Best AliExpress Toys That Kids Will Love in 2022 | Pokemon Action Figures to Puzzles!

by Tim Blue

If you’re a parent you’re facing a bunch of dilemmas — what to give your child for their birthday, what would your little niece like, my son is going to a birthday party so what should we give that child? Toys are the obvious answer. But considering how interestingly vast your options are, it can be a tough blow. 

Lucky for you, we have curated a list of some of the best toys on AliExpress you can find. All you need to know is what their interests are — there’s something for everyone.

Aliexpress Toys – What you need to know

Before buying toys from Aliexpress, you need to know some rules. Some countries like India and others have put stringent rules against the import of toys. This means, if you are looking to import, it is not going to clear the customs department. Check the rules for your country before buying toys from China!


Wooden Memory Game $13.98

Fun, challenging, memory building. This wooden chess-like game is all of these things. You don’t want to be that aunt who is all about work and no play. Well, with this game, you’re helping them enhance their memory.

The entire game consists of a carved board, a dice and 24 pegs. 4 in each colour. All you have to do is gather a group of friends and one of them randomly places all the pegs in the slots. The role of the dice determines which colour can be pulled out. Using just your memory of placement you have to get as many pegs out as you can. Either that or get 4 of the same colour or one of each colour. 

Cognitive Matching Card Game $2.56

Call it baby charades or taboo. These tiny tin boxes are packed with infotainment. It’s the best way to teach them vocabulary, identify pictures and even give their cognitive side a little exercise. You’ll find variations for transportation, fruits, daily necessities and animals.

Keep your kids entertained on the go. You can just pop it in your handbag during your commute and keep your kid busy on a long train ride. It’s the perfect game for break time in school too to keep them engaged and educated while having lots of fun. Imagine a monkey with a giraffe’s behind! They’re going to have a good laugh about it.

Building Blocks

Building Block Construction Kit  $2.99 – $40

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Lego sets can be quite expensive. But what if I told you you could have the same fun in half the price. You have all the roads you’d see on your side walk. Straight, curved, t-shaped, crosswalks and what not. To build a city, you’d need trees, landscaping and a whole bunch of connectors to make sure everything is in place. You have 50 pcs sets, that of 100, 800 and even 1600. It’s up to you how you want to build it. A lot of the pieces you can buy individually as well.

A large portion of these resemble Lego City completely. Besides, if you already have the set, you can use these as an extension because they’re completely compatible. 

Build a Firefighter  $10.45

This 4 in 1 build a vehicle set is a fun little toy to have. It has 348 pieces and the pieces for each vehicle come sealed in different packages so it doesn’t get mixed up and the gameplay is seamless. 

The set comes with an instruction manual for how to assemble the pieces together to make the stellar fire rescuing team. Keep your kids busy and their brains working!

Action Figurines

Marvel Avengers Action Figures $3.60 each

Supporting their fandom would make you a favourite in anyone’s eyes. Enable them to start a collection of some of their most favourite figurines and let them show off a little. All the action figurines can be bought individually, right from Hulk to Hawkeye to Vision. When you’re buying them, keep the comic book depictions in mind.

The manufacturers have given attention to detail and the accuracy of the proportions is interesting for a price that is so inexpensive. Interestingly, they’re not just standing figures. All the toys have hinges that enable them to change positions. Even their heads completely spin. For a  more snazzy touch, their chests and armour also light up in the centre. 

Imagine how good the complete set would look in a rack on a bookshelf dedicated to these. They deserve their own space. You know, it’s not just the kids who love these Marvel action figures. Iron Man is my personal favourite. I may be a hoarder.

Beauty and Fashion 

Plastic Hairdressing and Cosmetics Set $7.56 – $9.76

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Who doesn’t love a good sleepover with a lot of pretend play? Let your girls invite a bunch of girls and allow them to divulge into the realm of styling each other’s hair and make bonds of sisterhood that will never break.

It is over plastic hair dryers and curlers that these girls spill the tea, discuss innocent crushes and plan their futures. The cool pink heart eyes sunglasses are the girls’ way of saying “you can’t sit with us”. I don’t want to be the enabler, guys, but it’s going to happen one way or the other.

This set comes in a variety of 24 pieces, 25 pieces and 32 pieces sets. The large set has an additional set of handbags, clip-on earrings and sunglasses. 

Board Games

Mushroom Nail Beads Jigsaw Game $4.94

This is actually one of the most versatile toys I have come across on AliExpress. As the name suggests, the mushroom heads have a nail head extending from under them. They are the heroes of this toy. Along with that, you have a white sheet with multiple equally spaced holes that make the space for these nails to be inserted. Now you can use this board as a design space, creative puzzles, playing something like chess, or even a game of Mastermind.

There is room for everything here. I wouldn’t recommend parents to give this game to little kids because the pieces are far too small and a little kid might eat ii. That may cause a health hazard.

Logical Thinking Board Game $14.99

The first thing you need to know about this game is that only upto 4 people can play it. Second, it does require a little bit of skill, so it is recommended that people are at least 7 years of age.

The game might seem simple at first glance — a simple game of matching patterns with versatile game tiles. But add to that the challenge of time, the risk of screaming “MATCH” too quickly and negative points, and it becomes supremely interesting!

Each player is given a set of 5 blocks in the beginning along with a card they have to replicate. The player is not allowed to toggle with their blog till their stopwatch starts!

Outdoor Toys

X-COM Professional Ultimate Flying Disc $14.82

Want your kid to get some exercise? The best way for them to do that is to engage them in a game where they don’t realize they’re exercising. This frisbee, or flying disc as they call it, is the perfect thing to chase around. Plan a picnic to a large park and the entire family can join in for a good day of fun.

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These discs are made of polyethylene, spanning 27 cm in diameter. The challenge is for you to run faster than it flies and catch it! They’re available in multiple colours too! The best part about it is that if your kid, or you, want to take it up professionally, this is a great flying disc to start with!

ADKING Trampoline with Enclosure $87.37 – $128.01

A trampoline is a great addition to your backyard. It can be a fun thing your neighbours’ kids come to do at your house, a way for your children to get exercise and wear themselves out, a fun party game or even a tiny ball house since it comes with enclosures.

The entire circumference of the trampoline has a netted enclosure, remains foldable and is supported by sturdy rails. One alternative trampoline has a handrail attached to it, in case your child prefers to hold it and jump. It can hold upto 550pounds, that is 250 kgs of weight. 

One of the things I like most about this trampoline is that the springs and the bounce sheet are so strong and absorbing that they don’t make noise when a child bounces on it. 

Some Added freebies along with the trampoline are a few plastic balls and a pair of non-slip slides to wear inside. 

Remote Controlled Stuff

4WD Remote Control High-Speed Car $14.85

These aren’t just any toy race cars. These are race cars for serious competitions in that corner alley by your house. The car had flashlights, a torsional motor, the front wheels have a 35-degree tilting angle for 360 spins. As if this were a real car, the tyres also have an anti-skid pattern that helps you avoid toppling on tiny potholes.

The car comes with a 2.4G remote control system that can be operated from a maximum distance of 100 metres. The car and the remote are both battery operated.

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