Men’s holiday clothes under $15

by Timothy Blue

I love going on holidays. I’ve made a pact with my girlfriend, we decided, we would travel to an international destination every year.
We save up money for the trip, we plan our Visa’s and our accommodation and our flights. This takes up a big chunk of the expenses, apart from the expenses we are expected to spend in the foreign destination.

But there’s one thing that I always love to do before going out on a trip and that is buying new clothes!

Men’s holiday clothes are much easier to buy than women’s clothes because of the choice.

But more often than not, these holiday clothes tend to be expensive and they affect my budget. But I found a solution and I can get clothes under $10 a piece.

Today I’ll help you with your holiday clothing purchases and will also tell you the best clothing styles for each occassion. You don’t want to be a tourist, you should want to be a traveller!

Men’s Holiday Clothes

  1. Loose and comfortable shirts
  2. Cargo shorts
  3. Flip flops
  4. Jeans
  5. Scarves
  6. Gloves
  7. Socks
  8. Sweaters
  9. Loafers
  10. Sports Shoes
  11. Caps
  12. Long Coats
  13. The Tourist Look

Loose and comfortable shirts

Generally, when you are out and about in a foreign land, there is a lot of travel involved. In this case, you don’t want to be restricted by your clothing. One of the best purchases you can make is to buy a loose fitting shirt. Shirts are airy, they are comfortable and they go well with shorts and jeans alike.

Try to get shirts that are darker in colour as they stains can be removed easily. A loose shirt that is half sleeved can also be reused rather quickly when it’s put out to dry.

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Cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are always the perfect travel companion as they are easy to wear, easy to store in your luggage, takes lesser space compared to full pants, weighs lesser than full pants and also has pockets with buttons to keep your valuable items like wallets, phones, passport and more.

Cargo shorts in colours such as Khaki and Black, go well with all colour t-shirts such as White, Black, Red, Blue among others.

Cargo shorts are also tough, so if you are doing hikes, they are the perfect companion. You don’t have to wash cargoes repeatedly, as you can use them again and again without any hassle.

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Flip flops

Carrying a pair of flip-flops on your summer holiday is paramount. Flip flops take very less luggage space, they fit into any small groove, they also don’t weigh too much.

Flip flops also offer immense comfort while walking around beaches or just lazing around. They also give your legs so much needed air and doesn’t make you sweat underneath. They are not recommended for long-walks. But they are perfect for a general outing.

They go well with shorts and long pants.

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Jeans are the all-weather, all-occasion clothing. Jeans can be worn on days on end without having to worry. A darker pair, also covers certain stains. Jeans can be worn with formal looks such as with a blazer and can be work with an informal look.

A small tip, if you keep your jeans inside the refridgerator while you’re travelling, you will improve their longevity and can last you your entire 2 week holiday.

Consider getting black jeans, that work well with all types of coloured shirts and t-shirts.

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Scarves are a must need in winter climates. A scarf also protects you from catching a cold, as it covers the weakest part of the human body which is the neck and chest. A good scarf, retains warmth and keeps you warm throughout the day. A longer scarf can be used to cover you like a blanket. It’s suggested to get a dark colour scarf, as it generally goes well with all types of clothing and also covers up stains, if any.

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Socks are a big life saver and you should look to carry as many socks as possible. They keep you warm, they keep your feet from getting dirty and also when you are in a natural environment, they protect from insect bites and mosquite bites. A good pair of socks can also keep you warm in a wet environment.

Generally, during travels, people tend to walk a lot more than they normally do and this means more rashes on the foot and cysts get formed. To protect against these, you need to get a good pair of socks. Carry as many as possible.

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If you are in a slightly cold environment, but don’t want to wear a jacket or a blazer, your best bet is a sweater. Sweaters are long-sleeved, protect against the cold. They are also more often than not made of wool or cotton and hence, very comfortable. Sweaters go well with jeans and your best bet would be is to get plain sweaters that match well with all sorts of shorts and pants.

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More often than not, you’ll need to walk a lot furing your travels. Flip-flops or havianas won’t make the cut, as your leg will hurt. Wearing a sports shoe is bit of an overkill, as they are heavy and also you don’t need such big soles to walk on city sidewalks. Your best bet?

Loafers. Loafers are easy to wear. You just slip them on, and when you are in a cafe, taking a break, you can slip them off with ease and stretch your toes. They have a good sole that protects against impact, that is better than flip flops.

They also look stylish and you can immediately go from informal to formal with loafers, if you just wear a blazer.

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Sports Shoes

Going for a trekking holiday? You will need strong sports shoes. Without these you cannot do what you set out to do. A good pair of sports shoes has numerous benefits on a holiday. It lets you climb hills, mountains, winding roads. They are also much needed for a quick cardio session at the hotel gym if you want that.

They take space in your luggage and that’s why it’s important to get sports shoes with slightly thin soles that do its job.

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Caps / Hats

Caps and hats are one of the most underrated clothing accessory while on a holiday. A hat can protect against the sun during summer months and can also protect against simple rainfall during the wet months.

The impact of a cap can be felt only when you are walking along a hot summer day in an unknown land. They protect you from getting tired too soon!

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Long Coats

If you are travelling to a cold country, a thick coat is very important. Although they aren’t easy to pack. They are msut need, you can get coats made of simpler fabric, that can be folded multiple times. A coat should be long and should protect your arms, chest and even legs. This is a must need in cold countries.

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The Tourist Look

Australia Tourist Tshirt

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United States Tourist Tshirt

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Men’s Holiday Clothes Guide

So there you have it, the complete set of clothes you need for a holiday. If it’s a summer holiday, you will need to buy more of shorts and loose shirts. During the winters, you will need more of long jackets, socks and sweaters.

No matter what you buy, make sure to pack enough clothing for your trip!

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