When Does Shein Have Free Shipping? And how to avail it!

by Tim Blue

If you’re wondering when does Shein have free shipping, then you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that Shein offers free shipping on specific days of the week? 

Yeah it’s true that the brand does not provide free shipping on all orders, but you can get free shipping on your next order, if you happen to make a purchase on the right day.

I’m going to cover howand when you can get free shipping on your Shein orders.

Let’s begin!

When Does Shein Have Free Shipping?

Though not known to many, Shein provides shoppers with free shipping deals on Sunday, but there’s a catch. 

You will never know when the free shipping slots open on the site or when they close, but all the orders placed during that time frame, regardless of the price or quantity of your order will be delivered without any shipping fees.

How Does Shein’s Free Shipping on Sunday’s Work?

shein free standard shipping

Only users that have spent hours scouring for the best clothes on Shein are aware of the free shipping program that’s run on Sundays. The only problem is that no one knows when the free shipping slots open or close. 

The thing with Shein is that free shipping on Sundays is more like a deal that’s available on a first come first serve basis. Unless you’re a shopper that sits on the site for hours on end, you will not know when free shipping is active and there are chances that you can miss out on free shipping only by a matter of minutes.

For those of you who have managed to avail the free shipping benefit on Sundays, you don’t have to worry about wondering where to enter a coupon code or how to obtain the free shipping deal. If you’re signed into your registered account then your free shipping reward will automatically get applied on your order.

Does Shein Offer Free Shipping on Wednesdays?

Shein live free shipping

Yes, Shein does offer free shipping on Wednesdays, however, this is not applicable to all buyers as on Wednesdays they host live streams where you can receive prizes that include free shipping coupons. 

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These prizes are not provided to all who take part in the stream, but only a lucky handful of viewers will receive a notification during the live stream informing them that they’ve won a prize, this can range from Shein points, discounts and even free shipping.

The live stream is hosted on their mobile app and not the website, so you will have to download the Shein app on your smartphone via the Play Store or App Store and log into your registered account.

One thing you have to remember is that the free shipping code you receive expires within an hour or two from the time you receive it, so you’d have to make a quick purchase if you want to avail your free shipping reward.

How to Get Shein Free Shipping on Wednesdays?

  • Login to your Shein registered account on the mobile app.
  • Go to the Home page and tap on the Join button for Wednesday’s live stream.

Once you’re in the stream, at random you’d receive a treasure box pop up on the app. When you click on the Claim button, you will get to see what discounts have been awarded to you. Sometimes this includes free shipping that HAS to be used on the same day, preferably within an hour or two,

Are There Other Ways To Get Free Shipping on Shein?

Yes, there are a couple of ways you can get free shipping on your orders, but not all these methods can be utilized more than once per customer. So, in order to get free shipping on your orders, you can try the following.

  • Create a new account on Shein
  • Play a game on Shein
  • Buy over a particular amount
  • By using third party coupons
  • Signup coupons via newsletters

Create a new account on Shein

Get free shipping when you create an account

When you create a new account on Shein, you’re eligible to receive free shipping on your order. Typically the first few orders on Shein are free and post that you’d have to pay for shipping. 

Play a game on Shein

free shipping when you play games on shein

Shein hosts dozens of cool games that you can play on their mobile app. Winners of these games are rewarded with discount codes and even free shipping deals. You’d have to login to your registered account on the Shein app if you want to take part in any of their games.

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Buy over a particular amount

free shipping shein over $150

Buyers who spend a certain amount on a single purchase are eligible for free shipping on that order. Shein has a base spending limit of $49 and anything over $50 will be eligible for free shipping. Considering the low price points of most of their products, you can actually find a bunch of cool dresses, jackets, t-shirts, tops, skirts and more within that price range.

By using third-party coupons

Third party coupons free shipping shein

There are many third-party promoters that host coupons which can be used on Shein for free shipping. These coupons are not found on Shein and you can find them on sites like offers.com and alrigh.com which generally list out the top deals and discounts you can avail on Shein.

Sign-up coupons via newsletters

Sign up coupons free shipping shein

We’ve spoken about signup coupons in our previous article, ‘How to Use Shein Points’, but did you know that signing up to these newsletters also gives you access to limited time deals and free shipping coupons? By submitting your email, you’re asking Shein to notify you about any and all discounts, coupons and deals they’re currently running on their site. These deals will be shared to your registered email when they’re live and you can find a number of free shipping coupons via these newsletters.

Does Shein Provide Free Shipping on Express Orders?

In short, yes. Shein provides free shipping on Express orders over the order value of USD $159. Quite like how there’s free shipping on orders over USD$49 for Standard orders, you can evade paying $12.90 on Express shipping by shopping for over $159 on a single order.

How much does Shein charge for shipping?

Shein takes a base shipping fee of $3.99 for Standard shipping and $12.90 on orders going out via Express shipping. Standard packages generally take 2-3 weeks to get delivered and Express packages tak around 1-2 week on average.

Does Shein offer Free Shipping Insurance on Orders?

Yes Shein does offer shipping insurance even if you’ve selected free shipping. This insurance is at an additional cost of $2.99 which is non refundable and includes free returns on your order without any questions asked.


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What shipping carrier does Shein use?

Depending on the type of shipping method you chose, Shein will either send out your order through USPS if it’s a standard delivery or FedEx if the delivery mode selected was Express.

Where to find Shein return shipping labels?

Return shipping is not free unless you’ve purchased shipping insurance on that particular order. But if you’re planning on returning a product to Shein then you can navigate to the My Orders section of your profile and then click on Return and Refund record for the particular order and ten clock on View to check out the return label. Shein return labels cost $7.99 within the US and are quite reasonable since the amount can be deducted from your overall refund.

Is there free shipping on Shein?

Yes, Shein provides registered buyers with free shipping on Sundays and free shipping coupons on Wednesdays. There are other ways you can get free shipping and that’s by either creating a new account, placing your first order, playing Shein games on the app or by taking part in contests.

Does Shein provide free shipping on Student accounts?

No, Shein does not provide free shipping on student accounts. Instead they provide a 15% discount if you create a student account through UNiDAYS.


While Shein does provide free shipping on orders over a certain value, the two primary days when you can get free shipping irrespective of the order value are Wednesday and Sundays.

Hope this article helped clear any doubts you may have about free shipping on Shein. 

Until next time.


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