Best Xiaomi Gadgets 2020

by Tim Blue

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Xiaomi’s growth story has been unprecedented. When they started many years back, most people considered them a young and upcoming smartphone maker competing with the big wigs that were Apple, Samsung and One Plus. Even though their smartphones might not have taken the world by storm, Xiaomi has done something incredible which catapults them into one of the greatest electronics companies in the world. 

Xiaomi started manufacturing other electronic components such as headphones, earphones, power banks and other accessories for smartphones. They soon went into other electronic products such as kettles, coffee makers, electric toothbrushes and more. And now, they are the ultimate company that manufactures luggage, toothbrushes, backpacks and more. They have truly become a consumer product company. So it’s tough to differentiate between the best Xiaomi gadgets, but today we will list out the best ones! 

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#1 – Xiaomi Photo Printer 

One of my favourite gadgets from Xiaomi is their photo printer. Not a lot of people know that Xiaomi makes a photo printer, but they do and it’s pretty epic! This device is perfect for taking some photographs and making a real copy. The printer itself can be carried easily with one hand and its pretty portable. Personally, a lot of people might not see a use case with it, but if you take a lot of pictures and love to have memories, then the Xiaomi photo printer is the perfect companion.

Price – $129.99

#2 – Xiaomi Trash Can 

We’ve seen trash cans and there are trash cans! Xiaomi has done the impossible by creating a trash can that beats every other trash can in the market. So what makes the Xiaomi trash can awesome? First of all, it works with the app and lets you know if your garbage bag is full and when it’s full, you press a button and the trash can automatically tie up the bag, ready to be thrown out. Once you take the bag to throw it out, the trash can immediately set up a new trash can with the help of suction. Pure automation and makes you do lesser chores!

Price – $115

#3 – Xiaomi Massager 

We all would love to get a massage from time to time, don’t we? But the problem is getting a massage isn’t easy. You need to set an appointment, dedicate time and it’s a cumbersome process. What if you wanted a massage during the day while you are at work? Xiaomi has a solution. The Xiaomi Massager is a small device that you can place on your body that will vibrate at a rate that mimics a massage experience. It’s a perfect way to enjoy a massage while working!

Price – $16.80

#4 – Xiaomi Dash Cam

One of Xiaomi’s most popular products is not a smartphone, it’s a dashcam. Dash cams are super popular around the world for a myriad of reasons. They protect against insurance scammers, they record and act as proof in case of accidents. The Xiaomi Dash Cam does one better. You can remotely access the cam to check out the surroundings of your car. It also acts as an accident deterrent that can with the proximity sensor informing you if you are too close to another car.

Price – $54

#5 – Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp 

One of Xiaomi’s underrated gadgets is the Xiaomi smart desk lamp. The design of the Xiaomi desk lamp is pretty different. It has a big base and a long arm that can be extended or folded depending on your requirement. 

This is a one of a kind lamp that has lights on either side of the extension. If you don’t want to use the main lamp, you can always use it as ambient light. It’s one of the best lamps that money can buy. The luminosity is also fantastic.

Price – $53

#6 – Xiaomi Coffee Maker

If you love coffee and are in a mood to splurge a little bit, then the Xiaomi coffee maker can come handy. This Xiaomi Coffee maker can make americano or cappuccino in the temperature of your choice, with the right proportion of water and milk and it’s all up to you. The best part? You can remotely activate the device to make you a cup of hot coffee when you wake up by just using the app! 

Price – $104

#7 – Xiaomi Infrared Faucet 

If automation is your thing, then the Xiaomi faucet might come handy. But more than just the cool automation, it’s also water saving. The Xiaomi Infrared Faucet uses sensors to understand hand movements and then releases water. There are two options, one for long water flow and one for a short water flow that works with a sensor. If you want to save water at home, then this should be the gadget of choice! 

Price – $19.99

#8 – Xiaomi Walking Pad 

xiaomi walking pad

A lot of people wish that they have a treadmill at home. Even I did. But it’s not practical at all. It takes too much space and it’s super-duper expensive. Treadmills are also pretty unsafe and too much running can hurt your knees in the long run. Walking, on the other hand, has numerous benefits and people have lost a lot of weight with walking. Xiaomi wants to bring walking to your home with the Xiaomi walking pad. It’s a small portable walking pad that can be stored under your bed and you can walk on it. Instead of sitting at home and watching TV, you can take your walking pad out and watch TV, while you are working out! Win WIn!

#9 – Mi Body Composition Scale

I’ve just started my fitness journey and there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when working out to reach your goals. They are your fat percentage and your weight and a few other measurements. Now, at gyms, there is a dedicated machine for these sort of measurements and a lot of gyms don’t have them as well. This is where the Mi Body composition scale comes in. If you want to be able to measure your weight, fat percentage, track your weight overtime and other features, get this nifty little gadget! 

Price – $29.99

What are the list of products Xiaomi sells?

Xiaomi sells a variety of products that includes

  • Xiaomi Mobile Phones
  • Xiaomi Power Banks
  • Xiaomi Electronic Toothbrushes
  • Xiaomi Water Heater
  • Xiaomi Room Heater
  • Xiaomi Massagers
  • Xiaomi Bags
  • Xiaomi Earphones and Headphones
  • Xiaomi Laptops
  • Xiaomi Luggage
  • Xiaomi Robo Vacuum Cleaner
  • Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners
  • Xiaomi Smart Trashcans
  • Xiaomi Fans
  • Xiaomi Car Dash Cam
  • Xiaomi Action Camera
  • Xiaomi CCTV Cameras
  • Xiaomi Tablets
  • Xiaomi Television
  • Xiaomi Android Box
  • Xiaomi Fitness Bands
  • Xiaomi Smartwatches
  • Xiaomi Home Automation Products 
  • Xiaomi Faucet
  • Xiaomi Soap Dispenser

And more…

Apart from phones, what is the best Xiaomi product? 

My personal favourite would be the products that Xiaomi makes for the home. This includes the kettle and the soap dispenser and the faucet, but my personal favourite would always be Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush. This product is amazing and in a nutshell, it’s the best bang for the buck. It has numerous features and it’s sturdy and does a much better job than just standard toothbrushes. 

So my pick for the best Xiaomi product would be the electronic toothbrush. 

What is the Xiaomi warranty like? 

Xiaomi warranty depends on the country. First world countries like the United States and Canada have much better warranty plans than compared to other countries. But the right stores on Aliexpress have Xiaomi products with a one year warranty, no matter where you’ve purchased the product from. This is called an international Xiaomi warranty. 

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