How to Get Free Shein Gift Card Codes & Pin in 2024 | It’s a SCAM, Don’t Fall for it!

by Tim Blue

If you’re hoping that this article will help you learn how to get free Shein gift card codes, then sadly you’re mistaken. 

I recently noticed a number of videos were uploaded on platforms like Instagram and TikTok where users spoke about these useful hacks and tricks to get free Shein gift card codes. 

While countless buyers look for good bargains on a daily basis, not everything on the internet is as it seems.

Today, i’m going to put this topic to rest and take you through whether or not these so-called “hacks and tricks” actually do work. 

Take a look below!

A Free Shein Gift Card Code Generator is a SCAM. Aimed to take away your personal information like your phone number, name & email address. This info is used by hackers to get into your system or it’s used to spammers to spam you with offers. Don’t fall for these scams!

Free Shein Gift Card Number & Pin

What is a Shein Gift Card?

 A Shein gift card is like any other gift card you’d purchase online. The Shein gift cards range in value and can be purchased directly from their website. You can buy gift cards from as low as $25 and either use it yourself on an order or gift it to someone else for their birthday or anniversary. 

how to use Shein gift card

Shein gift card codes are 16-20 digits long and come with a 4 digit pin. The details of the gift card is sent to the buyer via email and these gift cards can be sent to a friend or family member by simply entering their name and email address while purchasing the card.

To use the gift card, simply enter the card number and the pin on the Shein Gift Card page and the value of the gift card will be credited to the recipient’s Shein account. This amount can then be used to purchase anything on Shein and if the value of the order is more than the gift card, then the buyer will have to bear the balance.

Getting a Free Shein Gift Card Code

Based on the videos circulating the internet, apparently, if you access some third-party websites (i’m not going to mention names here), they will grant you a free Shein gift card code of your choice wherein the value can go up to USD $750.

Intrigued, I obviously tried what was shown in the video and here’s what I found.

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Firstly, the website will let you choose a gift card code where the value of these codes can range from $50 – $750. Once you select the most appropriate gift card you will be given the first half of the code, but the last 4 digits will be grayed out. 

shein gift card verification

In order to unlock the remaining 4 digits of the gift code, you will need to complete a verification process and fill up a survey or two. 

Now here’s where it gets interesting, these surveys are generated to collect your personal information like your mobile number or your email address and without entering either one of them, you will not be able to unlock the last 4 digits of the code.

Shein gift card code isn't working

The problem here is that once you enter your personal information and complete the surveys to unlock the last four digits of the code, the website will instantly freeze and the only thing you’d see on the page is a message stating that the surveys are waiting to be completed or are being processed. 

However, the last four digits of the gift card code will never be sent to you and instead, you will be bombarded with advertisements from telemarketers and spam emails and calls. 

This is only one example of the many websites up and running today that state they will give you free Shein gift card codes and all of these third-party websites operate in a similar fashion and mine your personal information.

Getting a Free Shein GiftCard Pin

If somebody claims, then can get you a Pin for a Free Shein Gift Card

PSA: Don’t fall prey to websites that claim you will receive a free Shein gift card code. Most of these sites will ask you to fill up a bunch of surveys to receive your gift card, but in reality these sites are mining your personal information and you will then be bombarded with a bunch of spam emails and calls. Shein does not have free gift card codes and the only ways you can get a gift card is by either buying one yourself or by receiving one as a gift from a family member or a friend.

How to Avoid the Free Shein Gift Card Code Scam?

You can avoid the free Shein gift card code scam by first checking the page to see whether they have free gift card codes for other brands. If they do, then the website is most likely a phishing site and will collect your personal information. 

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The other thing you can do is check the legitimacy of the website by first entering false information to see where the website takes you.

How to check shein gift card balance

Lastly, you should check site reviews and what other users have to say about the site. If they have received gift codes in the past and they seem to think that the website is real, go with the second step and enter wrong information to clear any doubts you may have.

*It’s good to know that Shein does not provide free gift cards and they will have to be purchased from their website directly. 

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your Shein orders, there are other safer ways to do so than putting up your personal and private details on the internet for everyone to see.

How to Save Money on your Orders using Shein Gift Cards?

Not many people know this but you actually can save money on Shein by buying high value gift cards instead of using your card or paypal account to make the payment. You will be able to save up to $150 on your gift card depending on the value of the gift card you choose.

For example, if you buy the $200 gift card, you will have to pay only $190, thus leaving you with a nice $10 profit.

How to get Shein gift card codes

Similarly, the higher the value of your gift card, the less you’d have to pay to buy that card. Here’s a rough breakdown for US buyers.

  • $25card – you pay $25
  • $50 card – you pay $50.
  • $80 card – you pay $80.
  • $100 card – you pay $100.
  • $200 card – you pay $190.
  • $300 card – you pay $285.
  • $400 card – you pay $380.
  • $500 card – you pay $475.
  • $1,500 card – you pay $1,350

Save Money on Shein Orders using Alternate Means

By now it’s evident that the free Shein gift card codes scheme is nothing but a scam, but there are a couple of ways you can actually end up getting discounts and saving on your Shein orders without having to purchase a gift card.

Let’s take a quick look at what you can do to save money on Shein without a gift card.

  • Use Shein cashback offers
  • Search for Shein discount coupons online
  • Use Shein points
  • Play Games
  • Attend Live Streams and Events
  • Complete Shein surveys

How to get free Shein gift card codes?

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There are no free Shein gift card codes available on the internet. The sites that claim they give out free gift card codes are usually scams designed to collect your information. The only two ways you can get your hands on a Shein gift card code is either by purchasing one from Shein’s website or by receiving one as a gift from a friend.

How long does it take to receive the gift card code?

If you enter the correct email address then you should receive the gift card code and pin instantly. However, if you haven’t received it within 24 hours, you should contact Shein customer care.

Does the Shein gift card expire?

Yes, all gift cards purchased on Shein, irrespective of the value, will be valid only for 120 months from the date of purchase. Once a gift card has expired, there’s nothing you can do and Shein will not be able to help you out with reinstating your card. 

How to Cancel my Shein Gift card?

You will be able to cancel your Shein gift card by accessing the card details from within your registered account and requesting for a cancellation or by contacting the customer support team and having them cancel the card for you. The refund will only be processed back into your account only if the card hasn’t been used to make any purchases.

What to do if you’ve entered the wrong email address on your gift card?

If you’ve keyed in the wrong email address on your gift card contact Shein customer service immediately and have them make the necessary changes before it’s too late because, if the gift card goes through to the wrong account and the recipient uses it then there’s nothing you can do about that and the gift card can be considered useless.

Can I use my Sheing gift card along with Shein points?

Yes, the Shein gift card can be coupled with Shien points as well as other deals and discounts available on the site. 

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