10 Best Alibaba Jewelry Vendors 2021 | Alibaba Jewlery Review

by Tim Blue

Alibaba is an endless portal for the best Chinese goods. Everybody knows that. But Alibaba has some amazing products that a lot of people aren’t aware of. That’s Jewelry. 

The jewelry business is a high margin business because people are willing to pay top dollar for beautiful products that are reasonably priced. 

The jewelry on Alibaba is imitation jewelry which is in high demand these days. People are moving away from precious jewelry to imitation jewelry because it’s cheaper and less expensive. 

So if you want to kickstart your thriving jewelry business, you need to know the right jewelry vendors and Alibaba has the best Jewelry vendors in the world. 

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Best Alibaba Jewelry Vendors 2021

What you need to know before picking a jewelry vendor on Alibaba

  • Don’t deal with any supplier off the platform. Alibaba offers buyer protection even after the goods have been delivered. This guarantee is void, if any payment is made outside the Alibaba platform.
  • Only few sellers sell real high carat Gold and you need to speak to the sellers about the quality of the gold, carat level and so on.
  • Different sellers have different strengths and you need to go through to each seller and ask them about what they have that is the best
  • The best way to gauge the quality level of a seller is to buy samples.

Right Grand Jewelry 

Any Alibaba seller with a 4-diamond rating is an amazing seller and the same applies to Right Grand Jewelry. Established in 2007, Right Grand Jewelry specializes in fashion jewelry and offers 500+ designs to choose from.

They do provide free samples to legitimate buyers and don’t charge for the mold cost. They deal with all types of jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

They offer customization services, but the minimum order quantity for those are about 100. For readymade jewelry, the minimum order quantity is 6 units on average.

Their styles are super unique and are one of the top sellers on Alibaba for jewelry. 

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Gemnice’ main market is in North America. They are a 4-diamond rated supplier of jewelry on Alibaba. They are mainly known for their gold plated jewelry. 30 units seem to be their average minimum order quantity across categories.

Most of their jewelry showcases on Alibaba have videos, for you to have a better look. Their designs are classy, understated and super elegant looking.

They don’t do customized jewelry. They are also known for their 925 Silver jewelry which is priced well. Their gold plated earrings cost around $4 per unit. This is expensive compared to the other sellers out there. But with this supplier, unique designs and quality is a guarantee. 

This is perfect for somebody who is wishing to setup a premium jewelry shop. 

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Xuping Jewelry

Xuping has a reputation as one of the best selling jewelry suppliers on Alibaba. They have a 94.5% response rate and a 5 diamond star rating which is the highest.

They specialize in copper alloy jewelry that are silver plated or gold plated. This store has a popular retail presence in China as well, with a few stores in the mainland.

They sell bangles, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets among others. Their earrings are super cheap, starting at $0.48 which is good value for money. 

The minimum order quantity ranges from 3 units to 12 units for most products. 

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Dongguan Inspire Jewelry 

This seller is pretty new to Alibaba but has some amazing jewelry designs already. They are specialists with stainless steel jewelry. A major downside to dealing with this seller is their minimum order quantity which is 100 pieces for most pieces.

They do have many units that can be customized based on your needs especially with inscriptions. 

They have 500+ designs ready to ship! 

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Yiwu Aimeng Jewelry 

The Yiwu Aimeng Supplier is one of the oldest jewelry suppliers on Alibaba with over 12 years of presence on the platform. They are a 3-diamond seller and have a 98.7% response rate. 

This seller has some unique offerings. One is the Baroque headband, which are these luxury, stone embellished, designer headbands which are unique and are not sold by anybody.

The second is the butterfly series. This is basically all types of jewelry that are shaped like butterflies. From rings to necklaces to bracelets, they all have a butterfly design. 

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Guangxi Foxi

Our next top jewelry vendor is Guangxi Foxi. Guangxi Foxi was founded in 2004 and has been an Alibaba seller for 5 years. They have a 96% response rate and are a 3-diamond star rated supplier. 

The one thing I like about Guangxi Foxi’ products is that they have managed to mix the classy with the colorful. With jewelry, generally classy means a single colour type. But this supplier has managed to add colour to a classy design resulting in some unique jewelry pieces.

Their stud earrings range from $1.3 to $1.8 and have a minimum order quantity of 12 pieces. 

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Yiwu Teemi Jewelry 

Another 3-diaomin jewelry supplier on Alibaba is Yiwu Teemi. They have a 8 year presence on Alibaba and deal with bridal jewelry as well. 

They are one of the rare suppliers who deal with gold jewellery. They make pendants, bangles, earnings, necklaces and more.

They have an average minimum order quantity of 2 pieces. Their gemstone collection is super unique and stylish! 

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Dongguan Xiuyuan Jewelry 

The Dongguan Xiuyuan is a small jewelry vendor on Alibaba. They’ve been selling on the platform for 6 years. They have a 97.2% response rate. They mostly deal with stainless steel jewelry.

Their minimum order quantity on average is three pieces. They have a wide range of products and when comparing their earrings, they do have some as cheap as $0.30 per piece and some as expensive as $3 per piece.

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Guangdong Ason Jewelry 

The Ason Jewelry seller on Alibaba focuses on stainless steel jewelry, aluminum jewelry and tungsten jewelry which is pretty unique. They are a 3-diamond supplier. They have a 96.8% response rate.

Apart from selling gold plated jewelry, they also sell real 14K gold jewelry. They have a minimum order quantity of 3 units. They’ve got some unique styles and designs that I haven’t seen in the other stores.

Their stainless steel silver fashion is also pretty stylish. 

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Shoushan Jewelry 

Shoushan Jewelry does something that a lot of the other jewelry vendors don’t do on Alibaba and that is selling hip hop jewellery. If you are looking for bling jewellery, then this seller is perfect.

They are a 2-diamond rated jeweler and have a 98.6% rate. 

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Are Alibaba diamonds real?

Alibaba does have real diamonds, but honestly one should not buy diamonds from a supplier that they haven’t personally met. Although some Alibaba jewellery vendors are legitimate, it’s not advised to directly purchase online.

Does Alibaba have real gold?

Alibaba does have real gold, but there is a concern with giving the ratings and hallmark of gold. This varies from countries. Gold requires an amount of normal metal to keep it from breaking up, so you need to understand how a 24K gold is measured in China. But the advise for expensive jewelry holds true for Alibaba as well. Do not buy real gold or real jewelry online from suppliers you haven’t met.

Is it safe to buy jewelry from China?

It is absolutely safe to buy imitation jewellery from China. In fact, it’s recommended to buy imitation jewellery from China because it’s the best market. When it comes to real jewelry like real silver and gold, it’s better to tread cautiously and do a lot of due diligence before you embark on jewelry import from China.

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