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If you are finding it difficult to earn money with your private label or designed products. You must know that you can do that in a very simple way just by importing the items to the Chinese wholesale websites. There are literally many so you will be thinking about which one to choose between them.

These days it’s super easy to set-up a Shopify website and to start a dropshipping site. The hard part is finding the right sites for dropshipping.

There are certain risks too. But to reduce your tensions, here we are providing you with the China Dropshippers List of 8 best dropshipping suppliers which you can use for wholesale and drop shipping of  the Best Chinese Products.

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Does Dropshipping from China Still Work?

Dropshipping from China has definitely dropped in 2022 and that’s because of a few reasons. Firstly, China’s production has stopped considerably due to covid and for this reason a lot of the factories aren’t open, therefore the supply isn’t there. When it comes to e-Packet, the mode that was used by Dropshippers for small shipments, that dropped as well because of fewer passenger flights and the cost of a shipment considerably increased which made dropshipping expensive. 

The only way to be cheaper logistically is through the use of warehousing in the final destination and bulk shipment of goods. 


The Hangzhou based Alibaba group owns the website. At the time of the launch, it came forward as a B2C website. Customers from all over the globe visit the website, choose their favourite Chinese products and buy them. The payment process is online. It’s not like Alibaba where you will find that the suppliers are listed. Still, this is a B2C focused website, but most of the customers now use the website to buy products in big lots like 10 to 50 pcs. The website is one of the most attractive websites in the world as most of the products found here are not available in other websites in the world. But while buying, you just need to focus on one thing that Aliexpress is not the actual seller; it’s just an online platform to sell goods. So, check the seller information well before buying anything.


This website is owned by the Alibaba group too and is a B2B supplier website. You could find wholesalers, trading companies, and factories very easily in 1688, just like Alibaba. The language of communication used in this website is Chinese. So communication will be a problem. For communicating, you will need to learn mandarin or take the help of a translator. The payment process is completely online on this website.

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Without any doubt, the world’s largest B2B website is Alibaba. Huge numbers of trading companies and wholesalers are listed on the website. When it started, it did not focus a lot on the wholesaler purpose, but with time they have added various wholesale and payment options to the website. Frankly speaking, Alibaba does no business at all with you; instead, it will provide the listings of the suppliers to you.


This also counts as one of the best B2C websites in the world. Some like to call it a C2C webpage as well. The Alibaba Group owns the website. But it has a difference with many as the website has its main focus on the Chinese market. It is active in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macao S.A.R, and Hong Kong S.A.R. The communication language used on the website by sellers is Chinese. So, the overseas customers find it difficult to access the website. The best thing that the website can boast is the lowest price of products in the world. Millions of different Chinese products are found here.


The platform was launched in the mid-2000s, and since then it has become one of the most reliable platforms in China. More than ten thousand wholesalers are listed there who sell different ranges of products starting from electronic components, textiles, home products, kitchen utensils, etc. The operation system of the website is very similar to another premium website Aliexpress.


The website was established in 2004, and since then they worked pretty hard to gain the reputation which they have today. The website is recommended by Alibaba, and you could easily check out some success stories about them at Alibaba. Usually, they deal in computer accessories, video games, computer accessories, garden items, clothing, jewelry car accessories, etc.


Another website which can be claimed as the safest to work with. They have extensive customer protection system which made them very popular among the masses. They stand on their motto Best Gear Best Life. The different items which are the most popular on the website are men’s fashion, gadgets, and electronics items.


Wish is actually not a website but an app, which has created a name for itself in China. They are not a Chinese company; instead, they have their headquarters located in the United States. They were founded in the same place. The app does not have any function related to wholesale as they are completely B2C. They are becoming very popular with time due to their amazing service, and it is anticipated that they will become more and more popular in the future. Wish allows the sellers to ship their products to the customers directly. This way they are on the same page with many other drop shippers. The prices are very low on the website, and sometimes, they can be even compared to the lowest price of Taobao.

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Deal Extreme

DealExtreme or DX for short is a wholesale and dropshipping site that focuses a lot on gizmos and electronics. They have top notch customer support in English that can answer your queries. 

They have over 300,000 products that’s mostly in the tech space. But they also have products in the toys, mobile accessories, sports categories among others.

They accept a lot of payment options that include Paypal, AMEX, Visa, Mastercard and more. 

They offer a 90 day replacement policy which is sufficient for most users. There is also a 150 day repair warranty when the product purchased breaks down. They ship worldwide and offer free shipping as well for large orders. 


Banggood is a new entrant in this space and they have already grown remarkably well. They were actually a seller in the initial days and became a full fledged wholesaler and dropshipper and retail store.

They have around 200,000+ products. Banggood knows the benefits of dropshippers and has services helping dropshippers. They have product recommendations, exclusive discounts and direct communication with dropshippers with tools like Skype. 

They accept all the major payments including Paypal. They have 24/7 customer support over calls and emails. The return and refund policies aren’t direct and depend on a product by product basis. 

They offer free shipping on some orders. They have warehouses in the US and Europe 


If you are looking to work with a smaller dropshipping supplier to have more leverage, then you can check out Tmart. 

Tmart is an electronics supplier and they have only 2000+ products. Make sure to go through their list of products and if some product interests you, then you can get a good deal with Tmart because of their size.

Tmart Express offers faster shipping times for their US based customers. Tmart accepts Paypal which is very important. They have a 3 month product return policy and a 6 month product warranty. 

The US warehouse is a big advantage if most of your products are in the US. 


If you are looking to dropship Jewellery, then Pandahall needs to be considered. Pandahall is exclusive for fashion accessories and jewellery and with over 30,000+ products, it’s hard to beat Pandhall when it comes to this niche. 

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They accept Paypal and other payment options. They have a 30 day return/refund policy for defective products. If you want to return the goods because you changed your mind, then it’s a 7 day limit. 

They ship to more than 255+ countries all over the world. 

Light in the Box

Light in the Box might not be a popular service like Aliexpress and DHgate. But they do offer drop shipping of products. They have a corporate office in the United States.

Light in the Box is known for clothing, fashion accessories and a few types of electronic products. One awesome highlight about Light in the Box is how they handle taxes. 

They refund the tax charges if levied on your by the customs. Drop In the Box is their dropshipping site. 

With more than 300,000+ products, there is no dearth of good quality sellable products. They accept all types of payments including Paypal. They have 24/7 customer support through telephone and chat.

They have a 14 day return policy and if the item isn’t defective, then the customer needs to bear the expenses of shipment. 

They do have shipping to over 230+ countries and have warehouses in Europe and US. 

China Brands

China Brands is a massive dropshipper with more than 500,000+ products in their store. They cover a wide range of categories across apparel, electronics, toys, auto parts, baby products wholesale and much more. 

China Brands has an advantage and that is, they inspect all the products in their store. They also offer big discounts for dropshippers.

The delivery time offered by Chinabrands for US shipments is about 2 days because of their warehouses in the US. 

Does Alibaba do dropshipping?

Alibaba is a haven for dropshippers as they can find a wide range of suppliers who can deliver samples within a few days and can also deliver large quantities to customers all over the world. Every Alibaba merchant has connections with a shipping provider that can ship the products on behalf of a dropshipper. Alibaba per se does not do dropshipping, but the merchants in Alibaba do.

Are Chinabrands trustworthy?

Chinabrands is trustworthy as a dropshipper. They have been a major e-commerce player in China for over 14 years and they do have a good policy in place for dropshippers.


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