8 Best Xiaomi Hair dryer 2021 | Xiaomi Hair Dryer Review

by Tim Blue

You might be wondering, Xiaomi manufacture hairdryers too?

Xiaomi make consumer electronics products like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and they make some of the world’s best smartwatches for the money!

And Hairdryers?

Well, they do and in fact, their home related consumer electronics products are some of the most underrated. Now I’ve reviewed some really good Xiaomi products from time to time and this time I’ve taken the help of my wife to review the Xiaomi Hairdryers.

If I had to pick one Best Xiaomi Hairdryer, then it’s the one below.

The Xiaomi Dreame Mijia Hair Dryer is the best Xiaomi Hair Dryer, as its the first brushless motor hairdryer to be introduced by Xiaomi, it emits very little noise and can handle continuous use without overheating. It’s also beautifully designed and resembles a Dyson hairdryer

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Xiaomi HairdryerPrices
#1 XIAOMI ShowSee A1-W Hairdryer$21.98
#2 Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3$38.25
#3 Xiaomi ZHIBAI Portable Anion HL3$33.36
#4 Xiaomi Mijia Smate Hair Dryer$36.00
#5 Xiaomi Mijia Yueli Hair Dryer$29.29
#6 Xiaomi Reepro Quick Drying Hair$20.91
#7 XIAOMI Dreame Mijia Hair Dryer$178.29

My wife has long, thick hair and it takes quite some time to dry her hair. All of the reviews in this article are based on her inputs.

So check out the best Xiaomi hairdryers in 2021!

Best Xiaomi Hair Dryer 2021

XIAOMI ShowSee A1-W Hairdryer

Xiaomi Showsee Hairdryer

The Xiaomi ShowSee Hairdryer was my first choice as it was affordable with high-quality dryer results. It has a minimalist white design with two buttons for switching the device on/off and to control the blow modes. I found the lukewarm setting from the three modes available to be the best, as it maintained the perfect temperature that was comfortable to style and comb my hair.

The wind speed of the air outlet is phenomenal with 7.4m per second, and it cooperates with drying, modeling, and care.

Key Features

It has an ionizer and a power of 1 W it takes care of the formation of negative ions, which then help to remove static electricity stopping them from raising. I found this to be a great feature of the hairdryer in this price tag.


  • Portability: Foldable handle
  • Max. power: 1600-1999W
  • Plug standard: Euro
  • Function: Anion
  • Voltage: 210-240V
  • Heating element: Ceramic
  • Nozzle type: Air collecting and scattering
  • Material: ABS

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Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3

Xiaomi Mijia SOOCAS H3

The Xiaomi Mijia Soocas H3 has a complete aluminum body that provides excellent temperature control. Making it comfortable for me to use it for long periods without overheating. Thanks to the compact design I can easily put it in my suitcase for use on all my business trips.

The mouthpiece design for air intake is the tilting shield to increase the compressed air ratio for the machine. Large-sized fan blades provide a greater compressive power with a powerful DC motor to increase the amount of gas emitted from the machine. Giving you excellent wind power. Safety temperature is also extremely sensitive to help quickly detect sudden thermal changes that protect the hair from damage. 

Key Features

It is equipped with three temperature options, hot air for use in cold seasons, natural air for hot weather, and stable wind conditions for all types of weather. Users can easily switch modes thanks to the switch on the body. 


  • Large blade to make strong airflow  
  • 3 Temperature modes for you to choose  
  • 1.7m retractable PVC power line  
  • 220 V / 50 HZ voltage frequency  
  • 1800 W rated power
  • Heating element: Ceramic
  • Voltage: 100-240v (Dual voltage)
  • Nozzle type: Air collecting and scattering

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Xiaomi ZHIBAI Portable Anion HL3

This hairstyling dryer uses technology to create a salon-level hair care experience at home. It has three temperature settings Hot air quick-drying, constant temperature hair care, cold air shaping to meet my different needs depending on the weather. The high-speed airflow is powered by a high-quality Japanese Mabuchi DC motor. That is suitable for all kinds of medium, long and short hair, fast dry hair, and flexible shape, providing a stable and powerful wind source.

Key Features

Ten million high concentration negative ions help reduce hair static accumulation and provides deep care to tighten the scale. 


  • Portability: Unfoldable handle
  • Function: Anion
  • Max. power: 1900W
  • Heating element: Ceramic
  • Nozzle type: Air collecting
  • Material: aluminum alloy / ABS
  • Salon-level hair care
  • Three windshield temperature
  • Millions of negative ions

Check it out here!

Xiaomi Mijia Smate Hair Dryer

Xiaomi Mijia Smate Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi Mijia Smate Hair Dryer is designed with a unique square body and nozzle. Its wind current speed is 15 m/s to give me quick-drying hair. It took my short hair 1 to 2 minutes and my cousin’s hair which was a bit longer than took about 3 mins. The working standard of this dryer depends on the negative charge innovation of anions that have a normal grouping of up to 16 million/cm3. 

Key Features

The negative charge innovation of anions can kill the positive charge of whatever remains of the iotas to adjust the dampness of the scalp and renew the characteristic sparkle of the hair. 


  • Lightweight, Compact, and portable design.
  • 2 Speed Temperature with Nozzle Collapsible Hair Dryer For Smart Home
  • Several modes that can be easily switched by one hand even during the drying process.
  • Conventional drying, increasing volume, curling, and styling.
  • Safe and Healthy, Totally safe for the health of your hair. (don’t get too close)
  • Once for all, Durable for years.

Check it out here!

Xiaomi Mijia Yueli 1200 Watt Travel Hair Mi Dryer

Xiaomi mijia Yueli

The Xiaomi Mijia Yueli is one of the most portable hair dryers I’ve used. small and lightweight which means that being folded easily to store in a suitcase or even in a bag. This small device has a built-in DC motor. Which provides a useful life of 200 hours and makes It possible to control the speed of the dryer. A temperature sensor is installed to detect if there is a noticeable increase in the body of the dryer and regulates it opening an output, even with the engine running. Making this hairdryer safe and portable for all my vacation travels. 

Key Features 

The Xiaomi Yueli uses EHD heating and balanced drying technology to provide a uniformly distributed heat on the surface of the scalp to avoid damage to our hair. the circulation of hot air produces a relaxing and comfortable feeling.


  • Net weight: 340g
  • Product size: 207 x 67 x 126mm
  • Color: White
  • Rated power: 1200 watts
  • Air output: 60 cubic meters per hour
  • Rated input: 110v/220v 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power cord length: 1.85 meters

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Xiaomi Reepro Quick Drying Hair 

Xiaomi Reepro

The Xiaomi Reepro Quick Drying Hair uses the EHD technology that helps adjust warming and drying. The warmth is uniformly appropriated on the outside of the scalp, maintaining a strategic distance from the incomplete hair. The comfortable handle structure and the Extra-long power line, 1.4m length help make it easy to store in my bag or at home. 

Key Features

The dryer relies upon the negative charge of anions that have a typical gathering of up to 16 million/cm3. Which can slaughter the positive charge of the straggling leftovers of the particles to change the moistness of the scalp and restore the trademark shimmer of the hair


  • Portability: Foldable handle
  • Max. power: 1300W
  • Function: Anion
  • Voltage: 210-240V
  • Heating element: Infrared
  • Size: 150mm*65mm* 183mm
  • Wind temperature gear: hot air gear, constant temperature gear
  • Product weight: About 400g

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XIAOMI Dreame Mijia Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi Dreame Mijia Hair Dryer is a White-colored hair drying machine with a powerful high-speed motor and intelligent heat control system. It has 3 hair drying modes along with a negative ion noise reduction policy for peaceful and convenient operations. The hairdryer has an intelligent and smart heat control technology. It works to maintain even temperature throughout the hair drying process. If you’re looking brushless motor hair dryer with less noise emission this one is ideal.

Key Features

I can switch between the 3 hair drying modes that allow me to use the device according to my hair status. It is useful when it comes to applying the same hairdryer to several people, making it versatile and useful to everyone at home. 


  • Quick-dry hair
  • Constant temperature protection
  • Negative ions smooth hair
  • 360-degree magnetic suction nozzle
  • Portability: Unfoldable handle
  • Max. power: 1400W
  • Function: Anion
  • Voltage: 210-240V

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Mi Ionic Hair Dryer

The Mi Ionic Hair Dryer is one of the own brand named Hair dryers from Xiaomi. It’s the most popular Xiaomi Air Dryer. The main highlight of this hair dryer is the rotating magnetic nozzle and the smart temperature control that blows hot and cold air.

So what makes the ionic hair dryer different from non-ionic hair dryer?

A lot of people struggle with hair dryers that make their hair frizzy and that’s because of the static electricity that charges the hair and makes it frizzy. A reduction of this helps with lesser frizz.

But the main technology is condensing the moisture in the air and converting them into ions that keep the hair shafts closed which protects your scalp. This ionization process stops the heat from destroying your scalp.

It’s got an uber powerful 20,000 RPM. Does the ionization actually work? The truth is, no reviewer can test this feature and see if it actually works.

But what do users have to say?

Users love the speed feature and the super blow fan. It takes about 3 minutes to dry the hair. The only tip is to comb your hair before drying your hair for much smoother hair.

Check it out here

Is Xiaomi hair dryer good?

Xiaomi hair dryers from the Dreame, Soocas and Mijia brands are extremely good and very affordable as well. The price ranges from $70 to $200 and they compete with the likes of Dyson pretty well. In the budget category, Xiaomi’s hair dryers are one of the best!

Xiaomi Hair Dryer vs Dyson

The only difference between the Xiaomi Hair Dryer and the Dyson Hair dryer is the price. That’s the truth. If you care about ergonomics and sound quality and other secondary features, then the Dyson is great.

But truth be told, there is no difference! Check out this comment from a user.

Xiaomi Soocas Hair Dryer vs Mijia Hair Dryer

There is a lot of confusion around the Xiaomi Mijia Hair dryer and the Soocas Hair dryer. The truth is, Mijia is Xiaomi’s crowd funding platfrom and Soocas is the brand. So both the Xiaomi Mijia hair dryer and the Soocas hair dryer are the same. The different Xiaomi hair dryer brands are Soocas, Zhibhai, Yueli, Mi, Showsee and Dreame.

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