How to Contact an Aliexpress Seller Before Buying 2023 | Message Seller on Aliexpress

by Tim Blue

There are plenty of reasons to contact a seller on Aliexpress. You might want to enquire about sizes or a potential partnership and so on. I’ve even asked Aliexpress sellers to ship that product to a different address and speak to other sellers on my behalf.

You can contact a seller through the order page or the store page or through the Aliexpress app. Here is a guide to show you how to contact an Aliexpress seller.

Message Seller on Aliexpress

How Can You Send The Seller Messages On Aliexpress

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On your personal account page where you see all the orders you’ve placed, go to the “My Order” section where you will find an icon in the shape of an envelope. Right next to the envelope you will find the “Contact Seller” option as seen in the image below go ahead and click it.

contact seller from account AliExpress

Once you’ve clicked on the “Contact Seller” option you will be directed to the page where you can receive and send messages to the seller. A text field is provided with various options including the option to attach images to show the seller. All the messages you send here to the seller will be saved in the history and can be accessed anytime for reference so all the information regarding your request is safe. 

Contact the seller on the Aliexpress Store Page

Another alternative way to get in touch with the seller in case the other option doesn’t work is by going to the store’s main page on Aliexpress. Once you’re on the main page, on the top left corner you will find the “Contact Now” option. Go ahead and click on that option as seen in the image below. contact the seller on the store page Aliexpress

If you want an immediate response from the seller, there is an option for you to open a private online chat with the seller. The only difference is that the message you might’ve sent on the store’s page will not be available here to show the seller. You need to have screenshots of all the required details in case you are prompted for it. If you ask me, it’s better to contact the seller from your personal account as the messages will be saved where you and the seller will be able to view them at any point keeping everyone on the same page to help resolve your issue faster. 

Contacting The Seller Through The Aliexpress App

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If you’ve placed the order while browsing on the Aliexpress App, you will not be able to contact the seller through the online chat but you will be able to send messages directly to the seller. 

One way is to click on the “Contact Seller” button on the product ad on the App, you will be able to write a message that will go to the seller directly so you can clear your doubts immediately. This is the best way if you have quick doubts about the product like delivery time and packaging. 

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If you are in the seller’s store on the app, you can also contact them directly this way. Search for the red button at the right bottom of the screen and press it as you see in the image below. This option will allow you to get in touch with the seller.

You can also contact the seller through your purchase list on the App, go to the order list, and click on the product which will give you the option “Send Message to seller” this will help the seller understand which product you are talking about specifically. The entire history will be displayed when you contact the seller, regardless of the method used.

If you want to check the response from the seller, first you would have to go to the Aliexpress Menu and access the “Messages” section where you will find all the message conversations between you and the seller. 

What To Write To The Seller In The Messages

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Most sellers reply within minutes to all queries, you can ask them about the sizes of clothes and accessories available with them. You can even ask them to help you choose the right size avoiding any chance of returns. You can also request them to correct the address if you’ve got it wrong on the first try, please try and reach the seller before the dispatch of the product as the seller will not be able to help if it has already been dispatched to you. 

Most of the sellers on Aliexpress speak only Chinese so you can use an online translator so you can type in the preferred language and the seller will understand you as well using the translator. One important thing to do when dealing with a seller is to check the seller’s rating and feedback to know if he can be reliable. 

What Does the Error Message “Note: The message has not been sent” mean?

While contacting a seller, if you receive an error notification stating that the message has not been sent, then it’s most likely because the contents of the message do not comply with the local laws and AliExpress has automatically blocked the message.

aliexpress support for orders

From what I can tell, using words like Whatsapp or Telegram will trigger the AliExpress bot to block the conversation and prevent you from carrying out transactions outside the AliExpress platform. Some times it can be totally stupid reasons that can result in the message not being sent, as discussed in this Reddit thread.

Is it possible to contact an AliExpress seller via email?

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Yes, it is possible to contact a seller via email and lots of people do this especially when they want to send a video of the complaint or issue they’re facing.

Normally sellers do not display their email address, but some may have it either in the description field of the product page or in the About section of their store.

However, if you’re still unable to find the email anywhere then you can send them a message and request them for it. The only thing i’d recommend is to use their email address just to share videos or images and not to carry out your business outside the AliExpress platform. 

This is because if you conduct your business with the seller off the platform then AliExpress will not be responsible for what happens and their buyer protection plan will not cover the transaction.

What Can The Seller Do To Help You?

The seller is in charge of receiving your order, packing your product, and dispatching it, and providing you with a resolution if anything is wrong with the product when you receive it. There are many situations where you would need the seller’s help, I’ve listed a couple of scenarios where you might need them.

  • When you are unsure of the size and you need help choosing the right size the sellers can help you get a clear idea of it and also provide you with images of the product so you know what you’re buying.
  • They can help change the delivery address if you’ve got it wrong, this is only possible if the product has not been dispatched to you yet.  
  • If there is any delay with the product delivery you can get in touch with them for the ETA. 
  • If you’ve received the wrong product you can dispute the order with the seller, but it is better if you speak with the seller first before disputing.

What Do You Do If The Aliexpress Seller Doesn’t Respond To Your Messages?

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There have been times when we buy a product and we think if it doesn’t work will I be able to get in touch with the seller for a replacement and how long will he take to get back to me with an answer. I’ve listed down a couple of situations that you might face, where you would need to get in touch with the seller and the amount of turnaround time it takes for them to respond and solve your issue.

  • If you are canceling an order or changing the product and the seller doesn’t respond, the chances are they’ve sent your product out. If you do not cancel your order within the first six hours of making the payment for the product, you cannot ask for a refund without the seller’s approval.
  • If your order fails to be delivered and the seller doesn’t respond back to you, open the dispute option on the product page. If the seller doesn’t respond to the dispute or doesn’t respond with a solution Aliexpress can intervene in the dispute to provide a solution.
  • If you received a damaged product you can click on the dispute option to let the seller know about the condition of the product and request a replacement.
  • If you are looking for the specification of an electronic device that is not displayed on the website before buying it, it may take several days for a response, especially during the holiday season. It’s better for you to find a seller who is available to fulfill your order.

Contacting Aliexpress Customer Support if Seller is Unresponsive

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There are two ways of getting in touch with the customer service at AliExpress. The first ideal option for you should be through the customer service center that you can enter by clicking here to find the contact in AliExpress available to you through live chat or the contact form. 

The option you should try would be to get in touch with their live chat customer service who resolve your doubts and questions live. To reach them you need to check first if they are available in your country and if they are what time are their office hours. 

To save time and respond during non-office hours Aliexpress has set up a robot called “Eva” who probes into the issue till she is able to find a solution if not in the most recent update of the website they provide you with an option to speak with a customer service agent directly. 

The final option to reach customer service even though slower than the other options but is most effective for results is to contact by form. In this method, you fill out a form to record the complaint in writing after which an agent will try to solve the issue. if it cannot be resolved by the agent it can be escalated to a supervisor easily which takes longer if requested in chat. If you are in a situation where you need to reach customer service and the chat is unavailable filling out a form is the best way to get the answer to all your doubts. 

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