products and always remember to have some of the best selection around, so canvas your local baby clothes stores and see what’s in stock and what’s not.

What is the right fabric for baby clothes ?

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right baby clothes is the material. The design might be great, it might have great prints and so on, but if the material is not good, then there’s a problem. 

Before you make a large purchase, keep in mind to buy a test sample from the manufacturer and then test that material on an actual baby. The best materials for baby clothing are polyester and cotton. They are the most non-reactive material elements out there. 

Check with your supplier on the material used to manufacture and ensure you test the clothing on a baby and check for rashes, scratches or other marks before you place your order. 

How to choose the best wholesale baby clothes supplier?

Because of the large number of baby clothes suppliers available online, it can be hard to find the best wholesale baby clothes supplier for your business. It is always a good idea  though to check if the supplier has been in the business for a long period of time and has a solid reputation. 

A major factor in choosing the right supplier is always the quality of the products they sell. The next step is to get to know the supplier. All you need to do is to find a supplier who stocks the type of baby clothes you require, and check their products out. 

By asking yourself these questions and more, you can find a reputable company that will solve all your clothing needs. And the best part is that you will be able to do it for a reasonable price.

What is the right sizing for baby clothes?

There is no standard size for infant clothing. This can be a cause for worry because if you get a size that is too big for the country you are hoping to sell in, then there will be a problem. Clothing on a child should be a perfect fit. This is important for the parent to hold the baby properly. Check the length and width of the baby clothing and get a sample size before making a purchase. 

Is it a Good Idea to Invest in the Baby Clothes Market?

If this is your first time starting a business then why not invest in baby clothes. Based on a report generated by Statista, the baby clothes industry is expected to reach roughly $57 billion by 2025. And in order for you to make some good returns on your investment, you will have to always pick the right supplier.

Here are some of the key benefits of reselling wholesale baby clothes

  • The baby clothes market is ever growing and the possibilities are endless.
  • It’s quite possible that most of your customers will be repeat customers if you stock age appropriate baby clothes.
  • There are high chances that you can upsell to your customers and if you have a wide variety of baby clothes and other products to choose from, then the customers will definitely buy all they need from your store.
  • Parents want the best for their children, so if you can source high quality clothes that have cute baby prints on them, it will emotionally drive the parents into buying that particular item of clothing from you.

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