Best Rolex copy Seller on DHgate 2021

by Tim Blue

Rolex is the most popular luxury watch brand in the market. Even James Bond and it’s creator used to wear a Rolex. They are the Mercedes of cars and it’s the dream of many to own a Rolex. But like most luxury products, it’s overly expensive. 

I especially am not a big fan of spending thousands of dollars on a Rolex, when I can get the same for a cheaper price and it looks the same. 

Most of my watches are beater watches and I end up breaking them. Can’t do that with a $1000 watch and hence copies are my favourite. 

Rolex’s most popular watch is the Submariner and there are numerous sellers selling copies of the Submariner. 

But a lot of people have been duped as well, going to the wrong seller. I’m clearing up some of the common mistakes most first time Rolex copy buyers make. 

Why is it difficult to find Rolex Copies on Dhgate?

Dhgate does not allow users to input direct keywords such as Rolex in the search bar. No search results will come up. This is why it’s difficult to find Rolex copies directly on Dhgate. The second issue is with the seller. Different sellers offer Rolex copies, but not all of them are good.

Dhgate does have buyer protection, so it’s pretty safe buying Rolex copies on Dhgate. This is not the case with the 3rd party sites, where there’s no middleman monitoring the actions.

This is why I recommend buying Rolex reps and any other reps on Dhgate directly. Based on my review history, the best Rolex sellers on Dhgate are Michael Travis, Jason007, Noob Factory.

Rolex Watch Copy Seller on Dhgate

When you traverse through the myriad Reddit channels and the subreddit channels that talk about replica watches, there’s one website that stands out and that is Dhgate.

Dhgate is an awesome place to buy replica watches, quartz watches provided you know the right seller. But before we get to Dhgate, let’s talk about the numerous third party copy watch sellers.

The best place to buy cheap and good Rolex copies is on Dhgate. You have sellers like Jason007 who are the premier replica watch markers

So what are the Rolex watches you can find on DHgate? The most popular Rolexes you can buy for cheap are the Rolex Submariner, Rolex Yachtmaster, Rolex Date Just, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Day Date. 

If you are looking for the Best DHgate watch sellers across the board, we got you covered.

Rolex Submariner Rep

rolex submariner dhgate replica

The most popular Rolex copy that you can find on DHgate is the Rolex Submariner. This is a $80 copy watch which has the steel finish and looks absolutely stunning. You can choose whether to buy it with the box or not. 

Check it out here

Rolex Yachtmaster Rep

rolex yachtmaster rep

The Yachmaster called the Watch of the Open seas is a super popular Rolex Watch. It comes in three colour options and three strap options. The Rolex Yachmaster can be purchased for around $80 on Dhgate. 

Check it out here

Rolex Datejust

The Rolex DateJust watches which cost north of $30,000 can be purchased for just $90 on Dhgate. 

Check it out here

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

rolex oyster perpetual replica copy

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual can be purchased on DHgate and it comes with the box and costs lesser than $100 for a good copy. 

Check it out here

Rolex Day Date

rolex day date dhgate replica

The Rolex Day Date is one of the classic Rolex watches and can be purchased on Dhgate. 

Check it out here

Dhgate Rolex Sellers

There are a few sellers on Dhgate who deal with Rolex replicas. Although they might not explicitly mention that they sell Rolex replicas, these DHgate sellers sell the best Rolex Replicas.

Jason 007

The most popular replica watch maker especially with the Rolex Submariner Rep is the Jason007. They are a highly rated store with 41,000+ transactions and 98% positive feedback.

They have custom links on their store and they will share it with you once you reach out to them.

Check it out here

Michael Travis

Michael Travis is another top Rolex seller. They have a 97.7% rating with 35,000+ transactions. They make amazing Rolex reps.

Check it out here


The Luxurywatch_watch store deals with classic and popular swiss watches that includes good Rolex copies. They have 12,000+ transactions and a 97.8% rating.

Check it out here


One of the up and coming replica watch sellers is Noob Factory. They are known for their super high quality replica watches. They have a 96.7% rating and 2600+ transactions.

Check it out here

Xiouni Watch

The Xiouini Watch store is another up and coming Rolex rep seller. It has a 97.9% rating with 2400+ transactions.

Check it out here

How to buy a Rolex Replica on Dhgate 

The watch sellers on Dhgate cannot explicitly post their replica Rolexes on their pages and hence even though you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean the watch seller doesn’t sell Rolex copies. So how do you buy a Rolex replica?

Step 1 : Choose your replica cost 

Rolex replicas don’t just have a single price. There are Rolex replicas that can be purchased for $80 and others that can be purchased for $500 and $1000. The difference lies in the quality of the finish, the materials. 

The cheap replicas starting at $80 aren’t perfect and might have differences in terms of movement, colours. It’s not going to be staggeringly different, but there might be a slight difference. 

Step 2 : Verify the Seller

There are certain replica watch sellers who are known for their quality and are highly trusted. These include Jason007, MichealTravis among a few others. Getting replicas from Dhgate sellers without much of a presence is a recipe for failure as they cannot be completely trusted. 

All Dhgate sellers aren’t good. The ones mentioned above are really top quality Rolex rep sellers. 

Step 3 : Contact the Seller 

The next step is to contact the seller. This is an important step to figure out the cost, see images of the Rolex rep, figure out shipping costs and time and get other details. Most replica Rolex sellers are good at replying to their customers and answering all the queries. 

Step 4 : Understand how to pay 

Paying for replicas are slightly different from normal ecommerce products. A seller might either give you a custom link to make your payment or might point to an unrelated product, although it’s meant for your Rolex replica.

For example, some sellers sell ‘Watch parts’ that is a cover for the watch. This is why you might see some sellers selling watch parts in the thousands. Those are just replica Rolexes.. 

Step 5 : Track your shipment 

Another thing is to figure out your shipment and how long it’ll take to reach you. Make sure to get the tracking information from your seller clearly. 

Enjoy your Rolex replica!

Third Party Sellers

There are numerous third party sites which sell replica Rolex watches and some of them are quite popular with a lot of options, ratings and reviews and so on. 

But if you go to any Reddit watch replica thread, you won’t hear them talking about these websites. Why?

Third Party replica watch sellers have certain disadvantages. 

They don’t have good customer support 

Most of the sellers on third party sites don’t have a big enough team and don’t have good customer service. Queries relating to the watches take a lot of time and getting other information does take a lot of time.

On platforms like DHgate, the sellers need to respond within a certain time frame, otherwise it affects their scores and the numbers are displayed on the seller page. This is not the case with third party sellers. This poor customer service makes them a bad place to buy replica watches. 

They don’t have anybody policing them in case of disputes

If you have issues with the product, you’ll have to deal directly with the site and there is no guarantee that your issues will be resolved. In the case of sellers on Dhgate, there is Dhgate policing the sellers and they jump-in, if there are any disputes. 

They don’t have economies of scale 

Another thing that makes third party sellers more expensive is they have fewer orders than the Dhgate sellers, so the cost per Rolex copy watch is much more. 

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