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by Tim Blue

eBikes have been my favourite mode of transport off late especially since the Covid outbreak, using a shared eBike over the last few months boosted my immune system and kept me fit enough not to fall sick.

Aliexpress is the best for single purchases and immediate fulfillment. The sellers listed below are Alibaba sellers who are available on Aliexpress too.

Auksmart C1$500-$580
HTOMT v1$402
Coolfly Seagull$658
C&N Leili$1999
Leili Raptor 1000$1850
Paselec PX7 Pro$884

I have been on the lookout for a decent eBike for a while now and when I came across the eBikes sold on Alibaba, I was in awe. The lineup was magnificent with products ranging in power output to size of the eBikes, some of them simply stood out because they were designed to be phenomenal.

Going over this list I was able to pick one which stood out the most and is currently the highest selling, best rated eBike on Alibaba. If you are looking for an Alibaba eBike review,

Yes, Alibaba is a good enough platform to purchase an eBike from and I will take you through the top eBikes and eBike suppliers available to help you with your decision. 

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Best Alibaba eBikes 2022

Alibaba hosts many companies both based in China and other parts of the world. With the rise in sales of eBikes, deliveries are made to almost every corner of the globe. 

The top eBikes available on Alibaba are those listed below and range from 12” to 26” tires that can be convenient for tall or short people alike. 

The prices listed in the table shows us what to expect in terms of comparing the models based on price. Though some have high prices it’s ideal to note that the ones with lower price are extremely good eBikes as well. For example, the Paselec PX7 Pro is the only eBike in the list that comes with E-Pas.

Check out Aliexpress eBikes if you are looking for fast option in delivery.

Auksmart C1 16” eBike

Starting off the list is a nicely crafted long range eBike with Cruise control. The Auksmart C1 is manufactured by Changzhou Auksmart Technology, a top manufacturer and supplier of eBikes in China. 

The C1 is powered by a High quality 250 watt rear brushless DC motor that runs on a 36V 5.2/7.5 Amps Lithium battery

The frame of the C1 is made from Aluminum alloy and comes fully equipped with mid and front suspension and electronically controlled front and rear disc brakes. The Auksmart C1 has a maximum travel speed of 30 km/h and can cover upto 60 kilometers on a single full charge

Auksmart C1 is available at no minimum order and a single C1 can be yours for anywhere between $500 and $580

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However, if you’re looking to buy the C1 in bulk, contacting the seller via Alibaba is the best deal. They can have bulk orders shipped out within 7-60 days depending on how big of an order it is. 

Bulk Order Delivery Timeline

1-20 pieces21-200 pieces201-1000 pieces
7 business days30 business days60 business days

Rating and Response Rates

RatingResponse Rate

HTOMT v1 eBike

Manufactured by Shenzhen Huatuomingtong Technologies, the V1 is an extremely compact eBike with 12” tires. The V1 runs on a 350Watt motor that lets it hit a maximum of 30km/h.

At a lightweight of 20.28kg the HTOMT V1 can support a total of 120 kg load on it. The V1 is a single seater with rear suspension and dual disc brakes and lasts for up to 25km in cruise mode on a single charge

The V1 is available on Alibaba at $402 per item and can be bought in bulk with customized logos and packaging permitted on orders over 50 pieces.

Bulk Order Delivery Timeline

1 piece1-10 pieces10 pieces and above
7-18 business days30 business daysnegotiable

Rating and Response Rates

RatingResponse Rate

Coolfly Seagull eBike

The Coolfly Seagull is a low price eBike running on a 48V 1000W hub motor with 26” wheels. The Seagull is ideal for on road and off-road travel and can cover distances of 30-54 km per charge.

Equipped with a LCD power display and removable 36V12.5Ah battery which propels the eBike to touch up to 42 km/h, the Seagull eBike is a lightweight mountain bike that weighs in at 24.2kg and has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. 

The intelligent drive which controls the whole eBike is waterproof and directs the power flow to the Hub motor, LCD display, Battery and Lights

At $658 for a single pierce with no minimum purchase requirement on Alibaba, the Seagull is also available to be bought in bulk and the prices change based on the quantity ordered.

Bulk Order Delivery Timeline

1-10 pieces11-20 pieces20 pieces and above
15 business days30 business daysnegotiable

Rating and Response Rates

RatingResponse Rate

C&N Letli eBike

Manufactured in Jiangsu, China by Changzhou Leili Vehicle Parts Co. Ltd, the Leili eBike is one of the best cross-terrain fat tire eBikes available in the market. 

The 5000W brushless motor running on a 72V 28.8Ah battery delivers a top speed of upto 50km/h while letting you cover a distance of 60km on a single charge. The Leili eBike is built on an Aluminum frame that can support loads of upto 200kgs.

The C&N Leili eBike can be yours from Alibaba for $1999 and for those who wish to purchase the eBike in bulk will be charged $1799 per eBike over 5 pieces.

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Bulk Order Delivery Timeline

1-10 pieces11-30 pieces30 pieces and above
30 business days45 business daysnegotiable

Rating and Response Rates

RatingResponse Rate

Leili Raptor 1000

The Leili Raptor 1000 was rated the best hunting eBike of 2019 and there are reasons it managed to obtain the spotlight. Firstly, the Raptor 1000 is a fat tire eBike that’s capable of reaching speeds of upto 50km/h thanks to the 48v 1000Watt Bafang ultra mid motor

best alibaba ebike

With a large capacity 48V 16Ah LG battery, the Raptor 1000 can last for a good 30-60 kilometers on a single charge

Fitted with a Bafang LCD display to keep track of the distance travelled and average speed travelled, along with hydraulic disc brakes running on 26*4.5 KENDA Minion tires, the Raptor 1000 will satisfy your every need.

The Leili Raptor 1000 is available on Alibaba at $1850 and would not require any minimum requirement for the order to get processed.

Bulk Order Lead Timeline

1-5 pieces5 pieces and above
15 business daysTo be negotiated

Rating and Response Rates

RatingResponse Rate

Paselec PX7 Pro

The Paselec PX7 Pro is a fat tire folding eBike from Guangzhou Paselec Co. Ltd. Capable of hitting speeds of upto 45-48 km/h, the PX7 Pro is fitted with a 750W brushless motor powered by a Samsung 48V 10.4Ah removable battery.

The PX7 Pro has 20”*4” fat tires designed for any and all terrain you wish to ride on. The eBike is compact and can be folded and stored safely in your garage or car if you’re planning on travelling with it.

The battery is capable of letting you travel a distance of upto 60km on a single charge and even supports 3 riding modes. 

The most notable feature of the PX7 Pro is the fact that it supports E-PAS power regeneration which basically let’s your eBike recharge when you ride.

At $884 on Alibaba for the Paselec PX7 Pro, there is no minimum order requirement and you can purchase one or two for the same rate. However, the prices will reduce in case the quantity increases.

Bulk Order Lead Timeline

1-5 pieces5 pieces and above
10 business daysTo be negotiated

Rating and Response Rates

RatingResponse Rate

Tips for buying eBikes from Alibaba

While buying eBikes from Alibaba it’s best to follow a few tips so that you don’t get scammed. 

  • Always look at sellers and manufacturers with a high satisfaction rating and for those who have been in the market over 3 years
  • Some products may not have high standards of quality and may break or get damaged over a course of a few months, the reviews of the products will give you a clear picture on whether the item is reliable or if people have faced issues in the past.
  • Make sure the product you’re interested in has a high sale count and not something that you can’t rely on.
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What to consider when buying an Alibaba ebike?


Deciding on what you want to do and where you want to use your E bike is the first step. There are a variety of E bikes that are designed for different purposes, for example, if you live in the city and are looking for something to commute to work with, then an E road bike or E commuter bike would be a good pick. If steep slopes are involved then a motor with a higher torque will be better, if your ride covers long distances than a bigger battery that gives you better range would be suitable.


Although E bike prices have reduced over the years quite a bit, it still is a reasonable investment. E bike prices range from the budget category starting at 700 USD to 1500 USD and can go all the way up to 4500 USD for the Ultra-premium ones.

Brand, quality of materials, weight, portability and range are some factors that affect the price, so look for what you need in your budget.

Size and weight

Depending on where you have to store your bike and how much place you have matters. Being heavier than regular bikes weighing between 5 and 7 Kgs. If you do not have a garage and have to carry your bike up and down stairs the lighter the better. If space inside is limited, a foldable E bike would suit you better as you can carry it everywhere and store it easily even on a bus or in the office.


With batteries the best way is to look for the best size and quality within your budget. The more Watt hours a battery has the longer the range of your E bike, with a little extra weight of course.

The article Best Alibaba eBike covers the top selling eBikes available on Alibaba. These eBikes have a high response rate and great product rating making them some of the most sought after eBikes in China. 

Compared to all the eBikes mentioned in this list, the one that took the cake with respect to price, design, compatibility, speed and overall ratings is the Paselec PX7 Pro. A fat tire eBike that can take on every terrain possible and come out unscathed. The PX7 Pro is ideal if you’re into long rides or simply for some outdoor fun. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want a nice eBike which can be folded and stored without any hassle.

The Paselec PX7 Pro is a personal recommendation based on what all of us look for in eBikes. However, you may have your own preference and I hope this list of the Best Alibaba eBikes helps you come closer to making your decision.

Stay Safe and Keep Riding!

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Best Alibaba eBike

The article Best Alibaba eBike covers the top selling eBikes available on Alibaba. These eBikes have a high response rate and great product rating making them some of the most sought after eBikes in China. 

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