Where is Victoria’s Secret Made?

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Victoria’s Secret, a household name in the lingerie industry, is not exempt from such scrutiny. With its tantalizing designs and iconic runway shows, the brand has carved a niche in the fashion world. 

In an era where consumers are becoming increasingly conscientious about the origins of their purchases, understanding the manufacturing processes and locations of favorite brands is essential. 

But where do these pieces come from before they grace store shelves and online catalogs? 

This article delves into the production journey of Victoria’s Secret, shedding light on its manufacturing locations, the conditions of its factories, and the broader implications of its supply chain practices. 

Join us as we unravel the secrets behind where Victoria’s Secret is made.

Where is Victoria’s Secret Made?

Victoria’s Secret, an iconic American fashion brand known for its lingerie and runway shows, doesn’t manufacture all its products in the USA.

Although the brand has a strong presence and markets extensively in the US, the majority of its manufacturing facilities are located overseas.

Specifically, Victoria Secret products are made in several countries, including Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and China, to name a few.

This global production spans around 300 factories worldwide. The primary motivation for such widespread manufacturing in Asian countries is due to the combination of lower labor costs and the availability of materials.

Is All Victoria’s Secret American Made? 

Where is Victoria's Secret Made

No, Victoria Secret does not manufacture all of its products in the USA. 

While it is an American fashion brand that heavily markets in the USA and boasts numerous outlets across the country, the majority of its manufacturing facilities are outside of the US. 

Victoria Secret products are produced in various countries, including Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and China, among others. 

There are around 300 factories worldwide that produce Victoria Secret products and the primary reason behind this widespread production is that many brands, including Victoria Secret, lean towards Asian countries for manufacturing due to lower labor costs and material availability.

Who Created Victoria’s Secret? 

Where is Victoria's Secret Made

Victoria Secret was founded by Roy Raymond. Back in 1977, Roy, along with his wife Gaye Raymond, initiated the brand as a small family business. They set up the first Victoria Secret store in California. 

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The idea for Victoria Secret came about when Roy found himself in an awkward situation trying to purchase lingerie for his wife. 

He envisioned creating a brand that would simplify shopping for women, focusing mainly on women’s collections.

Where are Victoria’s Secret Perfumes Made? 

Where is Victoria's Secret Made

While a significant portion of Victoria Secret’s products is made in Asian countries, their perfumes are an exception. 

Victoria Secret perfumes, including their top-selling fragrance, Bombshell – a delightful mix of citrus, Madagascan vanilla orchid, Brazilian purple passion fruit, and Italian pine – are exclusively made in the USA. 

These fragrances aim to instill confidence and radiate a bright, sunny aura.

Who Manufactures Victoria’s Secret Products? 

Where is Victoria's Secret Made

L Brands used to hold the responsibility for manufacturing Victoria Secret products up until 2021. They acquired Victoria Secret in 1982, and since then, they have overseen the production of all its products. 

However, post the split from L Brands, Victoria’s Secret is manufactured by Victoria’s Secret & Co.

Due to its emphasis on cost-effective marketing, a substantial portion of Victoria Secret products is made in Asian regions.

Who Currently Owns Victoria’s Secret? 

Where is Victoria's Secret Made

Victoria’s Secret became an independent business separate from its parent company, L Brands, in 2021. The company started trading on the NYSE under the ticker VSCO from August 3, 2021.

Although the detailed ownership structure post-separation isn’t specified, the company has undergone various managerial changes, with Martin Waters being named CEO in 2021, succeeding interim CEO Stuart Burgdoerfer.

By July 2022, Amy Hauk took the reins as the chief executive of both the Victoria’s Secret and Pink brands. Furthermore, in November 2022, Victoria’s Secret acquired the New York-based lingerie brand, Adore Me, for $400 million USD.

Is Victoria’s Secret still popular?

Where is Victoria's Secret Made

Victoria’s Secret was still a well-known brand in the lingerie industry, but its popularity and cultural dominance had faced challenges in recent years.

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Several factors contributed to the brand’s changing status:

  • Cultural Shifts: There was a growing demand for more inclusive representation of body types, ages, and races in fashion and advertising. Many consumers felt that Victoria’s Secret was slow to adapt to these changing societal values, particularly with its runway shows which often showcased a narrow beauty standard.
  • Competition: A number of new lingerie brands entered the market, many of which focused on body positivity, inclusivity, and comfort. These brands directly challenged Victoria’s Secret’s long-standing brand positioning.
Where is Victoria's Secret Made
  • Controversies: The brand faced backlash from comments made by company executives, especially around the topic of inclusivity. Furthermore, the association of Leslie Wexner, the CEO of Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, L Brands, with Jeffrey Epstein harmed the brand’s image.
  • Market Trends: There was a general shift in consumer preference from push-up bras and heavily padded styles, which Victoria’s Secret was known for, to bralettes and sports bras, a category where other brands were also competitive.

In response to these challenges, Victoria’s Secret began taking steps to rebrand and regain consumer trust. 

They introduced more diverse campaigns, adjusted product lines, and even discontinued their iconic fashion show in 2019.

However, the company still has a significant retail presence and a large customer base as of 2023, so  it’s safe to say that the brand is still popular.

Where is Victoria’s Secret Made FAQs

Is Victoria’s Secret American or British?

Victoria’s Secret is an American brand. It was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond in San Francisco, California. While the brand has since become internationally recognized with stores and presence around the globe, its origins and headquarters are in the United States.

What is Victoria’s Secret famous for?

Victoria’s Secret is famous for several key aspects:

  • Lingerie: This is the primary product line that put Victoria’s Secret on the map. They offer a wide range of lingerie styles, from everyday wear to more luxurious and elaborate pieces.
  • Fashion Shows: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was an annual event that gained immense popularity and attention worldwide. Supermodels, known as “Angels,” would walk the runway showcasing the brand’s latest lingerie and sleepwear collections, often adorned with extravagant wings, accessories, and themed outfits.
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Victoria’s Secret Angels
  • Angels: Victoria’s Secret Angels are the brand’s official spokesmodels. Over the years, many models have become internationally recognized and have achieved superstar status after becoming Angels, including names like Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, and Gisele Bündchen, among others.
  • Beauty Products & Perfumes: Beyond lingerie, Victoria’s Secret also ventured into the beauty market, producing a range of fragrances, lotions, and cosmetics that have gained significant popularity. Some of their fragrances, like “Bombshell,” have become iconic in their own right.
  • Pink: This is a sub-brand of Victoria’s Secret aimed at a younger demographic, offering loungewear, lingerie, and beauty products with a more youthful and playful style.

Why was it called Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret was founded by Roy Raymond in 1977. The name “Victoria” is often thought to evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication, reminiscent of the Victorian era.

This era is associated with a certain kind of romanticized propriety and luxury. The “Secret” part of the name suggests the idea of intimate undergarments being a private or “secret” indulgence of the wearer.

There’s also a backstory that Roy Raymond wanted to create a place where men could feel comfortable shopping for lingerie for their partners. The store was envisioned as a Victorian-era inspired boudoir, a kind of setting where the secrets of the bedroom would be celebrated.

Hence, “Victoria’s Secret” suggests a hidden or private luxury from a time of classic elegance. The name worked well for branding, communicating both luxury and intimacy, which were key elements of the store’s identity and marketing.


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