Cheap Men’s Clothes on Aliexpress That is Worth Every Penny!

by Tim Blue

If a man wants to look smart and presentable, a shirt is the best choice. If he is looking for something comfortable, then a t-shirt should be the right choice. A man’s wardrobe should have both. That is why we cover cheap men’s t-shirt and shirts online that you can buy under $30.

Aliexpress men’s clothing is super cheap and affordable.

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#1 Branded Formal Shirts

Formal shirts are always in demand as people have to attend events, marriages and other functions. Formal shirts are made of a different cut, they generally have strong collars and even stronger shoulder padding. They are also generally long-sleeved and come in different materials such as silk, satin and other materials. A good formal shirt does not have to be expensive and break the bank.

formal shirts for mens

#2 Cotton Shirts

Cotton shirts are a must need in the summer. They sit lightly, they are easy to wash, they dry quickly and stains go off easily with a quick rinse. Every man should have 3 to 4 cotton shirts in their wardrobe to counter the summer heat. Cotton shirts don’t have to be boring and plain. They come in various colours and patterns. You need just need to spend enough time looking for them. If you are worried that cotton shirts are flimsy and can tear easily, then you can choose a thick cotton shirt.

designers mens shirts

#3 Casual Shirts

Want shirts to go out on a date? Or a simple shirt for an outing? You need to buy casual shirts. Casual shirts can be long or short sleeved, depending on the event. Casual shirts are generally cheap and you need to replace them once in 8 to 10 months as this is something you wear frequently. There are loads of casual shirts available online and on Aliexpress.

branded formal shirts

Best Price – $29.37

#4 Long Sleeve Shirts

If you are looking specifically for long sleeve shirts, then you’ve come to the right place. Long sleeve shirts look fabulous and one of the most popular looks that women like is a folded long sleeve shirt. Long sleeve shirts come in different varieties and there is one thing you need to look for and that is the cuffs. If the cuffs are hard, then your rolled up sleeves look will look good, otherwise, it can look frumpy.

Long sleeve shirts are the most popular type of shirts out there.

mens shirts casual

Best Price – $7.31

#5 Party Shirts

Party Shirts are the ones that you wear on a night out. These shirts generally are tight fitting to show off your body and also made of a material like satin. Party shirts are all about confidence. They should make you look good and make you look stylish.

cheap mens shirt

Best Price – $18.99

#6 Short sleeve shirts

Short sleeve shirts are your normal shirts. The thing with short sleeves is, it doesn’t suit everybody and you need to have big biceps to pull off a short sleeve. But a short sleeve shirt is the perfect companion during the summer, as there is lesser fabric on your body and also it let’s air in quite easily.

mens shirt aliexpress

Best Price – $17.40

#7 Denim Shirts

Denim shirts are also a popular style choice. A denim shirt is different from a denim jacket, as a jacket is much thicker. A denim shirt is a stylish choice for men who have a fit body. The best part about a denim shirt is, it can look formal as well as casual. They pair well with brown boots really well. The only downside to denim shirts is the pairing. It doesn’t pair well with blue jeans for obvious reasons.

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pure cotton shirts for men

Best Price – $19.15

#8 Hawaain Beach Shirt

A beach shirt is an ultra-casual shirt that is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Beach shirts are short sleeved and are a size bigger and don’t hug the body. Beach shirts with Hawaiian patterns are always popular and are easy to carry and take up less space and are easy to wash as well. These shirts come in various patterns and styles, but generally, the floral patterns are the most common and stylish.

mens shirts aliexpress cheap

Best Price – $8.53

#9 Checked Shirts or Plaid Shirts

Checks are one of the most popular patterns out there and their popularity is increased by the fact that they can make you look thinner. Thin checks are perfect for men who are slightly on the plump side. The best part about checked shirts is they pair well with blue jeans, black jeans, formal pants, khaki pants and more. These type of shirts are also called plaid shirts around the world and they are very popular.

mens casual shirts uk

Best Price – $6.01

#10 Chinese Collar Shirts

A recent trend that has emerged in the men’s shirt styles is the Chinese collars. For those of you who aren’t aware, Chinese collars are short and thin collars that are not big. This style does not suit all men and really depends on the style and pattern of the shirt. But if you want to stand out, then a shirt with a Chinese collar is perfect.

chinese collar shirts designs

Best Price – $18.57

#11 Printed Shirts

Some of the best stylish shirts available in the market are printed shirts. Printed patterns have been popular since the beginning of time and now they have been taken to the next level. Floral prints, leopard prints and other prints are popular among men all over the world.

short sleeve button up shirts

Best Price – $22.99

#12 Striped shirts

Stripes have been a popular pattern choice since the time of old kings. Striped shirts, especially pinstriped shirts are very popular. Striped shirts come in different forms and different thickness. But generally, for men who are heavily built, striped shirts aren’t recommended. Thick stripes also make a man look bigger than he normally does.

striped shirts men

Best Price – $7.78

#13 Black Shirts for Men

A black shirt has always been a classic. It’s perfect for a night out or a formal event. Black shirts are a staple in a man’s wardrobe and a man should own at least 2 or 3 black shirts. Black shirts also make a man look slimmer and a well-fitted black shirt will make the girls swoon.

black shirt for men

Best Price – $7.18

#14 Thick Shirts

Sometimes a man needs to do some manly work, like carpentry, lugging things around, changing a tyre and so on. Most often than not, materials are thin and sometimes you need a thick shirt to make sure it doesn’t tear easy. Below is a perfect example of a thick shirt!

mens shirt aliexpress

Best Price – $16.82

#15 Flannel Shirts

Flannel Shirts are perfect for the winter as they are made of thick cotton or sometimes wool. A flannel shirt is stylish, rugged and also keeps you warm. Flannel shirts can be found in the plaid style generally.

flannel shirt mens

Best Price – $12.21

#16 Button down shirts men

Button down shirts are the ones that have a button below the collar to fasten your collars. This is especially important because older shirts that are washed regularly seem to get frumpy and the collars don’t stay in place and they look ugly.

Button down shirts also put the collars and place and give it a nice and tight look.

button down shirt meaning

Best Price – $12.39

#1 Mens Tshirt with Collar

A men’s tshirt with collar is also called a polo t-shirt. These are popular across the world and can be worn for any event. Every man should have a 3 or 4 of these t-shirts.

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t shirts full sleeves

Best Price -$8.52

#2 Jersey T-shirt

Most men support their favourite football or basketball team and if you are a fan, you should own the jersey of your favourite team. These pair well with jeans and can be worn during a night out.

t shirt for mens

Best Price – $8

#3 Turtle Neck T-shirt

Made popular by Apple’s iconic founder, Steve Jobs. The turtle neck covers the throat and is long sleeved and is generally made of tough material. It’s stylish, it gives an artsy look and if you can pull it off, the world will be looking at you.

turtleneck tshirt

Best Price -$14.03

#4 Pattern Tshirts

Patterned Tshirts are the ones that have a simple pattern on them. They can be big or small. These patterned t-shirts are very stylish and make one look uber cool and young.

printed tshirts

Best Price – $2.47

#5 Plain Tshirts

You can’t go wrong with a plain t-shirt. If you don’t have plain t-shirts in your closet, you are doing it wrong. Why did Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg now, wear the same t-shirts that are of the same colour? This way they don’t have to decide what to wear and a plain colour suits all occasions and all settings and pairs with almost anything. A plain black t-shirt or a white t-shirt is a must have.

plain tshirt

Best Price – $7.61

#6 Mens Funny Tshirts

Every man should have a sense of humour and wearing that sense of humour on you is important. Funny t-shirts with quotes always catch the attention of people and are perfect for a conversation starter.

funny t shirts for men

Best Price – $6.14

#7 Round Neck / Crew Neck Tshirts

The round neck or the crew neck like it’s called is one of the most popular styles of t-shirts out there. This is also the most common piece of clothing that you will find in men’s wardrobe around the world. It’s best to buy your crew neck t-shirts for a cheap price, that way you can change them once in three months. As after 3 months, a crew neck t-shirt loses its sheen.

If you want to pull off a crew neck t-shirt with style, just wear a shirt on top of it.

cheap funny t shirts

Best Price – $5.90

#8 V Neck T-shirt

A V neck t-shirt is a differently styled t-shirt worn by men. It’s generally worn when one has a good chest. The v neck style is perfectly suited for men who have broad shoulders. This style does not make them look stuffy or too bulky. V neck t-shirts can also be paired with a nice shirt.

v neck t shirts

Best Price – $4.39

#9 Y Neck Tshirt

A Y Neck T-shirt is a tshirt without a collar but has buttons on top. There are generally, 3 to 4 buttons and can look similar to a v-neck. The Y-neck t-shirt is better than the v-neck as it can be modified and used accordingly a per the wearer’s requirement.

v neck t shirts full sleeves

Best Price – $10.83

#10 Scoop Neck Tshirt

A scoop neck t-shirt is something that not everybody can pull off. It’ like a crew neck, but comes slightly below, to the collar bones. Only metrosexual men with great confidence can pull off this look. Chris Martin from Coldplay wears a lot of scoop neck t-shirts.

mens deep v neck t shirts

Best Price – $10.19

#11 Long sleeve round neck t-shirt

Long sleeved crew neck t-shirts are all the rage because they protect against the cold and if you are skinny and don’t have big arms or biceps, it covers it up. Long sleeve t-shirts can be stylish and casual at the same time.

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full sleeve polo t shirts

Best Price – $9.86

#12 Sleeveless Tshirt

Who said only gym bros can pull a sleeveless off? Anybody can pull a sleeveless t-shirt off if they are confident. In fact, sleeveless t-shirts are a must during the summer and in gyms as well. Before you buy a sleeveless t-shirt, make sure you have the confidence to pull it off.

sleeveless t shirts gym

Best Price – $4.78

#13 Cap Sleeves Tshirt

If you know James Dean, the actor, he made the cap-sleeved look quite popular and it still is a popular look for men who have slightly bigger biceps and want to show them off to the world. The cap-sleeved t-shirt is stylish and pairs well with jeans.

men t shirts cheap

Best Price – $7.19

#14 Baggy Tshirt

A baggy t-shirt or a rapper’s t-shirt is generally loose fitting and long. These are super comfortable and suit people who are skinny or fat. This is a casual look, suitable only for some situations. But there’s one thing about a baggy t-shirt, it’s comfortable!

men t shirts aliexpress

Best Price – $4.90

#15 Hooded T-shirt

Hooded T-shirts are perfect in places that are rainy or too sunny. If you want to protect yourself from the heat or the rain, then a hooded t-shirt can come to the rescue.

men t shirts china

Best Price – $2.98

#16 Sports Tshirts

Sports T-shirts are generally sweat absorbent and are a good fit. Every man should have a set of sports t-shirts that he wears to the gym or for running. Make sure to get a light material and that is sweat proof. A sport T-shirt should also be flexible and wash easy!

gym t shirts men

Best Price – $8.90

#17 Striped T-shirt

This is something that not a lot of people have heard about, but striped t-shirts are quite popular across the world. Striped t-shirts are simple t-shirts with a striped design. They look fashionable and stylish!

striped t shirts

Best Price – $5.67

What is a flannel shirt?

A flannel shirt is one that uses tougher fabric like wool. These are stronger, more rugged and are perfect for winters.

What is a plaid shirt?

Plaid is a pattern. It’s a checked pattern with criss-cross stripes. Contrary to some belief, plaid is not material.

What should be the shirt length?

If your shirt is formal and meant to be tucked, It needs to come below your crotch. If it’s a casual shirt that is untucked, then it needs to be in line with your crotch.

Is my shirt too long?

Your shirt is too long if it looks weird in the mirror and if it looks like it has consumed you.

Can tailors shorten shirt length?

Tailors can shorten the lengths of a shirt. All they do is fold the extra bit and sew it. The thickness of the bottom of your shirt becomes bigger.

Is it OK to wear a button-down shirt untucked?

Absolutely. Casual button-down shirts, untucked is a popular look.

Should flannel shirts be tucked in?

Not necessarily, they can be worn without being tucked in.

Should Polos be tucked in?

Polos if long, should be tucked in and they look stylish when they tucked in. But short polo shirts look great without being tucked in.

Should I wear a shirt under my button up?

A shirt under your button up is a great idea because of the collars. When you just wear the button up and your collars are stretched, then it’s not a good look.

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