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Diamonds are not the only best friends that women have. No one can deny the importance and significance of a nice pair of sleek and comfortable leggings when it comes to women’s fashion

These magical pairs of stretchy bottoms can be extremely versatile for everyday styles. Be it a workout session or a quick trip to run some errands, leggings are every woman’s go-to.

Given their acceptance and popularity in the market, it is no news that manufacturers decided to go fancy and created a wide range of variety leggings to choose from. But too many options can sometimes become overwhelming. 

The right fit, price, quality and trendiness – all of these have to be kept in mind while choosing a proper pair of leggings. But finding the right pair is not that hard anymore because we have accumulated a list of the best Alibaba leggings where one can buy the latest trends in reasonable prices.

Chinese Leggings Factory

Zhejiang Showfoot Import and Export Co., Ltd

Manufactured by Zhejiang Showfoot Import and Export Co., Ltd, the Ladies’ Seamless Terry Line Printed Leggings are made of Polyester Fleece that fits seamlessly and helps to flaunt a gorgeous look. It is available from small to 2x large sizes for both casual and gym leggings.

The colors that the customers can choose from including jean blue, jean black, and flower prints. It has an average price range of 1.50 US dollars for a minimum of 100 piece leggings. The packages are customizable and the payments can be done with credit cards and online transaction platforms.

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Dongyang Woniu E-Commerce Co., Ltd  

This professional trading company specializes in research, process, development and production of a plethora of items like leggings, fanny packs, compression socks and much more. 

Dongyang Woniu E-Commerce is known for its quality standards in an international market. Their leggings are made of spandex or polyester and serves as classy sportswear. The products are available in small, medium and large sizes and has a minimum price of 12 US dollars for 200 pieces.

Unique logos can be designed on the packages and the color of the leggings can be customized according to the seller’s choice as well. The supplier accepts payments through credit cards and online money transfer apps.

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Hangzhou Hansburg Trading Co., Ltd

With more than 20 years of experience Hangzhou Hansburg Trading CO., Ltd focuses on creating and exporting seamless fashion products like undergarments, shapers, leggings, merino wool wear and men’s boxers. 

Their main product includes high-waisted, dip dye, workout, sports, gym, and yoga leggings for women. These bottoms are knitted for comfort, are breathable, and does not wrinkle. Customers can choose from small to extra-large sizes and dark shade colors like blue, black, and ash.

The minimum price range for this product is 7 US dollars for packs of 1000 pieces. The leggings can be bought in customizable packages of minimum 5000 pieces and the sellers can choose and design them according to their requirements. Payments can be made online or through credit cards.

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Xiamen Arabella Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Situated in China’s Fujian region, Xiamen Arabella Industry & Trade Co., Ltd has been delivering top-notch products like jumpsuits, fitness wears, compression wears, sport bras and leggings. 

The materials used to develop these products are mostly pure cotton, bamboo, nylon, polyester, viscose and various others. The minimum price for their leggings is 6 US dollars for a package of 600-1000 pieces.

Arabella is known for delivering high-quality products at the best prices to a massive international market that includes countries from Western Europe, North America, and Oceania. Their Four-Way Stretch Women Casual Leggings are made of spandex and polyester and are available in customizable color and logo packaging. Customers can choose from 8 different sizes that start from XXS and goes up to 3XL.

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Shaoxing Lebang Import & Export Co. Ltd

This company is a newly established manufacturer of sportswear and leggings. Their quality products ranges from women’s hoodies to yoga wear and swim wear to yoga mats. They are dedicated to the production, development and export of these fitness garments across a massive international market.

The leggings are designed in various shapes and sizes and offers high waist bottoms, capri pants, tights and fashionable styles. The sizes of the pants range from extra small to extra-large. Sellers can by packages of minimum 50 pieces at an average cost of 9-16 US dollars.

The product packages are logo customizable and are available OPP bags. The materials used to make these leggings are mostly nylon and spandex and are breathable, therefore, ensuring the comfort of the customer. One can choose from purple and blue colors or design one of their own.

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Yiwu Viv News Garments Co., Ltd

When it comes to quirky styles and comfortable fits, Yiwu Viv News Garments Co., Ltd is one of the notable names among Alibaba’s top leggings suppliers. They specialize in premium leggings and fitness garments and cater to the tastes and requirements of customers across the globe. The most interesting thing about this supplier is that they customize the garments according to the designs and ideas provided by the sellers.

The leggings are available in three sizes – small, medium and large. Sellers can buy around 100-1500 pieces at an average cost of 10 US dollars. The material of the pants are mostly nylon and spandex and seamlessly designed for dry fit. 

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They are breathable and extremely comfortable for intense workout sessions or even yoga. Sellers can also customize the logo on the packages and make the payments through online platforms and credit cards.

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Yiwu Qi Hao Clothing Co., Ltd

Based in China’s Zhejiang Province, this supplier manufactures a wide array of items like tank tops, undergarments, gym and fitness leggings and yoga leggings. Interestingly they accept small quantity orders and develops new designs for each season throughout the year.

One of their most trendy product is the 2019 Custom Ladies Fashion Sport Gym High Waist Yoga Leggings for women. It is sold at an average cost of 5 US dollars in packages of 50-99 pieces of leggings. The fashionable design of the leggings is made of spandex and polyester that is anti-bacterial and comfortable.

Also, sellers can customize their unique logo on the packages and make the payments through online money transfer platforms.

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Zhuji Jinyiyu Textile Technology Co. Ltd  

Among one of Alibab’s most trusted suppliers is Zhuji Jinyiyu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. This company is an experienced manufacturer of socks and tights for adults and children. They are known for the excellence in quality and ability to offer products in surprisingly affordable rates.

2020 Newest Women Stretchy Fashion Ladies Leggings is a trendy choice for those who believes in the combination of comfort and style. This free size product is sold at an average rate of 4 US dollars and comes in packages of 100-999 pairs. 

Sellers can buy samples and order their own unique designs. The product package is logo customizable too. The leggings is available in a soothing peach color that can be pair with many different kind of tops and kurtis.

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High Hope Int’l Group Jiangsu Champion Holdings Limited

Established in 1987, High Hope Int’l Group Jiangsu Champion Holdings Limited is one of the biggest manufacturers of women’s leggings in China. Rated 5 in Alibaba, this hugely experienced company is dedicated to the production and export of products like women’s clothing, sportswear, men’s clothing, household clothing and uniforms. 

Their products have high demands in the international markets in countries of North America and Western Europe. The features of the leggings offer by this supplier include pockets, 4 way stretches, butt lift and tummy control. 

The pants are made of breathable polyester and looks absolutely flattering. The product is sustainable and available in plus sizes. Not only that, the supplier offers a wide range of sizes starting from XXS up to XXL. The average cost of these leggings is 6 US dollars, for packages of 500-999 pieces of bottoms.

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The packages and logo customizable and a minimum order includes 200 pairs of leggings. Customers can choose from variety of beautiful colors as well. Payments can be done through debit and credit cards alongside online money transferring apps.

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Dongguan Ruifei Garment Company Ltd

Hugely popular among the customers of Alibaba, Dongguan Ruifei Garment Company Ltd, is a Guangdong based private garment factory like the name suggests. Founded in 2008 the company is located in China’s fashion capital and is renowned for offering high quality garments like polo shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, fashionable dress and leggings.

They export their products in an international market across Northern America, Western Europe and Oceania. The custom fitted Soft 4 way Stretch Zipper Pocket Side Stripe Women Ease Track Pants are some of the best choices when it comes to working out and hitting the gym. 

Available in 6 different sizes ranging from XXS to XL made of cotton and spandex and are extremely comfortable against the skin. The sizes and packages can be customized and the products are sold at an average cost of 13 US dollars. Their minimum order quantity is 5000 pieces.

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How to choose leggings on Alibaba:

  • Leggings fit and length: Check the fit of your leggings, it should be body-hugging but breathable. Loose leggings are not worthy. There are three lengths to leggings: full ankle length, ⅞ length and ¾ length. Choose what’s most suitable for you. 
  • Fabrics: Material is extremely important as it will stick to your skin. Cotton is one of best materials to have as it is soft but it loses its stretchability overtime and doesn’t wick moisture as well. Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon etc are moisture resistant and comfortable and give better shape and it’s extremely lightweight. 
  • Features: Look for leggings with pockets as it’s easier to keep things. Also, waistbands are better than drawstrings as they keep your leggings stable and are extremely comfortable. Design and pattern can be chosen according to your personal preference. 
  • Size: Sizes across Alibaba sites are not the same. Check the size of each leggings in store before buying. 
  • Seller: Check if the seller on Alibaba is authentic or not before placing your order. Check the seller’s feedback and ratings of the store. If the seller is sounding shady or wanting you to directly transfer your money to their bank account. 

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