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by Tim Blue

Aliexpress is a boon for new parents. Babies are a handful. They outgrow their clothes quickly, they need a lot of toys to keep them engaged, they need to be protected from the hazards within a house and you need a ton of baby equipment when you take them outside.

These bills start to add up and that’s where Aliexpress comes in. You zeget the best baby products at super cheap prices and are of great quality and style. There are unique products from baby toys to baby clothes to baby gear such as baby carrier and so on.

You don’t have to be worried about the quality as the products mentioned are from the best baby stores on Aliexpress with the highest ratings.

We’ve also picked out the stores that have a good return/refund/replacement policy which means you can purchase without thinking twice.

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Best Baby Products on Aliexpress

In my opinion, Aliexpress is a great place for baby products only because retail stores in the US and other western countries charge a huge premium / margin on baby products as they know parents will pay without any increase in product quality. Baby products on Aliexpress are still at a value compared to other products.

Best Baby Products on Aliexpress Reviewed

Gabesy Baby Carrier

baby carrier aliexpress

The Gabesy baby carrier is the number one selling baby carrier on Aliexpress. It’s Orthopedic friendly and has a bunch of features. Firstly, the carrier comes with a neck support for the baby. As a child’s neck is the most fragile at that age, it requires protection.

The way the baby carrier is designed, your shoulders carry 30% of the weight, the abdomen carries 40% of the weight and the waist carries the rest 30%. This means it’s balanced out and it is quite comfortable.

It’s detachable and a hipseat can be used to keep your baby seated when you don’t want to carry your baby. There are ample pockets in the front and the sides to keep your belongings.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Adjustable Baby Bibs

baby bibs aliexpress

If you are shopping on Aliexpress for baby products, the most popular and best selling baby product you’ll ever find is baby bibs. These sell like hot cakes. They range from $1 to $3 per piece. There are many types of bibs, like the bandana bibs, adjustable bibs, scarf bibs and apron bibs.

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Check it out here

Power Socket Lock

Considering the number of home appliances that are becoming electronic, the number of power sockets have increased. They are located everywhere in the house and they are even there at the ground level. This is within reach even for the smallest children and as well all know, a power socket is super dangerous.

Kids playing can put their fingers inside a power socket due to their curious nature and this can have disastrous effects such as a powerful shock or even worse. As children’s bodies are fragile, a small shock can affect their entire system in negative ways.

A simple solution is to attach a power socket lock. This is made out of plastic and covers the holes and cannot be easily removed by children!

childproofing doors on aliexpress

Best Price – $2.52 / 10 pcs

Baby Wrap Carrier

baby wrap carrier aliexpress

If you don’t like bulky baby carriers and want something easy and simple, then the wrap carrier is the perfect choice. It’s rated 4.8 with glowing reviews and it’s one of the popular baby carriers on Aliexpress.

It’s perfect for children between the age of new born to an 18 month old baby. The material is a mix of cotton, polyester, and spandex. It’s comfortable and has high elasticity.

It’s perfect for new borns and the weight of the baby should be under 15 kgs. It’s 5 metres long and can be wrapped around and worn very easily. It comes in numerous patterns which makes you look fashionable without the ugly look of a big carrier.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Baby Clothing on Aliexpress

baby clothing on aliexpress

Baby clothing on Aliexpress in one word is adorable. There are super cute clothes for babies that are super cheap starting at just $5 for clothes sets. There are clothes for the home or clothes for an occassion as well.

There’s one issue with baby clothes on Aliexpress and choosing the right size. So make sure to check the size guide before you make a purchase.

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Baby clothes on Aliexpress are undoubtedly the most popular of baby products.

Baby Stuffed Toy on Aliexpress

baby stuffed toy on aliexpress

Babies love toys and some of the best toys are a combination of a toy and a sleeping pillow. This large plush Elephant toy doll costs only $13 and is a perfect toy and a sleeping companion for your baby.

It comes in five different colours – Blue, Grey, Yellow, Pink, Purple. The filling is cotton which is soft and comfortable. The plush exterior is soft and doesn’t hurt the baby. It comes in two sizes – 40 cms and 60 cms.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Safety Drawer and Cabinet Lock

One of the things babies and kids love to do is to open drawers and cabinets. There are numerous issues that can go wrong with a safety drawer and cabinet. A child can get hurt when pulling the drawer, they can also open the drawer or cabinet and get inside and will not be able to get out. To avoid frantically searching for your baby, getting a cabinet lock and a drawer lock is of paramount importance.

A cabinet lock works in a very simple manner. It cannot be opened even with a gentle tug. It will refuse to open. The lock placed at the end of the drawer or the cabinet needs to be detached for the drawer to open. This isn’t something a child will be able to do.

Getting a cabinet lock is the first step to baby proofing your house.

child proofing aliexpress

Baby Silicone Feeder Bottle

baby silicone feeder bottle aliexpress

The most popular baby feeding bottle on Aliexpress has sold more than 5000 units. It costs under a dollar. It’s made of silica gel which is harmless and is shaped like a gourd that is meant to be sucked by a baby. It has a 90ml capacity and can hold water solids. It’s got a spoon at the end to feed the baby.

It can withstand a temperature of 120-degrees. This design is unique and is unlike anything I’ve seen before and is one of the best buys for a baby on Aliexpress.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Baby Diaper Backpack

baby diaper backpack aliexpress

A baby diaper bag or a backpack is one of the most important buys when you have a baby and it decides whether you’ll have a easy time or a difficult time when you are out with a baby.

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The most popular diaper backpack has 1700+ orders. It’s a stylish backpack with a handle on top for easy carry. It’s available in 15 different colours.

It’s got an option for hook belts that can be latched on to a baby stroller. There is a USB interface point with a charger that is shipped with the bag. You can attach an additional powerbank.

The bag itself is tough and made of 600D polyester that is waterproof. There are dedicated sections for each item. And is a must buy baby product on Aliexpress.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Baby Stroller

baby stroller on aliexpress

A Baby stroller is a must have for a baby and most good baby strollers are quite expensive. The options on Aliexpress are super cheap. The Babyfond brand on Aliexpress make one of the best baby strollers on Aliexpress.

This 5.8KG stroller firstly is super stylish. It can be folded with the help of one hand. It’s got a hood sunshade to protect the baby. The seat can be adjusted to varying angles. The sleeping position is about 175 degrees.

There are springs just underneath the baby carriage which reduces the jerkiness in uneven conditions.

Baby Teether / Pacifier

BABY pacifier aliexpress

Another must need product for a baby is a pacifier. This Aliexpress pacifier has more than 4500+ and it’s the most popular baby product on Aliexpress. It comes in various sizes, styles and colors. This is different from other pacifiers as you can place a fruit inside the pacifier. The flavour combined with the texture of the pacifier will calm any baby down.

Door Handle Stopper

Not all doors have knobs, some doors have handles and these can be opened quiet easily by children. The door handle stopper stops the handle from being moved.

Best Price – $3.07

Baby Feeding Spoon

baby feeding spoon aliexpress

Babies need softer spoons as their mouths are delicate when they eat. Aliexpress has a good collection of soft silicone spoons that are flexible, doesn’t cause allergies and cannot hurt the baby no matter how hard they bite.

Check it out here

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