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by Tim Blue
video duerbel doorbell

Store Name: UCYBO

Store Description: One of the best security and doorbell companys in the world is UCYBO. They are relatively unknown, but make awesome products!

Price range: $10 - $30

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  • Daytech
  • Jeatone
  • Smart Yiba
  • Eken V7

mazon recently purchased a very interesting startup called Ring for a billion dollars. Ring is a video doorbell company that debuted its product in Shark Tank, where they received no funding. But after Amazon’s interest, they have gained prominence and have introduced to the world, the concept of video doorbells.

Video doorbells have a lot of benefits and advantages and I would love to cover the best video doorbells from Aliexpress!

Best Video Doorbell 2020

Types of Wifi Doorbell CamerasBrands
Most Affordable Wifi DoorbellUCYBO
Premium Wifi Doorbell with FeaturesJeatone
Best Doorbell Camera on AmazonEken V7 
Wifi Doorbell with 720p resolutionDaytech Wireless

#1 – UCYBO

Starting off this list is the UCYBO affordable video doorbell. It has a host of features that everybody wants in a video doorbell. Here are its features.

  • 1080p video for the best quality image capture of outsiders and to see what’s outside your home
  • Two-way audio lets the person outside communicate with you and vice versa. This is super important to understand who the outsider is and what they want
  • It’s compatible with Wifi and as the Wifi of the house isn’t too far away from the doorbell, it connects seamlessly with the 2.4Ghz Wifi connectivity
  • It has night vision capabilities, that lets you capture videos clearly at night.
  • It’s super easy to install and it has a groove for mounting it on the wall
  • It comes with an app that lets you remotely access the video doorbell from afar. Check the video and let people in and so on
  • The doorbell also sends notifications to the phone through the app in case there’s any information that needs to be shared
  • 170-degree wide angle lens covers a wide area and you get to know if there is anybody sneaking around.
  • It also captures screenshots of any person or intruder, so that they can be identified on a later basis
  • It detects motion and starts recording when movement is detected and also raises an alarm
  • There are two batteries inside the machine and works seamlessly without any lag. Works for 6 months in one charge
  • It has a 2MP camera and shoots in 1080p
video doorbell camera
wifi doorbell camera

Best Price – $23.74

#2 – Daytech

Daytech is another video doorbell company that deals in video doorbells and have a pretty advanced setup. Here are some of its salient features.

Although it’s priced a tad higher than UCYBO. Here are its top features

  • Works on two, 18,650 batteries which last pretty long and can go on up to 6 to 8 months.
  • Has a 1-megapixel camera that can shoot in 720p
  • Can remotely access the Daytech video doorbell through an iOS or an Android app.
  • The 2.4Ghz Wifi connection passes through brick walls, steel and gives your video doorbell internet access
  • As most video doorbells come, this also has a two-way intercom.
  • One nifty feature of this video doorbell is the day to night mode switch that is done automatically
  • If your door area of the house is open and there is no roof on top, you needn’t worry if your doorbell can withstand the vagaries of climate. It is IP65 rated and can withstand some harsh rains and can withstand -20 degrees all the way up to 55 degrees.
  • Covers an angle of 166 degrees
  • Motion sensor detection
  • Has a 32GB SD card to store the recordings (Not included)
best video doorbell
video doorbell aliexpress

Best Price – $42.45

#3 – Smart Yiba

The SmartYiba is more of a traditional intercom compared to the first two that we’ve covered. Here is how it works

  • Has a 7-inch colour LCD screen that is attached inside the house. This is made of plastic and alloy and looks really good.
  • Outside the house is the aluminium alloy unit that is oxidation-proof and can withstand rain and other elements.
  • It has an infrared camera with night vision that lets you capture the outside scene at night
  • It has a remote unlock feature that lets you unlock the door remotely.
  • 25 types of doorbells that you can choose from
  • Easy installation, no electrician or handyman required.
front door camera
best doorbell camera 2019

Best Price – $29.94

#4 – Jeatone

The Jeatone is similar to that of the Smart Yiba, but slightly more expensive, that is justified with some upgraded features. Here are the features that makes the Jeatone stand out

  • It has a 7-inch monitor for monitoring any outside activity from the inside
  • It has night vision with the help of infrared cameras
  • It supports a 32GB SD Card that is placed in the back of the doorbell that records and stores any video
  • One can transfer the intercom from the door to another location, which makes it easy for you to pick calls and find out who it is, outside the door
  • Real-time monitoring of who is outside
  • It is also IP65 rated, which means it’s weatherproof. It’s sufficiently protected against natural wear and tear.
  • One can unlock the door from the video monitoring tool inside
  • The volume for this video doorbell can be adjusted to hear better
  • It can also record videos of any activity outside for future purposes
  • If you want the interface to be in your local language, you can choose up to 6 languages – English, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish and Japanese
  • It also shows the time and date
  • Communicates with other intercoms in the house, pretty seamlessly

Best Price – $93.65

#5 – Daytech Wireless

Daytech Wireless is one of the new age doorbells that works with a smartphone. If you want a simple modern age video doorbell, then this is the one for you. Here’s how it works.

  • One somebody rings the doorbell, you get the call on the phone, which which you can communicate to the person outside
  • It has a 1 – megapixel camera that shoots in 720p
  • It works with iOS and Android phones
  • It has an SD card slot for recording videos
  • Batteries last for over 6 to 8 months
  • You can answer the door with your voice, from anywhere
  • Has a smart PIR sensor. What happens in traditional video calling is, any movement is picked up by the video and sent as an alarm on the phone, this can be quite irritating. The Smart PIR ensures only the genuine movements are picked up and shared with you.
video doorbell reviews
ring camera

Best Price – $33

#6 -Eken V7 HD

Eken is one of the better-looking video doorbells out there. Here are its salient features

  • One button to start and it’s pretty easy to operate
  • Connects with Wifi and has a penetration strength of 50 Metres
  • Consumes super low power due to the Hisilicon Huawei chip
  • Short duration video recording
  • Night vision
  • Information push to the app
  • Remove wakeup through the app
  • Real-time monitoring from the phone, from anywhere.
  • Two way audio for communication

Best Price – $29.98

Best Video Doorbell

What are the best video doorbells?

The Chinese make some pretty amazing video doorbells that don’t break the bank and that are also pretty feature rich. Here are a few of them

  • UCYBO Door Bell
  • Daytech Door Bell
  • Smart Yiba Door Bell
  • Jeatone Door Bell
  • Daytech Wireless Door Bell
  • Duerbel Door Bell

Can video doorbells be hacked?

Like most technology and digital equipment, doorbells can also be hacked. This is because they are connected to Wifi and Wifi can always be hacked. Recently, Ring doorbells came under the scanner for being hacked through Wifi. So yes, they can be. But there are precautions against getting hacked.

Are video doorbells safe?

Video doorbells are safe and keep your home pretty secure and protected. They are pretty safe. But you need to take extra precautions relating to keeping your app, password protected and also having a separate Wifi connection for your doorbell that cannot be hacked.

Do all video doorbells require WiFi?

Most video doorbells that are connected to your smartphone require Wifi to connect the calls and videos from your doorbell to your phone. Some intercom based doorbells don’t require Wifi, as they are connected directly with the intercom.

Do video doorbells record continuously?

Some do and some don’t. To be honest, it’s an absolute waste of space to keep recording continuously. Modern video doorbells have a motion detection feature, that starts recording when it senses that a person is in front of the door.

Which is better ring or nest doorbell?

I’m not in favour of either Ring or Nest. Why? At the outset, they offer the same functionality at the same price. But you get the same functionalities for a much cheaper price with superior design from brands like UCYBO, Jeatone, Eken and Daytech Wireless. At the end of the day it’s a Smart Doorbell and there is no “premium” feature available in Ring or Nest that isn’t available with the brands mentioned above. This is why I wouldn’t suggest either and it’s better to go for these unknown brands. 

Do video doorbells get stolen?

Video doorbells do get stolen, especially by thieves who have staked your house and want to commit a robber soon. The best way to protect your doorbell is to enclose it with a hard case on the outside that cannot be broken easily without using big machinery and tools. This is a simple addition that will keep you safe and will alert you and your neighbours in case somebody is forcefully trying to steal your doorbell. 

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