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A watch makes a man or that’s how the quote goes. A watch is a special piece of accessory that is close to most men. A watch can make an ordinary attire look classy and splendid. People judge you based on your watch.

Today we cover cheap men’s watches that are under $20

Watches for Men on Sale

#1 Aviator Watches

Aviator watches are a certain type of watches that gained popularity in the 50’s when flying became a national activity. It was initially used only by pilots, but not aviator watches are used by everybody. An aviator watch generally has a few qualities that are distinct.

  • Aviator watches have the numbers and watch hands in a rather big size
  • They are generally anti-magnetic
  • They are rugged and tough and can handle G-force
  • They are super accurate

An aviator watch for long has been a classic in men’s watches and this is why it’s first in our list.

Look at the aviator watch below.

aviator watches

Best Price – $25.17

#2 Sports Watches

Sports watches have a distinct purpose, they are used for activities generally connected to tracking progress. Sports watches are generally rugged because while playing sport there can be mishaps.

Sports watches need to be waterproof to help swimmers, have a stopwatch, have a heart rate monitor and so on. A lot of sports watches have gone digital now, but the analogue ones still work as advertised.

About the sports watch below

sports watches

Best Price – $29.99

sports watches for men

Best Price – $18.54

cheap sports watches

Best Price – $8.13

#3 SmartWatch

Smartwatches need no introduction. It’s the most popular form of watches in the market right now. They have numerous features like getting notifications, getting calls, tracking your heart rate, tracking sleep patterns, stopwatches, timer and more. Smart watches have become so ubiquitous that even smaller companies have started manufacturing them.

If you want to buy a smartwatch, you don’t have to break the bank.

See the example below of a smartwatch.

smart watches for men

Best Price – $26.99

smart watches online

Best Price – $27.29

smartwatch android

Best Price – $13.42

#4 Solar Watch

In the ’80s, Casio, the Japanese company made a very popular solar watch that would have normal batteries and also were powered by a solar watch. In this day and age, solar watches are easy to come by, so if you are looking for an awesome solar watch you are in the right place.

solar watches

Best Price – $13.55

#5 Quartz Watch

A lot of people think Quartz watches are about the material used for the watch, but it’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it works. Quartz watches use a battery and a quartz stone to keep time. This is one of the most accurate timekeeping techniques.

quartz watches price

Best Price – $16.95

#6 Military Watch

A military watch is a rugged watch that can take quite a few hits, is good company during works outs, hiking, playing sports or swimming. The iconic G-force brand of watches can be categorized as a military watch. Generally, military watches have a button for starting and stopping, alarms, timer

cheap military watches

Best Price – $11

#7 Metal Strap Watch

A metal strap watch became quite the range in the ’90s when rappers wore them. But now, they are one of the most popular strap styles for a watch for men and women as well. A metal strap watch generally has bling. My personal favourite is the black metal finish that has a bit of shine but isn’t too visible. When you are buying a metal strap watch, you need to make sure the pegs are nice and soldered well. But don’t worry about that, as we’ve chosen the best metal watch for this article.

metal watches

Best Price – $17.71

#8 Leather Strap Watch

One of the most popular men’s styled watch is the one with the leather strap. A leather strap watch screams premium no matter what price you pay for it. A leather strap can cause some irritation especially in humid climates, so it’s best to get a leather strap with soft cushioning.

Leather strap watches look good with formal and informal clothing.

leather strap watches

Best Price – $22.99

cheap leather watches

Best Price – $3.44

#9 Minimalistic Watch

Minimalism is in the trend right now and it’s the same for watches. If you don’t like big lettering and a cluttered watch face, then you will love a minimalist watch. Some watches are so minimalistic, there are only the hands. These looks uber premium and go well with formal and informal clothing.

minimalist mens watches

Best Price – $4.99

#10 Dive Watches

Dive Watches as the name suggests is for divers. Dive Watches are for underwater use. Generally, watches are waterproof and some watches can be used up to 50 metres. Simple dive watches are super waterproof and work well up to 100 metres. Premium Dive Watches can go up to 150 metres and 200 metres.

If you are a swimmer, a dive watch is a must!

best dive watch for the money

Best Price – $21.49

#11 Mechanical Watch

If you love a bit of the old school stuff, then the perfect choice for you is the Mechanical Watch. Opposed to an automatic watch, a mechanical watch must be wound manually from time to time. A mechanical watch design also shows the inner mechanics and the workings of the watch, which makes for a beautiful watch face.

best mechanical watches

Best Price – $17.99

cheapest mechanical watches

Best Price – $19.20

#12 Dress Watch

A dress watch as the name suggests is something that you pair with your formal attire and clothing. A dress watch needs to be classy, minimal, stylish and should blend well with your clothes. A watch with a very large watch face or a big dial cannot be a dress watch. Generally, your dress watch needs to be expensive as it should pair well with a suit and business clothes.

fancy watches

Best Price – $17.99

#13 Digital Watch

A digital watch is one that displays the time in numbers and not in hands. Many people might think this is kidding, but modern day smart watches show the time in digital format and it does look beautiful. If you are looking for a digital watch, then an old school one will do the trick.

watches for boys

Best Price – $11.99

#14 Wooden Strap Watch

A wooden strapped watch is an instant crowd puller because of the style and the way it looks. How they infuse the wood with the metal is part of the speciality of this watch. If you are looking for a truly unique gift or a truly unique watch, then this is what you need to go for!

wooden watches for men

Best Price – $29.99

#15 Honourable Mentions

We have covered some amazing watches in this article and we want to cover two more watches that haven’t fit in the role exactly of a sports watch or a digital watch. Here they are!

cheap online watches

Best Price – $18.99

luxury watches online

Best Price – $12.71

Cheap Watches Online

All the watches above are cheap, but at the same time look very expensive. If you walk into a watch showroom such as Fossil or Givenchy, you will see watches of the style that we’ve showcased above.

Here are some frequently asked questions about watches.

What type of watch should I wear?

If you are thin and skinny and you expect to pull off a metal strap like a rapper, then things might not go well for you. What watch you should wear depends on how you look. If you aren’t sure, then go for a simple leather strapped sports watch. This looks good, is suitable for all occasions, doesn’t catch too much attention.

Which wrist does a watch go on?

The left side. As most people are righties, it makes sense to wear a watch on the left as your right hand is going to be doing most of the work.

What does a dive watch do?

A dive watch does not stop working underwater, even up to 100 metres or more. It keeps track of your time spent and other tracking tools that other watches have. It’s primarily waterproof and can withstand pressure.

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