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by Timothy Blue
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Babies are cute, but they are quite a handful. They put things in their mouth, they open things they aren’t supposed to, they go where they aren’t allowed and so on. When you have a baby in the house, you have to be extra careful, small edges, cabinets and other home appliances can be harmful.

We cover the best baby proofing products.

Best Childproofing Products

# 1 Safety Drawer and Cabinet Lock

One of the things babies and kids love to do is to open drawers and cabinets. There are numerous issues that can go wrong with a safety drawer and cabinet. A child can get hurt when pulling the drawer, they can also open the drawer or cabinet and get inside and will not be able to get out. To avoid frantically searching for your baby, getting a cabinet lock and a drawer lock is of paramount importance.

A cabinet lock works in a very simple manner. It cannot be opened even with a gentle tug. It will refuse to open. The lock placed at the end of the drawer or the cabinet needs to be detached for the drawer to open. This isn’t something a child will be able to do.

Getting a cabinet lock is the first step to baby proofing your house.

child proofing

Best Price – $2

# 2 Door Jammer or Window Jammer

Doors are the number one hazardous objects for a baby. They are heavy, they move because of the wind and they can cause big damage. If your child’s fingers get jammed between the doors, then it can cause a world of hurt, in fact, it can crush their tiny fingers as well.

A door jammer works in a very simple way. It stops the door from shutting completely, thus protecting your child’s fingers from getting jammed. This includes the parent’s fingers as well. A door jammer is super important to have, especially when you have large and heavy doors.

baby proofing kit

Best Price – $1.39

# 3 Fridge Door Lock

A child loves to open fridges, especially because they mimic their parents and they know where the food is. A fridge door isn’t as dangerous as a normal door, because of the protection within the doors, but because of the suction, it’s tough to open a fridge door and when a kid tries to jerk it hard, it might hit them on the face. A small child can also enter the fridge and try to sit inside. Kids also open fridge doors to consume junk food and other things. If you want to stop your child from opening a fridge door lock, then you need to put in a fridge lock.

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Best Price – $0.55

# 4 Power Socket Lock

Considering the number of home appliances that are becoming electronic, the number of power sockets have increased. They are located everywhere in the house and they are even there at the ground level. This is within reach even for the smallest children and as well all know, a power socket is super dangerous.

Kids playing can put their fingers inside a power socket due to their curious nature and this can have disastrous effects such as a powerful shock or even worse. As children’s bodies are fragile, a small shock can affect their entire system in negative ways.

A simple solution is to attach a power socket lock. This is made out of plastic and covers the holes and cannot be easily removed by children!

childproofing doors

Best Price – $2.52 / 10 pcs

# 5 Windproof Blocker

Doors sometimes have a mind of their own. Because of draft or crosswinds, doors close automatically. If your baby is crawling in between the doors, then the door can crash into them. The Windproof blocker is a simple device that attaches behind your door that stops the door from moving. It cannot be pushed or pulled and this is perfect for curious babies and protects against the sudden movement.

baby proofing corners

Best Price – $3.32

# 6 Gas Stove Lock

A gas stove as most adults know is something that can be dangerous. Kids playing around the stove is a disaster waiting to happen. Some kids, based on pure observation, know how to turn on a gas knob and this can be trouble. A gas stove lock is a cap on the stove that stops the child from accessing the knob. It’s a simple addition that can protect not only your child but also your entire house from a fire.

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Best Price – $1.16

# 7 Portable Safety Socket Lock

Similar to power sockets, portable power sockets are kept on the floor and they are generally turned on. Kids can step on there, put foreign objects into the sockets and this can be dangerous. This is a simple safety lock that covers the portable socket.

baby proofing stairs

Best Price – $0.58

# 8 Wardrobe door lock

A wardrobe is different from a cabinet as it opens differently. A wardrobe has two doors with two handles and as wardrobes are pretty big, children can go inside and get lost in them, while you are searching for them. A wardrobe door lock is a plastic fix between the two handles that stops it from opening.

baby proofing cabinets

Best Price – $1.14

# 9 Door Knob Security Lock

Naughty kids love to open doors and go to rooms they aren’t allowed to. A doorknob is pretty easy to open and can be opened by any child over 3 years. Putting a lock in place on the doorknob is of paramount importance for parents that have naughty kids.

baby proofing cupboards

Best Price – $4.22

# 10 Magnetic drawer locker

A magnetic drawer locker is a pretty ingenious device that can confuse a young child. It’s a two-part product that works with strong magnets. While the inside clamps down on the cabinet, the outside stops the drawer from opening. Once you remove the outside magnet, you will be able to open the cabinet drawer.

Even after all this baby proofing and childproofing of your house, some mishaps cannot be avoided and the best way to protect your children from harm is by being a vigilant parent. In this article, all the products cost under a hundred dollars and these can be purchased today and you can have a safe home for your baby.

The most important part of baby proofing is, you need all the products to keep your child safe.

childproofing products

Best Price – $7.54

#11 Door Handle Stopper

Not all doors have knobs, some doors have handles and these can be opened quiet easily by children. The door handle stopper stops the handle from being moved.

toddler proof

Best Price – $3.07

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