Best Selling Products on Taobao 2022

by Tim Blue

Taobao is an online selling platform that is currently owned by Alibaba. Now, it is the 8th most visited website across the globe, so you don’t have to be surprised about its over 1 billion product listings from small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, and online stores.

What makes this e-commerce site even more interesting is that it mainly caters to Chinese-speaking regions, but now it has opened its doors to customers from all around the globe! In this article, we will give you a glimpse of the Best Selling Products on Taobao that deserve a spot on your cart!

Aliexpress & Taobao are similar in the outset, but Aliexpress has more sellers, better products and better deals. If you are considering whether you should purchase from TaoBao or Aliexpress, then I would suggest Aliexpress.

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Best Selling Products on Taobao 2022

Taobao is known for some amazing products, but I’ve found the best selling products on Taobao based on the number of sales.

The best selling products on Taobao are home decor, robots and baby products. These are the top categories that the platform is known for and are purchased worldwide.

Natural Crystal Lucky Fortune Tree Living Room Decoration

top selling products on taobao

Who would not want some great fortune lying on their homes? The Natural Crystal Lucky Fortune Tree Living Room Decoration can accentuate any room because of its exquisite glass art quality. The tree is made out of acrylic and crystal stones that add more elegance to the entire art piece.

Lucky Trees are believed to bring wealth and luck to homes, and it is usually put in the living room and office to remind us of all the good things and financial stability that awaits. The tree has a wood base and is enclosed in a removable glass dome, which makes it perfect for a stunning centerpiece.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 21 x 10 cm (small size), 18 x 10 cm (large size)
  • Colors: Topaz, Amethyst, Pink Crystal, Green Peridot, Tourmaline, Strawberry Crystal

Crystal Epoxy Handmade DIY Jewelry King Set

best selling products on taobao

Are you in dire need of a new hobby? You can try out exploring your creative mind and create your jewelry with the Crystal Epoxy DIY Jewelry King Set. The set comes with different molds in various shapes and sizes to create your personalized jewelry and even your hair comb!

The collection also comes with glitters, beads, bracelets, keychain holders, resin, and everything that you need to create beautiful epoxy crystal jewelry! You and your kids would surely have fun with this DIY kit, and you can even encourage them to sell their art pieces and turn them into a business someday! Who knows, you might have a successful business from it! ????

Product Details:

  • Comes with s USB powered hole cutter
  • DIY kit comes with over 100 pieces

Remote-controlled Massage Mat

amazing products on taobao

Massages are an essential thing to do nowadays, especially that most of us people have been working too hard to provide for our families! Treat yourself and all the members of the family with a fantastic Remote-controlled Massage Mat!

This might be the best mat that you have ever had because you simply lay it down on the floor or the sofa, and there you have it! You now have a full body massage at your home!

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 Improve your blood flow and reduce your stress levels even more because this massage pad is heated, and it is perfect for a cold rainy night. You can control the time and intensity of the massage using a remote control so you can have an excellent massage session according to your preferences.

Product Details:

  • With lumbar support
  • With neck massager
  • Remote-controlled
  • Waterproof

3-in-1 Bathroom Tissue Holder

best selling items on taobao

Everybody loves bringing their smartphones inside the bathroom because it is simply boring without it! Plus, listening to your favorite music makes showers even more relaxing, right? On the other hand, one common problem among households is the lack of a smartphone holder inside the bathrooms.

Fret no more, because you can safely place your smartphones without the risk of falling or getting wet with the 3-in-1 Bathroom Tissue Holder! This tissue holder can also be a storage box for your medicines and other small toiletries. Plus, you can add more items to the top, including your phone. The phone holder fits most smartphones and tablets so you can watch and listen to music without any worries.

Product Details:

  • Two sizes: 220 x 134 x 140 mm or 145 x 134x 143 mm
  • Has a transparent portion for viewing bathroom tissue
  • Has a click and lock feature for the tissue holder
  • Has a ribbed tissue cutter

360 Children’s Robot

top selling items on taobao

Introduce your child to his new best friend, the 360 children’s Robot! This Robot can do a lot more than you think! It has a voice recognition feature that can help your child converse properly, even when he is with his Robot.

The Robot also has hundreds of nursery rhymes, games, and even an electronic encyclopedia to engage your little one in learning at his own pace. This Robot can also be handy to parents because it has a video calling feature so that you can watch your child remotely.

From being inside your womb up to his toddler years, this Robot is a perfect companion. Let’s dig in why. First, babies inside the womb can benefit from soothing music. There are hundreds of soothing music on the Robot that a mom can choose for her baby.

Next, as your baby grows, singing can nourish his speech abilities. The 360 Children’s Robot has a lot of nursery rhymes that your baby can sing along to. As he grows into a lively toddler, the Robot can engage him with various educational content to improve his cognitive abilities.

Product Details:

  • With Cloud Service
  • With Image Recognition
  • With Intelligent Voice
  • Has Specialized Children Content

Oaks Electric Multifunctional Meat Grinder

Tasty dumplings are now easier to make with the Oaks Electric Meat Grinder. This is not merely a meat grinder; it is an excellent quality food processor too! It has a whopping 2.2-liter capacity, so this is a perfect device for a feast!

You no longer have to chop all your vegetables, simply put them all inside the grinder, and it will do the rest of the job for you. You can even make purees for your baby’s food because of its high 350W powered motor that can chop all the food finely.

The meat grinder has a silent steel body that makes it quiet as it operates. The thickened steel shaft also prides itself about its durability and strength, which makes the grinder perfect for long-term use. Lastly, it has a double-gear function, making the food processed and ground finely from top to the bottom of the container.

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Product Details:

  • Hexagonal Glass Bowl
  • Three-way Protection
  • Dishwasher safe glass bowl

Smartcare Baby Bottle Sterilizer

best electronics items on taobao

Taobao also gives customers a wide array of baby essentials like this Smartcare Baby Bottle Sterilizer. Sterilize all your baby’s items from bottles to toys, and remove all your worries that your baby’s health can be compromised by bacteria and viruses.

It has a 25-liter capacity, so you can stuff in a lot of items in one single sterilization operation. The sterilizer kills 99.9% of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and other harmful bacteria.

The sterilizer has an automatic mode, where you can dry and disinfect items for 30, 50, and 70 minutes. You can also choose the UV sterilization function for your little one’s toys and belongings. Other features are drying and storage.

Product Details:

  • Power: 80W
  • 30dB quiet operation
  • With German OSRAM Double UV lamps

Modern Minimalist Swivel Chair

best home products on taobao

Are you looking for the perfect home office setup? Complete it with this Modern Minimalist Swivel Chair. The black and white color can accentuate ant office setup, and its minimalist design makes it sleek but beautiful.

This chair can give you 100% comfort because it can recline for 120°. So, if you need some rest after working for hours, lie down a little and rest your tired mind and body.

The Modern Minimalist Swivel Chair can also be switched from regular bow style chair to wheeled chair. Either way, the decision is all yours! The chair can receive up to 800kg of weight, so you don’t have to be worried about it breaking over time.

The back of the chair has a breathable net design with high air permeability; you can sit back comfortably without sweating your back. Work and be comfortable all at the same time with your Modern Minimalist Swivel Chair!

Product Details:

  • Compact, Space saving design
  • With Waist Support Design
  • With Diamond Handrail Design

Jomoo Intelligent Toilet

best home appliances on taobao

Sit comfortably on your toilet with the Jomoo Intelligent Toilet! This smart toilet has a fully automatic function so you can enjoy washing, massage, drying, and automatic flushing!

This toilet has no water tank, but with its 360°super vortex flushing, you get to have the advantage of water conservation. This toilet also has an antibiosis technology, that uses antibacterial silver ions to inhibit the growth of bacteria, without even washing it manually.

Product Details:

  • Heated seat: 31° to 39°
  • Heated water wash: 35° to 38°
  • Bluetooth and remote control operated

Outdoor Rattan Table and Chair

best cheap items on taobao

We have talked about items for almost all parts of your house, but did not forget the patio and terrace! Give a perfect and comfortable relaxation experience to your family with the Outdoor Rattan Table and Chair.

The excellent knitting of the table and chairs makes it breathable, with a soft feel. This set also comes in various colors that you can pick, depending on the interiors of your home. You can also add some seat cushions for a more fabulous and comfier look!

Product Details:

  • Four chairs and 1 table
  • High-quality PE rattan

Women’s Dresses

Women’s clothing on Taobao is really huge. Their skirts, dresses and fashion wear are super popular and one of the best selling items on Taobao. In terms of a collection Taobao has everything in women’s wear and for various body types and sizes.

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Be aware that Taobao has Chinese women’s clothing size and you need to get a bigger size if you are from another country.

Taobao French autumn and winter underarm bag for women

The new retro looking wild lattice single shoulder bag is one of the hottest selling items on Taobao right now with over a million sold.

The price is a bit steep compared to others out there but delivers good quality in terms of material and texture.

This premium women’s shoulder bag with its curvy compact design is intended to add practicality and versatility to daily life. Coming in two colours it is easy to match with almost anything. 

 It is the best value for money in terms of quality.

Product details

Shoulder strap style: single

Colours available: Black and Brown

Foldable: No

Multi Functional Electric Tea Pot

Sometimes all you need is a simple and easy solution to help you get your tea on! That’s where the multi functional electric teapot comes in. It’s perfect for making tea, steaming eggs and cooking noodles, all without having to worry about messes or stovetop fires. Not to mention, the stylish design will fit seamlessly into any kitchen. 

The teapot comes with an electric base that has a number of controls for different types of tea or coffee. The egg and noodle function was good and the pot heated up much faster than regular gas and convection stoves, so you can expect your tea to be ready within a couple of seconds.

Product Details:

Material: Borosilicate glass

Operation mode: microcomputer touch type

Additional functions: automatic heat preservation, anti-paste/anti-dry burning, timed appointment, automatic pot-lifting memory 

DIY Sweater Kits

Another popular product on Taobao is their DIY sweaters and shirts. These DIY kits are perfect if you’re bored with the same old sweaters. So, why not add a little something extra to spice up your life and make it your own. 

With a DIY sweater kit, you’ll get all the materials you need to create a stylish sweater that you’ll love wearing. The materials are of high quality and have been checked for safety, so you can be sure that you’re making a safe and stylish decision. The kit also comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so you’ll be able to create your masterpiece in no time at all. 

Product Details:

Includes: Sweater knit material, buttons, needle, thread, scissors, suede cord, instruction manual

What is Taobao famous for?

– Taobao is most known for its very wide inventory of products, with the aim of having something for everyone.

How to find good sellers on Taobao?

– Firstly check the reputation rating of the seller and how long they have been selling for, also check the service rating. Finally read customer reviews about the seller to know if people had any problems.

Does Taobao sell fake stuff?

– There have been cases of some sellers who have fake products like watches, so it is wise to find a reliable seller before ordering.

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