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If you’re looking to buy a piece of clothing from Shein, it’s important to know how to pick the right size. Otherwise, you might end up with something that’s too tight or too loose, and you’ll never be able to wear it comfortably. 

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to pick out the right size for your body type, and how to determine the size of Shein clothes using this size guide. We hope this will help you find the perfect fit for your Shein wardrobe.

Let’s begin!

Shein Size Chart

Shein Clothing Size Chart

Shein Shoe Size Chart

Footwear Size Calculator – Based on Countries

How to Pick Out the Right Shein Size?

There are basically two methods available on Shein that lets you check the size of the product you’re interested in buying. Whether it’s shoes, a dress, jeans or even a sweater, Shein has all the size charts available, allowing you to pick the best fit possible.

Sizes mentioned on Shein vary based on the country you’re buying from, so ensure that you enter the appropriate URL to access Shein’s website for your region. Depending on where you are, Shein has different size charts with varying measurements and this can confuse buyers.

Now, the two ways to check what size is best for your figure is by either going through the Shein size guide and cross-referencing the measurements against your own or by using the Shein Fit Finder which is a built-in tool that lets you key in relevant details about your measurements and based on what you enter, the website will automatically bring up the best fitting size for you.

Pick Shein Size with the Size Chart

Use the Shein Size chart

The Shein size chart is available on the Shein website in multiple places. You can find it by scrolling down to the bottom of the home page and clicking on Shein Size Guide or you can find it by tapping on Size Guide on each product page.

In the size guide, you will be able to select from 4 different sizing measurements depending on where you’re located, you get choices of DE, UK, US, AU, IT, BR and EU sizes and when you select the region, the sizes and measurements automatically change to that particular region. 

Check the shein size for different geographies

Right after you choose the region and measurement metrics, you will be able to view the product measurements as well as body measurements for that particular item. The product measurements highlight sizes such as shoulder, length, bust, cuff, collar, sleeve and waist, but the measurements brought up here will vary by a cm or two as they are all done manually.

They even offer some helpful information like how to measure your body size and how to measure the product size, which we’ll get into later.

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Use Shein Fit Finder to Check Sizing Recommendations

Use Shein's fit finder

Shein Fit Finder is a nifty little tool that’s available for some products and not all the items sold on Shein. This tool lets you check which size will fit you best by calculating the measurements you enter.

To access the Shien Fit Finder tool, open the product page (it’s not available on every page and only some products like tops have the Fit Finder). Once you’re there, located next to the Size Guide is a link labeled “Check My Size”, click on it.

check the best fit recommendation from Shein

You will be taken to a new page that asks you to enter key metrics such as your height and weight, your belly shape, hip shape, bra size, age and what fit preference you have. Based on your entries the tool will provide you with which size of that product will fit you well. 

If you’re satisfied with the size, go ahead and add the item to your cart. If not, you now have an understanding of what size is best for you, so go back to the product page and either choose a size larger, depending on the material, or a size smaller, if you’re looking for a tighter fit.

How to Check the Size of the Shein Model Wearing the Product?

check the models size on shein

Shein is probably one of the only e-commerce websites that lets you find out the size of the model in the featured image. This is beneficial and makes choosing the right size easy, especially if you can relate your body measurements to the model in the picture.

To view the models measurements, simply open any product on Shein and then on the right side of the page, tap on Size and Fit. You will now be able to view the size the model is wearing along with his/her measurements such as height, bust, waist and hips

If you can relate to the model’s measurements then you can go ahead and cross reference the measurements along with the size and check if you should go for the size worn by the model or if you’d like a different size altogether.

For example, this model is wearing a size S or EU 36. If you double check the bust measurements of the product against the models, you will notice that the top is slightly larger. This is for her comfort levels and since this won’t be standard across the board, you can choose a size that best suits your frame and physique.

How to Pick the Right Shein Shoe Size?

Check the Shein US Sizes

Shein shoes are quite cheap but getting the right size can prove to be a task. Luckily Shein has a size chart for shoes as well which you can refer to before making your purchase. While you may have noticed that clothes have different measurements, shoes on Shein basically have only two, the measurement of the internal length of the shoes and the overall height of the platform.

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In order to check whether the shoe size is apt for you, open the product page and then click on Size guide to check the measurements of the shoe based on your foot size. There’s also a guide that teaches you how to measure your foot for the most accurate size.

measure the foot width and length

To make things easier, Shein has included shoes in their Fit Finder tool and you will need to answer a couple of questions to learn which is the best fit you should opt for. 

Again, you can either add that particular size to your cart or you can head back to the product page in case you’re a little skeptical and would like to buy something a size bigger or smaller than what was recommended.

Do Shein Sizes Run Small?

Based on personal experience, Shein products are quite decent and will fit, but they can be small at times due to discrepancies in the measurements of the clothes or the quality of the material. Luckily they have a detailed sizing chart on their website that lets you find the best fitting size for you.

Shein size chart

So, if you’re a first time shopper and you do not wish to take the time to measure yourself or check the size chart, order one size bigger (at least for items like tshirts, dresses or jeans). This will prove beneficial as you will then receive something that’s going to fit well.

check the shein US size chart

If you do find that the product you’ve received is too small, you can either check if the item has a hem that you can remove, if not then you can request for a replacement by sending the wrong sized item back to them and waiting for the support team to have the replacement piece sent to you.

Tips for Measuring your Body

In order to find the right item of clothing on Shein, you will need to first measure your body and find out your true size. To do that, here are some tips you can try at home.

  • Chest or Bust – Using a measuring tape, measure the total circumference of the widest portion of your chest/bust. 
  • Waist – Depending on where you wear your jeans,or pants, measure the circumference of your waist.
  • Hips – For the hips, you will have to measure the circumference of the fullest section.
  • Foot Length – For your foot length, measure the length of your foot from the heel to your big toe.
  • Foot Girth – Wrap the measuring tape around the broadest part of your foot. 


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What to do if my Shein top is too big?

Considering that the clothes sold on Shein are cheap and affordable, you can save money on replacing the item by either reselling it to someone else or by having it altered to fit your structure. You can request for a refund and have the product returned to Shein but it’s going to cost upwards of $7.99 which means that you’re going to end up losing money.

How do I know my Shein size?

You can check your Shein size by opening the product and tapping on Check my Size to launch the Fit Finder tool. This tool will take key metrics like your age, measurements, fit preferences and will let you know what size is ideal for your structure. 

Can I trust the Shein size chart?

Yes, but to an extent. Shein follows an Asian size chart which can vary by a cm or two against the US or EU charts. So if you’re buying on Shein then the size chart you should select must be the appropriate region you’re based in. 

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