Best Shein Dresses 2021 | Best Selling Dresses on Shein Reviewed!

by Tim Blue

If I get only two words to describe Shein, I’d say inexpensive and hella trendy. If you’re looking to change your look or revamp your wardrobe completely, you can find a multitude of cute, sexy, and glamourous options at Shein. In fact, I’d say, you can host your own runway show.

I have curated a list of some of the best dresses I found on Shein in a variety of styles. But before that, here are some shopping tips that you can use that will help each dollar worth the money spent.

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Types of Dresses on Shein that we reviewed (Quick Links)

Things to look out for before buying a dress on Shein

  • Checking Sizing Measurements
    You must have heard this a lot — Shein sizes run small. Well, this is true. You’ll often find that the size you usually buy from other brands will seem smaller on Shein. Your regular M is an L on Shein. Now, this may not apply for every piece of garment on Shein, therefore it is best for you to know your measurements in cm or inches, so you can cross-check it with the size chart is given under each dress.

    It is preferable to find clothes on Shein that have a model in them because they usually also put up the measurements of the model. It will give you a point of comparison and you’ll avoid shopping wrong.

  • Reading Reviews
    The reviews will tell you everything the product description does not. If you’re worried about bad quality, easy tears, this is the place to scour. In fact, you’ll even find information about whether the dresses are true to their size.
  • Reading Descriptions
    If you’re allergic to certain fabrics or tend to sweat a lot in polyester, I’d suggest you check out the description section, it will help you avoid the whole buying and not being able to wear fiasco.
  • Buying Shipping Insurance
    Needless to say, at cheap prices come things that can often not be as satisfactory as you’d like them to be. I’d say always go for shipping insurance. It costs about $2.99 and it allows you to return all items for free if you don’t like them. But keep in mind that the swimsuits on Shein are not returnable.
  • Looking for Promo Codes
    Shein is already quite pocket friendly, but saving more money can’t hurt right? That just means you can add yet another dress to your cart. If you subscribe to the Shein newsletter, you can stay updated about all the discounts they provide. And when that’s not in place, you can always just do a quick google search with “Shein promo codes” and you’ll encounter a hit and miss list of codes!

Now that we have this out in the pen, let’s move on to helping you use these newly gained tricks to shop better at Shein and buy you some fabulous dresses for every occasion. 

Best Shein Dresses

Disty Floral Thigh High Midi – $10

best dresses shein

I’m going to start off with one of the most evergreen trending dresses on Shein. This thigh-high split midi slash camisole looks great on a summer afternoon or a casual picnic with a friend. It has a slightly stretchy material, so you’ll get a snug fit around your body. The cinch on the chest looks simply graceful!

Solid Split Tee Dress – $14

best dresses to buy from Shein

Another split dress? You might think I have a thing for it. This midi is supremely comfortable. It’s not thick enough for you to feel hot and not thin enough for you to be worried it is see-through. The knot in the picture is just a way for you to wear it, you could always untie it.

Ditsy Floral Frill Shirred Dress – $20

best shein dresses

If you’re into the whole cottage core, countryside aesthetic, this is the dress for you. Can you imagine the wind in your hair and giggles as you frolic in this flowy dress? The off-shoulders are adjustable to make it look like you’re wearing sleeves. The body-hugging elastane fabric around the chest completes the look.

Ruched A-line Dress – $19

best shein maxi dresses

Ah, the flounce sleeve is so darling. What’s not to like about it? The pastel shades? The ruffle? The cute frills? The ruched bust? I love it all. You can pull off this dress at a cocktail party and a brunch. How amazing is that? Although, the fabric is non-stretch polyester, so make sure you buy the right size.

Satin Drawstring Side Split Dress – $20

best shein summer dresses

Put on your sexiest heels, glossiest lip gloss and a whole load of confidence when you wear this slip dress. It has stunning screaming all over the place. The split begins on this satin dress right below the drawstring gathers around your waist. 

Floral Jacquard Draped Dress – $12

best shein sundresses

We did a full length, here’s a mini slip dress. This is a real heart-stealer, with its droopy cowl neck that just drapes around your neck. The natural waist cut falls into a pencil fitting hem. The fabric is soft against the skin, ensuring you’re comfortable for long hours on a night out.

Shawl Neck Double-Breasted Blazer Dress – $23

blazer dresses shein

Even though this is a blazer dress, you’ll find that the fit and material is rather comfortable, thanks to the spandex in the fabric. I can already feel my confidence shooting high as I see this real power-move of a dress. The natural collar formed as the fabric overlaps each other is part-stylish, part-chic.

Plaid Blazer Tweed Dress – $27

off shoulder dresses shein

If you have a thinner waist, you can really pull this shawl collar blazer dress. The tweed fabric, the contrast collar enhance the formal look you’re probably going for. It is going to look great with thigh-high boots, or a pair of black stilettos or even a turtleneck worn inside. 

Two Tone Striped Button Shirt Dress – $18

sexy dresses shein

If you can’t decide whether to dress up or to dress down, this outfit is perfect. It is so versatile, you can change it as your mood pleases. Bunch it up with a belt, and you have a dress to wear at dinner. Leave it open with thigh high boots and you pull off a carefree vibe. The collar is comfortable around the neck and doesn’t itch.

Floral Embroidery Shirt Dress – $26

shein best seller dresses

In this dress, you’ll look like a diva who won’t take nonsense from anyone. By definition, this qualifies as a shirt dress because it has a collar and buttons down. But I think it’s a perfect smock to wear on a day trip to the sunflower field.

Ruffle Trim Solid Smock Dress – $16

shein best selling dresses

Speaking of smock dresses, I’m in love with this brick red shorty. The ruffle trims and the minimalist design can help you pull off a boho look with the right accessories. It can be a bit see through, but it does come with a fitted slip underneath, so you’re good.

Printed Smock Dress – $20

shirt dresses shein

The ankle length, soft patterns, calf length gently mumble one thing — elegance and sophistication. I wouldn’t recommend this dress for busty women, as the chest fitting can be a bit narrow, and the flowy characteristic of the dress would just augment the snugness.

Halter Bodycon Floral Dress – $12

smock dresses shein

All you women looking to flaunt your figure, this is the dress for you. What I like most about this dress, apart from its cute look, is the halter neck. Thanks to the dainty strings, you can wrap them any way you want around your neck and wear it as a new style every single time. Another fabulous thing about this dress — the fabric is thin, so you can wear a skirt over it and make it look like a summer top!

Tie Dye Cowl Neck Bodycon Dress – $6

tube dresses shein

This dress is a massive steal ladies! The soft material on this dress holds all your assets up surprisingly well making you feel like the stunning woman that you are. The material is surprisingly stretchy, ensuring that it accentuates all your curves well.

Rainbow Mesh Skater Dress – $23

I don’t know what it is about this dress, but it makes me feel like a powerful unicorn. I love the plunging, but not too revealing neck. It goes perfectly well with the rifle sleeves cinched by the wrist. The mesh pleats that fall vertically spin into a short ball gown like dress.

Daisy Print Overlay Dress – $18

I don’t know about you but I’m getting baddie and fairy vibes at the same time. Thanks to the high pleats on the dress, I think this would look better on bustier women than on those that are petite. You’ll find a slight stretch below the bust as well.

Ruffle Hem tube Dress – $14

This could be your summer LBD. If you’re sitting at a cafe or browsing at a library, you’re definitely going to make heads turn. This waist down flowy dress with ruffle trims resembles a Parisian vibe that makes me crave a vacation.

Solid Bodycon Tube Dress – $8

Oh, it’s got a lot of stretch! The material is very soft to the touch and the dress itself looks rich and pigmented. The solid colour block gives you ample opportunities to modify the dress as you want!

Is the brand Shein good quality?

Shein is a fast fashion brand, due to the low price of clothes material quality is not the best but good, making it a good brand to buy from.

Is Shein safe to order from?

Yes Shein is definitely safe to order from and has a lot of happy customers. Their customer service and returns policy is also good.

Is Shein clothing from China?

Shein is a Chinese online fast fashion retailer. Most of the clothes it sells are manufactured in Guangzhou China.

 Is Shein true to size?

Yes, all of Shein’s clothes match the size charts listed on their website for each product and are all true to size, so you can order what’s best for you with confidence.

Does Shein ship worldwide?

Shein ships to almost all countries across the globe with easy returns as well. Although shipping to India is temporarily unavailable.

What are the shipping costs on Shein?

Shipping costs vary from country to country and whether regular or express. For Australia it is 4 to 8 dollars, 2 to 5 euros to France and 4 to 12 dollars to the US.

How long does it take for Shein to deliver? 

Depending on which country you are in, Shein takes anywhere between 6 to 27 days for delivery of clothes.

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Shein Dress

If I get only two words to describe Shein, I’d say inexpensive and hella trendy. If you’re looking to change your look or revamp your wardrobe completely, you can find a multitude of cute, sexy, and glamourous options at Shein. In fact, I’d say, you can host your own runway show.

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