Complete Guide to Buying Winter Clothing on AliExpress 2022 | Top Styles and Recommendations

by Dwain

I’ve long been a fan of winter-wear and a large number of the sweaters, jackets and parkas I own have been bought from AliExpress for hardly $50 a piece, some even as low as $10-$15.

With December around the corner, it’s only fitting that I talk about cheap and affordable winter clothing on AliExpress

Now, everyone might not consider AliExpress to be the best destination for winter wear, but I have managed to come across some swag looking sweaters and really warm jackets that look and feel like they have been made by some major international clothing brand, being sold at throwaway prices.

However, not everything on AliExpress is as it seems and some of the sweaters are just ghastly to say the least.

Moreover, if you do not know how to choose a seller or something for this winter then chances are that you’ll probably get ripped off or scammed.

Over this article I’ll take you through the different types of winter clothing I found on the site and I’ll even throw in a small guide on how you can pick your own winter clothing on AliExpress.

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

Types of Winter Clothing Styles Available on AliExpress

The first thing i’d like you to know about shopping for winter clothing on AliExpress is that the site has so many great products that it can get overwhelming trying to decide what to buy.

On the plus side, if you know what you’re looking for then it gets easier to find it on AliExpress as the site has everything you need, and then some. 

For example, while I was searching for winter clothing on AliExpress I came across so many new trends and styles, some of which I haven’t even heard of till now.

Yes, there are tons and tons of sweaters, jackets and hoodies available on AliExpress, but did you also know that they have long underwear, thermal wear and winter style boots?

Here are some of the most popular styles of winter clothes available on AliExpress  that i’m sure you would love.

Warm and Cozy Sweaters

One of the most popular kinds of winter clothing I came across was sweaters.

AliExpress has so many to choose from and the best part is that most of the sweaters are made from top quality materials and are extremely warm and durable.

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

I picked up a few turtlenecks and v-necks that were worth every cent, but if you’re a person who’s a fan of crewnecks, pullovers or cardigans then AliExpress has plenty of those to choose from too.

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

A majority of the sweaters available here are made from good quality materials like cotton and wool.

There are some that are made from polyester, but I wouldn’t recommend going for those as they won’t do a great job of being breathable.

Insulated Parkas

Parkas are available in plenty and there are hundreds of different sellers on AliExpress that deal in high quality Parkas and insulated jackets. 

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

Parkas are generally made from one of four types of materials; down (duck or geese), fleece, synthetic and wool, however the most common types of parkas available on AliExpress are the synthetic kind and wool. 

I was unable to find good quality down or fleece jackets, but their range of synthetic and wool parkas are to die for.

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

Some popular parkas I found were the original U.S Army parka (the M1951), puffer style parkas, ski parkas and the traditional style parka. Each one of them was made from high quality materials and are perfect to wear on a  cold day or in the winter.

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Jackets and Coats

Here’s another popular type of winter clothing that is also probably one of the highest selling on AliExpress and the best part is that there are loads of them to choose from. 

When it comes to buying jackets or coats for the winter, it all boils down to the seller and what material has been used to make the jacket.

I was truly happy with my orders, not because they came in time, but because they were well made and looked quite premium. 

A majority of the jackets were leather, wool, and polyester, but amongst them, I found the woolen jackets to offer the most warmth 

The only drawback to buying jackets on AliExpress is that most jackets are Chinese sized and you’ll have to buy a size bigger or smaller based on your measurements.

Trendy Hoodies 

Hoodies are a staple every fall and new styles are released each year around winter time.

So it’s a good thing that AliExpress is fast at stocking high quality hoodies that don’t cost a bomb.

I’ve come across hundreds, if not thousands of different hoodies on AliExpress and the most popular styles are the zip-up hoodie and the pullover hoodie. 

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

Nearly all of them are made from a blend of cotton and polyester and I loved that each style of hoodie was available in a number of different colors.

For Example, these athletic hoodies I came across were made from fleece and though they are designed for athletic wear, they did a good job of keeping me warm and they were not bulky like regular hoodies.

Some of the popular styles of hoodies for men and women are the Baja hoodie, knit hoodie, flannel button-up and the tunic style hoodie.

I came across these styles on AliExpress for under $30 each and some were truly better than branded ones.

Long Underwear / Thermal Underwear

Base layers or long underwear is a requirement for those living in extremely cold climates as they help give the body an extra layer of protection from the cold and they can be worn underneath everything else.

The thing about long underwear is that they need to be made from a specific material and cotton or polyester will not do the trick.

High quality long underwear are made from either regular wool, merino wool or silk. 

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

Luckily, AliExpress has a decent collection of woolen long underwear and thermal underwear for men and women.

Long Underwear can be bought for as low as $10 and many sporting brands like YOOY have their official stores on AliExpress, so finding a legit seller for long underwear is relatively easy.

Warm Winter Socks

I found AliExpress to have one of the best selections of winter socks and a majority of them were made from authentic sheep wool.

Socks here are super affordable and come in lots and there are so many styles, colors, and thicknesses to choose from. 

Most of the brands and vendors dealing in woolen socks are  legit and have good reviews, so you can definitely find something that’s worth your money and will keep your feet warm.

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I happened to come across velvet socks that are designed to keep the feet warm at even -30 and believe me when I tell you that they actually do a fantastic job of keeping the feet warm at extremely cold temperatures.

Other styles of winter socks that are popular are fleece winter socks, thick woolen socks, winter thermal socks, fluffy socks and merino wool socks.

Fashionable Winter Boots

Winter boots are specially designed for cold temperatures and they are made with a layer of thermal insulation or fleece on the inside of the shoe that will keep the feet warm.

Stores around the world charge upwards of $100 for a good quality pair of winter boots, but on AliExpress I was able to pick up a couple of pairs for under $30 each, which was a real steal.

There were designer-style winter boots, ugs, suede leather boots, snow boots and short plush winter boots, but again, it all depends on the manufacturer and the materials used to make these boots.

Thankfully, I found plenty of high quality winter boots on AliExpress that were fashionable, cheap and did a rather good job of keeping the feet warm and protected.

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

The thing about winter boots is that the interior and exterior of the boots need to be made from a material that will keep the feet warm and not retain any moisture or sweat. 

So, make sure that the boots are made from high quality materials and check the reviews of the previous buyers as well as the seller’s size chart so you get the right fit.

Winter-Ready Gloves

AliExpress is home to a wide range of gloves for any occasion. There are plenty to choose from but the best in my opinion are the thermal winter gloves and woolen gloves. 

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

I’ve picked up a few thermal gloves and must say that they are truly effective against the cold.

The internal insulation layer is an added bonus and the materials used to make them are some of the best in the market.

Not only that, but high quality winter gloves are available for under $10 a pair and some as low as $2-$5 a pair.

I came across some really cool crochet knitted gloves and knitted gloves that are compatible with touchscreen devices.

None of them had any defects, but there are a few that are marketed as waterproof, but weren’t, so it’s best to check the buyer reviews before buying them.

Beanies, Bonnets and Knitted Caps

Beanies, Bonnets and knitted caps are quite popular and will cost anywhere between $25-$100 for a really good one if bought from a local store. 

AliExpress on the other hand has tons to choose from and they all are priced between $2-$15 depending on the style, make and materials used.

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

Some of the winter caps on AliExpress are made from premium wool or fleece which is perfect for the winter. I even came across a couple that used rabbit fur and ribbed yarn.

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Beanies, Bonnets, hats and winter caps can be paired with anything and these cheap versions are actually quite good and did a really good job of keeping my ears and head warm.

Winter Clothing on AliExpress

The only thing to be concerned about while buying winter caps on AliExpress is the size and whether or not the cap is made from a material that’s safe for your skin/scalp.

Winter Clothing Sellers I Recommend Checking Out

Store NameRatingKnow For
Hipapa Store96.5%Jackets, Sweaters, Cardigans, Pullovers
Cantree Official Store96.4%Sweaters, Socks, Jackets, Hoodies
Fashion Brand Clothing Store95.3%Sweaters, Jackets, Parkas, Winter Boots
Color Faith Official Store96.4%Women’s Winter Clothing, Jackets, Coats, Parkas, Sweaters
Longming Store96.6%Merino Wool Pullovers and Cardigans, Wool Caps, Neck Warmers, Wool Scarfs
Kimhyoo Shoes97.8%Winter Boots, Snow Boots
MBR Force Official Store91.9%Winter Boots, Fur Boots, Snow Boots, 
Keep Going Store96.9%Thermal Wear, Winter Gloves and Caps
Gafastwo Store96.1%Winter Gloves, Socks, Hats, Scarves, Warmers

Guide to Buying Winter Clothes on AliExpress

Now that you know what’s trending on AliExpress this winter, it’s time I take you through a short guide on how you can choose your own winter clothing on AliExpress. 

Remember, AliExpress is a large platform with millions of sellers and many of these sellers deal in the same or similar kind of products. 

So it’s important that you stay aware of what to look out for while shopping on AliExpress so you don’t get scammed or ripped off.

  • Material – The first thing to keep an eye on is the material of the winter clothes. Most items I came across on AliExpress are made from nylon, polyester, wool and cotton, but there are some that use Gore-Tex, silk, down, and polypropylene. These are slightly more premium and will cost more than regular wool or polyester.
  • Insulation – Since you’re buying clothes for the winter, check for items that are insulated or have layers. This will help increase your body temperature and keep you warm during the cold months.Make sure the insulation material used is down, synthetic, or is a hybrid material of fleece and polyester or wool and polyester
  • Size and Fit – Most of the clothes on AliExpress follow the Chinese sizing chart, so some types of winter clothing may be smaller than your regular size. Remember to always check the individual products sizing chart and then cross reference that against your body measurements to get the right size. The thing about winter clothing is that they need to sit snug against the body but should not restrict movement.
  • Reviews – It’s important to go through buyer reviews as this will give you a clear understanding of whether or not the clothes are made from good quality materials or if they are cheaply made. The reviews section is a good place to get an idea of what the product will actually look like and you can also get to know if the clothes are actually warm or not by reading other buyers’ experiences.
  • Store Rating – Another point to keep in mind while shopping for winter clothing is the store rating. Since AliExpress is a major platform with thousands of different sellers, it’s only logical to check the store rating and see whether or not the seller is legit and their products are good quality. Any store with a rating over 97% is a great place to shop from as they generally deliver on time and products are made from top quality materials.

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