Best Cheap Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhones 2021 (iPhone 12 Protector)

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Tempered glass screen protectors are a must buy when you have a smartphone. It protects your screen from breaking and also increases the resale value of your phone in the future. There is an age old question if a screen protector is required and the answer is yes!

Screen protectors can save you from spending money on a broken display. There are many tempered glass brands out there and we cover the best of the best.

Best Cheap iPhone Screen Protectors 2020

Tempered Glass for iPhone 12

Although the latest iPhone 12 series has the ceramic shield on top which protects it from drops and is resistant up to 4X. It still does not have any scratch proof features and the phone can still break on impact and that’s why you need a tempered glass protector for the iPhone 12.

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Tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro

The best tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro can be found on Aliexpress. It costs under $3 and is made of strong plastic/glass. It’s anti-shatterproof, anti-scratch proof and protects the phone from the sides as well. You get 3 units for this price.

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Tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max tempered glass can be purchased on Aliexpress too. It costs the same as the iPhone 11 Pro and its for 3 pieces.

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Tempered glass for iPhone 11

The tempered glass for iPhone 11 is quite expensive compared to the earlier models, costing at least $2.51 per piece. It has full screen coverage.

It has 7 layers of protection that includes blue light layer to protect from HEVL light, high transmission glass layer that protects against scratches, soft edge layer for strong edges, oleophobic layer for anti-fingerprint.

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Tempered glass for iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch OLED screen and the phone was launched in September of 2017. The iPhone 8 is a formidable device, but with a screen that can crack. It can set you back by over $250 to get your screen fixed.

iphone 8 screen protector

Best Price – $0.61

Tempered glass for iPhone 8 Plus

The 8 Plus has a bigger screen than the iPhone 8. It stands at 5.5-inches. The larger display and the OLED screen makes it imperative to use a tempered glass. The

iphone 8 plus screen protector

Best Price – $2.49

Tempered glass for iPhone X

The iPhone X is Apple’s entry into the infinity display market. It has a notch on top and the rest of the display is seamless. It costs about $500 to replace a display of the iPhone X. The iPhone X was launched in 2017 and the display size is 5.8-inches and it is an OLED screen that makes it more expensive.

iphone x screen protector

Best Price – $2.68

Tempered glass for iPhone XR

As Apple has been out-priced by its competitors, they decided to make an alternative and that is the XR. The XR was launched in September of last year. The XR has a 6.1-inch screen which is larger than the flagships they made in the past, although this is a budget phone. It has an LCD panel. It might not be as expensive as an OLED, but still quite expensive.

iphone xr screen protector

Best Price – $1.51

Tempered glass for iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is the latest flagship from Apple. It was launched in 2018, September along with the XR and the XS Max. The screen size for the XS is 5.8-inches, which is a tad smaller than the XR, but it uses a OLED screen which is a much better display the the LCD. IT would cost $500 to replace a broken display.

iphone xs screen protector

Best Price – $2.25

Tempered glass for iPhone XS Max

The XS Max is by far the biggest and best phone made by Apple, in the history of the iPhone. At 6.5-inches, it’s the largest iPhone ever made. It would cost north of $500 to replace the display of the XS Max.

iphone xs max screen protector

Best Price – $10.39

What are privacy tempered glass for iPhones?

A privacy tempered glass is one that has an extra coating on top of the screen that stops 120-degree viewing angles. This means people your sides will not be able to see the contents of your screen. This helps when you are in a public place and accessing sensitive information or entering passwords and such.

What are full cover tempered glass means?

A fully covered tempered glass is one that mimics your display. This means if there is a thick top notch, the tempered glass will have one too.

Why are there so many different types of screen protectors?

There are many different quality of tempered glasses in the market. Each tempered glass has each own features. Some cost $50, some cost less than $1. So it really depends on the brand of the tempered glass provider.

Do tempered glass screen protectors really work?

Tempered glass screen protectors do actually work. They are meant to protect your screen from breaking through falls or nudges or scratches. But don’t expect a tempered glass to work 100% of the time. If you truly want to protect your phone, then buy a hard case.

Is Tempered glass good for iPhone?

It is definitely good as it protects your phone’s display from scratches and breakage. It’s a must buy product.

Which iPhone screen guard is the best?

The screen guard you need to buy depends on you. If you don’t like the feeling of having a tempered glass on, then you should choose an edge to edge tempered glass.

What is the best screen protector for iPhone 6s?

The best screen protector for the iPhone 6S is a 5D protector that is edge to edge. This looks like there is no tempered glass installed at all.

What is the best screen protector for iPhone 8 plus?

The best screen protector for the iPhone 8 plus is a 5D tempered glass that is scratch proof and can withstand pressure.

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