Clothing Brands for Skinny Guys Online | Where to buy clothes for Skinny Guys?

by Tim Blue

Skinny guys have it rough, people think life is easy if you are thin and skinny. But this isn’t true, people are rude and hurl hurtful comments at skinny people and moreover clothes for skinny guys aren’t a thing. You need to make do with what you have. That is why we cover the best tips and best clothes for skinny guys.

Clothes for Skinny Guys – Where to buy?

Super skinny? Then you need to try out clothes that are heavy on patterns, thick sweaters and need to avoid loose clothing. Truthfully, one can get clothing for skinny guys anywhere. But here are some of the online stores with great clothing styles for skinny guys.

Aliexpress Clothing for Skinny Men

Dhgate Clothing for Skinny Men

What to Wear When You’re a Skinny Guy

Layered Clothing

One of the most obvious advice and that is generally sub-consciously followed by most skinny guys are the layered clothing option. You have to focus on bulking up and the best way to do it is by layers of clothing. Shirts, Jackets, Blazers are all perfect for layering. You can wear a shirt over a t-shirt or a blazer over a shirt and it would still look good. The layers will not bulk you up, but give you more girth.

tips for skinny guys to look good

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Long Sleeves that are Fitted

Generally, skinny guys have skinny forearms and thin biceps and it isn’t a great look. Wearing long sleeves, is your best bet at covering your forearms. But a lot of guys make a mistake of wearing sleeves that are too loose. Don’t ever make this mistake!

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Make sure your sleeves are well fitted and wrap your forearms snugly. The looser your sleeves are, more like a ghost in a blanket, you will look.

If it’s getting too hot, you should consider folding your sleeves and rolling it up. This makes your biceps look bigger and gives more definition to your biceps. If you are worried about the look of your forearm, you can wear a watch to cover your small wrists.

clothes for skinny guys online

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Lighter Colours

For people who are a bit overweight, they suggest darker colours like Black. Black packs you in and makes you look leaner. It’s the opposite for skinny guys, if you are skinny, then you need to pick clothing that is light in colour. Some of the colour options are

  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Beige
  • Khaki

This is the undisputed psychology of people when they see you in coloured clothing. Focus on wearing lighter colours.

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Get simple accessories

Some guys go overboard and overcompensate by getting huge accessories. Large watches and big chains and big rings. You’ll want to accessorize like a minimalist. Instead of a G-shock, focus on wearing a thinly strapped watch, with a not so large dial and display.

If you wearing a chain, make it thin, and wear it inside. Try to avoid big rings, if you like to wear them.

what to wear if you are skinny

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Make your shoulders pop

Do you know what makes you look skinny as a whole? It’s your lack of shoulder of definition. Strong shoulders set the tone for your frame. Strong shoulders make your frame stand up. There are certain clothing that can make your shoulders look broad and powerful.

  • Crewneck sweaters  
  • Jackets
  • Blazers
  • Suits
  • Denim Jackets
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A certain type of blazers also come with extra padding and gives you a strong and powerful look. This is why military uniforms have crisp jackets with strong shoulder padding.

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Wear Large Boxers

If your thighs are too skinny, you can always buy larger boxers. Not from a width standpoint, but long boxers. These are very comfortable and also give an extra layer of clothing in your thigh area. If you like to wear skinny jeans and you are really skinny, then it’s suggested to wear large boxers. Long boxers also give a lot of airflow to your private area, which makes you sit comfortably.

but you can wear shorts under your jeans when you’re too skinny like seriously skinny like a walking stick it sometimes is very hard to find jeans that fit so what happens is even when you

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Get a good pair of shoes

Your overall look is defined by your footwear. A woman always looks at a man’s shoes. And you want to exude confidence and power. If you are looking to flip-flop your way out of a skinny look, then think again. You will need strong and powerful shoes. Do you remember Steve Jobs when he was skinny and wearing his New Balance shoes? If he wore small shoes, he would look even skinnier.

Get a good pair of sports shoes and consider getting a sports shoe that is also semi-formal, that matches well with blazers and formal clothing.

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Do skinny jeans look good on skinny guys?

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Skinny jeans can actually make you look even skinnier than usual. Your best fit would be straight-fit pants.

How can I dress to look less skinny?

If you are skinny, you need to focus on the following

  • Well fitted clothes, that aren’t loose. Except for skinny jeans
  • Clothes that conceal your skinny areas like biceps, and forearms
  • Wear light colours
  • Go easy on the big accessories

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