Shein’s Return Policy and Tips on How to Use it Smartly in 2023

by Tim Blue

If you’re anything like most shoppers, you’re always on the lookout for the best deals. But what do you do when something you buy doesn’t live up to your expectations? How do you return it?

This article will cover all there is to know about Shein’s return policy and tips on how to use it smartly so you don’t lose money in the process.

Shein’s return policy in the US is valid up to 45 days from the date of purchase. This means that if you’re not happy with your order, you must return the item to Shein within 45 days from when you bought it in order to get your money back. Refunds are normally processed within 7 working days from the date of receipt, but in the aftermath of Covid, they require an additional 3-5 days for all pending refunds to be processed.

While all this sounds fine and dandy, there are a couple of things you can do from your end to ensure you get your money back without having to run back and forth with Shein’s customer support team.

Read on to find how to get your Shein product returned as well as how you can make good use of their returns policy this year.

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Shein’s Return Policy and Tips on How to Use it Smartly

What is Shein’s Return Policy?

Based on my findings, Shein has a pretty good return policy that’s actually put in place to safeguard their customers. They provide users with a 45-day return policy, so if you have any discrepancies or issues with your order such as a bad fit or the wrong item was sent, you get upto 45 days from the date of purchase to return it to Shein and get a full refund on the order.

The refund you receive will be exclusive of your original shipping cost and shipping insurance (if purchased). The only amount you’ll be eligible to receive is the cost of the item and if you’ve utilized any Shein points, then those points will be returned to your account. 

But there’s a catch: the products you’ve purchased should not be tampered with, should not be worn and the labels should still be affixed if you want to receive your refund without any complications.

Is Shein Return Shipping Free?

Now, here’s where things get a little confusing, Shein return policy states that Shipping is free on your 1st return for any order. This means that shipping is free on all orders, but only on one return per order. So, if you’ve ordered multiple items and return one of the products within 45 days of purchase, then that first return will be eligible for free shipping. 

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However, if you do have additional returns to make from that order, you will have to pay for return shipping. The shipping fee through Shein will be $7.99 and this will be deducted from your overall refund amount. You can also have your product returned by paying out of your own pocket and using a third-party courier service of your choice. 

How to Return my Order on Shein?

You can follow these steps to return an item to Shein.

  • Start by opening the Shein US website and log into your registered account.
Shein return options
  • Tap on My Orders and then locate the order you wish to return.
  • Click on the Return button to initiate the return process.
do I have to print my own shipping label to return shein goods
  • Now select the products from that order which you want to have returned.
  • Specify a reason and then click on Submit
where is the option to return shein goods
  • You will now be presented with a list of valid shipping methods, namely USPS and UPS. Choose the appropriate shipping method.
  • Once selected, you will gain access to the shipping label for the order. Print that label, fix it on the package and drop it off at the nearest USPS/UPS location.
how long does it take for shein to give me a refund after a return

If you plan on returning the order by yourself without using the Shein shipping label, you can initiate the return process online and use your preferred shipping method apart from the ones provided by Shein. But, your return HAS to be postmarked no later than 45 days from the date of purchase.

How to Print Return Shipping Labels on Shein?

how to return a shein product

Printing return shipping labels on Shein is relatively easy as long as you know where to look. In order to print your return shipping label, follow these steps.

  • Open Shein US and login to your registered account.
  • Tap on My Orders and click on Order Details for the order you’re returning.
  • Now click on Return and Refund record in the upper right corner of the page to pull up the return details. 
  • When you tap on View Details, you will be able to view the return shipping label. Tap to download the label and then print it in the appropriate size and stick it on your return package.

How Long Does it Take for Shein to Process my Refund?

Shein is quite punctual in processing refunds and they take an average of 7 working days to have any refund processed. However, due to unforeseen delays off late, they now take between 10-12 business days for the same. 

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Your refund can either be processed back to the original mode of payment or your Shein wallet depending on what you request and all refunds that are processed will not be inclusive of the shipping fees or the shipping insurance so you will only receive a refund on the cost of the item. 

does shein accept returns

If you have utilized Shein points then those points will be refunded into your account and if you’ve requested for a partial refund then a percentage of the Shein points will be returned, depending on what the partial refund amounts to.

  • Shein Wallet: 24-48 hours
  • Paypal: 1-5 working days
  • Credit Card/Debit Card: 4-14 working days

How Stringent is Shein’s Return Policy?

Shein’s return policy is not strict or stringent, but it does come with a couple of clauses. For example, clothes should not be worn or washed if you wish to get a refund processed. Similarly, if you do damage the goods refunds will not be processed by the brand. 

Also, some products sold on Shein are not eligible for returns or refunds. These products will carry the non-returnable label and if you do happen to have the item sent to shein, you will not be eligible for a refund, unless someone from the Shein customer support team has instructed you to do so.

Here’s a list of products on Shein that can not be returned:

  • Underwear
  • Bodysuits
  • Lingerie
  • Jewelry
  • Items with non-returnable marks
  • Event/party supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Accessories (except scarves, bags, and mermaid blankets)
  • Beauty products
  • Free gifts
  • Cosmetics that have a broken hygiene seal

How to Use the Shein Return Policy Smartly

Here are a couple of things you can do to have your return and refund processed in a timely manner. 

  • Do not attempt to return worn, washed or self-damaged clothes. 
  • Items that carry the non-returnable mark or if your order is a free gift can not be returned.
  • Returns can only be shipped to the address mentioned on the shipping label and not the return to sender’s address mentioned on the original package. Sending it to the wrong address will cause a significant delay in processing your return which will affect your refund timeline as well.
  • Be careful while packaging your Shein return items and try not to accidentally include something that’s not from Shein as they will not be returned back to you.
  • While packaging your Shein returns, make sure you place the item in the zip-lock bag and put that in a corrugated cardboard box or a big envelope and paste the return shipping label on the top of the package.
  • All products have to be returned in their original packaging and must include the tags. If your product does not have the tag attached to it, but you still have the original tags with you, place them within the zip-lock bag and send that across to Shein.
  • Specify the return number on the package right next to the recipient’s name. This will result in a faster turnaround time regarding your return/refund..
  • Include the return shipping tracking ID in your Return History for that order. This is again  done to help Shein process the return in a timely manner and they will be able to track the order and ensure there’s no delays.
  • If you have multiple items in a single order, ensure that you check all the products before initiating a return. Shein will provide a free shipping label only for your first return on that order irrespective of whether the return is for a single item or for all of them. 
  • Shein does not accept returns on a wide range of products including certain clothing items. Whatever you do, do not attempt to return these items to Shien as your return/refund will not be processed.


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Does Shein accept returns after 30 days?

Yes, Shein accepts returns up to 45 days from the date of purchase, this includes processing and shipping times.

Does Shien have free return shipping?

Yes, Shein has free shipping only on the first return of your order. This means that you can return as many items from your order in one go to avail the free return shipping. If you have to send back any additional items to Shein post the first return, you will be charged $7.99 for the return shipping fee.


Well, there you go, I hope you found this article helpful and made it easier for you to learn how to return a product on Shein. Remember, not everything can be returned and free returns are only applicable on the first return of any order.

Until next time, Happy Shopping!

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