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by Tim Blue
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Every season, the style changes and with it, the fashion trends for women change as well. If you are looking for the top fashion trends for women, we cover the new dress styles. So what do we have in store for this season? A lot of old fashion styles are making a big come back. 

So let’s see what the latest fashion trends for girls. 

Best Fashion Styles for Women 2021

Animal Prints 

If you are wondering, what are the biggest fashion trends for 2020? Then this is our number one pick. You can’t go wrong with animal prints this season. The best part is, no animals were harmed during manufacturing any of these shirts. This particular trend is a bit of a comeback fashion trend because animals prints was supremely popular in the past. The 80’s fashion style and 90’s fashion style had a lot of animal prints. 

Now this print comes in various styles and for various tops. You can wear it as a shirt, a blouse, a onesie and so on. 

If you have a few of these in your wardrobe and you aren’t sure what to wear for a party, then you can’t go wrong with these animal prints.

Leopard Bodysuit

This leopard bodysuit is one of the most stylish rompers we’ve seen in a while. It’s a new trend for tops and bodysuits are one of the most sought after tops because they are tucked, super comfortable and figure hugging. 

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Best Off Shoulder Blouse

Off shoulder tops are always the rage. This particular one with the leopard print makes you as cool as a cat. It is so perfect for a night out or a party? The best part is, it costs about $3. It’s so cheap that you could literally just use it for one season and give it to charity. It won’t dent your bank account, but it surely will improve your fashion quotient. 

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Animal Print Shirt

One of my personal favourite styles is the animal print shirt. It looks so smart and stylish. This is that kind of shirt, you can actually wear for a formal event and an informal event too. An absolute top favourite. 

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Athleisure is going to be a big fashion trend in 2020. It’s a spring summer fashion trend that’s comfortable, makes you look stylish, but at the same time makes you look like you are ready for the world. Athleisure isn’t restricted to men, but in fact, athleisure is huge in women’s fashion. Many people consider Athleisure to be a fashion fad, but we believe it will be a major women’s trend in 2020. 

Womens Athleisure Leggings 

The number one item in your wardrobe when you say athleisure should be leggings. Without leggings, Athleisure is nothing. These type of leggings, you can wear at the gym or college or literally to a party with a nice top. It comes in numerous colours and styles. With simple one tone colours to multi colours. 

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Womens Athleisure Tops

Athlesure tops for women is also a major trend. And it looks super stylish. It might not be as versatile as the leggings, but you can wear them for running errands or college etc. It might be a bit inappropriate for the office. 

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Puff Shoulders

There are certain types of clothing that will make people turn when you enter a room. One of the earliest fashion styles was the “puff” look. This was super popular even in the victorian era. The monarchs used to wear it and now you will too because it’s the biggest fashion trend of 2020. 

The puff shoulders a lot of people consider a millenial fashion trend. And I see why, it shows you’re here to slay! 

Check out all Puff Shoulder tops from Aliexpress

Elegant Puff Pineapple Print 

This pineapple printed puff shoulder top is one of the most popular designs out there. It’s elegant, stylish and great. 

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Elegant Puff Shoulder Blouse 

If you ever want to look like a million dollars without wearing something too expensive, then check out this Elegant puff shoulder blouse in white. It’s one of our top picks of the season. 

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Tiny Bags

Shoulder bags have always been a fashion accessory that has been popular. But if you are looking for fashion accessories in 2020 that is sure to shake things up, its tiny bags. Tiny bags are good to carry a small wallet, keys and some basic makeup. They are meant to be petite, easy to carry and something you don’t have to lug around. Trends like this and Athleisure gives you an idea that fashion is moving towards comfort over fashion. But these bags still look really great. 

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So you’re looking for earrings that look stylish, this season? Then check out this awesome collection below.

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Loose Shirts 

Another 80’s style that is making a big comeback is loose shirts. Ariange grande’s fashion style involves wearing a lot of loose clothing and that is something of a latest fashion trend for girls. You can’t go wrong with loose clothing because they make you feel comfortable and if you pick the right style, you can surely look fabulous too. If you are thinking of summer outfit ideas, then this is it. 

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Bike Shorts 

A lot of people would disagree with this and would admonish me for adding this to the list. Bike shorts are a major fashion trend in 2020. It might look odd, but if you can pull it off, you’ll look great. There are a few variations of this which are over the top that are covered in magazines like Elle and Vogue. But the one that we have here is pretty amazing. It looks great with t-shirts and with casual wear it’s a style that you will be able to pull off. 

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Snake Skin Print

Another prints that are part of the fashion trends forecast are snake prints. They can be on pieces of clothing or even a bag. Snake prints look pretty awesome. They give so much dimension to a shirt or a blouse. It’s something that more women should wear. If you are tired of leopard prints, then you could always consider the snake skin print. 

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Another 80’s comeback style, the oval sunglasses is the sunglass trend for 2020. You can get these super cheap $2 sunglasses to supercharge your wardrobe. 

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Fashion Colour of the Season  – Lavender

Lavender is the fashion colour of the season and designers have been making lavendres dresses, lavender shirts and so on. 

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Cape Jacket Trend

Cape jackets are the latest jacket trend. They look like you are wearing a cape. This style isn’t for everybody or every occasion. Some might consider this style to be too fashionable and not practical for certain environments. But we still think it’s pretty awesome! 

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Super Long Coats

People love their super long coats and why not. It’s one of the best dressing styles for ladies without even trying. If you think super long coats are only meant to protect you from the harsh weather, it’s more than that. It’s a fashion statement.There are different types of long coats and here are a few types. 

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If you are looking for new fashion dresses that you can wear in 2020, then you are in the right place. In the year 2020, all the top fashion houses are moving towards comfort and satisfaction. 

The dressing styles for females all point towards total comfort, satisfaction. That is why even with women’s footwear trends,  flats have taken precedence over stilletos or really uncomfortable shoes. 

If you see celebrity fashion as well, there are a lot of celebrities who wear boots and flats, compared to pencil heels. 

So if there’s any fashion trends that is making a comeback, it’s the comfortable style of 70s fashion for women. 

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