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by Tim Blue

Finding the motivation to go to the gym is one thing but finding the right attire to help you look good while you dish it out in the gym is another. I’m a fitness freak and gym trainer and I’m legging most of the time through the day. I like my leggings to be made with a combination of polyester and spandex that makes them breathable and absorbent as I spend most of my day in a gym environment. 

I needed some options that are affordable and I can have multiple of them, than having to wash and dry every day. I love my leggings from Nike and Adidas but they’re a tad too expensive to maintain.

 A fellow trainer suggested Aliexpress and to my surprise, I found so many unique designs and materials that made me speechless.

I’ve shortlisted a couple that I’m sure you’d love from verified sellers that have some unique designs and super absorbent material. So let’s get started with the Best Aliexpress leggings.

Aliexpress Gym Leggings Review

Gym leggings similar to Lulu Lemon are available on Aliexpress. There are many types of leggings available with breathable and stretchable fabric. So whats my personal opinion about Aliexpress leggings?

My wife swears by them as the pricing of these leggings range from $5 to $50 and the quality is pristine!


The Revival Fitness legging is the first on my list for being extremely popular for its excellent comfort and adaptability to be worn all through the year. This makes it an excellent choice to be worn while working out. It’s made of high-quality nylon and spandex that makes it stretch comfortable without losing its original form, making sure it fits like a glove every time and stays that way. 

The materials dry quickly and absorb moisture quickly making them ideal for everyday use for yoga, running, dancing. The leggings are available in three sizes: small, medium and large. 


The Revival Leggings are made from high-quality nylon and spandex making it super absorbent and quick to dry. Colourfast and feels good on your skin, the leggings are available in three different sizes-small, medium and large. The product has sold over 5000 pieces and is available from a verified seller.

Check it out here!

Qickitout Leggings

If you’re into new abstract designs that stand out no matter where you go with vibrant colour combinations and funky layouts, these leggings from Qickitout will catch anyone’s eye no matter where you use them. They have a wide range of unique designs to choose from that does not fade easily when compared to other brands. It is made from high-quality polyester 88% and spandex 12% that feels good and breathable on the skin. 

It has a unique tight waist design that provides excellent waist protection for doing your weights in the gym. The 3D design adds more character to your hips giving you a sexy feel and look. The high-quality material used is highly stretchable and doesn’t lose its original form too easily.

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Qickitout leggings are unique vibrant leggings with abstract funky designs, it is made of high-quality spandex and polyester with waist protection and 3D hip design. The print is breathable and doesn’t fade easily. It is available in five different sizes that you can choose from. 

Check it out here!

CUHAKCI Plaid leggings

These high fashion leggings from Cuhakci are the most comfortable leggings to wear with a classy plaid design perfect for wearing out with your friends and comfortable enough to use at the gym or for yoga. 

Its unique push up design helps give character to your buttocks and gives your waist and slim feel and look. It is made of high-quality stretchable spandex that absorbs sweat easily and can be dried out in an hour or two. If you love plaid designs Chuhakci provides a wide variety of leggings with unique plaid designs. 


These leggings are made of high-quality spandex material with a classy plaid finish. The material is breathable and offers excellent sweat absorptions. The legging comes in multiple colours and is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. 

Check it out here!

YSDNCHI Leggings

These camouflage leggings from YSDNCHI are without doubt one of the most popular leggings on the list with over 9000 pieces sold to happy customers. It’s made of high-quality breathable polyester and spandex that is layered with a high-quality print of camouflage giving it a ruff and tuff look but is made to be extremely comfortable. 

It has a medium waist fit with a regular hip style, it is available in six different sizes with a variety of different camo designs to choose from. 


These leggings are made from high-quality spandex and polyester making them super stretchable and breathable.  It has a camouflage print with a variety of designs to choose from with six sizes options including free size. 

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Check it out here!

SVOKOR Women Leggings

These high waist leggings from SVOKOR stand out for their seamless stitching and excellent comfort. They are made of high-quality nylon and spandex making it stretch without losing its original form. The material sticks to the body and feels great on the skin making it comfortable to wear for a run or to the gym. 

The unique peach colour and geometric line design looks classy and elegant with length perfectly set to ankle. The material dries really quickly within two to three hours from the time it’s washed making it easy to maintain and use throughout the week at the gym.


The SVOKOR peach high waist legging is made from a combination of high-quality spandex and nylon making it breakable and comfortable on the skin. Its anti-friction exterior makes it an excellent choice as gym attire also for the fact it can be washed and dried within two hours.

Check it out here!

NORMOV Seamless Fitness Women

These look familiar to you, I’m sure they do as they are known as the famous tik-tok pants worn by many influencers on the app. Normov has created a similar design and has been flying off the shelf with more than 7000 pieces sold to date. It is made from high quality blended fabric and spandex that sticks to the skin and provides ventilation with its large oval pores. 

It has elegant seamless stitches that highlight the right areas giving you a firm and fit feel when wearing them. It can be used for casual outings as well as the gym. In short, these are a great pair of leggings, you should definitely check them out.


The Normov seamless legging is made from a combination of high quality blended fabric and spandex to make it breathable and stretchable without losing its compositor. It has oval air vents that promote ventilation making it an excellent addition to your gym gear. 

Check it out here!


These leggings from CHRLEISURE are designed to lift the lower region of your buttocks with elastic bands that give you the bubble butt look. With over 30,000 orders placed so far, these are popular no matter where you go. It’s easy to spot this design of leggings in the gym for their comfort and resistance on the skin added to your workout. 

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It is made from a combination of polyester and spandex that offers excellent breathability and absorption perfect to sweat it out in the gym. It can easily be washed and dried within minutes. If you’re looking for leggings with buttocks support, these are an excellent choice.


These leggings are made from high-quality polyester which is mixed with spandex making the material stretchable and ventilated. It has elastic bands under the buttocks region to provide support. 

Check it out here!

SALSPOR Women High Waist Leggings 

The Salspor women’s high waist leggings are another pair of bubble butt designed leggings that have elastic bands to support and lift the back buttocks region providing a better look and structure to the body. Its high waist design provides support to the abs while doing your push-ups and crutches. 

Its seamless design provides excellent comfort and feels good on the skin for long hours in the gym. Its material is made of high-quality spandex and polyester that doesn’t lose colour easily. 


It is made of high-quality spandex and polyester with a three-layered print that doesn’t lose colour easily. Two elastic bands on the lower buttocks region provide support and lift to both cheeks. A high waist elastic band provides support to the abs and waist helping you burn excess fat. 

Check it out here!

I’m sure you’ve found a favourite among the list, please do make sure that you check the material your leggings are made of in the specifications to avoid unwanted rashes and allergies while wearing your new leggings. 


Once I start losing weight will I have to buy new leggings?

No, you would have to lose more than 25 kilos before they lose their fitting. The materials used are mixed with spandex that gives them this long-lasting elasticity. 

I’m sensitive to paint. Will the paint in the print fade into my skin?

No, These leggings are made to absorb sweat and be washed regularly without losing their colour, So you don’t have to worry about fading or colour on your skin. 

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