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by Tim Blue
Cheap Aliexpress Gadgets
airpods case protector baseus

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Store Description: The baseus store has the best Aliexpress gadgets for super cheap!

Price range: $10 - $30

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People don’t know how to take advantage of Aliexpress. I’ve realized. 

They either buy the SUPER cheap products on Aliexpress that most people will know that it won’t last more than a few days or they’ll buy the expensive brands that won’t give them a good deal.

Aliexpress is a TREASURE trove of gadgets that most people aren’t aware of. From Chinese smartwatches to trimmers to other electronics. 

I’m going to dig out Cheap Gadgets on Aliexpress that you can buy today! 

Quick Links to the Best Gadgets

Mousepad & Charger

Faucet Extender

$9 Headphones Aliexpress

Xiaomi Automatic Screwdriver

Folding Wireless Charger

iPhone Battery Case

iPhoneWireless Magsafe Case (Super Stlyish) ($10)

Superfast Charging Cable ($1)

Instant Photo Printer

UV Sanitization Box

Mifa Bluetooth Speaker

Best Aliexpress Gadgets 2021

Mousepad + Wireless Charger

Mousepad + Wireless Charger

One of the coolest Aliexpress gadgets is the mouse pad that doubles up as a wireless charger. The most seamless wireless charger you’ll find. The Mousepad is Qi enabled and that means you can charge any device that can be charged wirelessly.

Faucet Extender

cool aliexpress gadgets

One of the coolest gadgets you can buy is the faucet extender. Basically this handy little device extends your faucet and let’s you direct the water towards any direction. I’ve used this faucet extender and gifted this to my mother who loves it. Honestly it’s the best thing when washing vessels or even in the bathroom, it’s perfect to clean any of the fixtures with ease.

Check it out here

Cheap Headphones on Aliexpress

If you are looking for super cheap headphones that can do the job, then check out these amazing $10 headphones. The AOSAIDI store has a lot of cheap headphones that look super stylish and have a lot of orders. This is the kind of cheap headphones that you can find on Aliexpress and can’t find anywhere else. 

Click here to buy $10

Xiaomi Automatic Screwdriver

The Xiaomi Automatic screw driver is one of the coolest gadgets on Aliexpress you’ll ever see. The Xiaomi mijia screwdriver isn’t just a manual screwdriver, but it can rotate on demand that makes your drilling experience much easier. There are two buttons that turn the screwhead in a clockwise and an anti-clockwise direction

xiaomi automatic screwdriver

Check it out here

Baseus Wireless Headphones

How about this wireless headphone from Baseus?

It’s cheap, affordable and way better than a Sennheiser. It has noise-cancellation features, headphone adjustment, slider to increase width, silicon headband to protect the head.

It also has soft protein leather that sits comfortably in your ears.

The headphone has a bunch of features installed in it, that are slide switch to power on and off, 3.5mm audio port, MFB buttons and the volume buttons.

Don’t break the bank by gifting exorbitantly expensive headphones, but get a Baseus that is affordable, stylish and does its job well. 

Click here to buy – $20

Folding Wireless Charger

folding wireless charger

This cool device is one for the gadget lovers. This wireless charger can flatten out or stand vertically and double up as a phone stand. It has fast charging capabilities and the device can be charged while it’s vertically positioned.

Check it out here – $22

Hanxi Headphones 

The Hanxi Headphones are a perfect mix of brand and affordability. The cheapest headphones from Hanxi is their most popular. It costs $15 and has more than 9,000 orders. 

It comes in numerous colours. 

Click here to buy – $15

iPhone Battery Case

One of the coolest and cheapest Aliexpress gadgets is the iPhone battery case. It’s a small powerbank that can attach to the back of your iPhone with ease at the same time, it charges your phone as well. Stylish and effective!

Check it out here – $20

Fast Charging Android Cable on Aliexpress

This charging cable from Ugreen is an absolute beast. It’s long, it charges quickly, it’s really tough and super duper cheap. When I buy a new device, I immediately go to Aliexpress and pick out a few long chargers like this one and then keep one in my office and one at home. It’s a must buy product from Aliexpress. 

Click here to buy – $1.47

Instant Photo Printer

instant photo printer on aliexpress

If you are looking for a cool gadget that’s a perfect gift, then check out the Instant photo printer. At a price of $33, it’s one of the cheapest Aliexpress gadgets. With a cool mobile app, you can print out the photos that you take on your smartphone.

Check it out here

Wireless Chargers on Aliexpress

Wireless chargers are in trend right now, not because it’s flashy, but because they are super functional and much better than cables. The best part about a wireless charge is, you don’t have to plug in and plug out your cable everytime.

The Qi Wireless charger has numerous benefits, such as a big base to keep your phone on. It’s easy to keep beside your bedside table and access it from your bed.

Best Price – $3.89

iPhone Charging Cable on Aliexpress

Your old iPhone charging cable wearing out? Don’t break the bank a new one from Apple. Get these cheap iPhone charging cables from Ugreen. Has fast charging capabilities, it’s super long and tough.

Barely costs 1/10th that Apple charges for its cables. 

Click here to buy – $1.77

HJCE Bluetooth Speakers 

The HJCE Bluetooth speakers are the cheapest Bluetooth speakers on Aliexpress. They are beautiful, cheap, has physical buttons, option to put a SD card. There’s nothing more you need from a Bluetooth speaker. 

Click here to buy – $8.71

LED UV Sanitizer box for phones

LED UV Sanitizer Box

One of the most in-demand products right now are sanitizers and they get over quickly and don’t do a thorough job. If you are looking for an alternative, then a UV sanitizer box does a great job. It kills all the germs and at the same time doubles up as a wireless charger.

Check it out -$21

Mifa Bluetooth Speakers

Who doesn’t love Bluetooth Speakers?

The perfect Bluetooth speaker is the Mifa Portable Speaker. It’s beautiful, portable and has numerous features.

  • Built-in Mic
  • LED Indicator
  • Micro USB Port
  • Auxin Jack
  • Micro SD Card Slot

This means you can connect it via Bluetooth, or play songs from a SD card. You can also connect an Aux and play music through that. 

Best Price – $22

Hanxi Bluetooth speaker 

The Hanxi Bluetooth speaker is one of the bestselling Aliexpress Bluetooth speakers. It has an awesome subwoofer and a Bluetooth range of up to 10 metres. It comes in numerous colors and it’s an awesome Bluetooth speaker! 

Click here to buy- $15

B57 Smartwatch 

The B57 Smartwatch is the most popular smartwatch on Aliexpress. It’s also the cheapest smartwatch on Aliexpress costing around $15. Here are its features

  • 1.3-inch touch screen
  • 180 mAh battery 
  • Charging time is about 1.5 hours 
  • 7 day working life on a single charge
  • Notifications of SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and others
  • Sports tracking features

Click here to buy – $14

North Edge Sports Watch

The North Edge Men’s Sports Watch is a beautiful timepiece that also doubles up as an Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, Compass, Heart Rate Monitor and Pedometer.

It comes in various colours and has a stylish watch face. This is much more premium than a Fitbit or an activity tracker. This looks great in casual and formal wear as well.

If you are an athlete, then there are features like a timer and stopwatch as well.

cool technology gifts

Best Price – $85

Smart Bracelet Smartwatch

One of the most popular smartwatches for women on Aliexpress is the one from the Global Watches Store. It’s IP68 rated, it has notifications, a gold plated finish and has all the smartwatch features that you can expect. 

Click here to buy – $26


The A5 Pro is UMIDIGI’s top selling phone. It’s one of the cheapest budget smartphones in the world for its features and price. 

  • 6.3-inch FHD Screen
  • 16MP with a triple camera set-up 
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4150 mAh battery 

Click here to buy – $89.55

i9s TWS 

The cheapest TWS earbuds in the planet. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Apple Airpods, then here you go. It doesn’t get cheaper than this. Here are its features

  • 2.5 hours of listening time 
  • 2 hours of call time 
  • Charging time of about an hour 
  • Replica of Apple Airpods Max
  • Bluetooth 5.0 

Click here to buy – $4.69

Vikefon TWS Earbuds 

You can buy 10 of these and it’ll still be under $40. Want to give earbuds to your young kid or want to buy them in bulk and give it out as gifts? This is the perfect choice.

These TWS earbuds have over 45,000+ positive ratings with an average of 4.8. With these staggering numbers, they are sure to be awesome. 

Click here to buy – $4.74

Xiaomi TWS Earbuds 

Apart from their phones, Xiaomi is know for their TWS Earbuds too. The Redmi Airdots are one of the most popular cheap wireless earbuds on the planet. They look great, have a great sound and are super affordable too! 

Click here to buy – $23.75

Bluetooth Receiver

Click here to buy – $15

$5 Gaming Keyboard

The Metoo Gaming Keyboard has numerous benefits such as an ergonomic keyboard that is perfect for gaming, has changeable custom backlight, that will light up in anyway you want.

It has a double injection keycap and an aluminum alloy panel.

Get a premium gaming keyboard just for under $25!

Best Price – $22.25

Electric Toothbrush

The Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush is not your everyday brush.

It’s tech enabled and measures pressure points, gestures, brushing style and more. It gives you a lot of data around your brushing style and also gives you reminders.

electric toothbrush

It makes brushing a much more fun and effective experience.

Best Price – $55

Virtual Reality Headset

electronic gadgets for him

The Bobo VR is one of the best virtual reality headsets out there. Here are some of its features

  • 120 degree full on view
  • 3D Stereo Sound
  • Eyeglass friendly
  • Supports all major phones ranging from 4.5 inches to 6.0 inches
  • The Diopter is adjustable to let you watch the content
  • Comfortable cushioned fabric for long-term use
  • Soft headband
  • Improved earphones

Best Price – $21.98

What is the cheapest thing on AliExpress?

Here is a list of things on Aliexpress that are super cheap. 

  • Electronics like cables, chargers, converters, headphones, earphones, smartphones, earbuds, keyboards, smartwatches, electronic accessories like tempered glass and more. 
  • Jewelry is also super cheap on Aliexpress with the best designs. So if you are looking for fashion accessories, Aliexpress is the perfect marketplace. 
  • Bags and Shoes are another category which you can find for very cheap on Aliexpress. Most of the top brands like Gucci, Prada and others manufacture their products in China and those manufacturers make their own Chinese versions and sell them for super cheap. 
  • Hair, as in real human hair, is very cheap on Aliexpress. They are very good qualiuty as well. 

Things to know before buying gadgets from Aliexpress Stores

  • Buy from established sellers: It’s better to buy gadgets from established sellers as gadgets are expensive. You can check their ratings and how long they’ve been in the business to know about their credibility. You won’t feel there’s anything fishy with transactions from established sellers. 
  • Seller Guarantee: Go for products that have Guaranteed Genuine marks on them. If the products turn faulty by chance then the return shipping is free and you can also claim full refund. 
  • Avoid unreally cheap products and free shipping: If the gadgets that you want to buy are extremely cheap and aren’t of real value, it’s better to avoid them as they might be knock offs and not genuine gadgets. Do ask for shipping insurance of the products. 
  • Talk to the seller before buying the product: Talking to the seller always helps. You can ask them for more pictures. You can also talk about the product to them. While you’re in conversation with the seller, you’ll also figure out if they’re genuine or not. 
  • Payment methods: It’s advisable to make payments only through aliexpress gateway. Don’t directly transfer the money to the seller’s bank account even if the seller asks you to do so. 

Is Aliexpress safe to buy gadgets? 

Yes, Aliexpress is safe to buy gadgets. You can get original as well as knockoff gadgets on the website. Most of them have great quality and the prices are much cheaper than anywhere else.

What are the best things to buy on AliExpress?

  • Electronics and electronic accessories
  • Fashion Accessories like Jewelry 
  • Bags, Shoes, Clothing 
  • Sports equipment
  • Household tools 
  • Beauty products
  • Kids and Baby products
  • Automobile parts and accessories

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Best Aliexpress Gadgets

People don’t know how to take advantage of Aliexpress. I’ve realized. 

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