Best Things to Buy on Dhgate – 10 Of The Most Interesting Products on Dhgate

by Timothy Blue

Dhgate is the new kid in town. This Chinese e-commerce platform competes directly with Aliexpress and they’ve been kicking ass lately. Why?

Dhgate has a few categories that they do much better than their competitors. Today we will list out the best things to buy on Dhgate. From top class replicas to electronic items you’ve never seen before. Check out our chatbot for the latest coupon offers! 

Best Things on Dhgate Reddit

Apart from individual products, Dhgate is also good at certain categories. Here are the best product categories on Dhgate. 

Before that, check out the Best Selling Items on Dhgate 

Replica Bags on Dhgate

If you are looking at high quality replicas from brands such as Prada, Gucci, Givenchy, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton and others, then Dhgate can provide. 

In this category, they do much better than Aliexpress and there are dedicated sellers only for certain types of brands. Here are some of the Replica bags sellers on Dhgate. 

#1 Luxury Bags Dhgate

This $12 luxury bag can put any of those big brand name bags to shame. It’s stylish, super sturdy and very affordable too! 

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#2 Louis Vuitton Replica Bag Dhgate

This product is a replica of Louis Vuitton. For a super cheap price of $40, you get an amazing, high quality bag. 

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Replica Jerseys

Another category that Dhgate excels in, is jerseys. It maybe Basketball jerseys or Football jerseys or even replica jerseys. They have high quality sellers who deal with only making jerseys. There are many custom options as well that you can get manufactured for super cheap compared to your local country! 

Dhgate Shoes

Dhgate and sneakers go hand in hand. In fact, I have an entire article dedicated to Dhgate shoes and Dhgate replica sneakers. 

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Nike Replica Shoes

Nike replicas are pretty huge on Dhgate. They specialize in super affordable and high quality Nike replicas. You get replica shoes of top Nike shoes such as Nike Air Jordan, Nike 720, Nike 270 among others

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Yeezy Replica Shoes

Yeezys are some of the most desired shoes on earth. But they are super expensive. Dhgate is the perfect place for some awesome Yeezy replicas. These replicas will cost you anywhere from $40 to $80. Whereas the original will set you back by $300. 

Chinese Printed Clothing

If you are looking for super interesting clothing styles, then you should visit the Chinese printed clothing category. This has exclusive Chinese characters printed on tees, shoes, socks and other wearables. They look super cool and super unique! 

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iPhone Repair Tools Dhgate

One of the other popular categories on Dhgate is iPhone repair tools. So if you are an iPhone aficionado or you run your own small service center, you can get an iPhone repair tools for cheap from Dhgate. 

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LCD Displays Dhgate

Worried about your display breaking? You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a display from your local Apple store. You can always get a display from Dhgate and ask your local service center to fix the display for you for a cheap price. You can reduce your cost by about 80% with this process. 

iPhone Parts Dhgate

Some of the super popular segments on Dhgate is the iPhone parts. The LCD display of the iPhone is super popular as it’s cheap on Dhgate compared to your local Apple store. 

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Action Cameras Dhgate

You might say that Action Cameras are available in Aliexpress too. Although that’s true. Dhgate has an exclusive collection of Action cameras. Here are a few examples. 

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$7 Action Camera

The $7 action camera is one of the cheapest Action Cameras you will find online. This is why Dhgate is known for its Action cameras. You have the entire price range starting from $7 to $70. 

Mini Studio Photo Box Dhgate

If you are looking for good photography equipment such as photo boxes for shooting product photos, then Dhgate will oblige. They have a good collection of Photo boxes. 

Want to do product shots for cheap? Then this is your best choice. 

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Mobile Gaming Controllers Dhgate

Have your eyes on the Wii and other game controllers? You can get similar ones for cheap at Dhgate. Some of the best gaming peripherals can be found on Dhgate. 

Xiaomi Phones Dhgate

Xiaomi phones are already discounted and cheap. But the ones on Dhgate don’t have much markup. 

Redmi 7A Dhgate

The Redmi 7A is one of the budget offerings from Xiaomi and at Dhgate you get a pretty good rate. It’s cheaper than on Aliexpress because Dhgate wants to offer a better price than Aliexpress and improve its sales of electronics. 

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Redmi 8 Dhgate

It’s the same case with the Redmi 8. It’s one of the best selling phones on Dhgate. You can get the Redmi 8 for about $20 cheaper than on Aliexpress because of the reasons mentioned above. So whenever you are looking to purchase a Xiaomi smartphone, consider Dhgate. 

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Smart Fitness Bands Dhgate

Dhgate also sells a good collection of Smart Fitness bands that cover the whole range. From budget to premium! 

M4 Smart Fitness Band

One of the cheapest fitness bands you can buy in the market is the M4 Smart Fitness Band. The design looks similar to the Mi Band 4 and has all the features of it. It has a long battery life and also tracks sporting activities such as running, walking, cycling among others.

You can receive notifications and messages from all your apps. It has a 90 mAh battery and it works with iOS and Android. 

It comes in numerous colours. 

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ID 116 Plus Smart Fitness Band Dhgate

The ID116 Plus is an Apple Watch lookalike that has a heart rate monitor and a tracks many aspects of fitness. It comes in Red, Black, Blue, Purple and Green. 

It tracks sleep, distance, calories burned, heart rate, distance among others. The display size is 1.3-inches and its made of soft TPU material. 

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ID 115 Plus Dhgate

One of the best things to buy on Dhgate is the ID115 Plus. This is a look alike of the Mi Band 4. It tracks the step count, heart rate, blood pressure, calories, sleep and more. It has awesome features such as sedentary reminder, alarm clock, apps notification among others. 

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Android TV Box Dhgate

Dhgate might not be that popular  for Electronics, but they do have some pretty amazing Android TV Boxes. 

Hot MX2 Android TV Box

One of the best selling Android TV Boxes on Dhgate is the Hot MX2. The MX2 costs about $18 and has some pretty neat features.

It has a 2GB RAM with 8GB and 16GB of storage. It displays in 1080p and supports the services such as Hulu, Google TV, Pandora, Skype, Picasa, Netflix, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

It is Wifi enabled and runs on the latest Android 9.0. This is one of the cheapest Android TV Boxes you can find. 

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