Top Xiaomi Smartwatches 2021 Xiaomi | Amazfit & Mi Smartwatches Reviewed

by Tim Blue

If you are looking at finding the perfect smartwatch, the choices are unlimited. The features available are endless and to find the perfect smartwatch that checks all the boxes is indeed a herculean task. There are brands like Fitbit, Garmin who give you a wide range of features but at a cost. There are also other other Chinese smartwatch brands that are amazing. Even the non-smartwatches are really good.

I wanted a smartwatch that matched my requirements and my budget, after a lot of research, I came across the Amazfit smartwatch lineup from Xiaomi. As we all know Xiaomi as a company has been revolutionary in terms of their technology when it comes to smart gadgets and they have cracked the code in the smartwatch market too. 

Without further adieu, let’s dive into the smartwatch range from Xiaomi and find out what makes them tick. The Amazfit smartwatches offer features that match an active lifestyle and the best part is they are available across the globe so you find your match in smartwatches. 

I have compiled the latest, the best smartwatches by Xiaomi in the list below. I have curated this list based on the technology, features, and the kind of activities these watches can track for your perusal. 

Top Xiaomi Smartwatches 2021

Top Xiaomi SmartwatchesPros & ConsLink
Amazfit VergePros – 12 sport modes, Microphone, and speaker, Amazon Alexa built-in
Cons – Lacks 5 ATM rating, Mediocre app support  
Amazfit BipPros – Always-on display, Exceptionally affordable, 45-day battery life
Cons – No music storage, No mic or speaker
Amazfit GTRPros – 12 sport modes, Classic yet modern design, 12 sport modes
Cons – No Wi-Fi connectivity, Lacks microphone,  Lacks speaker
Amazfit Stratos 3Pros – 80 sport modes, Advanced GPS tracking, Wi-Fi connectivity
Cons – Lacks AMOLED display, Expensive, Big.
Amazfit T-RexPros – AMOLED display, Military-grade durability, Long battery life
Cons – Bands aren’t interchangeable, Might be too large for some wrists
Amazfit PacePros – Classic Design, GPS sportswatch, 4GB storage
Cons – Not swim resistant
Amazfit Huami Bip LitePros – Always-on display, Exceptionally affordable, 45-day battery life
Cons – No music storage, No mic or speaker

Mi Smart Band 6

The Mi Band 6 is about the same size as the Band 5 but has a 1.56” screen in place of the 1.1” one. They have managed to keep it at the same size by reducing the body-to-screen ratio, with the Mi Band 6 having a highly diminished bezel. 

The band is available in six colours – black, orange, yellow, olive green, ivory white and blue. In the box, you will find the band body, one band strap (of the colour you choose), charging cable and user manual. Straps of different colours are available to buy separately should you want some variety. 

The band can measure your heart rate and blood saturation levels (SpO2), even while you are asleep – aiming to help people improve their sleeping habits. Although the levels are more or less accurate, these readings are only intended for recreational purposes and should not be used for medical requirements. 

For sports tracking, the Mi Band 6 offers 30 sports modes including the likes of basketball, volleyball and boxing – but it only measures workout duration and heart rates and not sport-specific measurements. Additionally, menstrual cycles can also be tracked on this band. 

Check it out on AliExpress here.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

The cheapest in the GTS 2 series, the Mini comes with a 1.55” AMOLED display in an Apple watch-inspired design. The choice of colours is not just for the strap but also the body, and they are available in Midnight Black, Flamingo Pink and Sage Green. 

The customizability of the GTS 2 Mini is notable, with 30+ Always-On Displays and 50+ Watch Face themes, and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Apart from 70 sports modes, the smartwatch offers heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring and women’s health tracking features. 

The battery can last between 1-3 weeks, depending on heavy, typical or basic usage and the 220mAh battery takes about 2 hours to be charged fully. The GTS 2 Mini costs SG$129 but if you can stretch your budget, it would also be worth checking out GTS 2 and GTS 2E, which cost SG$229 and SG$199 respectively.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Amazfit Neo

The Neo looks like a classic, digital watch by Casio, but offers as much as a budget fitness band. The screen is black and white, but the watch connects with the Zepp app on both Android and iOS to track sports activities and health measurements. 

The 1.2” black and white display has four keys on its sides to assist with navigation between the different features. The watch measures your heart rate 24/7 apart from steps and calories burned. You can only choose from walking, running and cycling sports modes on the watch, but also various other sports modes on the phone app.

You can get text and call notifications on the phone, and the battery lasts for 28 days on typical usage and up to 37 days on basic usage. For those of you who want a smartwatch only for its functionality without the hassle of extra maintenance, the Neo is a perfect choice at just SG$50. 

Check it out on Aliexpress

Mi Band 5

Mi band 5 xiaomi smartwatch

The Mi Band 5, although is a band not a smartwatch, it still is added to the list primarily because it’s one of the best selling smartwatch/bands in the world. It has all the features of a smartwatch that you would expect.

The Mi Band 5 is slightly larger than the Mi Band 4 with a better 1.1-inch display. The beautiful colored screen is super rich and has over 100 watch face options to get the best customised look. The display is 20% larger than the Mi Band 4.

Apart from the usual sports modes, the Mi Band 5 has the usual modes for running, walking, swimming and even an option for free training. They’ve gathered data from millions of users in the past to be able to come up with a tracking mode for free training.

The 125 mAh battery is pretty great and like the Mi Band 4, the battery life exceptional for the Mi Band 5 with over 2 weeks of constant use.

The charging is much better and improved with a magnetic charger, that doesn’t require you to remove the tracker.

The software has improved with the Personal Activity Intelligence which tells you how to monitor your heart rate naturally.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Xiaomi Mi watch

xiaomi mi watch

The Mi Watch is what excites about the Xiaomi smartwatch ecosystem. This is a smartwatch that’ll make Apple watch users take a look. It’s got a round dial and is one of the most anticipated watches for the year.

It’s got a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with over 100+ watch faces to choose from. It’s a $100-range smartwatch from Xiaomi, which is still cheaper than some of the Amazfit watch series.

The AMOLED display is quite breath taking and the colours are extremely rich. The battery life is quite admirable for a watch of this caliber. It can last easily for 20 odd days. Two weeks is an absolute guarantee.

Although it looks quite professional and formal, it is a sporty watch that can be used in a swimming pool, thanks to the 5ATM rating.

It’s got about 10 sports modes, which isn’t extensive, but it works. It’s got a really accurate heart rate monitor and the users will enjoy the tracking mechanism called Firstbeat which measures different parameters of your health & performance while working out and share those data points.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Amazfit Bip U

Amazfit Bip U

For the longest time, I had the Bip S series. It was my beater smartwatch, which meant, I could knock it here and there without getting fazed. The Bip series from Amazfit is pretty awesome.

The Bip U is around the $60 range. It resembles the Apple Watch, which a lot of people like. Even the bands that come with it are colorful and quite catchy. This is a super cheap Apple Watch alternative.

It’s got a big 1.43-inch color display with over 50 watch faces to choose from. Some of these watch faces are animated, they look cool, but also drain the battery like nothing can. It fits quite well and weighs only 31 grams.

The watch face can be customized to add the options you want to see. The main highlight of this watch is the 60 incredible watch faces. There are sports modes that help you lose fat and test your heart rate. You can also measure your blood oxygen levels which is quite important in these times.

One of the under-rated Xiaomi smartwatches in the market.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Redmi Band

Redmi Band

The Redmi brand from Xiaomi has been only used for the Redmi phone series and for the first time, the ‘Redmi’ series launches a smart band. The Redmi Band is cheaper than the Redmi Band and is an alternative to the Mi Band series.

The Mi Band’s design is different, having a rectangular shape compared to the long oval of the Mi Band series.It has a 0.95-inch AMOLED display.

It uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard to connect with smartphones. It’s got the typical smart band features such as heart rate monitor, activity tracker and so on.

It’s meant to be the cheapest smart watch band option in the world and it doesn’t boast of the features that the Mi Band has.

If you are looking for ultra-budget, this is the one to go for.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Amazfit Verge

amazfit verge

The Amazfit Verge is on top of my list because of its overall performance. If you are looking for an all-rounder that not only looks good but has amazing features, this smartwatch ticks all the boxes. 

The watch has an AMOLED display, a silicone band along with a polycarbonate body. The size of the watch s 43mm and is available in multiple colors too. When it comes to fitness tracking, this smartwatch offers the best-in-class features. 

The Verge has a five days battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 34 days in the basic watch mode. This smartwatch can track your steps, calories and distance traveled and can go on for 22 hours in GPS mode. Apart from these, you can also track heart-rate, sleep, and has a built-in voice assistant, Amazon’s Alexa.

The Verge can track different sport modes and store music too. Now that’s a feature-rich smartwatch. It is attractively priced at $159.99. Do click on the link to find out more about shipping charges to your country. 

Check it out on Amazon

Amazfit Bip

amazfit bip

The Bip by Amazfit is second on my list for the value it gives your buck. If you want an amazing smartwatch that doesn’t set you back on budgets, this is the one for you. The Bip comes with a polycarbonate body and an always-on transflective display which makes reading easy even in harsh sunlight. 

Well, you may miss the AMOLED display but for the price range, you get much more. The battery for example is impressive, to say the least.

The Amazfit Bip by Xiaomi has a battery that lasts up to 45 days and it lasts up to four months in standby mode and up to 22 hours in GPS mode. The Bip is dustproof and water-resistant and has multiple sports modes that include, running, walking, treadmill running, outdoor walking, and cycling. 

The Bip is an affordable smartwatch and is available at $69.99.

Check it out on Amazon

Amazfit GTR

amazfit gtr

If looks are the criteria you want to buy a smartwatch, look no further than the Amazfit GTR. The classic yet modern design of the GTR along with the features is what makes it number three on the list. 

The GTR by Xiaomi is equipped with two side buttons and is available in two sizes. The 47mm watch is available in stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, and the smaller 42mm watch is available in Moonlight White, Coral Red, Starry Black, and Cherry Blossom Pink. 

The Amazfit GTR comes with a 5ATM water resistance and the battery life of both sizes lasts up to 24 days in normal usage. The watch tracks open water swimming as well as pool swimming and has modes that can track elliptical training, climbing, skiing, and cross-training. 

In simple words, the GTR is the Ferrari of watches when it comes to looks and performance. This looker is priced at $139.99 if you’d like to check it out. 

Check it out on Amazon

Amazfit Stratos 3

amazfit stratos 3

The Stratos 3 by Amazfit is fourth on my list as this is a smartwatch built for professionals. If you are an athlete or a professional sportsperson, this is the best smartwatch you can get in the market right now. 

The latest model has a 49mm case making it the biggest smartwatch from Xiaomi. The stainless steel body paired with a reinforced plastic has a 22mm changeable silicone band that can handle extreme sports.  You can use the 1.34-inch transflective touch display or the four side buttons to use the features on your watch based on your preference. 

Powered with a seven-day battery smartwatch mode, you get to choose from three GPS modes depending on the activity you are involved in. The watch also has music storage, 5ATM water resistance, and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

With 80 sports modes, you can also track your fitness level, recovery time, and the training load. The Stratos 3 is designed to improve an athlete’s performance over time and though the size may be an issue for a few. The features make do for it.

Check it out on Amazon

Amazfit T-Rex Pro

amazfit t-rex

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro with its polymer body, 48mm size, and 1.3 AMOLED display is a force to be reckoned with and is my fifth choice for the top Xiaomi smartwatch. It’s a slight upgrade on the T-Rex.

The T-Rex is available in Meteorite black, Desert gray and Steel Blue and has a touchscreen for easy navigation. The silicone band is not interchangeable but it is built for outdoor activities and you will like the build quality. The battery life is approximately 20 hours in Smartwatch mode and can go on up to 66 days in basic watch mode. 

The watch is waterproof up to 100 meters so you can take it swimming without a doubt. You can track up to 14 sport modes and you can also track your routes with the in-built GPS. The T-Rex Pro also has a heart monitor to track heart rate during workouts. It has 15 military grade certifications.

Designed to handle tough terrains and conditions, the T-Rex Pro is up for grabs on Amazon for $179.99 at a 20% discount. 

Check it out on Amazon

Amazfit Pace

amazfit pace

The Pace from Amazfit is the latest in the affordable smartwatch segment and Xiaomi has left no stone unturned to make this watch the best in its class. 

The Amazfit Pace has a classic design with a ceramic bezel and an always-on display. The wear-resistant and durable smartwatch can adjust the backlight of the screen as per the light around you so you get a clear screen view.

The in-built PPG heart rate sensor can tell you the best range of your heartbeat and also give you real-time updates. The Pace has GPS capabilities and can record professional sports data so you can improve your everyday routine. 

The smartwatch comes with a 4GB internal storage and can store up to 500 songs. The Amazfit Pace is a one-of-a-kind smartwatch and is available on AliExpress for $95.99. 

Check it out on Aliexpress

Amazfit Huami Bip Lite

amazfit huami bip lite

The Bip Lite is a tough performer and is available in pink, black, and blue colors to suit your style. Powered with a 45-day battery backup this smartwatch from Xiaomi is well suited for an active lifestyle.

The display is 1.28-inch reflective color TFT with Corning Gorilla 3 glass which is anti-smudge proof. This 20mm sized smartwatch has a polycarbonate body and a silicone strap built to last. With an inbuilt GPS and 3ATM water resistance, you can explore your limits in any sport. 

The Bip lite can also track your sleep, heart rate, and sedentary notifications if you have been inactive for a while. Your very own fitness assistant is available on AliExpress starting from $59.99

Xiaomi’s Amazfit range of watches is truly worth buying in terms of quality and pricing. I would recommend the Amazfit Verge for most of you as it has the best in class features. If you are a beginner, I would recommend the Amazfit Bip or the Verge Lite. You can always update your smartwatch based on your activity levels as you please. 

I have listed out the pros and cons of all the watches in the table below so you get you to choose the right one. 

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